Amazon’s Big Game Commercial: Alexa’s Body
It took us a while, but we've found a new body for Alexa. Who knew Alexa had abs? Watch now and vote for your favorite ad on Ad Meter!

  • Elizabeth Garcia Mendez
    Elizabeth Garcia Mendez

    Make a new Alexa That Makes Color Mode

  • achinoy

    Bruno Major - The Most Beautiful Thing - Background Song

  • Nicolette C
    Nicolette C

    Now this is and ad.. When i rewatch an ad like it's a show you know it's good. These skippable ads need to up their game . And the husband is so sweet. Girl if you ignore a good one another woman will take him. Don't let Alexa ruin your marriage

  • Rey Dade
    Rey Dade

    Open hypergamy

    • Pierce Murphy
      Pierce Murphy

      Take the blackpill

  • Curly Jamaican
    Curly Jamaican

    He dimmed the lights by taking his shirt off and throwing it over the lamp. Lights dimmed...mission accomplished😆😆😆. Also, if we get a funny comedian acting as the wife...I think they could pull off the roles being reversed on this...with the wife smashing Alexa in the face at the end...😆😆😆. Then it would be...maybe we should just stick with Alexa being a black orb or whatever that thing was at the beginning.

  • gak gak
    gak gak

    16 tablespoons = 1 cup I'll never forget.

  • بدر و بس
    بدر و بس

    Just flip the male and the female roles and let’s see how people will react to it !

  • rzv rzv
    rzv rzv

    Imagine if the roles were reversed and Alexa was a beautiful female model. Amazon would be cancelled and stock would be down 25%.

  • Brent MakesMusic
    Brent MakesMusic

    i like this ad

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez

    “0.29” how many chicken nuggets can you fit in your mouth?

  • Nick Reyes
    Nick Reyes

    lol it's funny until YOU'RE in the husband's place

  • debbi goodson
    debbi goodson

    I want alexa now too!!! Lol!!!! 😄 😄 😄 😄


    78 mil with 50k likes noice 🥵👍

  • Philip Griffin
    Philip Griffin

    Everybody GANGSTA until Step brother Alexa comes around!

  • Kevin Bumgardner
    Kevin Bumgardner

    O b j e c t i f i c a t i o n It's a double standard, it really is.

  • Inesa Soghoyan
    Inesa Soghoyan

    Actually love the husband tho

  • Eric Riley
    Eric Riley

    Amazon wants to shove racism down my throat. Bye bye

  • ツMank

    If the roles were reversed this commercial would be called “sexist” and “misogynistic”

  • Anita Chandra
    Anita Chandra

    People can't take a joke.

  • Anita Chandra
    Anita Chandra

    Can you guys stop saying what if the genders were reversed? Because I can see a lot of outrage right now and ads have always objectified women, but now that men are being objectified you have a problem with that.

  • Triet Lam
    Triet Lam

    there better be a full Michael B Jordan audio of that book out there somewhere

  • joelito S.C
    joelito S.C

    Me: Where should we go? Her: 0:11

  • Skynet Defence
    Skynet Defence

    I love this add, I thinks it's great. But what would the reaction be if the sex's were reversed and it was a male asking Alexa (as a female body) to preform the same tasks? 🤔

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    Picture this, but genders switched lol

  • Chi

    Way to make the Black man look weak...

  • MikeCore

    I don't even care about what the gender roles are, I just feel sick with the normalization of cheating.

  • Alex Maxwell
    Alex Maxwell

    Read my audiobook. So relaxing

  • Nicholas Durst
    Nicholas Durst

    Half the comments: “smh imagine if the gender roles were switched: SEXISM” The other half: “the HUSBAND tho!!!”

  • Apo-clypse

    They promoted without remorse on prime video without trying 0:09

  • Lexus Guo
    Lexus Guo

    how i wish i have a Alexa female to accompany me. all i ask is to talk to me.

  • Jeremy

    Reverse the genders and the SJWs would nuke the planet.

  • Polly anna Brandford
    Polly anna Brandford

    Its the "other people have to use the bathroom too" for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Keena Witt
    Keena Witt

    Who was the actress? She was incredible.

  • In Full Bloom
    In Full Bloom

    Plot twists: she does not have a husband, she is alone with Alexa.


    Forget the politics and tell me the damn song

  • Rinata White
    Rinata White

    How many have watched this at 50 times? 'Cause I at 101.

  • Nat Giovanni
    Nat Giovanni

    Switch the roles. Imagine the outrage if Alexa was a sexy woman and the husband was like "Alexa, dim the lights." Commercial would be better though. Everyone loves a sexy lady. Sexy men work for a much smaller demographic lol. #boysrulegirlsdrool

  • Darrell Ellis
    Darrell Ellis

    Racist advert....I live in England not Africa....!

  • Phoenix of Gamers aka Warrior of Gamers
    Phoenix of Gamers aka Warrior of Gamers

    ok.....i dont like amazon anymore Most of the time it says shipped and then it says coming today.THEN it says coming next month.I mean, I wasted so much money and then amazon just straight up lies. I deleted the app and used ebay.

  • shivam mishra
    shivam mishra

    And people say Jordan Peterson is overreacting...

  • The last time I ate was
    The last time I ate was

    People in the comments are complaining about if the genders were reversed but I know for a fact if that actually happened nobody would even care.

  • Noelle Reynolds
    Noelle Reynolds

    I’m so glad Bruno Major got some recognition!!!🙌🏾

  • Insert Aesthetic_
    Insert Aesthetic_

    They’ve Done, They’ve Made The Un-Skipable Ad

  • xxXShadowhunterXxx Hunter
    xxXShadowhunterXxx Hunter

    0:33 omgggg

  • Apollo Nian
    Apollo Nian

    i just like how bruno major's song is in this ad

  • Division Youtube
    Division Youtube

    Ok in all reality this is like, objectifying men. Imagine, IMAGINE, the trouble they would have gotten into if they did this with a woman.

    • Division Youtube
      Division Youtube

      @Alex ? I’m in support of not objectifying both men and women, I’m not just saying objectify women and not men? What do you think I’m saying bruh?

    • Alex

      Don’t like the taste of your own medicine ?

  • Jay Rathod
    Jay Rathod

    *Problem number 1:* *why the fuck do we give EXTRA respect to celebrities and not to EMPLOYEES.* 😕

  • Jay Rathod
    Jay Rathod

    poor husband.

  • Brit Lurker
    Brit Lurker

    And no white men. After all, what would they have to do with technology?

  • semmy likeaboss
    semmy likeaboss

    not this ad having more views than the halftime show

  • NK DoSon
    NK DoSon

    Film adaptation!

  • Béla Budai
    Béla Budai

    just wondering, what if you live with someone called Alexa and you have this speaker too? Must be confusing for everyone😂

  • sickgaming

    this is such garbage

  • The more you know fools
    The more you know fools

    D'Angelo: There's wallace

  • Juan Manzano
    Juan Manzano

    I've always had a thing for black women. yes I am a red man and I am in love with black women. even more than my own type. Thank God for making you as beautiful as you are

  • Heidi Hooo
    Heidi Hooo

    Who sing that dumb song lol

  • Rebecca Duncan
    Rebecca Duncan

    People who are saying "reverse the genders and there would be outrage" really just need to enjoy the commercial. We all know there is a double standard and it wouldn't work if the genders were changed. With everything going on...we NEED some lighthearted fun! And besides...there have been PLENTY of reversed gender commercials where women are sexualized! This is a great commercial and on point, because it is tastefully done!!

  • JayLiche

    I don’t understand “Dim the lights” Why’d he take his shirt off?

    • Nichole

      He covered the light with his shirt

    • Rebecca Duncan
      Rebecca Duncan

      He is covering the lamp with his shirt to dim the lighting.

  • Mason Troy
    Mason Troy


  • Velicia Williams
    Velicia Williams

    The years best commercial. 🏆🏆🏆 #2021

  • Anais Persephone
    Anais Persephone

    where do I get one??!!! and by one I mean Michael B Jordan.

  • Joseph Blow
    Joseph Blow

    I feel bad for the husband

  • Mr EMC
    Mr EMC

    Can y'all not talk about the what if that isn't even a thing and just laugh at this funny commercial?

  • somni

    beta male programming

  • Andreas Lindgren
    Andreas Lindgren

    This is the best ad ever made!! 😂😂

  • Davi Furman
    Davi Furman

    Open hypergamy

  • Old spice El
    Old spice El

    “Breaking news , ever since the new Amazon Alexa was released ,divorce rates are at an all-time high

  • Bibi O
    Bibi O

    Has this become one of the most watched videos on IRbin yet?

  • OmanTube

    77 million views in just two weeks and counting😊 I bet that Amazon's Creativity Director is a female. Very smart commercial🧠

  • Ajay Ahuja
    Ajay Ahuja

    The best anti racism ad ever.❤️

    • Ajay Ahuja
      Ajay Ahuja

      @Human With A Name 👍

    • Human With A Name
      Human With A Name

      This has literally nothing to do with race if you said sexism I guess I could see where you were coming but but racism is not part of the commercial even a little bit

  • Mirända Cherell
    Mirända Cherell

    I think this the best one:

  • Kitty Girl AfnaN
    Kitty Girl AfnaN


  • Cazador De Humanos
    Cazador De Humanos

    What a fucking double standard here dude. If it had been the other way around, they would already have problems. Stupid feminism.

  • T H
    T H

    Modern Men - Notice how popular culture treats you. Look at the blatant infidelity Look at the home the male has helped provided. Is this the loyalty you should expect from an equal "Partner"? Are you just a plow horse to work the barren fields?

  • ard v.42
    ard v.42

    ...okay, who's Alexa again? lmao

  • Fahed !
    Fahed !

    This is disgusting lol wtf? Is this supposed to be funny?

  • Luhverrz

    This is a horrible ad, if the genders were reversed people would be all over it

  • Axstheticx Gxmini
    Axstheticx Gxmini

    This is so creepy to me bro

  • Nicola Karesh
    Nicola Karesh

    Definitely imagining that more beautiful vessel for Alexa to be in - yeah, Michael B. Jordan, come on in!!!! :D

  • Themiddlepartofthecinnabon

    I wonder if these same men complaining in the comments felt this strongly about the years of Super Bowl commercials featuring women in bikinis dancing around everywhere or rubbing themselves all over cars. 🙄

  • Jaded

    Take my Money! 😂 And my panties, and anything else Alexa wants! The husband, and the lady's friends are priceless with their facial expressions..

  • Dariana Macias
    Dariana Macias

    What is the Name of the song?

  • Mikhail Gilbert
    Mikhail Gilbert

    0:43 the way MBJ looks at her smh

  • unregisteredhypercam 12
    unregisteredhypercam 12

    This is the longest 1 minute commercial I have ever seen.

  • brandon lee
    brandon lee

    Don’t take too long for my toys please

  • Jυνια ῳαтєя ℓιℓу
    Jυνια ῳαтєя ℓιℓу

    I watch this commercial 4+ times a day😫🤦🏽‍♀️

  • r ercu
    r ercu

    Are these comments bots or people actually like this hipocritical bs?

  • Pedro Canas
    Pedro Canas

    Reverse the genders and would be the most hated commercial on super bowl. Hypocrisi to the highest degree

  • ka1Ro

    how is that not sexist?

  • Brittany Goss
    Brittany Goss

    Siri, take notes

  • The world
    The world

  • Youssef Loubnan
    Youssef Loubnan

    77 million!!! How d hell did this happen

  • richardhalo

    Hm... reverse sexism. If the roles would be swwitched oh the cancel mob would berserk, but in cases like this it's ok cause sexism is only towards whaaamen. The hypocrisy.

  • Eric Holmes
    Eric Holmes

    Alexa lights up Alex lights up lol

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      This is what Alexa is portrayed as on the commercial, but this is how Alexa works in real life:

  • Anti Thought Police
    Anti Thought Police

    If they gender swapped this, how fast would it get canceled -_-

    • Anti Thought Police
      Anti Thought Police

      @aola wili I skipped this ad all the time, because I don't like Amazon... I was watching Better Bachelor, he showed this commercial, I recognized this as the one I was always skipping, then saw this whole train wreck -_- Wondered if it was actually still up, and here I am.

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      Alexa NOOO, Don’t do THAT 🤣😂... I usually skip ads, this one didn’t just skip, I searched for it, lol 😂

  • Troy Ortiz
    Troy Ortiz

    Switch genders and this would be sexist

  • Jona Cosyns
    Jona Cosyns

    Be ashamed of youself amazon for posting such a sht and sexist video.

  • Z Brooks
    Z Brooks

    When Alexa dimmed those lights:Those 3 ladies went from laughing to dry mouth 🤣🤣🤣

  • LJK401

    If duh genduhs wer rebursed

  • LJK401

    Oh god so many incels in the comments