2HYPE Plays Among Us w/ 100 Thieves Nadeshot, Valkyrae & CouRage
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  • Jose Macias
    Jose Macias

    The worthless separated customarily complain because search cytochemically suit under a imported limit. broad, succinct cushion

  • TheKidDaniel

    Bro the edits over cash have me weak asf

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Poor Kris 🤣this man hasn’t played an imposter for the last 3 videos of among us

  • Brady Devlin
    Brady Devlin

    Kris saying I knew it when he did not say anything

  • Aiman Daily
    Aiman Daily

    Nadesot: I'm not good at talking. Ermmm you know you a youtuber right?

  • Lija Thebeast
    Lija Thebeast

    Chris is mad blind

  • Nathan Satan
    Nathan Satan

    Omg here we go again 46:27

  • Christian Gamer
    Christian Gamer

    be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS is come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple JESUS and GOD loves you and I do too and I do you want too if to be you can i’m not forcing you.................

  • Cailyn Newcomb
    Cailyn Newcomb

    a person walks past Cash a weird way. “oh no, no no no i don’t trust them”

  • Miller Meinicke
    Miller Meinicke

    12:50 “Nadeshot is fowling me” James. Also James behind Nadeshot fowling him

  • AyoJordyBTW

    Rae is serious

  • mark Ingalls
    mark Ingalls

    Jesse: I'm just gonna scream and say random stuff in the meeting That never happened

  • Vinay Kannan
    Vinay Kannan

    Jiedel: “Bro, Cash just randomly said it's Jesser and Jiedel!” Cash: “SO!” Me:WTF

  • Jody Edwards
    Jody Edwards

    When Cash gets imposter he turns into a psycho and I love it😂😂😂

  • Vinay Kannan
    Vinay Kannan

    Jesser: The average player Cash: The -10000 IQ player Kris: The clueless James: They Try-hard Moochie: The clutch player Zach: The only person that doe tasks.

  • Vinay Kannan
    Vinay Kannan

    Kris: “Were Noobs!” *10 seconds later* *doesn’t report body*

    • G . M
      G . M

      yea cause they are noobs

  • Vinay Kannan
    Vinay Kannan

    Jesse: “Zach Zach OMG” Zach: *innocently (what)*

  • Sam Graham
    Sam Graham

    Kris always at the beginning of the round says jesse is sus, and then whenever someone comes at him he will completely shift his focus to the person

  • Eathen Heaverin
    Eathen Heaverin

    At 42:14. James literally sold. He literally gave away that he killed cash in dropship.

  • Chase Koivisto
    Chase Koivisto

    Next Video: 2HYPE Among Us With Little Einsteins (Crazy)

  • Wojtek Skoczylas
    Wojtek Skoczylas

    46:51 Brooks background

  • NotJmk

    Why does cash annoy me in among us

  • dreamz

    No kap Kris how tf did you not see the body

  • Parth Bulusu
    Parth Bulusu

    56:56 Great call Courage

  • Chase Solano
    Chase Solano

    you james is irrelevant if no one can pronounce his name

  • Seth-Leanon Siladin
    Seth-Leanon Siladin

    The black screen at 25:15 with the beat the suspense is hard 😂

  • Braylen Silver
    Braylen Silver

    How did kris not see the body ?

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby

    lsk “y’all got played so hard”. walks over body 3 times. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • kakarot

    Big shirt jidel with the dub

  • Stephen Creech
    Stephen Creech

    Cash: valarary seems pretty cool. Me: can you read?

  • Destry Da Gamer
    Destry Da Gamer

    Mooch prank

  • Destry Da Gamer
    Destry Da Gamer

    When Zach did card swipe

  • DubZo


  • kameron suber
    kameron suber

    Rae face was priceless when she thought there was still 2 imposters left 🤣🤣🤣

  • Xeno

    pt 3?

  • NoahLee55

    Why does Cash always blame his own teammate lol. Why did he say Val at 27:39 when she on his team. Cash is bad. He’s done this before.

  • iPhone Gaming
    iPhone Gaming

    When moochie popped out tho 😂😂 I pull pranks some times lmao

  • Wyatt Davies
    Wyatt Davies

    James right after Valkyrae ADMITED to it “I have a feeling they might have framed her” like she admited my g

  • Shameeza Jamaludin
    Shameeza Jamaludin

    Nobody: Cash doing download. WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG

  • Shritan Settipalli
    Shritan Settipalli


  • Gurman Badh
    Gurman Badh

    Just like mafia zack

  • Big oof
    Big oof

    Jiedel: it was a glitch also Jiedel: I TOLD YOU IT WAS PURPLE

  • King Harold
    King Harold


  • King Harold
    King Harold


  • Zach De Iulio
    Zach De Iulio

    Bro cash is soooo funny

  • Adxlizer

    James: I think I saw Jessie in a vent but I’m nit sure but I thinks it’s Jessie James: I’m glad Jess didn’t get voted bc I’m nit sure if it was him I saw Also James: You idiots I said it was Jess

  • King Harold
    King Harold


  • ComingIn Lutch - Go Follow on Twitch
    ComingIn Lutch - Go Follow on Twitch

    cash is legit the devils child, lol

  • Patrick Marzo
    Patrick Marzo

    40:53 anyone who’s killed or voted off

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore

    Nadeshot JACK!!!! WTF

  • TR3

    Errybody votes valkyrae except jesse. Cute couple man

  • Shabd Rai
    Shabd Rai


  • Shabd Rai
    Shabd Rai


  • Shabd Rai
    Shabd Rai


  • Shabd Rai
    Shabd Rai


  • B2kTRAI J
    B2kTRAI J

    Who saw that person get out of brooks bed

  • Kozmk

    Jiedel is such a virgin he yells at everyone for every mistake

  • bob bobb
    bob bobb

    this part made me laugh so hard lol 26:55

  • Edwin Speegle
    Edwin Speegle

    1:50: what was cash saying lol😂

  • James Cassar
    James Cassar


  • Kylee 1g
    Kylee 1g


  • Kid Tricksters
    Kid Tricksters

    Yo this man courage is miserable

  • Kid Tricksters
    Kid Tricksters

    Someone was always imposter in 100 thieves

  • Jayveon Mcnair
    Jayveon Mcnair

    Cash always sell in amoug us

  • Greg Baguio
    Greg Baguio

    I love it when cash becomes imposter it's so damn funny!🤣

  • Greg Baguio
    Greg Baguio


  • Skyper28 Juluri
    Skyper28 Juluri

    Lsk never gets impostor!

  • Noah Roland
    Noah Roland

    Brooke is the only person who hates being imposter

  • TheWhiteWright 23
    TheWhiteWright 23

    i aint never witnessed a damn among us game this long

  • Stephen Creech
    Stephen Creech


  • Stephen Creech
    Stephen Creech

    When cash dies: blejejdkskskk

  • Mirline Pascal
    Mirline Pascal

    I was riding on cash 😂😂😂

  • Isaiah Stephens
    Isaiah Stephens

    moochie is so funny when he hid behind the rock he jumped out and yelled like he scared someone lmfao

    • Michael Hernandez
      Michael Hernandez

      Can u plzz tell me the time in the video that happened

  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa

    LSK the crewmate

  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa

    Kris holding his temples lmaooo

  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa

    Kris getting reversed meta 😂😂😂😂

  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa

    Rae gotta be in the next hide and seek man

  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa

    Disrespected Brooke

  • Thomas Porter
    Thomas Porter

    Jiedel at 37:25 sus.

  • SRC wolf
    SRC wolf

    How you gonna join 100 thieves cash and not know how to pronounce valkyrae 😂 buh I never thought I'd see y'all play together 😂

  • Landyn Fiebig-Smith
    Landyn Fiebig-Smith

    Jesse should date brooke

  • No Name
    No Name

    Bro cash is so funny lol.

  • Ivan pang
    Ivan pang

    jiedel = not sure cash = bad impo lsk = always sus of someone zack = gets voted off or gets killed moochie = never dies jesser = tries to be big brain but becomes sus

  • Ethan L. Richards
    Ethan L. Richards

    More among us vids

  • Shritan Settipalli
    Shritan Settipalli


  • ThadPole

    Rae goes from playing with elite players to cash

  • Aileen Concepcion
    Aileen Concepcion

    i was laughing so hard when courage was talking about cash

  • Calvin Toves Jr
    Calvin Toves Jr

    33:08 that hits different now

  • Kareem Hawaly
    Kareem Hawaly

    Bruhh courage just randomly guessed valkyrae as the second impostor and she was in 43:02 he even said uh... cuz he was just guessing he even has 9999999999 iq

  • Kareem Hawaly
    Kareem Hawaly

    Game: *is called AMONG US* cash: OMANG US

  • Dill Sanders
    Dill Sanders


  • Suzanne Hoag
    Suzanne Hoag

    35:17 when your mom takes away your ps5

    • Mahsone YT
      Mahsone YT


  • Suzanne Hoag
    Suzanne Hoag

    32:48 bruh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh

    Jack the goat

  • Ivan pang
    Ivan pang

    Cash cannot read

  • Ivan pang
    Ivan pang

    every time someone kills LSK he says I knew it but he did not know that u are dumb lsk

  • Ivan pang
    Ivan pang

    ask does not trust anyone that means he doesn't trust himself

  • Olajuwon

    Nice to see Mopis channel in description

  • Beast 77
    Beast 77


  • Trace Holt
    Trace Holt

    Kris is such a noob