Alexander Volkov stops Alistair Overeem with big signature finish at UFC Fight Night Las Vegas
Highlights of the UFC fight between Alistair Overeem and Alexander Volkov at the APEX in Las Vegas, which saw Volkov defeat Overeem in Round 2 at 2:06.
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    USADA separated the cheaters from real fighters....overoid has never been the same, after Lesnar fight....

  • Kingsley R
    Kingsley R

    The powers of the back tattoo have made Volkov get swol, he’s looking real jacked!

  • Ben

    Whats the song played at the very end

  • Leon

    This man is not 6’7

  • ConjurerJoke

    Overeem would smash anyone in his prime time to hang it up and get your name on the hall of fame brother!

  • Tranquil Samurai
    Tranquil Samurai

    If Reem wants that HW belt he needs to stop getting ktfo lol

  • The Malboja
    The Malboja

    Hmmmm overeem is rather flabby compared to his lesner fight

  • lapdog Rake
    lapdog Rake

    Feels like I'm watching Ivan Drago

  • sixty seven
    sixty seven

    And Russia continues to produce solid fighters. Dana, please don't let Overeem fight again.

  • Jerikco One
    Jerikco One

    40 yrs old. A legend. True journeyman in the mma community.

  • Liam Barker
    Liam Barker

    A dude who can make Overeem look small...😳

  • Andy جيتز
    Andy جيتز

    Overeem is a joke

  • Samuel N
    Samuel N

    Somebody get reem a horsemeat chef. Miss the old overjuiced crushing his opponents.

  • ronki23

    Volkov's tattoo is awesome : better than what he used to have on his back

  • ShipBuilding

    Alexander "no, i didn't want that tattoo" Volkov

  • kiril K
    kiril K

    If Overeem at 30 played with the Overeem at 40 - it will be a 20 seconds game...

  • Cringee

    Overeem has been stopped since 2 decades ago...

  • Dylan Cole
    Dylan Cole

    Overeem is a fighter that wipes out the new comers but can't deal with the ranked opposition.. He's a beast either way

  • Mick Clarke
    Mick Clarke

    Volkov vs ngannou now please

  • Jonny L
    Jonny L

    Alexander wasn’t even planting he’s feet there With them two shots

  • Patrick Stewart
    Patrick Stewart

    Look at the thumbnail for Blaydes v Volkov and compared to Overeem v Volkov. Such an insane difference

  • Big Moncrief
    Big Moncrief

    Good man, Volkov. The best fighters don't feel the need to pile in when their opponent is obviously done.

  • nick nack
    nick nack

    Time for the Reem to go to the Bare Knuckle fc

  • The Inquisitor Johnston
    The Inquisitor Johnston

    As much as i want to see Overeem hold the title again and go out on top, i think he needs to really consider retirement, no shame i it he has had a hell of a run and is without a doubt a legend of the sport

  • Henry Evans
    Henry Evans

    Overeem looked so unfit

  • Mark Hall
    Mark Hall


  • Local Header
    Local Header

    Absoulete titans

  • Luke Waw
    Luke Waw

    Reem needs to retire, he's just begging for CTE at this point. The no head movement, lean against the cage and cover up worked well in K1 with the big gloves but different story in mma

  • Pat MaGroin
    Pat MaGroin

    Was that alistair overeem ? He looked like an amatuer.......

  • Blade Roff
    Blade Roff

    There needs to be a twilight division for fighters 40+

  • Omi Wan
    Omi Wan

    I love how Volkov didn’t just jump on him when he knocked him down at the end, good stoppage too

  • Lewis

    Overeem has too weak of a chin to be at this level. Why does noone acknowledge this

  • Boss 313
    Boss 313

    Volkov vs Francis Reem should’ve closed the distance and taken him to the ground, can’t be staying on the outside shots like that...

  • Idnan Ali
    Idnan Ali

    Volkovs humbleness reminds me of the GOAT Fedor.

  • razvan justin
    razvan justin

    Overeem looks like he doesnt wanna fight anymore but the money is too good

  • Gadafi Young
    Gadafi Young

    Overeem don’t look ready I don’t care what anyone saids

  • Sam Holder
    Sam Holder

    I worry about Overeem. Dude has taken some DAMAGE

  • House Of Lennard
    House Of Lennard

    Both absolute gentlemen! Love the respect at the end. 🙌👊

  • Jamie

    Overeem quit. Didn't want any of volkov. Thought it when happened, still think it now. Think overeem should retire. Could tell early volkov was gonna smash him


    does this man Volkov have Susano on his back? :o

  • TheLaughingCelt

    It's painful to see overeem keep getting beat like this 😔he should call it a day now

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony

    Is anyone else getting tired of seeing a great warrior like Overeem getting repeatedly battered because he is past his best? I can't lie. It makes me sad.

  • Doobski

    Clean fight

  • Hussein Bastan-Hagh
    Hussein Bastan-Hagh

    That was difficult to watch, some brutal shots. Shout to Overeem though, legend.

  • Wilson 15
    Wilson 15

    Would love to see Volkov in person, he made Overeem look tiny!

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    Volkov could easily knock out Stipe .

  • Henry Hènri
    Henry Hènri

    Volkov is a beast,

  • Steve Rodgers
    Steve Rodgers

    I’m glad I didn’t put a cheeky bet on overeem ...

  • Mellow Yellow
    Mellow Yellow

    Didn't look much of a punch

  • shangolkhanian nian
    shangolkhanian nian

    rim is done

  • Forrest Orange
    Forrest Orange

    Sad to see. Alistair is a legend, never wanted to see him like this.

  • run 187
    run 187

    Not a single steroid was hurt during this fight..

  • Guy Taylor
    Guy Taylor

    reem off the gear.... not really the same

  • Luke H
    Luke H

    They always get the little refs for the big fighters and the big refs for the little fighters 🤣

  • MrAckers75

    Amazing what happens when your off the juice

  • Ben P
    Ben P

    Thing is Volkov tapped

  • Jay Daniels
    Jay Daniels

    Volkov slowly walked after Overeem, I felt, to give the ref a chance to stop it. Good dude.

  • Ronnie

    In best Dana white voice “think he should retire”

  • Adam Grimsley
    Adam Grimsley

    Bit like a pub car park. This is just dull violence.

  • Paul Hutley
    Paul Hutley

    Volkov didnt even come out of 1st gear!!!

  • Khaos969

    Size of him hes huge... next champ for sure

  • Al-Azim Ahmed
    Al-Azim Ahmed

    Time for the demolition man to call it a day, overeem has had a fabulous career over various organisation, much respect to the man who's fought all the legand, and being a legand now himself.

  • Jj Daniel
    Jj Daniel

    Was that Overeems first match?

  • Joseph Allan
    Joseph Allan

    Alistair is past it

  • neilba1

    Volkov is massive....Jesus. Makes Overeem look undersized.

  • Adrian Troalic
    Adrian Troalic

    Why would anyone down thumb this? The guy was being well mannered, he went over to overeem to check he was ok, he shook his hand and was polite about it, so why? The guy won fair and square, end of.

  • Cicilya Cicilya
    Cicilya Cicilya

    Olever is not the same time for him to retire

  • iTzCorey

    I mean this is what happens when a beast gives up the juice, he lost size, power, strength and he just looks average now before he was scary looking like Brock Lesnar.


    Reminds me of the spider ,just old age..but a legend

  • sss sss
    sss sss

    Overeem time is over he has no more horse 🐎 🍖 left I guess

  • tranzLift416

    Overeem should call it a day, his face is changing every time he fights, he'll end up looking like the Elephant man one day.

  • LJ7

    Was that a 20ft octogon? It looked so small. If it is I don't think heavyweights should be in a 20ft

  • Derek Thomson
    Derek Thomson

    Good win, and a gentleman at the end also.

  • J

    Volkov looked enormous

  • Alfie Hart
    Alfie Hart

    Mad what happens without roids

  • Jake Nicholaides
    Jake Nicholaides

    The man refrained from being to vicious and still ended up folding him in half

  • Jack Steed
    Jack Steed

    Both absolutely terrible. Any decent heavy weight boxer would knock either out in the first round.

  • manorman354 4
    manorman354 4

    How can overeem be so experienced and throw the same over hand left all night what a waist of time

  • D8A4V2E 2S4A8N
    D8A4V2E 2S4A8N

    Overeem isn't the same with steroids 💯😂

  • 23macca23

    Why give away the result in the heading? Very poor, for those of us who didn’t know it

  • Rhys Rich
    Rhys Rich

    Wow, I could see either winning, but Volkov was looking very nice here


    jung Dragunov

  • DR M
    DR M

    Alistair is done time to retire .

  • Jimmy Williams
    Jimmy Williams

    He's 6'7'' WTF

  • André Reloaded
    André Reloaded

    Watching Overeem fight now is like watching your dad dancing.

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Never seen someone so calm throw a punch that looks so slow

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    I feel like im watching something from Land of the Giants

  • Joseph Brewer
    Joseph Brewer

    weird seein Reem starting southpaw from the beginning I'm used to seein him orthodox and switching occasionally... In some of his other fights I think he has better defense n foot movement when in orthodox, he was circling like u wld orthodox but while in southpaw, looked good when that first left cracked volkov but once volkov landed all the rights I'd have hoped he'd have adapted and switched :(

  • Rhys Morris
    Rhys Morris

    Volkov's knuckles could cut steel.

  • streetsmart22

    Volkov the real Drago .

  • Sammy Long
    Sammy Long

    The Reem is desperate for that UFC title as the icing on the cake of his illustrious career but it looks like it's not gonna happen.

  • Shaba

    overeat should give it a rest

  • Kenw KLS
    Kenw KLS

    both these guys suck lol.

  • N Khan
    N Khan

    Age has caught up with the reem

  • Joel Ibbitson
    Joel Ibbitson

    Jon Jones

  • Alio

    Volkov is a real classy guy. Massive respect to him. What a beast

  • Alio

    Overeem is just a meme at this point

  • Southend Busker
    Southend Busker

    Alexander "instant regret" Volkov

  • S STAH
    S STAH

    Its a young mans game. Overeem is a legend and future hall of famer. He has nothing to prove.

  • SmileAnWaeve-RL

    He tried, but I'm over eem now