10 Fortnite MISTAKES ONLY Noobs Make
10 Mistakes ONLY Fortnite Noobs Make
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  • Eden Johnston
    Eden Johnston

    Lemme tell you somthin I'm a PS4 player I have fortnite that's the only reason I wanted fortnite I'm talking about my PS4

  • Its your boy Alex
    Its your boy Alex

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that he just called beef boss burger head disrespectful

  • tayvia HARLING
    tayvia HARLING

    top5gaming I discovered a major secret you need to meet at Hunter's Haven I don't know what do you play on but you need to go in hunters Haven now it's something big going on I need to get in contact with you now

  • SimpliiGalaxxy

    Who Else Misses The OG Fortnite Like Mad

  • Kalebb King
    Kalebb King


  • Luchadude _09
    Luchadude _09

    The pros combo is one of the best combos I have ever seen

  • Javien Rodriguez
    Javien Rodriguez

    Who did the last one before seeing this video? Just curious

  • ryan Thompson
    ryan Thompson

    Just use a shotgun on Mando for a ez good weapon

  • Glopicles Gloop
    Glopicles Gloop

    now i have seen that thumbnail before, maybe with WOLVERINE. HMMM?

  • qazr Fn
    qazr Fn

    Did he just say impulse grenade😑

  • Mid H
    Mid H

    it was me blue lynx: 6:54

  • Ammon Arnold
    Ammon Arnold

    this is one of those noob vs pro

  • CRYS_Azbanio

    lol i use normally tritanope at max

  • Henry Lambert
    Henry Lambert

    Warning fortnite will kill the earth

  • Henry Lambert
    Henry Lambert

    Fortnite is suuuuppeeerrrrr scary

  • Henry Lambert
    Henry Lambert

    Warning fortnite Is scary

  • Justin Gamer
    Justin Gamer

    1 3 4 I do all of them

  • That guy Victor
    That guy Victor

    im not a noob i am just not gooad at the game

  • sam now
    sam now

    The wretched shield ipsilaterally shop because shame repressingly found till a direful moustache. groovy, fascinated memory

  • Samurai Playz
    Samurai Playz

    At 0:15 did he change voices?

  • Brielle Ortega
    Brielle Ortega

    Who here wants to see him to play fortnite

  • Maddux Lewis
    Maddux Lewis

    tommy and sam are best narrators

  • Alex and max 2020 Alex & Max
    Alex and max 2020 Alex & Max

    I never make even one of those mistakes

  • Alex and max 2020 Alex & Max
    Alex and max 2020 Alex & Max

    Hahaha I’m literally 10000000000000% hacker

  • Ashley Aldaba
    Ashley Aldaba

    i used your code and can i get a gitf

  • Ken the Epic one
    Ken the Epic one

    Number 9 the harpoon trick Me that cant aim the harpoon gun cause i suck with:ok NO

  • Alex Murray
    Alex Murray

    Tip:if you have a rift fish and teamate is in troble storm,battle,io guards go to them and use the rift fish having you and your teamate in the air one wrong mistake here YOUR TEAMATE IS GONE so i recmend doing this.

  • cxystal

    this video is wrong g Cuz pros don’t even play pubs They play arena


    Hi tommy

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    i started since seoson one and i got all of those mistakes

  • Jimmy Larson
    Jimmy Larson

    So if they have 75 shield or more than you need to get 100 health

  • Teddies Epic adventures
    Teddies Epic adventures

    Fun fact : if you duck your shots go a always forward

  • Dositej Jovičić
    Dositej Jovičić

    5:55 I bet 69 cents Epic wont fix that glitch unless its already fixed


    How many people watch this to see if your a noob

  • Colour Splash
    Colour Splash

    6:23 “the correct way” Me:you mean glitching

  • Joey Moore
    Joey Moore

    A noob is someone who is new to the game if they know how to do some of this stuff then there not new

  • Alex's Videos
    Alex's Videos

    Every time he does one of these videos he always uses fish stick and the words are I'm invisible

  • Crystal_bloxians

    Alternative title: noob vs pro Fortnite (season 5 chapter 2)

  • The Editor
    The Editor

    Hey, wait a second, didn’t they use that thumbnail but changed it 3 TIMES??

  • Michael Signoriello
    Michael Signoriello

    builders are losers in fortnite i always win against builders

  • Golden dragon
    Golden dragon

    So ima noob a guess :(

  • Guilherme Gomes
    Guilherme Gomes

    i no this in 1 month

  • Prasanthi Balu
    Prasanthi Balu

    i no scope i kll most importanly i die

  • Josiah Ceda
    Josiah Ceda

    Go to church so u can be saved

  • Josiah Ceda
    Josiah Ceda

    Me: reads title Them: here’s another TRICK

  • Lasse Krogsbøll
    Lasse Krogsbøll

    You Can Crouch with the lever action shotgun to Got Extreme overpowered abillity

  • Noah Wood
    Noah Wood


  • real zk gamer
    real zk gamer

    I did the last (it killed me and my friend

  • Sclhappy Games
    Sclhappy Games

    Double pumping is op now all you need to do is buy the double barrel and have another shotgun with it? Wow I should of done it when I brought the double and found a gold lever out of a chest

  • Maria Contreras
    Maria Contreras


  • Maria Contreras
    Maria Contreras


  • John B
    John B

    👁👅👁 love the video

  • usamaclaren

    The lama is so wired and exspoe

  • Ryan Herrera
    Ryan Herrera

    37 funny :)+

  • Ryan Herrera
    Ryan Herrera

    37:00 that is so funny

  • Lexicon Developments
    Lexicon Developments

    Be honest, you have to of done at least ONE of these Don’t lie, just like. \/

  • Jessica Bellew
    Jessica Bellew

    👻 boo

  • Maximilian Bunnell
    Maximilian Bunnell


  • Juan Josè Rodriguez
    Juan Josè Rodriguez

    The people that are in the sand I pickaxe them

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams

    Noobs like me while wearing the rarest glider in the game

  • Skullz YT
    Skullz YT

    Him: go for bottom as pro move Me: I DID THAT ON ACTIDENT

  • Fernando Gonçalves
    Fernando Gonçalves

    Ah...double pump...havent heard bout it in 1 year

  • Mandolorian

    Stop making ur thumb nails so fake

  • Katalin Csermely
    Katalin Csermely

    Don’t ship

  • Analisa Fontanez
    Analisa Fontanez

    U a noob

  • xx Among us
    xx Among us

    _$\\$\\|

  • xx Among us
    xx Among us

    atst b


    I swear the last thing you told me how to do the zero point trick I figured that out o swear

  • Anlyn Bax
    Anlyn Bax

    nice mako glider

  • C and K Bois
    C and K Bois

    Another fact with harpoon guns you can pull people out of cars by shooting them with a harpoon gun

  • Venom Gaming
    Venom Gaming

    people that noob but never doign that

  • Kazuto Krigaya
    Kazuto Krigaya

    7:13 llama trick

  • A Peacock
    A Peacock

    I don't find llamas. llamas find me. literally. once or more a day or every other day I find a llama is near the poi that I land at

  • Bow-Belles Wedding and Party Venue Decoration
    Bow-Belles Wedding and Party Venue Decoration

    I knew zero point trick before you

  • Lindsay Saddemi
    Lindsay Saddemi

    Me love trick s

  • Blair Glessner
    Blair Glessner

    Did the fish stick get decapitated

  • Kingston Castle
    Kingston Castle

    All i do is hide in sand and i win 25% of the time

  • Bob Evert
    Bob Evert

    t5g is to smort for dis world

  • Torey Powell
    Torey Powell


  • puffmoose

    JESUS LOVES YOU LOVE HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rickbrian

    Ok now at 8:32 bandolier actually can sell any of the shotguns. Tactical, charge, or lever action. Not only charge. Also of multiple rarities. Gray, green, blue or purple. I haven’t seen him sell a gold but he might. Also he can also upgrade if you are lucky.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The disillusioned helium anteriorly comb because direction kelly muddle above a big action. slim, one supply

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    What setting is the llama

  • Cake L0rd
    Cake L0rd

    Why are all the thumbnails of this video types got a fishstick who thinks he’s invisible

  • Shane Simpson
    Shane Simpson

    That last one

  • Shane Simpson
    Shane Simpson

    I knew that ages ago

  • noob105 Coon
    noob105 Coon

    me noob at game

  • T-gam r
    T-gam r

    No one likes sweats

  • roblox ugc blender king
    roblox ugc blender king

    lol cool

  • Light Redblade8
    Light Redblade8

    U can u use a bounce pad for number2

  • Jaiden Butler
    Jaiden Butler

    I thought I was the only one who knew about the zero point trick.

  • SvenskaAlvar

    No one is talking about how he said that with the thermal effect and rift fish you can see people really easily in ORANGE????? 4:15

  • Nolan Animations
    Nolan Animations

    Fish stick is so cute

  • Joshua Radomsky
    Joshua Radomsky

    6:52 i never knew that noobs could go through tilted towers window

  • Spongebob SquarePants
    Spongebob SquarePants

    I SUBSCRIBED and clicked on the bel my name in Fortnite is KamilSniper2010

  • WithOutMyName

    The only fornite channel i watch lol Me + fornite = sweats everywhere me dying me screaming f u me uninstalling

  • Shekiba Bakhshi
    Shekiba Bakhshi

    Did this guy really just say....”yeeeee respect the moahill” 3:02

  • Paula Mayes
    Paula Mayes


  • araneth solorzano
    araneth solorzano

    I play fortnite but I don't have a since

  • franky yohanes
    franky yohanes

    Can you at least give a trick that is for console?