2HYPE Bucs vs Chiefs NFL Super Bowl Challenges ft. MMG!
Huge shoutout to MMG for stopping by, check him out!
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Huge shoutout to MMG for stopping by, check him out!
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  • Leo

    Probably half the people watching don't know who MMG

  • Tovia Tuia
    Tovia Tuia

    When mitchell runs he looks like the rugby player Ryan papenhyuzen and with his mullet😂

  • Jay Gaming
    Jay Gaming

    Put MMG in 2hype


    5:27 cash fast as fuck

  • Sebastian Dispo
    Sebastian Dispo

    MMG doesn't punish khris for going jumping offsides a little bit

  • V Tez
    V Tez

    Cash made the hood look bad

  • Lucas Donley
    Lucas Donley

    They should have brought deestroying also

  • Jack Lignelli
    Jack Lignelli

    Dude mmg shoulda ran peek zone bubble

  • Conner Gillikin
    Conner Gillikin

    That'not a mullet

  • Jackson Henry
    Jackson Henry

    MMG to 2hype ???

  • Jamin Freckles
    Jamin Freckles

    A scuffed game

  • Kodak 2k
    Kodak 2k

    Ain’t no fumble in flag

  • Kodak 2k
    Kodak 2k

    Why is James still in 2Hype

  • Ben Henderson68
    Ben Henderson68

    Jesus is king

  • devan freeman
    devan freeman

    bro high key they should do more videos like this

  • Jack Kammien
    Jack Kammien

    MMG joining 2hype?

  • KNINE9

    cash strong asf but can’t throw 15, 20 yards 😂

  • William

    Yall gotta collab with deestroying n dockery

  • Zach Leone
    Zach Leone

    man zac old he ant fast

  • Matt Trukovich
    Matt Trukovich

    Where’s M0pee

  • Justin Rocketleague
    Justin Rocketleague

    MMG join 2hype?

  • Trapstar

    9:24 yup lucky alr

  • Gavyn Kim
    Gavyn Kim

    mmg joining 2hype?!?

  • Tetsurō Kuroo
    Tetsurō Kuroo

    15:16 jesse deserved to say that lol 17:23 after all the times kris beat moochie

  • hala Kallas
    hala Kallas

    Did anybody else notice that cash was turning into a rare steake

  • Fxgrtn_Editz S
    Fxgrtn_Editz S

    Mitchell called header score😂

  • Chase Young
    Chase Young

    And that’s the last jersey he’s going to wear with the last name Brady 😂

  • Chase Young
    Chase Young

    James was out of the frame in the throwing contest how far he tree thee the ball 🏈

  • Issac Sandoval
    Issac Sandoval

    Cash do suck at football😭😭but he can get better tho

  • Issac Sandoval
    Issac Sandoval

    Y I got to be hood man y can't I just be cash

  • Issac Sandoval
    Issac Sandoval

    Cash was trynna finesse so bad wen he missed that throw😭😭💯

  • Jamesdhanlon

    It is amazing how tall Kris is considering MMG is 6’5” and he is almost double his height. He is probably 13’1” 😂

    • Jamesdhanlon

      @Chase Young Ik, it was a joke, I watch MMG like every day.

    • Chase Young
      Chase Young

      In mmgs channel it’s a joke that’s why they said he was 6’5”

  • MrQu1se

    Cash sucks at football worst then flight is at basketball

  • Toxic gamein Jay
    Toxic gamein Jay


  • Sir Oliver Jone
    Sir Oliver Jone

    the qb sold hard af

  • Daleshawn Bell
    Daleshawn Bell

    Ill love to see a 2hype vs dude perfect

  • mDizzle The 2nd
    mDizzle The 2nd


  • Apple Orange
    Apple Orange

    Are we going to talk about how far Jeff threw it

  • TrueMX

    I officially think Ay eM Pee is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than 2hype

  • Isaac San Miguel
    Isaac San Miguel

    MMG didn’t even touch all the cones


    QB: moochie RB:mmg WR:zach WR#2:Khris this is the offense^ defense: DT:cash

  • Alfred

    james is weird bro

  • Alfred

    i just like how there is a family watching you guys while yall are throwing the ball as far as you can

  • Brodys Channel
    Brodys Channel

    I think the Patriots need to sign James

  • Cowboys Nation
    Cowboys Nation

    Wtf is wrong with Kris’s mustache

  • Drew C
    Drew C

    Alternative title: Our 6,5 king dominates non rpo beak zone bubblers.

  • boyj da goat
    boyj da goat

    Zack hasn't run that fast since he was chasing dinosaurs

  • couch_potato 22
    couch_potato 22

    mmg on the first challage wnen she is home olone

  • Nick Paszkiewicz
    Nick Paszkiewicz

    Cash is legit tyreek hill

  • Kai-

    Where’s destroying at

  • Aiden Evans
    Aiden Evans

    Its nice to no jesse finnaly has a better celebration Gronk Spike


    do more football vides

  • Patrick Geary
    Patrick Geary

    Papa meags

  • William Huston
    William Huston

    yo 2hype i got a mini tyreek hill at our school and is strong

  • William Huston
    William Huston

    y0 you all should doa 7on7 with my highschool in Ohio

  • Judah Panzarella
    Judah Panzarella

    Nobody Literally no one Mmg: DONE SET HIT!

  • Emmanuel Asino
    Emmanuel Asino


  • Dbook1

    MMG talking all tactics and Jesse, Zach and cash just thinking wtf is he saying

  • j0shua

    Do a collab with deestroying

  • Tyler Stevens
    Tyler Stevens

    Only here for MMG lol

  • CDOG

    Who else is watching this after the moochie joins 2hype vid?

  • Jack Attack Sports M.
    Jack Attack Sports M.

    That was a great video. I love watching these videos.

  • TheKidWavy

    30:38 Kris Hopkins LMAO

  • Lincoln Shepherd
    Lincoln Shepherd

    Kris must be 7’5 because he makes papa look small

  • Angela Korrey
    Angela Korrey

    Me wondering if mmg is going to join 2hype

  • Joey Kelly
    Joey Kelly

    Julio kris !!!!!!!

  • Daniel Holloway
    Daniel Holloway

    So is MMG in 2hype?

  • Dj Corella
    Dj Corella

    My Boy Cash Couldn’t Catch A Cold Y’all 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Gavin Taylor
    Gavin Taylor

    Who do you want to WIN???

  • The Wolfpackattack1
    The Wolfpackattack1

    Tom Bradly ain’t playing no games

  • Dakotah Fulmer
    Dakotah Fulmer

    Love the vids with MMG

  • Chris Hendersen
    Chris Hendersen

    cash has been working on cardio since being with deestroying

  • Brayden Jimenez
    Brayden Jimenez

    Kris: Moochie was faster then me maybe I need to regroup and think life over again 💨💨🦒🦒

  • Andres Gallegos
    Andres Gallegos


  • Steelers All day
    Steelers All day

    Cash: *angry* Also cash:F*uck Definitely cash: yEh

  • Kayle McLellan
    Kayle McLellan

    I love that he said 6’5 245 haha 😂 only the Mmg fans know

    • Goat Plays
      Goat Plays


    • YT IsoWrld
      YT IsoWrld


    • Pauline Healy
      Pauline Healy


    • Dbook1

      Yessir! 😂

  • Damian Gallegos
    Damian Gallegos

    MMG wasnt even touching the cone lol

  • Nate Hance
    Nate Hance

    Jiedel and kris look like they can’t be within 500 foot of a school

  • Spiceweasel

    All hail mahoochie

  • Smoke Jus Vibe
    Smoke Jus Vibe

    Cash got all that muscle but can’t hit the target

  • Jeevith Chanveer
    Jeevith Chanveer

    Patrick Mah-oochie!! What a QB!!! Like for Moochie

  • Kiefer Nagy
    Kiefer Nagy

    james needs to fix that running form

  • shisui

    Bro they down 500k views lmfaooo

  • Popsicle PP
    Popsicle PP

    I’m a chiefs fan

  • Caleb Lovell
    Caleb Lovell

    Mhm I seen the thumb nail and my favorite you tubers collabe

  • da boi Andre
    da boi Andre

    The camera angle messed up MMG is is 6'5 245 bit next to moochie he looks little so the camera angle definitely messed up

  • Muha en
    Muha en

    Kris with that big step attempt on Jesser was nice.

  • TNA Astro
    TNA Astro


  • Lucus Fuentes
    Lucus Fuentes

    Who thinks Mmg and 2hype should do more Collabs?

  • Zakariah Bah
    Zakariah Bah

    instead of throwing it to a dummy they should through it to actual people or each other

  • Jeremiah Threatt
    Jeremiah Threatt

    Who else didn’t know cash was that fast

    • Will I Am
      Will I Am

      Me lol cash was SPEEDING

  • Lofi

    Colcole is a gud food restaurant I like them a lot

  • Dylan Rogers
    Dylan Rogers

    I didn’t know dinosaurs could run that fast

  • Alex Brzozowski
    Alex Brzozowski

    I only watch 2hype videos when they have MMG in it he’s the real goat of the video the others are...

  • Liam Jaeb
    Liam Jaeb

    30:37 Cash got MOSSED

  • Daniel Rabiner
    Daniel Rabiner

    First time moochie did the intro for 2Hype Warms my heart mannn

  • Hezekiah Mccomb
    Hezekiah Mccomb

    Watchin them play fball is jus so sad😭😂

  • Ed Hernandez
    Ed Hernandez

    Look at mmg athletic speciment

  • Jacob Hamm
    Jacob Hamm

    Mmg looking good in the 2 hype drip👀👀