1 exercise turned Shaq into a BEAST 💪🏽 | #shorts
Moral of the story: Just because you're down, doesn't mean you're out. Shaq had no confidence in himself. He thought his life would be average at best. You never know when you're about to write the next chapter in life.
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    Frank Michael Smith

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    • Jamar Lackson
      Jamar Lackson

      @Richard Denaris it’s his money he can do what he wants with it

    • JOSE Geo
      JOSE Geo

      Detroit pistons.... ever hear of them?????????

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      • REViEW & REACT

      You should say, "Throw me a follow if you didn't know this, if you do follow me, I'll settle for a like"

    • Maurco Poulo
      Maurco Poulo

      If only your last name was Trevor

    • Boat Boat
      Boat Boat

      @Jg lr o ok 🏀

  • Alex Dusfraine
    Alex Dusfraine

    >one exercise Being 6' 9" at 13 years old? Wish somebody had taught me that one.

  • Chuggy Gaming
    Chuggy Gaming

    Shaq was 6’9 *nice*

  • TN sporting 1
    TN sporting 1

    Exercise didn't do shit. It was his height.

  • The Dankest Yeet
    The Dankest Yeet

    13 wtf



  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park

    Well, good thing I'm 5'7" at 15 with short calves :,)

  • 5ouIs

    “He was 6’9 at 13” whaT

  • William Franklin
    William Franklin

    6'9 AT 13!!!!????? When I was 13 I was 5'5 or 5'4

  • E

    Anyone with more that a weeks experience of working out can tell you that 1000 calf raises won’t do shit. It’d be more accurate that he did 5 sets of 20 with however much weight, along with other exercises

  • The guy Who asked
    The guy Who asked

    Sooo We not gon talk about how he just destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of a basket

  • Apollo

    He was actually 6’ 6” at 13 but still, DAMN!

  • Still a costa fan
    Still a costa fan

    Imagine Shaq being a solder trying to find cover in a shootout

  • Cole Wallesteves
    Cole Wallesteves


  • Okuri

    Shaq after being about 7’ at 13 Shaq only growing 3” more the rest of his life Shaq: “Ma my knees don’t hurt!” Europeans horrified how Americans grow 7 meters tall

  • Tuugii

    Bruh 6'9 at 13. he ain't a human

  • Ian Tanner
    Ian Tanner

    There’s no fricken way shaq was 6 9 and 13 I’m about to turn 13 and I’m only 4 10

  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger

    Did you say " 6.9 at 13 years old "??? NEVER BRO!!! 😨

  • My

    How is 1000 calf lifts simple

  • Jack Shields
    Jack Shields

    6'9 at 13 Me : *6'6* 13 Yr old 😔

  • Soy gordo videos
    Soy gordo videos

    6’9 at 13 HOW

  • •iiiSokia•

    6,9?!! AT 13!! BRO IM 5,2

  • Ginny Cash
    Ginny Cash

    His current job is my hometown!^-^

  • Blank Clips
    Blank Clips

    HE WAS WHAT A 13?!?!?

  • toxicsasuke1030 lolis
    toxicsasuke1030 lolis

    So what if I do that I can pull the Ultimate black face

  • R.D.G Playzz
    R.D.G Playzz

    6’9 at 13 wtf

  • pipe9150 pipe9150
    pipe9150 pipe9150

    Shaq was taller then my dad when he was 13 😳

  • Lynsey Lewis
    Lynsey Lewis


  • Orly Gonzales
    Orly Gonzales

    instructions were unclear now my name is zion williamson and lebron is my father help.

  • Levi_playys

    Hold on, mans is 6'9 at THIRTEEN

  • Samuel S
    Samuel S

    All I care about is 69 now 696969696969

  • Elijah Acosta
    Elijah Acosta

    Am I the only person that’s doing calf raises right after watching this

  • Kenyon Edwards
    Kenyon Edwards

    6'9 at 13, in 5'8 and I'm 13. That's crazy bro

  • A-Game more than a crossover
    A-Game more than a crossover

    I promise he didn't do 1000 calf raises at night. Shaq never had that kind of work ethic that is why kobe beefed with him. Stop lying to kids

  • Tiffany Fuller
    Tiffany Fuller

    Him: he was 6,9 at 13 Me: doesnt pay attention to the rest I'd the video and continues thinking about how tall he was

  • Elton Crypto
    Elton Crypto

    Yeah without Jordan

  • Steve Austin
    Steve Austin

    6'9 was his luck bro

  • filip Kazacu
    filip Kazacu

    69 at 13 ?? U sure buddy???

  • JustaRat

    Tom cruise?

  • Christian Reyes
    Christian Reyes

    According to my calculations he was actually 6 ft 6 had 13

  • Christian Reyes
    Christian Reyes

    How TF u going be 6'9" at 13 but in ur 40s only 7'2'🤔🤔🤔

  • G C
    G C

    Fun Fact: Shaq has 19 Rims on a tree in his backyard for every Rim he broke in the NBA.

  • Manav Udgirkar
    Manav Udgirkar

    HE WAS 6'9 AT 13!?

  • 「Noob Noobington」
    「Noob Noobington」

    YO MY GUY WAS 6'9 AT 13??!?!??!

  • Iman Zikri
    Iman Zikri

    Me being 5'7 at 13 thinking im tall: Shaq: hold my basketball

  • Cannon Brunette
    Cannon Brunette

    A bit more than just a work out turning shaq into a beast

  • ethan watson
    ethan watson

    Yeah but not everyone's 7,2

  • Bamm0

    He was what 9 at 13


    It’s no LSU it’s ela’s shoe

  • CDOGE Gaming
    CDOGE Gaming

    “One simple workout”

  • Anime Fan4787
    Anime Fan4787

    How to beat Shaq, do 1001

  • Schlong Dong
    Schlong Dong


  • Galaxy Doggo
    Galaxy Doggo

    Now I don’t know much about shack or basketball but 69 at 13 holy crap

  • Emilio

    Im from germany

  • DM G3
    DM G3

    No weight calf raises or what?

  • MR Cornholio
    MR Cornholio

    bruh hes was allready that tall at 13, wtf

  • Ya_boiii E
    Ya_boiii E

    Wait he defeated micheal Jordan damnnnn


    Imagine being 6 9 at 13

  • Charlotte Whiddett
    Charlotte Whiddett

    Ok I am going to go off my phone and do the exercise


    He's so strong he broke the goal nice

  • itachi

    Parents did drugs

  • Huh Buh
    Huh Buh

    You gonna keep settling for that like til you kick me in the face with something cool

  • Crissy Elkins
    Crissy Elkins

    Back in the 90s some girl working at a stadium he was playing at went and stole a used jersey from the locker room of his. My stepdad ended up with it somehow and now it’s mine. I’m 5’6” and it’s a dress that goes way past the knees on me! That thing is huge! 😂😂😂😂

  • Akis_cov1

    I was 5'8 at 13😣

  • - Valloryn -
    - Valloryn -

    Now I don't know how people grow that tall

  • Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu


  • Will

    Mans was 6’9 at 13 acting like he was gonna join the army💀 my guy, ain’t nobody digging a 7 for trench for your ass ur gonna get shot your first day

  • GummyBear556677

    Sarge was His REAL father Shaq dont play

  • MrPickle

    Holy fuck. I was 5'3 when I was 13

  • Official Tea Of Life
    Official Tea Of Life

    6'9 at 13? Give me some of that height

  • Mski

    There is no exercise for growing

  • 1JOSUK3

    6,9 .

  • Brady22

    I bet Shaq was 5'10 when he came out of the womb

  • Gen DropShot
    Gen DropShot


  • Ken Bender
    Ken Bender

    Born In the70s baby live these guys watched some legends back in the day

  • MetricGamer

    imagine he played volleyball

  • TOXICFlame

    6,9 at 13?!? I thought me being 6,1 at 12 was not normal

  • Mike T
    Mike T

    6’9 at 13!!? tf

  • Shakeel Rahman
    Shakeel Rahman

    U think i know anything about basketball

  • Xilium

    Im sorry 6,9 at thirteen What the fuck

  • Soundles Thunder Gaming
    Soundles Thunder Gaming

    Literally turned into an ender man Ender man wit no slim

  • Guest

    I’m 6.1 and I’m 13...

  • Mr. BOSS
    Mr. BOSS


  • Breggs Gonzales
    Breggs Gonzales

    Wait... shaq sent mj's bulls home?? That's impossible. Im is the undesputed GOAT!

  • Canadian _wolf12
    Canadian _wolf12

    I’m sitting here 5’1 at 15 while this man was 6’9 at 13

  • Cheyennes_cookie Gacha
    Cheyennes_cookie Gacha

    Louisiana check

  • Ghost Lk jr
    Ghost Lk jr

    6.9 lol 69

  • ImDoggo

    in da club behind this video makes no sense lmao

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    6'9 ;)

  • Austin lane 2740
    Austin lane 2740

    The 90s pistons did it. Lmfao

  • T.O .C
    T.O .C

    1,000 a night huh? With this man's size? Dang.

  • Orlando Rodriguez
    Orlando Rodriguez

    1000 calf raises a night is cap bro😐

  • Bella Senpai
    Bella Senpai

    I’m 5’ 2 and 15 wtf

  • Red The Phoenix
    Red The Phoenix

    Really?? I thought he was raised by the Angel's of heaven, no duh hes raised by his parent

  • sand dunes
    sand dunes

    Wait dose that mean im going to be shaqs hight. Im 6,4 and 14

  • Me

    Shaq tutorial Step one: be 6.3 at 13

  • Clar1fyAxtro

    HOLD UP, HE WAS 6’9 AT 13?!?!?!?!

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach

    6.9 noice

  • Mike Elliott
    Mike Elliott

    Prayers to him

  • Fifty Craw D3d on YT
    Fifty Craw D3d on YT

    Next do bill Russell