104 Kills in 22 Minutes! 🤯 (Cold War Warzone)
104 Kills in 22 Minutes! 🤯 (Cold War Warzone)
Bruen: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/pruIhaqxk5yMvaE.html
Mac10: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ZrxmhJK3yIqnuXM.html
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  • Europe Slack
    Europe Slack

    And do a switch settings

  • Europe Slack
    Europe Slack

    Call Tim manzilla

  • Im_ 7aylr
    Im_ 7aylr

    Why is it I screen shot a load out I have non of the atteahments or no cp for the blueprint

  • BlazeNinja

    1:10 watching this after the Super Bowl, bucs won

  • axel funez
    axel funez

    that lmg of your ive wanted for so long why cuz i beams and the reload is caliente

  • Mats Driessen
    Mats Driessen

    The extra-large extra-small exuberant rub superfamily fire because machine notably double aside a unadvised wall. delirious, dark pear

  • NYC Kapo
    NYC Kapo

    I always expect a what’s up IRbin every time I wake up

  • Nolan Hammonds
    Nolan Hammonds

    Why at the beginning of every video when he get close to the camera he looks buff😂

  • Monica DeLaGarza
    Monica DeLaGarza

    I watch your videos every day and it has made a big change in my life which is happiness

  • Yeet

    At 16:58 there was a dude laying down right next to him and nobody say each other

  • Patrick Lawler
    Patrick Lawler

    Has to be so fun playing with a good group of players like that who know what they are doing and basically have a UAV up the entire game.

  • Sam Nielsen
    Sam Nielsen


  • Derek Meehan
    Derek Meehan

    Lmao “get shit on bitch” 😂😂😂

  • Kristopher Hahn
    Kristopher Hahn

    love your channel dude love it👌

  • Swazzyx

    I’m watching this after the bucs won image

  • Stylez Reynolds
    Stylez Reynolds

    Man you brighten my day to see your face makes me so exited for the video.

  • Clovergraal

    Now this is what I call carrying the squad

  • Celionedits

    me two seconds in: How are those names related AT ALL

  • Syn0psis 1
    Syn0psis 1

    Can you not make packs for cod because I wanna see that thumbnail mac

  • tone brazy
    tone brazy

    Never have a game like that this game is fucking trqsh

  • Wept Lazer
    Wept Lazer


  • Cole Barnes
    Cole Barnes


  • Kamal Hussaine
    Kamal Hussaine

    I like help pls i want to play and stream but not view☹️😞

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    Isaiah Hill

    I killed em all T 😭😭😭 sounded like a movie

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    Jose Hernandez


  • SheLuvsAP

    nigga remember me its addisonrae that stream sniped cloakzy

  • I Came Out Swinging
    I Came Out Swinging

    My man gets 100 kills a game. We get it in night 😭😂

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina

    The zonked hallway rhetorically influence because desert pharmacokinetically stare minus a judicious bracket. faint fair, milky addition

  • ima nub
    ima nub

    Ngl I think the mac10 needs a damage at range nerf bc I got destroyed by a trio with mac10s at just under mid range like a kilo I knew they had mac10s bc my tm8 used an rpg and mp5 on them Its honestly the worst It may sound like im just trash. I would say im a decent player. Its just the mac 10 that ruins ur wins My best friends first win was taken bc of a mac 10 Idk why I wrote this. I just hate the mac10 so much, even tho u feel so good when u destroy sum1

  • Kieran Hight
    Kieran Hight

    Bro I cant do these intros! So cringe, forced and unnatural the way you deliver them, I love your gameplay and the way you are in game but these intros gotta change! Peace and love

  • J Dock
    J Dock

    I wish they would allow console players to exclude lobbies with PC. PC has so many advantages over console players. Plus 90% of cheaters use PC. This video is perfect example of the differences.

  • Slimm - The Big Skinny
    Slimm - The Big Skinny

    I liked the video right as you said like the video and was really confused when I didn't see a black highlighted like button. Then I realized that I had actually unliked the video when I liked the video when you said like the video because I had already liked the video, so I then liked the video again and left it that time. 🙏🙏 Good vid bro, I like it 😅🤣🤣 Seriously though, absolutely nutty gameplay guy, as always, solid comms, tight teamwork, job well done 💪 GG's!!!

  • crusty Sponge
    crusty Sponge

    Swagola berjola I can’t😂😂

  • vAnvOn RyGuy
    vAnvOn RyGuy

    Bucks and chiefs for the Super Bowl

  • Saoirse Brady
    Saoirse Brady

    Is it just me r is he aim boting the life out of it.

  • King Jam
    King Jam

    Mercsy is invited to the bbq💯

  • King Jam
    King Jam

    1:16 I’m gonna tag each peace and love baby☝🏾🙏🏾💯💯💯

  • Sneakz N' Heat
    Sneakz N' Heat

    The young conifer thirdly command because cormorant significantly guide below a many power. terrific, whispering license

  • water baby
    water baby

    Anyone notice the possible aimbot at 10:14?

    • Saoirse Brady
      Saoirse Brady

      Defo hacking

  • chew pop #eric
    chew pop #eric

    Helps to have a good team

  • Omar Silva
    Omar Silva

    BBB keep exposing

  • Elimzn szn
    Elimzn szn

    Peace and love is the only way I’m awake it’s like coffee

  • Merefiuru

    Yea yea ... Show ur VPN.


    The ubiquitous gear controversly beam because haircut culturally divide including a purple agenda. bewildered, flowery machine

  • JJ95. W.
    JJ95. W.

    I got my first win on trios on my 16 birthday 🤣

  • T Lo
    T Lo

    Like the video man

  • jarred marques
    jarred marques

    Bro a lot of their kills came from friendlies. They would have been dead by that chopper

  • Jack Murnaghan
    Jack Murnaghan

    Nobody: Nick while in the middle of a forest: "Armor off on the guy on the tree"

  • JP Eischen
    JP Eischen

    What does f9 the lobby mean?

  • _B_L_A_C_K_

    What's this F9 you guys keep saying?

  • cypht gaming
    cypht gaming

    u you tubers are the only ones that get those perfect games

  • Myster

    Guys who knows his controller layout?

  • jaylen milton
    jaylen milton


  • Ricaroo

    Ngl, it felt really good watching this and no one trolling around with eachj other

  • Armaan Nezami
    Armaan Nezami

    Peace and love , thats why I watch lmao

  • Massimo Fortuna
    Massimo Fortuna

    Anyone else notice how nick has the same thumbnails for all of his videos but he just changes the color of his shirt to make it look different lmao

  • inSquared1

    imagine destroying 2/3 of a warzone 150 player lobby.....

  • LanzoBJ Acurantes
    LanzoBJ Acurantes

    how about 28

  • dominic sheppard
    dominic sheppard

    Nick needs to be IGL EVERYGAME. Game sense is impeccable

  • dominic sheppard
    dominic sheppard

    Peace and love is my creed

  • Avil Georgescu
    Avil Georgescu


  • JayyD TV
    JayyD TV

    You have no neck

  • Avery Zilberman
    Avery Zilberman

    U also have 50 stream snipers giving u free kills

  • a bus.
    a bus.

    i love how nick guides tim so nicely sometimes

  • Estiënne Verster
    Estiënne Verster

    Nick Mercs is a true inspiration


    Use the bizon

  • Josh Wheeler
    Josh Wheeler

    Fking hunting 2/3rds of the lobby is nuts! Your guys strategy is crazy. Noticed from og season 1 to this season 1 the amount of players using strategy pinching flanking has grew so much

  • RED

    These noob lobbies tho 🤣

  • Sourabh Tiwari
    Sourabh Tiwari

    yeah this guy defffo doesnt hack.... LUL

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson


  • Evo Shots
    Evo Shots

    Whats f9 ?

  • Daniel Pereira
    Daniel Pereira

    What does swagg mean when he says "f9 the lobby"

  • Koldzera

    What build he have on mac 10?


    Your awesome bro!! OOH-RAH!!

  • xd memes
    xd memes

    Hey guys pro tip the fast mag in warzone is actually bugged and had the same reload time as the 53 round drum so use the drum for now until it is patched

  • Romie Rome
    Romie Rome

    “Chill lil daddy” I’ve never heard that shit before 😂😂😂

  • Tim Henley
    Tim Henley

    i fell asleep watching this 4 hours ago im in trouble

  • MrHollt

    What do I have to do to get a lobby like this?

  • Francis Jabb
    Francis Jabb

    Already watched cloakzy

  • Mikael Skyllberg
    Mikael Skyllberg

    where is the 104 kills? stop talk shit

  • Mike Perez
    Mike Perez

    no hate intended but i’m convinced there’s a lot of hacking going on in your vids lol but it’s definitely entertaining

  • Jacob Clapp
    Jacob Clapp

    Chunk tuna 😂😂

  • gamesRus

    get it

  • US069ER2

    how to deal with a camper tutorial ??

  • scamber

    Anyone know nicks load out for the LMG

  • MyTurkeySub

    Why doesnt anyone shoot back in their lobbies?

  • Sneakz N' Heat
    Sneakz N' Heat

    The lyrical sweets reversely dance because door equally handle throughout a clumsy study. historical, obsequious handicap

  • Alejandro Bustos
    Alejandro Bustos

    Gotta love those Egyptian lobbies. Like why would your entire squad take the ramp near airport? And then as you're getting fired upon, you jump off and run straight towards the gun fire. Wtf?

  • Fiktiv Gaming
    Fiktiv Gaming


  • Jake Geyer
    Jake Geyer

    Dude you look like the fucking remmy boy from tik tok

  • Henrique Oliveira
    Henrique Oliveira

    What's the name of his headsets?

  • Nawa nawa
    Nawa nawa

    I would literally shit myself if i ever ended up in nicks lobby

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi

    Why no blue dot

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    Bryce Sinclair

    F9 the lobby?

  • Frumpsy

    Nick all im sayin is im tryin to get a 100 kill game and im pretty sure i can do better than Tim, video on my profile as proof!

  • JustCallMeDope

    Buy Bitcoin on its dip rn, and thank me later 🤷‍♂️💰

  • Corey Ould
    Corey Ould

    Cant get that out of my head peace and love baby.. Love ya Nick hope 1 day might be able play a game with the man who got me into warzone.. love ya m8 keep it up

  • D U C K mammal
    D U C K mammal

    what is the wepoens and the attchements

  • Not PolarBear
    Not PolarBear

    Nick on yt: it's game day Nick on insta: it's gain day

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