ALL SKITTLES TASTE THE SAME?!!! Evan Sneaks Candy! Mind Tricks & Zombie Skittles Prank!
Evan and DT settle a debate whether Skittles have unique flavors or not. Evan read an article which suggested that Skittles have the same flavor and that only the scent was different among the various colors of skittles. So we're doing a blindfolded blind-nosed taste test to find out if this is true.
To make it more interested, the loser in each round has to eat a Zombie Skittle. Zombie Skittles could taste good or they could taste really bad like a rotten zombie!
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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    • Teresa Andrade
      Teresa Andrade

      Rafininja tv ohh

    • Rafininja tv
      Rafininja tv

      i like the orange and yellow ones and dont like the purple ones

    • Teresa Andrade
      Teresa Andrade

      Dani Vargas me to

    • Dani Vargas
      Dani Vargas

      EvanTubeHD I like the blue one

    • Teresa Andrade
      Teresa Andrade


  • Elias Guerrero
    Elias Guerrero

    This is Evan approved/editor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᵇᵗʷ there the same flavor

  • Wilson Harper
    Wilson Harper

    they do not they're all the SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fatima Mohammed
    Fatima Mohammed

    Skittles have different flavors,it is true.☺️

  • Ian Havens
    Ian Havens


  • Fox Bros inc.
    Fox Bros inc.

    Who has actually been watch consistently over 7 years

  • Gracy Bamal
    Gracy Bamal

    I came back to see Evan tube hd after 7 years now they are soooooo big they are like adults

  • T K
    T K

    So how do you explain the white pack of skittles that have multiple flavours too? Anything for a bit of clout 😅

  • D Vlogz
    D Vlogz

    They have different flavors on the outside but the inside is basically the same flavor

  • Zachary Sutherland
    Zachary Sutherland

    I don’t believe you

  • Dallin Sorensen
    Dallin Sorensen

    they have flavor

  • Rayyan Anugrah
    Rayyan Anugrah

    Skittle have no flavor

  • Diego Rosenfeld
    Diego Rosenfeld


  • Moi

    I’ve learnt orange are always skittles for me (the zombie ones)

  • Tony Mcgonagle
    Tony Mcgonagle

    Yeah they have flavors. They all taste like skittles. They all taste the same. They never taste different with me.

  • Sean

    Government exposed! Everything taste the same!

  • Sophie Nash
    Sophie Nash Sorry but skittles confirmed this is a myth

  • Alex Noob
    Alex Noob

    All the same flavor

  • Parz1valBTW

    It doesnt make sens the smells would mix in the bag and it would Taste like doodo

  • Jules Nemetz
    Jules Nemetz

    Plugging you nose takes away almost 50% of your ability to taste sooooo

  • Deanette Athena Holgado
    Deanette Athena Holgado

    If u plug youre nose dou cant taste anything . Skittles have diffrent flavor

    • Deanette Athena Holgado
      Deanette Athena Holgado


  • Heidi 2000 Magic
    Heidi 2000 Magic

    I feel like they can't identify the taste because they held their nose which effects how you taste stuff

  • gena kirby
    gena kirby

    1 flavor fool p.s evan REPLY PLEASE.

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther


  • ALE Gamer
    ALE Gamer

    yes flavor

  • MichaelsWorld


  • Dhairya Mehta
    Dhairya Mehta

    Skittles do not have flavour

  • Ocean Pringle
    Ocean Pringle

    What big lies yous people tell...😂

  • Yao Renqi
    Yao Renqi

    If you eat and close your nose at the same time you can’t taste anything

  • Luke Conant
    Luke Conant

    do they realize that when you pinch your nose you cant taste anything

  • Tiffany Starr
    Tiffany Starr

    Good video! I just wanted to watch someone try the zombie Skittles. I like that you did a 2 for 1. Much more entertaining

  • Jacob Milz
    Jacob Milz

    Skittles do have flavors

  • DomsGamingYouTube

    Skittles have flavor

  • Real Happy Jake
    Real Happy Jake

    Every food does that when you plug your nose...

  • Emu

    i see that starira shirt

  • zombie 3D
    zombie 3D

    Skittles all have thee same flavors

  • Benjamin Whatley
    Benjamin Whatley

    ''the world may never know''

  • Brice the Grain of Rice
    Brice the Grain of Rice

    Skittles have flavor

  • Nicole Spencer
    Nicole Spencer

    i really think they have seperate flavors😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬

  • JabegamerYT

    My mind is telling me that the flavors of skittles makes you go ko ko (A.K.A Dizzy + Crazy) my mind is like: ¬_¬ yeah I'm a pro

  • Kannon Counts
    Kannon Counts


  • Mohammed Aryan Ali Mirza
    Mohammed Aryan Ali Mirza

    Skittels have different flavours evan , maybe yours are expired .

  • Ellen Mellon
    Ellen Mellon

    It could be true but that way of finding out is wrong because you need your nose to taste things

  • catmaisz

    You can't even get them in België

  • melanie rogers
    melanie rogers

    Skittles do have flavor people and I love Skittles.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    This PROVES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if your plugging your nose, you have no sense of taste!

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    And your sense of smell is linked to your sense of taste!

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    Skittles are NOT only one flavor! Stop!

  • Fett22

    Evan tubes dad looks more buff than the past

  • CallMeWatches

    Whenever you cover your nose it's harder to taste things

  • Microomii

    Why does evans dad look like asian terminator?

  • Kara Filonov
    Kara Filonov

    They have flavor

  • jagan mohana reddy velpula
    jagan mohana reddy velpula

    When you close your nose you can't taste stuff That's why when you get a cold you don't taste stuff So they have different flavours

  • hussain neduvally
    hussain neduvally

    The sourness of the skittils make them flavourless so both of them win But when we close our nose it is flavourless we taste sourness and sweet

  • Gwen Schouten
    Gwen Schouten

    They all taste the same I agree.

  • Fiona Patrick
    Fiona Patrick


  • Carmine Abudi
    Carmine Abudi


  • Jayna Patel
    Jayna Patel


  • Jayna Patel
    Jayna Patel


  • Oreo Oreo
    Oreo Oreo

    I wanna day tho that when you plug your nose it actually messes with your taste

  • Jayna Patel
    Jayna Patel


  • Teresa Andrade
    Teresa Andrade

    Who likes skittles

  • Zayah2027 Freeman
    Zayah2027 Freeman

    Yeah I just killed before

  • Kaylin Griggs
    Kaylin Griggs

    Skittles have different flavors everyone knows that.

  • Darcy Burke
    Darcy Burke

    Evan is a cheater

  • Leodore14

    According to Science the nose helps you taste better , so next time you do a second one blindfold them and sniff them

  • mario

    why can i smell skittles through the screen?

  • Declan Hays
    Declan Hays

    boooo they shut there noses

  • The Wrath of Animation
    The Wrath of Animation

    Evan's right

  • Rita Midence
    Rita Midence

    People who haven’t heard of skittles:🤔

  • Aseem Shrivastava
    Aseem Shrivastava


  • Aaron's Vlog Tube
    Aaron's Vlog Tube

    13:03 the slap

  • Deqa Yusf
    Deqa Yusf

    You know when you hold ur nose you can't taste anything right

  • Guadalupe Valdivia
    Guadalupe Valdivia


  • Sara Wood
    Sara Wood

    I love the sour ones!!!!

  • Hacker Gamer
    Hacker Gamer

    havnt been here in 6 years wow

  • Game On
    Game On

    Skittles do have flavor

  • T Cook
    T Cook

    I’m excited to see the comments are on!!

  • Joel Muhametaj
    Joel Muhametaj

    idont really eat skittels but i woud agree too evan bc i have tryid skittels and it does not have flavor

  • Joel Rivera's Life
    Joel Rivera's Life

    Do they know that when you hold your nose you can't taste

  • Henri Shatto
    Henri Shatto

    Smell is 9/10ths of taste

  • IMAN ‘S
    IMAN ‘S

    they have different flavours my favorite is the purple and green

  • Prod. KeepItGoin
    Prod. KeepItGoin

    Kids unbelievably obnoxious

  • Liam Vlogs
    Liam Vlogs

    There is flavor in skitles EVAN

  • Martin Alejo
    Martin Alejo

    They don’t have flavors

  • MarcInvader Productions
    MarcInvader Productions

    They have flavors listen to your father!!!!! !! I could not Evan finish this video because of how mad I got watching not to be rude but dude.........

  • poncho man
    poncho man

    Julian stop

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody

    100 candy chalch

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody

    no flavr

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody

    one flavr

  • FreddyMax

    They don’t have flavor

  • Will Coste
    Will Coste

    Your mind is combining color with smell

  • just a kid
    just a kid

    the outer shell has flavor

  • Jayna Patel
    Jayna Patel

    🥚 does Evan look like this 🥚

  • Jayna Patel
    Jayna Patel


  • Cynthia Concepcion
    Cynthia Concepcion

    i am 100 percent that the skittles are in the same flavors because only the color has flavor

    • Jevil

      if the color has the flavor, that means the skittles has the flavour

  • Chocolate Bunny
    Chocolate Bunny

    If u pinch ur nose u can't taste

  • JP Van Camp
    JP Van Camp

    With Evan I am with Evan everyone should be with Evan he’s right they all taste the exact same

  • Ahmed Adel city sports hd1
    Ahmed Adel city sports hd1

    Yes they taste the same

  • Meloney Schuiling
    Meloney Schuiling

    I remember those blindfolds