2HYPE Chopped Summer Cook-Off Challenge
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Filmed/Edited by Josh:

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Youngkingpage

    Cash had me dead at 6:15

  • Mike Chapman
    Mike Chapman

    why was cash's shirt so hard though....

  • Tristan Northey
    Tristan Northey

    James is so annoying

  • noah arroyo
    noah arroyo

    58:06 Ice cream on a plate had me dying lol

  • Darius greer
    Darius greer


  • hypergamerjay

    Jesus is coming soon, so keep His Word. Proclaim it, practice it, and preserve it just as it is. Then you will be ready when He comes.

  • deandrea gangs all day
    deandrea gangs all day

    I liked the jesser joke shout.out to jesser bro that true one of the worst chef ivcorse Mopppppin 👊

  • Str4pp3d

    ASMR 1:02:20

  • Yorluis De Los Angeles
    Yorluis De Los Angeles


  • Addison Nickles
    Addison Nickles

    Watching this is kinda sad now. Back when group was all together

  • Spencer Rogers
    Spencer Rogers

    I wouldve made nachos i mean its just smart doritos ground beef and peppers

  • c dub
    c dub

    drop a new one

  • Carlos Quezada
    Carlos Quezada

    kris and jeser ar gay

  • Kolton Renier
    Kolton Renier

    Cris funny 😆

  • Kamari Jennings
    Kamari Jennings

    This dude James a try hard 😂

  • iRekt _Kv
    iRekt _Kv

    @1:53 why did they all say judge and chef

  • Kemorje Parker
    Kemorje Parker

    Cash made London Kristopher go back to Kristopher london when he said he'd cook shreks intenas

  • Zakaria Farah
    Zakaria Farah

    Your roommate eat all the food and you say 6:29


    Classic 2Hype video 🤣 LSK is hilarious

  • Samuel Corazzini
    Samuel Corazzini

    Why james so salty.

  • Trey Carmony
    Trey Carmony

    lol Jesse: Oh 👏he’s 👏seasoning 👏 his👏 meat👏I’m 👏excited 👏. 🤣😂🤣

  • ChumSecret 1
    ChumSecret 1

    GOD bless everyone. Give you're life unto Jesus

  • Yadiel

    Cash was clamping up James

  • Slatwtw


  • A Richhh
    A Richhh

    Bruh nigga made a mondo burger 😂

  • Grady 2526
    Grady 2526

    Y’all are crazy the chemistry between you guys are amazing parts of the vlog was hilarious 🤣

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis

    my teacher when i get the question wrong but use the right method: 23:35

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis

    my teacher when i got the answer right but didn’t use the right method: 20:10

  • Christopher Marquez
    Christopher Marquez

    This video was so funny

  • J5 Musiq
    J5 Musiq

    7:59 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 PAUSE

  • KD Hockey
    KD Hockey

    7:58 is funny🤣🤣

  • Reaxtion 4
    Reaxtion 4


  • Reaxtion 4
    Reaxtion 4


  • Chantell K
    Chantell K

    U spaaaastic. Nobe that mad me cry

  • Alex Okogeri
    Alex Okogeri

    1:01:30 Did cash just create a new word?

  • Alex Okogeri
    Alex Okogeri

    1:00:14 the progression of Zack's face as kris ate the gummy shark was hilarious

  • Skwackaflok

    i always watch these while cooking just to see the bullshit they come up with

  • Alex Okogeri
    Alex Okogeri

    21:43 look at zack's face as jesser touches his leg

  • Christopher Hutchinson
    Christopher Hutchinson

    The annoying semicolon fortunately peck because noodle aesthetically dream throughout a honorable cafe. thundering, soggy art

  • Preso Paqka
    Preso Paqka

    gordon ramsay and top gear in one ahahahahahahah

  • F Sahqani
    F Sahqani

    They could’ve made a taco with a dorito stuffed shell

    • F Sahqani
      F Sahqani

      Nvm I didn’t finish the video

  • Oumou Traore
    Oumou Traore

    I like your video

  • J. Prieto
    J. Prieto

    Bro y the judges act like they were the next Gordan Ramsay

  • Allan Junior Mana
    Allan Junior Mana

    Dude when Kris said, I wish he would ficking grow i was so angry. Like what kinda judges do that 😡😡😡😡😡

  • j a
    j a

    jiedel be a debater and complainer when it comes to these competitions lol

  • Sum Tin Wong
    Sum Tin Wong

    God James just pisses me off 8 months later

  • King G
    King G

    Bloody burger

  • I’m Locxtion
    I’m Locxtion

    “ Chef jiedel it’s not ur f-- turn “ this had me dead 😂💀💀😭✋

  • Kim

    The flippant germany characteristically rhyme because armchair bodily turn aboard a sad freeze. depressed, cool parade

  • Jimmy Morataya
    Jimmy Morataya

    Kris: Try not to eat the sticker boiz Me: he’s gonna eat the sticker 33:51

  • crxstxan


  • Wyatt Breien
    Wyatt Breien

    6:29 is halirous

  • Xilean

    Ma men nasty just make sarmale

  • Raymond Rosario
    Raymond Rosario

    The educated mail seemingly look because seat behaviourally intend aside a mixed astronomy. momentous, unbecoming stream

  • Gabrial Angel
    Gabrial Angel

    Jiedel have Best meal in Cash

  • John Roehsler
    John Roehsler

    The wiggly kale unknowingly irritate because reindeer endoscopically sniff worth a depressed mosquito. bouncy, inquisitive thing

  • Shyrell Dawson
    Shyrell Dawson

    London Kristopher is the most weirdest but funniest everrrrr, idk if I like Kristopher London better than London Kristopher

  • Kanye East
    Kanye East

    13:24 yooo what’s happening in the back ground

  • parker steele
    parker steele

    Gordon Ramsay has 18 michilen stars.

  • SuperSaiyan_Dan

    Of course Zack likes the mason jar part because that’s what he got from the milkman back in the 40’s

  • Skull GHLZ
    Skull GHLZ

    Who else is just binge watching all the cooking videos

    • DeAngelo Gilliam
      DeAngelo Gilliam

      me no cap

  • Mark Bolduc
    Mark Bolduc


  • bennysovich

    i dont know why tf i laughed so hard at this 34:26 lmao

  • Joelryab

    When kris almost eats the sticker😭

  • Eli Baker
    Eli Baker

    Kris has me dead every video

  • Kaden Schmidt
    Kaden Schmidt

    20:28 is so funny

  • Jabin Davis
    Jabin Davis

    nobody lsk:says bloody burger in a French accent

  • dayday goncalves
    dayday goncalves

    Kris can be so judge mental it’s not even funny

  • JReed


  • Gunnar Robertson
    Gunnar Robertson

    Modi’s face at 8:31 is amazing

  • Weird Kid13
    Weird Kid13

    Bro I’ve never laughed this hard for a IRbin channel 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Peace Gbeworo
    Peace Gbeworo


  • Jnl

    6:29 kris said save some you fat fuck cash’s face when he says that

  • FS Austino
    FS Austino

    I woulda made taco’s

  • Dexter Koulden
    Dexter Koulden

    London Kristopher is hilarious we need him in every vid

  • Royan Cherishes Mushrooms
    Royan Cherishes Mushrooms

    8:55 Kanye West Pepper

  • zi and marty channel
    zi and marty channel

    Little man sidrome😂😂😂😂

  • weisheng wu
    weisheng wu

    The right italian critically comb because mice presently reach into a fuzzy jason. solid, pricey psychiatrist

  • El Geeezus
    El Geeezus

    That ground beef taco lol can’t get any whiter than that

  • ethan laclair
    ethan laclair

    Kris when he says fuckin

  • brody thornton
    brody thornton

    Jesus loves you

  • Top Dog Ball TV
    Top Dog Ball TV

    Why are you wearing finger sleeves ? Are you gonna dunk ?

  • James Durant
    James Durant

    2 hype chopped and mean tweets were the best videos so far

  • Cam JB
    Cam JB

    BRO 10/10 VID🤣🤣🤣

  • Dontrell Braggs
    Dontrell Braggs

    This vid is funny

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith

    Real G's don't cry from onions!!!!!

  • Timothy P
    Timothy P

    it's funny how kris said silverware and they're actually plastic haha

  • Every_CD High
    Every_CD High

    They could of done banana and Nutella




    Bro I was crying laughing through this whole video

  • Sebastian Damian
    Sebastian Damian

    We need James vs cash since now james is a really good chef

  • Harold _
    Harold _

    "MelTeD NutTeLA"

  • Slug Round 245
    Slug Round 245

    54:25 that joke was not funny at all that was cringe

  • headless jeep ya ya
    headless jeep ya ya

    7:59 big big big big pause

  • Mason Wilson
    Mason Wilson


  • Faze Jadon
    Faze Jadon

    Dude when Kris's face when he was shouting at cash was so funny 😂😂

  • Beena Mathai
    Beena Mathai

    8:50 is the funniest

  • Dan Espiritu
    Dan Espiritu

    when cash left the pepper with a sticker i laughed so hard

  • Junior

    Yo why this video so funny