2019 Ram 1500 DT Mopar Cat Back Exhaust System Sound Clips
This is with Carven tips instead of the stock or optional $ Mopar tips.
Headphones recommended. I'm a novice at recording audio and it seems the recorded volume was low at times.

  • Quinn McKenna
    Quinn McKenna

    I'm a ford guy but dodge does make a mean sounding truck.

  • Challenger 2020
    Challenger 2020

    Hey ram owners I need some help I have a 19 ram bighorn. Should I. Install the performance exhuast and go with bigger tires and wheels. Have 18s now. Or should I wait till see later on in 21 what they have to offer. 32k miles on it. It bought in 18. Its pretty much loaded. Extra wide back doors. Sprayed in bed liner and all the cargo lights. Just trying to make up my mine

  • Frank Jackson
    Frank Jackson

    Thanks for the review. Now I will ad this to my mods. Did you have dealer install?

  • Marc-Andre Carrier
    Marc-Andre Carrier

    Any drone on the highway ?

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett

    Will this void the warranty? I wanted to put the flowmaster outlaw on my 2019 Ram 1500 but the dealership told me it will void my warranty out which upset me. They said I could only put a mopar kit on it to avoid getting my warranty voided. I assume this is the exhaust they maybe talking about. Wonder if it works with etorque because my truck does have that.

    • Jeffrey Scanlan
      Jeffrey Scanlan

      @DeepInTexas thank you very much for the clarification

    • DeepInTexas

      @Jeffrey Scanlan sorry for the typos. I know from experience because I work in the lemon law buyback industry. Maybe I misread the comment. If a dealer told you adding an aftermarket exhaust means you’d be voiding the warranty they are lying. I have a 2020 Lonestar and I’m adding a Borla Atak exhaust this weekend. Adding mufflers and different exhaust components will not void the warranty. If you start messing with the headers then you’d better have a good argument when they say your check engine light is on because you modified the headers.

    • Jeffrey Scanlan
      Jeffrey Scanlan

      @DeepInTexas seriously? If I wanted to swap my muffler there goes the whole truck warranty?

    • DeepInTexas

      Dealership lied to you sir. If you modify anything past the header then you’re in void you warranty territory.

    • Jeffrey Scanlan
      Jeffrey Scanlan

      yes it work fine with your truck, eTorque won't be affected, these mopar exhausts are oem made by carvin or borla, I have seen them online for $800 not sure how much a dealer would charge

  • Thomas

    This sounds really good. Waiting for my Corsa catbak to ship for my 2020 Laramie Sport. Can't wait!

  • Patryk Kaniowski
    Patryk Kaniowski

    Is your truck equipped with the eTorque Engine and do you have the 5.7 or 6.4 box ? It sounds just perfect .Thanks for any info.

    • Matt

      6’4” box, fuel door is further back compared to 5’7” models.

  • Alejandro Andretti
    Alejandro Andretti

    How much was this? And I heard* a exhaust system is bad for trucks? I’m new to this but I just got a ram 1500 and looking to add this ass well but o don’t want any issues down th line

  • Steel Town
    Steel Town

    Great vid! This is supposedly the Borla S-Type with Mopar Branding and different tips. It also cost more.



  • JG Snave
    JG Snave

    well done.

  • AJW 1054
    AJW 1054

    I love it, sounds awsome!! I have a new rebel and have been thinking about this. Video is great, but do you think its too loud for warming up, coming and going from a residential neighborhood? Just wondering your opinion.

    • Bruh Shut up
      Bruh Shut up

      It is, but who cares

  • Russ Brittain
    Russ Brittain

    Truck sounds amazing!

  • Collin Andrews
    Collin Andrews

    Sounds awesome. Any drone?


    Sounds good . Unlike a eco douche .

  • BmoreHemi 410
    BmoreHemi 410

    Sounds pretty good from here!

  • Griff's Garage
    Griff's Garage

    That sounds nice! Love the looks of these new RAMs. Check out my custom exhaust on my 14 bighorn!

  • Collin Andrews
    Collin Andrews

    Man that sounds good.

  • chigga25

    thx for the vid, lookin to get better sound out of mine! lovin my new Ram, she's a bad bish

    • chigga25

      @AJW 1054 agreed bro! Let me know if u end up grabbing the exhaust

    • AJW 1054
      AJW 1054

      @chigga25 Cant go wrong either way!

    • chigga25

      @AJW 1054 nothing yet. Debating if I'm gonna keep her after the lease is up or grab a hellcat :)

    • AJW 1054
      AJW 1054

      Ive got a Rebel too. Been looking to do something to the exhaust. Have you done anything to yours yet? Just wondering.

  • Syndreas IV
    Syndreas IV

    Nothing like a nice hot cup of coffee to sip on while you're driving a RAM 😎 ☕. That's totally what I always do with mine RAM. Thanks for the review of this. I was just on Dodges website looking at these exhaust and was curious about what they sound like. I like it a lot.

  • Ram Rider
    Ram Rider

    Great review. I’m wanting to change mine. Leaning towards Borla. But I like yours also.

    • Dirt Nassty
      Dirt Nassty

      His is Borla lol... Mopar branding different tips and cost a tad more

  • Joshua Cormican
    Joshua Cormican

    Thanks man, I really appreciate this review.

  • jccr820

    Mopar told me corsa manufactures this system......

    • Dirt Nassty
      Dirt Nassty

      My buddy works at the biggest local Mopar dealership and the "Mopar" they install is Borla, with different tips and Mopar charges a little more.... So idk if it's the same everywhere but Mopar around here I Borla

    • jsabo4

      Kendragon mopar subs this out. I was told either borla or corsa makes the mopar cat back exhaust.

    • Kendragon

      Are you sure? all I know is anything with mopar on the name is ridiculously priced.

  • ShadowMonkey324

    I do agree the volume was a tad bit low. But you did a fantastic job with this review nonetheless. Keep up the great work. Your quality will improve throughout the videos though. Would it he possible for you to put a link in the description or in the comments though?

  • Patrick Krueger
    Patrick Krueger

    This is an awesome review! It sounds like there's no cab drone??

    • Travis

      Also curious about the drone

  • Isaac

    Wish all exhaust reviews were this well done. Good job!


      ya your right bro

  • Bolds Yea
    Bolds Yea

    Did you get the air suspense on your new Ram, and do you think it's worth it from a reliabality stand point?

    • Sean Wargo
      Sean Wargo

      I did not. I had it on a 13, the first year they put that system in a truck. it worked fine, although it had a few glitches in the beginning that were worked out via software updates. I didn't really care if it was on either truck. It was very nice to have when towing or with a load in.