$15 VS $500 SUPER BOWL SNACKS! *Budget Challenge*
We had different budgets to make the best Super Bowl snacks!
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For this budget challenge, we each had different amounts of money to create the best super bowl snacks and super bowl party possible! We got to see the difference between a $15 super bowl party and a $500 super bowl party! Super bowl snacks are the best! Who had the best super bowl snacks?
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  • Skull face 123
    Skull face 123

    Must have snacks

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    Dillon Biddle

    Brooooooo my names Dillon

  • Best In schools
    Best In schools

    hate is a strong word

  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones

    Super bowl sunday was my birthday

  • Francois Del Rosario
    Francois Del Rosario

    Your videos are absolute bangers

  • Logan

    My bad

  • Logan

    I don't think those boys are ready for chips pero Italy insane

  • Bostyn Kulek
    Bostyn Kulek

    I agree with you hyper!!!!!!! 🎊

  • Mary Beth Johnson
    Mary Beth Johnson


  • Donna King
    Donna King

    love your vids

  • Logan Lachenmeier
    Logan Lachenmeier

    They aren’t even watching the super bowl

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B

    what makes all these videos even more funny is when you remember that they're grown men LMFAO I LOVE IT

  • SWL Figures
    SWL Figures

    16:06 XD

  • Colton Reid
    Colton Reid

    I love morejstu

  • IrishDragonWarrrior

    my mouth was watering while i watched justins tour XD

  • Jacob Coghlin
    Jacob Coghlin

    I love your videos I wish I could see you in real life

  • Jacob Tate
    Jacob Tate

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    Jack Guadagno

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    Chip Fox

    The sore wednesday pivotally hook because quit unfortunatly appear per a yellow dollar. tired, many request

  • Michael Deutsch
    Michael Deutsch

    I love how the game is the chiefs vs bills

  • Aiden Crumley
    Aiden Crumley

    I was mad my tem lost in Kansas city was the tem my family was picking

  • KnifedByAKangaroo

    BUDGET CHALLENGE - OVERNIGHT FORTS HOMELESS EDTION - so you each have no money and you have the whole night to work your way to build the best fort in 24 hours , you can ask people you know for money but if you know then already they can only give you 1 dollar strangers can give you anything , this means you will have to haggle for free stuff , look in dumpsters for stuff , and try to find free stuff

  • Helen Chauvet
    Helen Chauvet

    Bring back the ambulance


    16:04 i was crying so much

  • panda rat
    panda rat

    They weren't even watching the super bowl

  • Francisco Guzman
    Francisco Guzman


  • Cynthia Cantor
    Cynthia Cantor

    How come they eat so many snacks and don’t gain a pound. What is your secret? 🤔

  • Becky Donnelly
    Becky Donnelly

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    Kirsty Summerland

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    Chyann Schadeberg

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    Chyann Schadeberg

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    Owen Dawson

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  • Saltybear 668
    Saltybear 668

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  • Ronald ghion Ong
    Ronald ghion Ong

    in my country you can buy a pot 1 dollar

  • Ronald ghion Ong
    Ronald ghion Ong

    in my country you can buy a pot 1 dollar

  • Gunkz GG
    Gunkz GG

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  • Andrea Castro
    Andrea Castro

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    David Schaaf

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    Tara Burnheimer

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  • Addison Merritt
    Addison Merritt

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  • Colorsplash996

    Again, stop spoiling who gets what budget by putting them in the thumbnail. It ruins the effect greatly

  • Jonahs World
    Jonahs World

    Who else saw the bills and chiefs games


    I feel bad for Andrew he only has flat able and Nachos

  • Big Worm
    Big Worm

    Do a budget challenge 4 times the first time you go to target then add at Home Depot then good will then the grocery store

  • reee reee
    reee reee

    Shoulda gone to the dollar store 😐

  • Sulaiman Gaming
    Sulaiman Gaming

    I went for the bcs

  • Chrissy Laraia
    Chrissy Laraia


  • Stephanie Perron
    Stephanie Perron


  • Faze Aiden
    Faze Aiden


  • BlOnD bOi
    BlOnD bOi

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  • Sonny Gaunt-Murphy
    Sonny Gaunt-Murphy

    TRAIN GANG NEEDS TO RETIRE!!!!!!!! Like if you agree

  • Cheins

    Um Andrew put his nachos in the oven twice. No hate though love your content

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    C Bub

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    Donna Reeves


  • Logan Coleman
    Logan Coleman

    The coke with coffee that Andrew found is amazing there's 3 flavors just so you know

  • Stardust AG
    Stardust AG

    Am I the only one actually eating popcorn while hyper showed the popcorn

  • dragon ninjago
    dragon ninjago

    it is so funny.

  • Sarah Goodwin
    Sarah Goodwin

    The way if I had low budget I would vomit and leave and go to the nether and beat the enter dragon and then come back and they would let me get the big baller


    This was on my birthday😁

  • Luke John
    Luke John

    Any one Notice how it was bills v chiefs

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    Elly Bare

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    Travis Vernon

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    Luis 234

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    Mackenzi Rose

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    Cade Cottrill

    Thanks Rick for the awesome edits

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    Paxton Porter

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    Montic Hodges

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  • Pugsaretakingover

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    Sloth Plays

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    Landon Back

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    More Doughnuts

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    Pac-Man #2

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    • xd Andrew
      xd Andrew

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  • Everett Turman
    Everett Turman

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    Mandy Warmerdam


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