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We're back with another international snack from Snack Crate! This time we're trying snacks from Canada! What do our neighbors to north enjoy snacking on?
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  • Jerard Mariafrancis
    Jerard Mariafrancis

    now I've eaten ketchup chips and they are not SPICY

  • Hanan Abdi
    Hanan Abdi

    I'm from canadian

  • rest off
    rest off

    How much pepole are from the city in canada

  • Homeless Chicken
    Homeless Chicken

    1877 cars for kids, 1877 dundydhhd his van dhh but hahaaaaaaa

  • TTV. MELLy 13
    TTV. MELLy 13

    Ketchup chip are not spicy 😂

  • karyl odias
    karyl odias

    Do filipino f snacks

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith

    Ummm they have ketchup chip here in maine

  • VJose32 Playing Cards
    VJose32 Playing Cards

    Old Ouch? lol

  • VJose32 Playing Cards
    VJose32 Playing Cards

    You should have all tried everything not each try one thing.

    • VJose32 Playing Cards
      VJose32 Playing Cards

      @EvanTubeHD Would have been nice to see on the video though

    • EvanTubeHD

      We did after the video. 😁

  • VJose32 Playing Cards
    VJose32 Playing Cards

    As a Canadian, I am offended by the insinuation that we are American! lol

  • Adele Raynor
    Adele Raynor

    I’m from Canada 🇨🇦

  • Galaxy FB
    Galaxy FB

    I'm from all the way up in Nunavut Canada you may say its cold but I've played Outside in -100 or -95 I'm Used to it i speak inuktitut

  • Arjumand Kamran
    Arjumand Kamran

    Try snack from Pakistan

  • Nitin the Kiddo
    Nitin the Kiddo

    i am canadian and i am like i dont know there pretty good and I glad that u enjoy mu countries food

  • Michael B Reynolds
    Michael B Reynolds


  • MythicalGemNation93

    5:30 - I thought The same thing as Jill!!!

  • Quentin Epp
    Quentin Epp

    I'm Canadian, 11:56 BRRRRRUUUUUUUHHHHHHH

  • Aritzlli o
    Aritzlli o

    I’m in Canada there the best snacks dont worry

  • Allison Empey
    Allison Empey

    lm from canada

  • Malek El Hachimi
    Malek El Hachimi

    4:38 evan are you a phsyco bro XD lmaoooo

  • Finding or not finding Hockey cards
    Finding or not finding Hockey cards

    I’m so glad they liked my own countries snacks by

  • Muhammad Amir Norazmir
    Muhammad Amir Norazmir

    Evan its a kectup its not spicy at alll i tried it 🙄

  • Leonel Sandoval
    Leonel Sandoval


  • danielle

    im from canada i-

  • Pregothedog

    Fun fact: this is their 1st video where they allow comments.

  • Tayden Alvarado
    Tayden Alvarado

    Try Australian Food🇦🇺

  • Robble Rouser
    Robble Rouser

    I have never understood the appeal for Thrills gum.

  • Jennifer Young
    Jennifer Young


  • Jennifer Young
    Jennifer Young

    Back from dy

  • Jennifer Young
    Jennifer Young

    Couldn’t Jill steal the manards

  • Pritesh Mistry
    Pritesh Mistry

    I know all about this cause I live in Toronto

  • SupremeManIsHere J
    SupremeManIsHere J

    Im from Canada

  • Joleen Hall
    Joleen Hall

    I'm from canda

  • Anthony Solares
    Anthony Solares

    At 5:09 did anyone see even hit his mom with the air bag thing?

  • Sana Amiri
    Sana Amiri

    me a candian offended from the family singing OH canada THE WRONG WAY especially JILL

  • Yale Gerein
    Yale Gerein

    I’m from canda

  • Costco gaming
    Costco gaming

    I’m offended I’m Canadian

  • Julian Moreau
    Julian Moreau

    Bro I remember the first time I had the soap gum I loved it after a few pieces tubefamily:ewwwwww me:I watched this channel for what

  • Taurus_ art
    Taurus_ art

    2:02 lol😂😂

  • The M&M Kids
    The M&M Kids

    Hey great vid... come check out our international snacks taste test on our channel 😉

  • Winter Heyy
    Winter Heyy

    I feel like they all just kinda made fun of our food especially jill I’m so disappointed Btw I’m Canadian

  • King Viren
    King Viren

    I am from Canada 🇨🇦 😎

  • Zayne Ennis
    Zayne Ennis

    I’m really mad because I’m Canadian I just search the topic it up and I’m very triggered don’t think I’m triggered at you just be careful and searching up this topic because I saw some cancer pictures just a warning

  • Sky_Sports Battles
    Sky_Sports Battles

    I love in Canada

  • gaming with wildbrick
    gaming with wildbrick

    I am Canadian

  • TwoBro’sinc

    Bruh I live in Canada and what the heck is a maple Mars bar🤣

  • Maggie Christo
    Maggie Christo

    What a coincidence I am from Canada, like if you ate too! 👇🏻

  • The Bricktator
    The Bricktator

    I'm Canadian and this is just saaad. Never seen any of these things in my 15 yrs of living in Canada (maybe its just that im in quebec). Also Arachides means peanuts in french.

  • LILJOSH861

    canada go anyways tim hortons is the best

  • Curtis Williams
    Curtis Williams

    6:07 Jillian is like a baby in this seen

  • Timothy Linklater
    Timothy Linklater

    i am Canadian

  • Saima Iqbal
    Saima Iqbal

    jill:i did not smell dad:smell it jill:i am dad:you said "i did not smell" you are like" what what what" me: XD XD XD XD

  • Xander Gagne
    Xander Gagne

    I'm Canadian so I know all of these foods!

  • Preston Family98
    Preston Family98

    The dad at the begining was singing our national anthem

  • 《B E R R Y》
    《B E R R Y》

    OH Henry OH hungry it’s stoke in my head

  • Jeyarajah Rajendram
    Jeyarajah Rajendram

    They forgot to try our famous poutine

  • Sonia Lemus
    Sonia Lemus

    i am a canadian and i am from winnipeg manitoba

  • Roshawn Palmer
    Roshawn Palmer

    get mr terbig

  • cara clower
    cara clower

    All dressed chips are my favorite

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    Ketchup chips spicy=vinegar

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    Evan, England is still USA snacks

  • Beni the Ben
    Beni the Ben

    hello i like turtles

  • Dimitri Racaniello
    Dimitri Racaniello

    move to canada you guys are making me cry! :C

  • Dimitri Racaniello
    Dimitri Racaniello

    wait you dont get fizey peaches or even maynards!!!

  • Dimitri Racaniello
    Dimitri Racaniello

    there are also cetchup doritos i never had them before

  • Dimitri Racaniello
    Dimitri Racaniello

    wait you guys dont have coffie crisp!!!!

  • Dimitri Racaniello
    Dimitri Racaniello

    even dont eat the old duch it is stale even in canada because they made too much a few years ago and now they are using it from then still!

  • Photon Playz
    Photon Playz

    I wish they tried poutine ;)

  • Lucas Torres
    Lucas Torres

    I live in Canada you don't like our snacks cuz here in Canada all the peoples love all snacks

  • Mitchell Ryan
    Mitchell Ryan

    im from canda

  • Nishat Afza
    Nishat Afza

    Well i live in Canada and I a big fan 😅

  • Tamy L
    Tamy L

    I live at Canada 🇨🇦


    I am canadian

  • Moi

    I love fortnite

  • Pug life
    Pug life

    I'm Canadian. Bonjour!!!

  • Otis Benoit
    Otis Benoit

    Im from Canada so all these snacks seem normal to me

  • Cristian Velazquez
    Cristian Velazquez

    I know 2 Canadian youtubers

  • Jayden Hamm
    Jayden Hamm

    Eats kechep chip “spicy”

  • Aaron Pattison
    Aaron Pattison

    who lives in calgary canada

  • Olivia Kirkby
    Olivia Kirkby

    Ya there's french on the packaging not another food

  • Lingling Fan
    Lingling Fan

    I’m from Canada

  • Abby E
    Abby E

    I'm Canadian!

  • DTV C0C23
    DTV C0C23

    Plz stop making fun of Canada

  • RacingPower19

    2:14 *"DORITOS!!!!!!!!!!!!"*

  • faith luma
    faith luma

    Bonjour les ami were are my canadian squad at

  • nath1270 nath1270
    nath1270 nath1270

    Ketchup chips aren’t spicy, their tangy!

  • Mitchell Scott
    Mitchell Scott

    I’m from Canada and I don’t like the soap gum

  • Charles the Topphat
    Charles the Topphat

    I play amug us 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💐💐💐💐💐💐💐😻😻😻

  • Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher

    I am Canadian and American

  • Zara Okadia
    Zara Okadia

    I am Canadian

  • Beast master Andres
    Beast master Andres

    I’m from Canada and these are all super common here but I’ve never seen a maple mars bar

  • HR Renovation
    HR Renovation

    I live in ottawa

  • Shanti Mathias
    Shanti Mathias

    Best video ever!!

  • kaizic

    When ur mom picks u up from school 10:11

  • Lazgamr YT
    Lazgamr YT

    You never eatin all dressed ruffles? Where have you been

  • Carrol Bangaru
    Carrol Bangaru

    I am from Canadian

  • Yes- No
    Yes- No

    im canadian and its so funny to watch other peaple try our food

  • Kevin Kinsella
    Kevin Kinsella


  • Jupiterx xgameplay
    Jupiterx xgameplay

    Im from alberta canada and I literally if theres no juice ill drink the maple syrup from the bottle

  • Muhammad Amir Norazmir
    Muhammad Amir Norazmir

    Evan can you eat spicy chips