28 SEC KO!!! What Really Happened (Cory Sandhagen vs Frankie Edgar)
Cory Sandhagen vs Frankie Edgar ended with one of the biggest flying knee knockouts in history. How did Sandhagen knockout Edgar? How did he set it up? Where was Frankie's opening?
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  • TheWeasle

    Not a good night for the old school. Hard to watch that and the Overeem fight.

    • AiCDragon

      @Akita 90 no. It isnt so easy to chalk it up that way. Generally Heavyweights can fight later since its often power based. The classes that are more dependent on speed is when its a young mans game. Regardless, Overeems and Edgard fights were apples and oranges. Frankly Edgar has only himself to blame. Age wasnt on his side, but he should be looking to shoot all day. And he didnt. Thats not about age either. He had his opening and decided to stay standing up. Thats poor decision making. Doesnt have anything to do w old skool vs nee skool... it didnt even have time to develop into that. 28 seconds. That has not to do w old vs new. He got caught w a knee. Fight shouldve already been on the ground. And Overeem just got beat by a superior, well rounded fighter when Alistair was fighting a very 1 dimensional, predictible fight. Thats what happens at any age.

    • Eric Smith
      Eric Smith

      Cerrone is hard to watch

    • D'jean Henry
      D'jean Henry

      You either retire a hero or fight long enough to see yourself become a highlight

    • Supergreen

      It is a reminder that the game is dangerous and if you enter you are agreeing to the possibility of this outcome.

    • Mohammad Saeed
      Mohammad Saeed

      Tell me about it😅

  • Shawnosabi XD
    Shawnosabi XD

    He was literally shotting for a td as he got KO'd..

  • George Morgan
    George Morgan

    Frankie will be back. The man is a Champion.

  • The Shape
    The Shape

    Sterling beat Sandhagen. Why make the fight so soon? If Sterling beats Yan then Sandhagen should fight Yan. If Yan wins? Then Sandhagen should rematch Sterling

  • The Shape
    The Shape

    Sandhagen should be a welterweight. He kills himself to fight tiny fighters for an advantage.

  • Frank Cortez
    Frank Cortez

    "Poor Frankie!" 😥

  • Joseph H.lalruatkima
    Joseph H.lalruatkima

    I wanna see Yan vs Cory plus I don't see Yan beating him

  • PNW-87

    Frankie got decimated by a BJJ guy as well on the feet. He needs to retire.

  • I Coroa
    I Coroa

    lol @ your ending word blend

  • ray embick
    ray embick

    that punching bag was washed since ortega koed him to make matters worse edgar abandoned his wrestling edgar thinks he can strike when he cant

  • Brian Kinary
    Brian Kinary

    Duck, duck, GGGNOOOO! Frankie will always be a legend, but he can’t even compete with these new 35ers. Imagine him in the current 55lb division? Just goes to show how fast the new mma generation has come. That was beautiful

  • bill kill
    bill kill

    So: ihopeyouguysenjoythevideoifyoudindtmakesuretothumbsupmakatashoshisutagotoshisubscribe..and i see you guys in the next video.

  • Felix GuZman martinez
    Felix GuZman martinez

    Franky is old. I was just a teen when he was champ now im old. Imagine that 😹

  • didickcheeseburger

    what really happened was a flying knee to frankie edgars head. it doesnt take 4min to analyze that

  • unbroken1010

    This knee is actually way better than the Ben askren one. Just for the sheer fact that you were not expecting at all.. frankie time to to retire in style. You got great highlights nothing left to prove. Be a be a great coach or trainer ?


    Why u talk so fast at the very end ? Sounds like an auctioneer lol. Great video and awesome breakdown as always. 👍🏼

  • Drew Whitfield
    Drew Whitfield

    Now ppl using sandhagen on ufc 4 like mad 😂😂 im lovin it cuz theyre trash with him

  • Best Girl
    Best Girl


  • Troy Kell
    Troy Kell

    I think you gotta give Ortega credit for the first knockout of Frankie. It was nothing like this brutality but it was still a vicious knockout of Edgar. This time Frankie wasn't on Queer Street but totally unconscious.

  • SlapMeSilly Gaming
    SlapMeSilly Gaming

    you talk at the end of the video like your telling the side effects of a drug haha

  • MMA AllDay
    MMA AllDay

    Walk off finish

  • Silas Martin
    Silas Martin



    Why do you think it is bad to throw a flying knee against a wrestler? Didn’t Jorge Masvidal prove that it is a great technique considering most wrestlers want to put their face in a mans crotch. Lol

  • SilentBob420BMFJ

    Can't find a video highlight. I saw the fight, but just want to see something. Why do they do this? Like do they legit think right now, days after the event, I'm going to go drop $70 to watch a highlight? Really? UFC is dumb. So is anyone who thinks that preventing people from watching clips days later somehow gets them to buy the event. First off, I've never paid for a single UFC in my life, but have been watching them all since UFC 65. So suck it Dana. Oh but if I watch it for free in a bar, that's ok? But not if I stream it? Makes no difference. UFC gets their money from the bar anyway, and you don't get mine regardless. I see no difference.

  • JiuJitsuForAll

    I've always loved the against-all-odds, underdog-like Frankie. His granite chin, scrappiness, never quit attitude are legendary. Plus, he seems like a legit respectful dude, never talking ish and just going out and handling his bi-ness. Even when he fought T-City, whom I'm a diehard fan of (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu!!!), I felt a little hole in my heart when Brian had to do him like that. Out of the utmost respect for Frankie, I hope he rides off into the sunset, his place assured in the Hall of Fame. Outstanding career, a great ambassador of the sport, he deserves all the accolades due him.

  • Benjamin Richard
    Benjamin Richard

    ENTER SANDMAN! I see something really special in Cory S.

  • OG Skullomania311
    OG Skullomania311

    I love Frankie but I Think all the young kids are getting to be too much for the legends

  • Dude

    Why is everybody saying nobody’s ever knocked him out like this? I don’t think it was too much different from when Brian Ortega knocked him out

  • Rudy Martinez
    Rudy Martinez

    Frankie Edgar once said BJ Penn should retire when he was getting beat up now look Frankie it's time for you to hang it up too buddy you're getting your ass knocked out all the time you getting old Bud time to hang it up

  • Relentless American
    Relentless American

    I have absolutely no respect for anyone that try’s to drop weight like that to gain an edge... to be 5”11 and fight at 135 is cowardice. I personally think 155 should be the smallest weight class and should operate like heavy weight where anything over 205 and under 265 is heavy weight lightweight should be 125-155lbs. I have fought and trained mma for about 13 years. I stand 5”7 and most of my fights have been at 170lbs and some at 155lbs. I hate 155, I feel weak and small as hell at 155 and it takes away from my strengths which would be a heavy right hand and right leg round house, shit anything coming off the right side of my body. When I was younger and listened to my couch’s and dropped to 155 it robbed me of that power. My body naturally wants to sit at 167-175lbs and that’s where fighters should be fighting at, where their body sits at naturally. (Naturally when training, lifting and eating)

  • KhanalSush

    can I just say what's up with these almost 6' tall guys fighting in such light weight class?


    How is nobody talking about that Cory tried same exact thing against Moraes? Frankie should've watched your vid deconstructing that fight to be prepared for that :)

  • Restless O.N.E.
    Restless O.N.E.

    Cory's fight IQ 💯

  • Kevin Fuentes
    Kevin Fuentes

    Acting like zombie and Ortega didn’t already starch dude

  • OptimusD

    Before Ortega it was, 'no one's ever knocked out Frankie' now it's 'no one's ever knocked out Frankie in this fashion' next it'll be 'no ones ever knocked out Frankie with a flying Crane Kick'.

  • Something Clever
    Something Clever

    "never even shot for a take down" C'mon man 😆 He only had 25 seconds lol

  • Richard Briggs
    Richard Briggs

    Amazing knockout, but I hate that it happened to Frankie.

  • Limited Infinity
    Limited Infinity

    He said "winner of Jan v Aljo gets KO'd by me" Man is on a Mission

  • This is straight cancer Boi
    This is straight cancer Boi

    Was screaming noooooo with this one

  • ronfrancis10

    Petr Yan will pick this guy apart.

  • Alex Stachura
    Alex Stachura

    Nice ko but the dude is so cocky I cant stand him lol

  • mesley raves
    mesley raves

    that's ridiculous; 5'11" @ 135lbs

  • Raigar Müllerson
    Raigar Müllerson

    That well timed knee happened

  • Jay C
    Jay C

    Might just be me, but i dont find it impressive watching someone whose 5’11” fight midgets

  • Joshua Webber
    Joshua Webber

    The weasel knows his shit..

  • TerdFertersen

    I said it as soon as I saw that I’ve never seen Frankie get put out like that. You hate to see it.

  • We Are Limitless
    We Are Limitless

    The knee turned Frankie into a statue before he fell face first into the canvas. Brutal. Frankie is a stud. I hope he doesn’t retire.

  • Clyde Rembrandt
    Clyde Rembrandt

    Ortega's KO of Frankie was fairly brutal too.

  • Heathen

    This was way worse than the Overeem knockout because Edgar was stiffened on impact

  • Emiroviski Kadir
    Emiroviski Kadir

    I've been following mma since 2015 and have never seen frankie fight like he belongs in the ufc win or loss. Yeh call me a casual but i don't appreciate someone whose only ability to win is through cardio and stick-wrestling having a mere intention of scoring points with close to zero damage applied.

  • Ishmael C
    Ishmael C

    I knew Cory was going to finish Edgar. But dayum 28 secs?

  • Dom Cast
    Dom Cast

    Flying knees=wrestlers worst nightmare

  • TeeReks 007
    TeeReks 007

    I’ve never liked Edgar, glad he got sparked like that idgaf what anyone says 😂😂💀💀

  • PAC

    Brian Ortega wondering what he did to Frankie in the first round???

  • Medusa

    Suga Sean vs Sandman is gonna fucking fireworks.

    • rated 21
      rated 21

      agreed but that is a long way to go

  • Al Foster
    Al Foster

    I’d like to see Frankie retire...Great fighter but time catches everyone!

  • TheMIghtyRuler

    Frankie looked good, to be 39 and moving like he was is impressive. Sometimes shit just happens, it’s a shame we couldn’t see the fight unfold a little bit. I think Edgar was going to look the best he has in a couple years.

  • Trebor Guerrero
    Trebor Guerrero

    Gamebread showed the world how to handle wrestlers and so there you go!

  • CT

    He needed another statement win to get people to fight for him getting a title fight over Dillashaw next. I think he did that pretty well

  • Chuckles

    This is what they mean by "high fight i.q."

  • Chuckles

    38 years old should be the age limit at UFC.

  • Zhang Tse-shan
    Zhang Tse-shan

    It is not necessary but Edgar just joined the Askren flying knee victim club!

  • ShredDedicated

    Everyone’s a fight expert. -Dustin Porier

  • findmeOnMaps

    Weasel, no matter what kind of a chin anyone has, a knee to the jaw will send anyone to heaven and back down to hell in 30 seconds.

  • Ysr Aks
    Ysr Aks

    that was beautifully brutal. If you don't like seeing things like that you aren't a UFC fan. As Masvidal would say, switch to soccer.

  • TH0MA5

    The aljo fight honestly seems like a fluke after what Cory did to Marlon and Frankie

    • Guga Bastos
      Guga Bastos

      I mean, we still didn’t saw Cory on the ground since so we can’t say that fight was a fluke, I’d say it is more of a bad matchup than a fluke

  • Devin Bachert
    Devin Bachert

    I can tell you what really happened. Frankie had an early bedtime.

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger

    Weasel's outtro gets faster every video lmao pretty sure he does it on purpose

  • Ary Sierra
    Ary Sierra

    Frankie has a better resume that Mcchimp. No excuses.

  • Andrew Weigand
    Andrew Weigand

    Cory is a better person than he is a fighter. Super happy for him, even more excited for his future. He found another gear and is finally ready. Super respectful and humble in the post fight press conference, too. 🙌🏻

  • Spenlard

    39 is too old for 135 and thats it

  • Davin Danger
    Davin Danger

    I feel sorry for the guy that has to fight sandhagen. Especially for a title.

  • Jay T
    Jay T

    Poor Frankie. The stars aligned for that knee too. Think it's time to hang up for him man. Cory nxt for title shot for sure though.

  • Phil Matic
    Phil Matic

    idk it's a small thing but when you call a video "what really happened" it kinda seems like it is going to be controversial on what actually occured

  • Maximillion

    Frankie took the knee faster than Kaepernick.

  • Andrew Cramer
    Andrew Cramer

    this is how i thought the Dan Hooker fight was going to go.

  • Christy Smith
    Christy Smith

    So he calculated 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Zack W
    Zack W

    Cory is so technically sound about offense and defense that he had his chin tucked and right hand high in the air after that knee cause he knew frankies right hand was coming if that knee never landed. Geez this guys good. Needs to work on that wrestling tho🤴🏽

  • JL Cromer
    JL Cromer

    Omalley is the china made sandhagen knock off. Cant wait to see him and yan (yan gonna get the finish on Aljo)

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke

    The young lions taking out the old legendary lions. It’s the sad reality we are witnessing, but the life cycle must go on. Stipe will be next.....

  • Daylon M
    Daylon M

    How the hell you 5' 11 and only weigh 135? That's some BS

  • Somdut Roy
    Somdut Roy

    Frankie must be wishing Ali hadn't paid the judges off to make him win against Pedro. This is a career defining ko loss.

  • Sharknight

    As much as I like Cory and Volkov I hated seeing Frankie and Alistair be beaten like that

  • Drvinnieboombatts

    We dont care about your dam comments just came to see the flying knee ah

  • Rune Age Mage
    Rune Age Mage

    Oof! Decapitated the poor bastard.

  • Charlie Kennedy
    Charlie Kennedy

    You forgot about Ortega s KO of Frankie ...

  • Josh The Mediocre
    Josh The Mediocre

    I mean we can call it skill and say he deserves a title shot...BUT if you watch it back in slow mo..it was his thigh that landed on the chin, not the knee..and in no way indicates he has improved at all since being choked out by Sterling..ya''ll get way too excited..heard people telling Masvidal to sit down because this is the best flying knee of all time...ya'll drunk.

  • Rell

    And Corey got smoked by Aljo absolutely SMOKED!!! MMA community needs to stop sleeping on Aljo!!!

  • Andy Wow
    Andy Wow

    Love the vids, but u billboard spoilers. I cant even go on youtube till ive seen the fights bc ur vid thumbs spoil everything.

  • Xtreme_Red

    Brian Ortega knocked him out too

  • The noob collector
    The noob collector

    Mah heart...I can't take seeing Frankie get koed like that

  • Bryxn 5200
    Bryxn 5200

    I’m sorry but this was one of the worst stoppages in ufc history. You can clearly see that Frankie was going for the takedown!!

  • Umer Atiq
    Umer Atiq

    3:59 too fast

  • John Clarke
    John Clarke

    **for the creator of this channel** My first time watching one of your videos, I immediately subscribed at the end. Your a sharp dude, you have a lot of reason and logic. Keep up the good work bro, we’ll keep watching and more subscribers will come.

  • Bluewater HB
    Bluewater HB

    Sandhagen is the best striker in the entire division, now we fking understand why Stirling jumped on his back as quick as possible! 😂

  • Ebs Rok
    Ebs Rok

    Sandhagen looks huge

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn

    To be able to read, calculate, and execute a knee that precise in 28 seconds is just crazy. Next level striking.

  • qwqwqwqw99

    Painful to watch legendary fighters start to get beat up.

  • spencer amiss
    spencer amiss

    "Nobody's ever done this to Frankie Edgar before" - flash back to Edgar's fight with Brian Ortega

  • ReaR Naked BlokE
    ReaR Naked BlokE

    Anyone see Zabit..ever??