Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen

  • Andrew Hatch
    Andrew Hatch

    This is a awesome song by Morgan Wallen

  • Jean LAPORTE
    Jean LAPORTE

    Le bonjour de Paris, France. Vous n'êtes pas seul. On est là aussi et on est avec vous!!!

  • Tanesha Campbell
    Tanesha Campbell

    The grit in his voice is killer! I could listen to him and do all day every day!

  • Heather Nicole77
    Heather Nicole77

    Stop cuz happy hour is my alarm and I thought my alarm was going off

  • joseph031098

    Don’t quite know what y’all were thinking with this one, the acoustic version of this song is night and day 1,000x better than this studio version

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    I don't know who's place that is but damn.

  • Roxane Tatum
    Roxane Tatum


  • Jake hager
    Jake hager

    You’re never cancelled on my phone young sir

    • Ashton Powers
      Ashton Powers


  • Makayla Steinwinder
    Makayla Steinwinder

    no one can stop me from listening to morgan love you brother

  • Ann Bertoli
    Ann Bertoli

    Cute song.. for rap song that would be cool lyrics..

  • Tammy Taylor-Cole
    Tammy Taylor-Cole

    Morgan, you have an awesome future! Unfortunately, you just need to be a little more PC. It's just the society we live in these days dear heart!!

  • Luke Waldon
    Luke Waldon

    unreal mate

  • Chad Carr
    Chad Carr

    I just want to know how many retards unsubscribed because he used the first amendment

  • Trey Imeson
    Trey Imeson

    Can anyone ID the short he’s wearing?

  • Travis McMurtry
    Travis McMurtry

    Dam Morgan thats a nice shirt I want it lol

  • clipz-TXC P
    clipz-TXC P

    Kidd g👍. Morgan wallen👑👑👑🤴

  • Savannah Romero
    Savannah Romero

    He totally needs to release his own You Make it Easy single. I love it so much more when he sings it.

  • Kelly Rhoades
    Kelly Rhoades

    Omg love the song

  • Aiden Norton
    Aiden Norton

    We all still love you Morgan

  • AbhimanyuAhlawat27

    listened to this a thousand times still cant get enough of it! when you can relate to some of these songs it makes them all the more special!

  • Caiden Nieft
    Caiden Nieft

    This sound slaps boys

  • Carly Crawford
    Carly Crawford

    Imagine being one of the 179 people who disliked this song....this guy is amazing I don’t care what I happened still listening to em and always will!

  • RedNecksTryStuff

    Hits home like a lot of your songs keeper coming

  • Donnie Saunders
    Donnie Saunders

    Amazing songs dude

  • jacoby salen
    jacoby salen

    Your still one of the best don't listen to the news

  • Amber Wilkina
    Amber Wilkina

    Morgan is so dangerous to all of us that love them a mullet country boy😂🥵

  • love morgan wallen love country
    love morgan wallen love country

    That's sucks that your being cancelled you were drunk😭

  • ainsley emma
    ainsley emma

    people who arnt here from tik tok!! like⤵️

  • Tammy Butler
    Tammy Butler

    Bro this is fire i don’t care want the news channels says I still love your songs

  • Amber Hansen
    Amber Hansen

    I'LL ALWAYS LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU MORGIE!!!! Please don't ever leave us!!

  • Sammi Carson
    Sammi Carson

    We still love you morgan. Album blaring now 💙

  • G27 Supreme
    G27 Supreme

    Kenny Chesney Anything but mine sounds very similar

  • Mason Yehle
    Mason Yehle

    i just started to listen to your music and it helps with depression thank you so much.

  • Dina Deng
    Dina Deng

    Talented and make great music hope you don’t lose everything for your ignorance

  • Helen Rivera
    Helen Rivera

    Happy Valentine's day ❤️❤️❤️🌹 morgan 💖💖💖

  • Helen Rivera
    Helen Rivera

    He can kiss me anytime 😉

  • Gracie Parsons
    Gracie Parsons

    My favorite song!!

  • modern plumbing
    modern plumbing


  • cd_smokin BBQ
    cd_smokin BBQ

    The rawness and intimacy of this is fantastic.. This should be put on an album..

  • Damian Duran
    Damian Duran

    He hates black people

    • pj gameplay
      pj gameplay

      @Rockefeller Republican tf?

    • Rockefeller Republican
      Rockefeller Republican


  • Cadance Meling
    Cadance Meling

    Don’t care what nobody says ima always listen to ya

    • pj gameplay
      pj gameplay

      tf?, yep as expected ppl jus don't care

  • Ed Fitch
    Ed Fitch

    The material note presumably connect because debt substantially nail regarding a inconclusive inch. steady, economic mountain

  • Diana C
    Diana C

    I just love Morgan & I don’t care what anybody thinks . He’s the best thing that’s happened to country music 💕

    • Staleena Collins
      Staleena Collins

      I do too he’s perfect

    • katerry jollin
      katerry jollin

      Agreed 👍👍👍👍

  • Emma Kaye
    Emma Kaye

    you have the best songs ever

  • Planet Regulus
    Planet Regulus

    Did you notice they turned off the comments on his music video and lyric video? Just funny to me that media can say whatever, but we arent allowed to have a voice.

  • Chance Daniel
    Chance Daniel


    • pj gameplay
      pj gameplay

      lmaooooooooooo, the world is a crazy place

  • KevsThaUnicorn

    Not people defending him saying a racial slur 😗😗 but on another note his music slaps unfortunately

    • Deer Mullet
      Deer Mullet

      You forget to add while drunk and on his own property

  • Tad Dean
    Tad Dean

    It’s honestly funny being from Oklahoma and listening to real country music and then listening to this. Big difference in this pop “country” versus actual country music.

    • John Deer
      John Deer

      I would call it modern country

  • johnn romerr
    johnn romerr

    "COLORADO" Florida Georgia Line!

  • Hogg 79
    Hogg 79

    Now this is what country should sound like not that pop bull crap they are calling country. If can't handle cusing then stop listening and go listen something else you snowflakes

  • David Balkon
    David Balkon

    You are a great artist and singer don not let one moment define the rest of you career because the world has got to sensitive do not stop doing what you do

  • Angelique Citarella
    Angelique Citarella

    Absolutely love him ❤

  • Joshua Hurley
    Joshua Hurley

    Where was this filmed?

    • John Deer
      John Deer

      Somewhere beautiful

  • Hrice 03
    Hrice 03


  • Southern Veteran
    Southern Veteran

    Morgan I live in Ohio now and Sneedville seems so far away but your music takes me back home every time. Keep singing about those beautiful mountains of home and I'll keep on listening.

  • andrew leavesseur
    andrew leavesseur

    Listen at .75 speed. Your welcome.

  • JJO O
    JJO O

    isnt this a copy of a Thomas Rhett song? just different lyrics?

    • Brianna Griffin
      Brianna Griffin

      I dont think so

  • Danny Brahniuk
    Danny Brahniuk

    Amazing talent ! Play on repeat all day everyday !

  • Cameron Daigle
    Cameron Daigle

    i find it funny how not a single black person cares

    • Christa Foley
      Christa Foley


  • Shane Keck
    Shane Keck

    if morgans carrer is destroyed my life will be dstroyed love you morgan me and you are from the same city

  • Harley Renee
    Harley Renee

    I still love you Morgan! 💜

  • Ashley Carter
    Ashley Carter


  • Georgia Gent
    Georgia Gent

    I just want to know what kind of camera they used here

  • Tamariah Kraft
    Tamariah Kraft

    Seriously love the whole album!

  • heather kerns
    heather kerns

    Amazing !!

  • TennesseeSniper

    Must see @ 17:00 min , what a beautiful song.

  • Seymour Clan
    Seymour Clan

    Mistakes happen, those dropping you is and will be their mistake. Your music is bada$$ and i love every song. It touches everyone's heart and soul.

  • rene maffeis
    rene maffeis

    Your publicity introduced me to your music..xxxx

  • Riley

    still here

  • Mo_Rhec

    you can cancel morgan I'm still gonna be a fan

  • Audios For you
    Audios For you

    Cancel him all you want nobody can compare



    • 1992redfrogmiata

      He said a word while he was drunk that don’t make him racist yes he was wrong for saying it but it is just a word if you don’t want a white person saying it then black people shouldn’t say it.

  • smoke thatkush420
    smoke thatkush420

    All these racists look funny talking

  • John The Producer
    John The Producer

    This is awesome!

  • Carl Wise
    Carl Wise

    Put him in coach

  • Stupid Gorilla
    Stupid Gorilla

    I am So Sorry Morgan , Some people really got paid high amounts of Money to destroy your career

    • Barrett Duran
      Barrett Duran

      It’s far from being destroyed

    • MrCircus177

      @Chevy〉ford〈dodge That's incredible to me that you're trying to justify people saying racist slurs. lol Eminem or Bieber have never been on record saying it, otherwise they would be in the same boat Morgan is.

    • Chevy〉ford〈dodge

      @MrCircus177 yes but he also is 1 of hundreds of others why he is being singled out for saying it to a white friend in a friendly manner that he thought would be private when u got Eminem literally saying it in songs with million of copies got beieber saying got many others but he gets canceled because he works in a "white industry" same as Kyle Larson but his was used as an insult so I agreed with his suspension

    • MrCircus177

      He kinda did it himself. Lol

  • Full Throttle Productions
    Full Throttle Productions

    Still listening, im not a ❄

    • Its_Comett Ps4
      Its_Comett Ps4

      @Masson Fink yeah the situation could’ve been a lot worse for him

    • Masson Fink
      Masson Fink

      @Its_Comett Ps4 he ironically said it to a white guy (don’t hate on me I’m not saying the use was justified, just saying it was ironic)

    • Its_Comett Ps4
      Its_Comett Ps4

      @Jolene A. he didn’t use the word in a racist demeanor :)

    • Jolene A.
      Jolene A.

      So being a snowflake is condemning racism?

  • Olivia Small
    Olivia Small

    Does anyone know where in Tennessee this pond is?

  • Stacy Belmore
    Stacy Belmore

    I think your awesome. I’m sorry people have to take a comment out of text. How about the rappers who constantly say it.

  • LaLa's Crafts
    LaLa's Crafts

    I will still listen to his tunes.. I like his singing