We give IMPOSTERS a New Airstrike Ability in Among Us
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  • George Sanders
    George Sanders

    Wait is this the only comment

  • Khady Sambou
    Khady Sambou


  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    Wow cool mod and party

  • Prodigy Fc
    Prodigy Fc

    Normal people laugh: normal SSundee's laugh: clown

  • suresh menon
    suresh menon

    The intro siren sound made me think that my pc was going to expload lmaooo😂😂😂

  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka

    Sorry II

  • Samuel Feldstein
    Samuel Feldstein

    make a strong imposter that every 30sec he can smash down and kill someone

  • Emma Anderton
    Emma Anderton

    Omg ssundee I’m such a big fan me and my brother laugh at your vids all the time cause they always make our day we whatch you about 4785966974747485 times a day ❤️

  • Purple Detective
    Purple Detective

    big brain: airstrike meeting room then report a body

  • Anu Arora
    Anu Arora


  • MrBald Beast
    MrBald Beast

    how does king have that mask

  • Scraper _
    Scraper _

    Is it just me but isnt RAGE never imposter

  • Steve Adams
    Steve Adams

    you are so creul

  • Norma Herrera
    Norma Herrera

    I was playing with you

  • Jamir Jones
    Jamir Jones

    U no ssundee the like button turns black blue and white

  • helen papa
    helen papa


  • Ryan Bock
    Ryan Bock

    🪦 rip biffle

  • Ryan Bock
    Ryan Bock

    On mobile the like button turns black⚫️

  • Abodi Kassem
    Abodi Kassem

    A hacker guy who can Assassin people who have abilities to look at admin and see what people are doing and the task

  • McMom2005

    Modern day

  • Steeve Pierre
    Steeve Pierre

    biffle sacfrice his slef

  • Zach Munton
    Zach Munton


  • Jaxon Bray
    Jaxon Bray

    u shod do the floor is lava

  • Takla Chamoun
    Takla Chamoun

    And how you get those mode pls tell us

  • Takla Chamoun
    Takla Chamoun

    Ssundee here is a mode god impostor and god crewmate

  • Shez Hub
    Shez Hub

    The person who likes and reads this conment, your beautiful you kind your charming and your crush likes you back becouse of your personality and the beauty

  • Mike Carr
    Mike Carr

    Ssundee is insane

  • Hanz

    They were dropped by amigus

  • Hildah M. Makgabana
    Hildah M. Makgabana

    my like button exploded

  • Hanif Khiyar
    Hanif Khiyar

    6:10 scary stories person ever 😖😣

  • gacha guys -w-
    gacha guys -w-

    Jerry was scream laughing -w- that was funny

  • gacha guys -w-
    gacha guys -w-

    When jerome said "THE BIG BOOM BOOM GOT THEM" I started wheezing

  • Paulo Hosi
    Paulo Hosi


  • luca destefano
    luca destefano

    Make a Zelda mod where the impostor is part of the yiga clan

  • Jackie Wallace
    Jackie Wallace

    These mods are so cool, and terrifying lol. Also what would happen if you killed someone then set an air strike on the report table and reported the body real quick? Would it kill everyone when they are stuck at the table?

  • Jamari Barnes
    Jamari Barnes

    How to get new role

  • Olga Bockeria
    Olga Bockeria

    How to kill everyone in 1 min just calll a meeting then right click on the button

  • Olga Bockeria
    Olga Bockeria

    # thank you SSundee Lol

  • Laney Putney
    Laney Putney


  • Jake Wojo
    Jake Wojo

    Ssundee you changed my life you made my day I watch all ur videos I love them I just watch them over and over again

  • Willow Sansocie
    Willow Sansocie

    I really wish I had subscribers or like likes

  • Rajon Mccown
    Rajon Mccown

    The big boom boom got him

  • ADK Roden
    ADK Roden


  • Javier Ruiz
    Javier Ruiz

    My mod idea use a boom bow

  • Half Ghost King
    Half Ghost King

    Very op thing to do with this mod is kill somebody set a air strike at the button then report the body killing pretty much everybody

  • AlfieHammy

    Someone should have set one off by the button then call an emergency meeting

  • Dario Jalali
    Dario Jalali

    hello SSundee I have a question can you play shell shockers too it's so fun!

  • Zelow Melow
    Zelow Melow


  • Cole Pearce
    Cole Pearce

    this video is da bomb

  • DomThaSweat


  • rebecca james
    rebecca james

    hashtag: foot

  • 999- BRAWL STARS
    999- BRAWL STARS

    14:12 lol

  • Aarav Agrawal
    Aarav Agrawal

    You should normal kill, put airstrike target on button and report body. Everybody will die for sure.

  • WFY Gaming
    WFY Gaming

    I like the ssundee video but it turn black why

  • Damon Nellis II
    Damon Nellis II


  • Jaiden Caywood
    Jaiden Caywood

    favorite video on youtube!!!

  • Kalita Philbert
    Kalita Philbert

    From child:put a trasformer mod on amoug us

  • LummpyButterHead

    SSundee : THANK ME,THANK ME! Biffle : no.

  • Dameon Pickett
    Dameon Pickett

    Ssundee ask loafx to make a alien mod

  • Charlie Morris
    Charlie Morris


  • Shani Outlaw
    Shani Outlaw

    Why do you laugh about everything 0-0

  • Shani Outlaw
    Shani Outlaw

    Why is everything toxic 0-0

  • Rocketi3r


  • Ahmad Abu Nea'ma
    Ahmad Abu Nea'ma

    Sundew:The Bom

  • Wilma Orayle
    Wilma Orayle

    hahaha.suundee he siad stand up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  • nagisa shiota
    nagisa shiota


  • Ryan Ellington Heisler
    Ryan Ellington Heisler

    I’m sorry but when was the last time biffle was imposter🤣🤣🤣

  • Meas Keosovanudommony
    Meas Keosovanudommony

    That is so funny your the best SSUNDEE

  • The Gaming Yuvan
    The Gaming Yuvan


  • StarGolden _YT
    StarGolden _YT


  • Jesse Lafollette
    Jesse Lafollette


  • Jesse Lafollette
    Jesse Lafollette

    Its in mine cr2

  • Jesse Lafollette
    Jesse Lafollette

    Ssundee. Can u do murder run again plz

  • Yeetman Yaken
    Yeetman Yaken

    My like button is black

  • Lea Castro
    Lea Castro

    I love it

  • Willem Leyland
    Willem Leyland

    Ssundee I have watched your videos all the time and I never got to support you and I just hope you see this I love you ssundee

  • Sara Kinhikar
    Sara Kinhikar

    Also, this video was made on my Bday:)

  • Sara Kinhikar
    Sara Kinhikar

    AHHHHH I like the " Bomb the subscribe button" click here 👉🏻 0:24

  • Kawaii Gamer_Kitty
    Kawaii Gamer_Kitty

    You should have a mod called the "Curse" and the abilities should be making someone kill a person in front of a group.

  • Visneer

    He should of summoned air strike at table then called meeting

  • # B.F.F
    # B.F.F

    You should do one where everyone is a ghost there's one imposter you when we can do tax when you are a ghost and then I mean when your human when you die and then when you die you turn to no more person you try not to get it all or everyone get dead because if you do then the Imposter wins

  • Frost Fire
    Frost Fire

    Can you do Some Fortnite again ?

  • x cross x chara
    x cross x chara

    If you ever play with this mod again kill someone use the bomb right on the meeting table then report the body I wonder if it will kill everyone lol

  • Jose Ale
    Jose Ale


  • I’m a person Cool Ik
    I’m a person Cool Ik

    Tommyinnit just said that you were his favorite childhood ytber Feelin good

  • Khourtni13 Carrington
    Khourtni13 Carrington

    Can you please tell us how you make mods please

  • armando garcia
    armando garcia

    Hey ssundee thank u for your service!

  • Daniel Hendricks
    Daniel Hendricks

    And buy the way a Ann a kidd 😀

  • Daniel Hendricks
    Daniel Hendricks

    Why do you always saw blue🔵

  • victoria Stuart
    victoria Stuart


  • ALPHA-NET Online Network Marketing
    ALPHA-NET Online Network Marketing

    How do u get those mods

  • Kahlil Matt
    Kahlil Matt

    I have one if you know sonic make sonic mod it speed no cool down and a speed buttton (note the same button) it will spark electric imposter role

  • Hi Person
    Hi Person

    Don’t poop on the sidewalk it smells bad

  • DUBDGaming

    Wait a minute! If you call an air strike on the meeting table, then a body is reported everyone goes to the meeting table, and the air strike kills all of them 😂

  • Toru Toru
    Toru Toru

    Play exploding kittens again plz

  • Christian Sandoval
    Christian Sandoval

    At 9:26 in the video it was so funny they kept screaming jerome which to me was super funny lol

  • Vanessa Klingbeil
    Vanessa Klingbeil

    mod idea ssundee! Imposters summon a dragon that can target up to two people to kill.

  • * சதீஸ் *
    * சதீஸ் *

    1:14 anybody see the screen, im pretty sure i did what i think it did.

  • aka STEEL
    aka STEEL

    Do a flash mod where the flash can kill with a electric ball

  • Matilda Efya
    Matilda Efya

    No emergency meeting