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  • TCL SAVAGE8047
    TCL SAVAGE8047

    There is a rare skin that you didn’t mention the name of it is Biz it hasn’t been released since november of 2018

  • Callum Prothero
    Callum Prothero

    For me the recycler is just the junk jet from fallout 4 as all the junk you get can be fired at enemies

  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley

    I joined season 5 and got Absolute Zero in season 7? Not that OG.

  • Dianne Ali
    Dianne Ali

    My cousin have the galaxy skin

  • JBoys_

    One of my friends played in season 1 but didnt like renegade raider so bought the pickaxe

  • Yo mama so fat man
    Yo mama so fat man

    Im og and i only have blue teamleader out of these 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Xander Montalvo-rosario
    Xander Montalvo-rosario

    and neon vrsa

  • Ethan Morgan
    Ethan Morgan

    My dad has the blue team leader

  • Joshua Wheler
    Joshua Wheler

    Fizzy cartoon 922

  • Ethan Morgan
    Ethan Morgan

    I never got skins when i started in season 4 chapter one because that’s when I wasn’t aloud to buy them

  • Tom Turnquist
    Tom Turnquist

    3:46 sad blaze noises

  • Hudson And Brandon
    Hudson And Brandon


  • SleepiestMoxi2.0

    Reason expert was in the store like 4 days ago

  • Caroline Pedersen
    Caroline Pedersen

    You Are not svit 👁️👄👁️ stop pls is not funny if that whas u 💔

  • Corleones Gaming Apple
    Corleones Gaming Apple

    if they did collab with minecraft they should add the minecraft pickaxe or sword as the pickaxe and like a ender dragon head as back bling or creeper head or something

  • Isaiah Crist
    Isaiah Crist

    i wish we still had this fortinte

  • ツLDM

    I've used everything in this except the mushroom because i wasn't home

  • Wild fox
    Wild fox

    i have never herad of Hazivat

  • the switch brothers
    the switch brothers


  • JS - 02LJ 886781 Countryside Village PS
    JS - 02LJ 886781 Countryside Village PS

    I seen an Aleve agent and I clapped it

  • Rahman Aymar
    Rahman Aymar

    What hapened to sam

  • Stephanie Denys
    Stephanie Denys

    The first ever playstation plus skin is from season 2

  • Corleones Gaming Apple
    Corleones Gaming Apple

    the chicken was so obvious fortnite didnt even bother to change it lol i knew it was copied straight away

  • Koy McClean
    Koy McClean

    Recon expert returned earlier this week

  • Bryce Hunt
    Bryce Hunt

    i remember most of them but not all

  • Rita - Only Fans - Free
    Rita - Only Fans - Free

    I’m surprised he didn’t say mcreamy for the skull trooper main

  • Kevin Cruz Velazquez
    Kevin Cruz Velazquez

    I hate fake ghoul troopers I have the pink one

  • jus

    i have the twitch prime i have both

  • jack stokes
    jack stokes

    I 1v1 a white skulltrooper in fortnite the other day

  • regular meme Crafter
    regular meme Crafter

    Actully the chicken will launch it self in the live even without rift gun you got played

  • Gfghdvb Fbgcbdc
    Gfghdvb Fbgcbdc

    I have rouge agent I fell like it’s under rated

  • Lexi Coffee
    Lexi Coffee

    I'm tryna watch the queens husband funeral but oh well

  • Stacie Scarpelli
    Stacie Scarpelli

    Good video

  • Julius Feliciano
    Julius Feliciano

    i am an og to!

  • Julius Feliciano
    Julius Feliciano

    my dad has galaxy skin!

  • Fisher Boys
    Fisher Boys

    Not in game

  • JOEL V.
    JOEL V.

    I miss fred

  • Harper K
    Harper K

    I want the rungadrader

  • OG BOSS 65 YT
    OG BOSS 65 YT

    My Alt Has The Rodge agent

  • Steven Holiday
    Steven Holiday

    Let's see who's og👇

  • Gamer Twins GT
    Gamer Twins GT

    On my ps4 Account I started playing in season two and I am pretty much all the skins season and I was like yo that’s sick

  • Georgedoesgames

    Why has no-one mentioned when he said it's the only game to use energy ammo ummmm apex

  • SupremeEOS 2
    SupremeEOS 2

    Lol my brother is og

  • Fisher Boys
    Fisher Boys

    I cot the vendetta flopper this season

  • Arin Bhardwaj
    Arin Bhardwaj

    I have absolute zero my first skin

  • Jaez Penn
    Jaez Penn

    This is sad 😞 Alexa play despasito