9 Cute Exotic Animals You Can Own as Pets
9 Cute Exotic Animals You Can Own as Pets
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From Mike Tyson to Michael Jackson, celebrities have popularized the idea of owning some of the most exotic animals as house pets.
But what about something a little smaller and cuter?
From baby lions to tigers to skunks, there are some pretty cute and rare animals you’d be surprised you can actually own! (At least in some parts of the world).
Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green! Today, we’re counting down 9 Of The Cutest Baby Animals You Can Actually Own.
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  • Bathiya Weerasekara
    Bathiya Weerasekara

    irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Ysp5mIK5saWHpGY.html 😊

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    G Hanson

    Adopt NOW

  • Gamergacha_cat

    The thumbnail git me though-

  • Dilara Orer
    Dilara Orer

    These animals are adorable but it is very irresponsible to promote the idea of them as pets.Most people can’t even take care of cats and dogs properly. Come on guys...

  • star world life
    star world life

    Omg I can get a pet fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so cute 😍❤️

  • star world life
    star world life

    I never heard anything about getting a pet tiger

  • Wendy O
    Wendy O

    The wombats can't fly, like this idiot says, they are rescue babies that are looked after and released not owned. Someone needs to do some research

  • luis zaragoza
    luis zaragoza

    I want a pet kitten. Who wants a pet kat like I want if you want a pet bearded dragon go to the chanle colled animatronic check her out she is about Five Nights at Freddy's videos check her out people who agreed to have a cat then Check out animatronic bye bye and good night.

  • katrubie3

    This is the kind of video that should never be made. Basically it is enticing people to own adorable baby animals, but gives very little information as to how much money, time, and energy will be required to give it the best of care, or even how dangerous the animal can be once grown. And nothing was said about invasive species - which is a real possibility since our society is the Disposable King...

  • Jeffrey Dodson
    Jeffrey Dodson

    This entire video is a recipe for disaster. Not one of those animals belongs in someone's home.

  • whatthebleep

    Insert moral warning about how terrible you would ever be to own one of these!

  • PinKLaDy Green
    PinKLaDy Green


  • Alex Mottley
    Alex Mottley

    Wombats weigh 40kg, rip the diffs out of trucks if they hit them, spend most of their lives in burrows under ground, don't climb trees, and don't fly. You wombat...

  • Grace Garcia
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  • Ginie Paw
    Ginie Paw

    Why are you giving us untrusworthy, selfish humans bad ideas!!??

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    Edward Cooper

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    Alan Wong

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  • Wali Dank
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  • MrEvelyn

    If you buy a tiger, I’ll kill you

  • Mohamed Elkhafif
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  • Carabelle Lumiwes
    Carabelle Lumiwes

    Just to tell u guys- the albino bat in the thumbnail is fake:) its an animal plush:3

  • Coruja Biruta
    Coruja Biruta

    theme: verry cute animals bgm: anxiety inducer suspense

  • Amilli1988

    You say Llama but you're showing Alpacas.

  • Kate Sannicks-Lerner
    Kate Sannicks-Lerner

    This is such an irresponsible video. You SHOULDN'T own many of these animals! Horrible!

  • chikkenbonz

    Baby Caiman. I went into a Petland back in the late 80's/early 90's as I was meeting a friend that worked there. I seen they had a few tarantulas, so I asked to hold one. I picked this pretty black fella and fell in love with him (I assumed it was a boy-who knows tho). He was $14.00+tax if I remember correctly. "Corky" and I had a great relationship for several years till he died.. :-/ Anyway, I'm babbling now... After I bought Corky, I went around the rest of the place waiting for my buddy to get off work. In a large aquarium near the fish, there were crocodilian critters that had incredibly killer looking eyes! The sign said they were "Caimans" Those eyes is what I remember specifically. Sooo cool-looking!. They were $99.99 each. I hadn't even heard of these creatures before, but I was entranced. I didn't have that much as I only made $4.25/hr. working as a framing laborer at the time, so I told my buddy I was coming back next week after I got paid to buy a Caiman....I had to have one! Well, I didn't get one. It eventually faded from my thoughts as all the other stuff I'd need for it - a large aquarium with all the fixins', a heat lamp, food,etc.- was just too much money. These creatures were very young - only about a foot long including the tail. I just assumed they were miniature alligators/crocodiles and they'd prolly grow to a couple feet max. It would be many years later I saw a documentary on Caimans and learned they can grow to up to and beyond TWELVE FEET! That's a full-size croc! Sooo glad I didn't get one - I would've sorely regretted it!!

  • Tricityx

    I’m getting a sloth. I don’t care what my mom says. Edit: i’m just kidding, though I really want one lmao-


    if u like this chanl then chek this out #top10

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    i clicked right ahead seeing the subnail and now im heading to the subscribe botton

  • Ana Lerdo
    Ana Lerdo

    Click bait: the plush bat thing is just a plush toy, not a real animal.

  • sweety fun. maker
    sweety fun. maker

    I'm already subscribed

  • PandaTrip

    "Look at this wombat thinking he is a dog" I think this wombat is probably not thinking anything of that sort, but you equating it to a dog based on a few minor behaviors is a potentially dangerous idea because, guess what, WOMBAT ARE NOT DOGS AND ESPECIALLY NOT PETS.

  • Daniel Leon
    Daniel Leon

    The thumbnail is a baby lightfury from httyd 😂

  • Eatto Live
    Eatto Live

    I'm not adopting any animals they are dangerous

  • Nitacutegirl wolf
    Nitacutegirl wolf

    I know it like roblox game adopt me pet bat Halloween buy

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  • Melanie Jean
    Melanie Jean

    i will have a baby fennec fox

    • Melanie Jean
      Melanie Jean

      eeee ee

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    I subbed I better get good luck

  • antivaxxnugs

    6:40 it's MUNTjac deer not MUTEjac deer

  • antivaxxnugs

    So like, you can keep them as a baby but not as an adult? Seems that way since you keep on saying "baby" for everyone of them

  • Lani Hokama
    Lani Hokama


  • Annette Smith
    Annette Smith

    I really like Jack Russels can you put them on the next video

  • Sabina

    I want a baby tiger

  • Matthew Pedroza
    Matthew Pedroza

    You missed one you missed the axolotl there cute when baby

  • adrian clemons
    adrian clemons

    what the hell who will vere get a tiger thats like me saying i have pet buffalo or something stupid why just why

  • Aasiyah Rudainah
    Aasiyah Rudainah

    Wild animals deserve to remain SAFE in the wild. Unless you have a nature preserve where they can roam freely at FULL SIZE. Confined spaces make wild animals irritable. Only animal oppressors think their safer in captivity because they legitimize the poachers. And being raised by humans STUNTS the wild animals mental growth and capability to survive in the wild. You can’t take a fish out of water and expect it to thrive. Domesticated animals came from the wild and it has taken thousands of years for them to evolve into domesticated animals but at a flip of a switch they can go back to the wild without human interference.

  • Lanabeth Morrison
    Lanabeth Morrison

    It's very sad that most sloths get killed in the wild suffering horrific acts of violence and eaten there young and parents just like that!!!!all because they move very slow!!!so sad!!!and its sick and evil that you dont rescue many many more!!!!they make amazing companions!!!!and there babies out of this world adorable. So why dont you work on more being available for adoption???they really need us!!!!as we do them.as we all no they dont stand a chance in the rain forest amazon as a million x more killer predators rite next to them and there tiny innocent babies.please do something!!!!!!they are so totally innocent.

  • Christina Moore
    Christina Moore

    I'm sorry any kind of any eater is not cute lol

  • Rose Morris
    Rose Morris

    Tigers are NOT pets!

  • Kick Starter
    Kick Starter

    not bad

  • Nancy Fountain
    Nancy Fountain

    Hi aww such cute cuddlie exotic babies..exspecially the cats

  • Naenae Wavy
    Naenae Wavy

    I have a elbino bat

  • Bob Mali Bali Yahmarley
    Bob Mali Bali Yahmarley

    NONE of these animals should be kept as pets or domesticated outside of an emergency to save its life-- Wild animals are much MUCH more happy in the wild. I can't believe I have to say this, but IT SHOULD be in the description. And you start the video with the title ''Baby'' before every animal, yes, baby animals are cute, but THEY GROW INTO ADULTS-- and becomes much MUCH more of a work/lifestyle to take care of by that time. Stop romanticizing having exotic animals as pets, it's a bad habit that we humans need to lose rather than encourage, these animals belongs in the wild, in their natural habitat, not home in your couch..

  • Mark Rowland
    Mark Rowland

    Aww the bat yess!!

  • My Friend Jen Online
    My Friend Jen Online

    They all grow up, eat you out of house and home, cost tons to keep then want to go to a 80K a year university. 😝

  • Kavi Jackson
    Kavi Jackson

    That white bat in the thumbnail from Anastasia: I would give her a ahh and ayheyaah! And then I would kick her sir!😂

  • jennifer paturzo
    jennifer paturzo

    Wombats do not fly. Kristen Bell does not own a sloth. This is some bs.

  • Darkdra Games
    Darkdra Games

    Please fire your research team. Firstly wombats DO NOT FLY. Not only that but just cause you can own an exotic pet doesn't mean you should. A lot of these animals should not be kept as a pet.

  • Kim Hernandez
    Kim Hernandez

    Wild and exotic animals, belong in the wild!

  • Melissa Miller
    Melissa Miller

    Flying wombat?! 😅😅 oh oh that’s hilarious! Also most of those Llamas were actually alpacas. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • virtue first
    virtue first

    Just stay away from bats.. we almost lost mankind because of bats. Just let them be on their natural habitat. They are no joke.. Damn U Corona creator..

  • Josh Brandt
    Josh Brandt

    You know your channel is boring when you have to trick people into watching your videos like this. Smh. Does is still stroke ur ego if after all is said and done 80% of the viewers are sayin F U? And the other 20% are too stupid to realise they got click baited?? Lol

  • Syus Ravenholdt
    Syus Ravenholdt

    Click baited.

  • Monica Kruger
    Monica Kruger

    The thumbnail tho- ITS SO CUTE!!! Same as the wombat! I looked the the “Albino vampire bat” on the internet I Thought it was real but “Nope!” I’m gonna get it this Christmas “Maybe.. just maybe..!”

    • Monica Kruger
      Monica Kruger


  • Sapphy Megatron
    Sapphy Megatron

    It is egregious to encourage people to own exotic animals as pets. They are NOT domesticated and it is heinous, cruel, and wholly irresponsible. No one who truly loves animals wants to make a pet of a wild one.

  • GuyEdit358 GRRR358
    GuyEdit358 GRRR358

    Baby tigers still bite cuz they are still tigers.

  • Mia Akarii
    Mia Akarii

    I have a Fennec fox❤️

  • Sakypantah Jamaykhangyal
    Sakypantah Jamaykhangyal

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  • Iyanna Bernard
    Iyanna Bernard

    You're serious you didn't even baby cheetah why not a baby cheetah they're cute you missed one the cheetah

  • Lisa Trenske
    Lisa Trenske

    The information regarding the wombat was not correct.. wombats do not climb trees or “fly” from branch to branch. It’s bs.

  • Vuntedum

    this is video is an elaborate joke right? they paid bots to like it right? someone is going to stop that *right?*

  • Sistpro87 Mo
    Sistpro87 Mo

    Love it!

  • Felicia Ingleton
    Felicia Ingleton

    How dare you say that

  • BubbliWave

    I think the thumbnail is a stuffed animal..

  • Jyson Berrington
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  • tsukina

    that you can, does not mean you should ;)

  • radu ionescu
    radu ionescu

    Is a bad idea to live any animal born in captivity in the wild. They will die easily.

  • lost world
    lost world

    I am surprised he didn't recommend a baby crocodile as a 'cute' pet too. Silly man.

  • MaShupZzone


  • megeyMiguel

    Bat: Normal Have Covid 19 And Emola if its dead Night Vision Dead Bats: Strong Virus Ebola Cook by Chines No Wings Scary Dead Look

  • LørD Âíñz
    LørD Âíñz

    China - that looks taste!!!

  • Astherielle Mercadejas
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  • Allison Carigo
    Allison Carigo

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that he showed this tiger 3:32 wtf

  • Marx Marley Pasia
    Marx Marley Pasia

    I love hedgehog because it is sonic the hedgehog

  • Jean Dixson
    Jean Dixson

    Click bait

  • wendePUNKT Praxis für Therapie & Coaching
    wendePUNKT Praxis für Therapie & Coaching

    When will you respect animals!!!!? They aint Toys

  • Tanvir R
    Tanvir R

    Let them live in their own way - mother nature


    Did they hold those skunks by the tails👿

  • Ingrid Waldhuter
    Ingrid Waldhuter

    So cuteeeeee❤

  • bro lyrical
    bro lyrical

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  • Ben Roper
    Ben Roper

    F this video. it's evil fake info mixed with facts and images of animals in the worse condition. Satanic crap.

  • 40KoopasWereHere

    "Llamas are just so cute!" *shows a bunch of nappy AF llamas*

  • Rida Khan
    Rida Khan

    I want a dog sooo bad but my mom don't let me have one :(

  • Ry Rose
    Ry Rose

    This is STUPID... It is ILLEGAL to export ANY wombat species

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  • Wnuczek

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  • Larry Allen
    Larry Allen

    I did.....lol

  • Bradford

    This guy has never been on a farm with Llamas. He completely skipped over the biting, the kicking, and the spitting.

  • Abigail Reyes
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