AURORA - Runaway
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I was listening to the ocean
I saw a face in the sand
But when I picked it up
Then it vanished away from my hands, down
I had a dream I was seven
Climbing my way in a tree
I saw a piece of heaven
Waiting, impatient, for me, down
And I was running far away
Would I run off the world someday?
Nobody knows, nobody knows
I was dancing in the rain
I felt alive and I can't complain
But now take me home
Take me home where I belong
I can't take it anymore
I was painting a picture
The picture was a painting of you
And for a moment I thought you were here
But then again, it wasn't true, down
And all this time I have been lying
Oh, lying in secret to myself
I've been putting sorrow on the farthest place on my shelf
And I was running far away
Would I run off the world someday?…
#AURORA #Runaway #TikTok

  • Specules Gorgoth
    Specules Gorgoth

    12 fine but admit the producers the studio engineers made this sound happen. You morons

  • Naiury Moraes
    Naiury Moraes

    Queria a tradução

  • 韋傑格比布貝吉戈伊布韋特克多韋克福格維格維韋傑格比布貝吉戈布維克多爾

    This song is asmr

  • Амир Тимуров
    Амир Тимуров

    Нифига себя ! Мы русско язычние тоже туть ) Мы тоже слушаем шедевры ! Смотри блл*ть туть устроились английско язычные 😂😂😂

  • Joao Mandracio da cunha
    Joao Mandracio da cunha

    Vegan Vibes with Aurora

  • Asep Septiadi
    Asep Septiadi

    Kesini gara-gara TIKTOK :v

  • Get a Job
    Get a Job

    What I searched up “I was dancing in the rain”

  • Beauty House studio
    Beauty House studio

    After 6 years 💕😘

  • Beauty House studio
    Beauty House studio

    Deep feeling 💕

  • Jrqnz

    After 6 yrs

  • Puggy_ Playz
    Puggy_ Playz

    When Corona is over everyone is going to sing this verse from the one Frozen song: "You don't keep your distance anymore"

  • Amar Veljović
    Amar Veljović

    Why is this the most beautiful song ever-

  • Kelly lasenby
    Kelly lasenby


  • Nathaniel Romana
    Nathaniel Romana

    When was tiktok made

  • Carmen Guadalupe Andrade Chambilla
    Carmen Guadalupe Andrade Chambilla

    me abure lachica ya murio el vidio es 27 de febrero de2015

  • Bjarte Hjelle
    Bjarte Hjelle

    I watched this video 6 years ago. Suddenly it was gone :-( Finally back :-)

  • Farook Abdul Aziz
    Farook Abdul Aziz

    Now aurora getting the attention she deserves but sometimes You wanna keep something to yourself as secret and don't want to share with anyone and aurora is like that.

  • janat Ali
    janat Ali

    اول عربي منو من التيتوك 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🚀

    • Gfhv Fde
      Gfhv Fde

      اني 😂😂

  • ftk 000
    ftk 000

    After 6 years!

  • Xx Strawberry_Bear xX
    Xx Strawberry_Bear xX

    Why i am I seeing this six years later like I wanted to say early now this-

  • Mirray Ramirez
    Mirray Ramirez

    Why does she have a Karen cut though NO HATE

  • bern relese
    bern relese

    Amazing! Thank you very much! Greetings from the Soviet Union 2021

  • DarK

    Çok hoş


    who came from listening it on tiktok or instagram like plz

  • Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz
    Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz

    ticktok made this song famous

  • Ritu Nagar
    Ritu Nagar

    Indians here after 6 years

  • Kathe Tomlinson
    Kathe Tomlinson

    Que andaba haciendo yo hace 6 años que no andaba escuchando esta rola?

  • Arjun Sharma
    Arjun Sharma


  • Finna Damayanti
    Finna Damayanti

    7 Mei 2021😉

  • S J
    S J

    Such a beautiful song!

  • George HDR
    George HDR

    I see daily videos on Instagram with this effect/song,do you?

  • John Dist
    John Dist

    the best song ever !

  • Rs Supercars
    Rs Supercars

    Em 2021 músicas de anos atrás viralizando... - Algoritmo: Vou mostrar músicas novas para essa geração

  • Zahra Valizada
    Zahra Valizada

    ⚡After 6 years⚡

  • Rs Supercars
    Rs Supercars

    Que Música,que Música...

  • Rs Supercars
    Rs Supercars

    6 anos depois... Algoritmo do insta: hmmm que música top vou impulsionar no reels

  • Brasil, Desordem e Regresso
    Brasil, Desordem e Regresso

    Sempre que estiver lendo os comentários eu vou estar lá Whenever I'm reading the comments I'II be there


    I just listen to this song and feel alive, who wants to know the true magic, then you should turn to her, to Aurora.

  • Nezuko kamado
    Nezuko kamado

    aqui demuestra que hasta que con el cabello corto puedes ser una hermosa estrella que brilla en la noche y resplandese como el sol cuando va amaneciendo y tan bella como la naturaleza ✨🌟✨✨

  • •exotic frog•
    •exotic frog•

    Fun fact: You searched "nobody knows"

  • May _XD
    May _XD


  • Afia Muqaddas
    Afia Muqaddas

    She sings beautifully 💯❤️

  • Alexandre Mota
    Alexandre Mota

    Alô Brasil

  • erin m
    erin m


  • Camila Dominguez
    Camila Dominguez

    Alguien que hable español???

  • catarina

    te amo 🇳🇴🇧🇷❤️

  • Jorge Espinoza Aguilar
    Jorge Espinoza Aguilar

    That song is a masterpiece ❤️❤️

  • Aurora Rodrigues Oficial
    Aurora Rodrigues Oficial

    Oie, lindo nome hahaha 😍

  • Tyson 21
    Tyson 21

    Hope that travis make a Song with her an d Mike Dean

  • Mighty WarLord
    Mighty WarLord

    T A K E M E H O M E P L E A S E


    تيك توك

    • BJ تيمون
      BJ تيمون

      هلو اول عربي

  • justi asencio
    justi asencio

    Ive been going through the worst time of my life lately and her voice just makes me sink into numbness in a good way

  • Menhera-chan

    After 2021 😂🤣😅

  • KAWYT pLayZ
    KAWYT pLayZ

    Can't believe a 11 year old can write this and this became popular without any beats...

  • Queen Valentine
    Queen Valentine


  • فيصل الملك
    فيصل الملك

    ي خي ما في عرب بس انجليزي ليش 🤔🤔

  • Bianca Almeida
    Bianca Almeida

    Linda a Voz dela Maravilhosa 😍😍💕💕

  • Ayan

    Just Feel the lyrics 😌🎶

  • Moon M15
    Moon M15

    Soon Corona will end...🙏 Just Believe 🌝

  • Kookiez

    The more i watch this...the more she looks like my bf, like I can see the resemblance. So beautiful

  • Moon M15
    Moon M15

    •Those who already knew. •Very beautiful song👌😍

  • serious 44
    serious 44

    2015❌ 2021✔️

  • Lone Showkat
    Lone Showkat

    Old is gold

  • Mqlodv’s

    This is my safe song, it makes me feel alive

  • Aloush Zein
    Aloush Zein


  • Zainab Tahir
    Zainab Tahir


  • AnZe Rogelj
    AnZe Rogelj

    2015 100000 viewers 2021 100000000 viewers

    • Dark Graza
      Dark Graza

      Really? How do you know?

  • The Dark knight
    The Dark knight

    no te entendí ni madres no se ingles, pero buena canción 10 de 10

  • Mylena Saso
    Mylena Saso

    me recuerda a the promised nverland u.U

  • Gabriela Haddad
    Gabriela Haddad

    Funk-- no❌ Aurora-- yeeeees ✔

  • xD Sparks
    xD Sparks

    fun fact u found a cover on your feed and then searched the original...or is that just me :*)

  • aimen abubakr
    aimen abubakr

    after sixxxx years

  • Simran Naik
    Simran Naik

    Just think how a song will sound with Aurora and Billie together 💜🦄

  • Манту

    6 Мая 23:35 Агрессия

  • 19d2480 DASARATH J
    19d2480 DASARATH J

    168 million views

  • XPZ!N FF
    XPZ!N FF


  • Jr_

    This song came out in 2015 damn

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez

  • Shan forbes Stubbs
    Shan forbes Stubbs

    You sound good


    Tik tok existia hace 6 años ???

  • maria eugenia zaffaroni
    maria eugenia zaffaroni

    la sigo escuchando :3

  • Larry Castillo
    Larry Castillo

    2015 : ❌. 2021 : ✔️. 🛐(Tik Tok)🛐.

  • david calderon
    david calderon

    niña te da frio o que

  • 8про Муроддинов
    8про Муроддинов

    Я смотру ето в 2021 году

  • َ


  • Bernardo Menezes
    Bernardo Menezes

    Quem também curte a vibe dessa musica?


    Here seeing this masterpiece after 6ix good years..Oh i was missing alot !

  • •daily of rainy•
    •daily of rainy•

    Nasıl yani şarkı çıkalı 6 yıl mı olmuş ama nasıl bu yeni tiktokta popüler oldu

  • paty patricinha
    paty patricinha



    Meu Deus como essa música me representa amo muito ❤️ amo vc também aurora🥺🤧❤️🦋💖

  • Eliana Schneider
    Eliana Schneider

    I love this song

    • Egil Johnsen
      Egil Johnsen

      She has so many. Search Aurora KEXP 2018, Aurora Nidarosdomen, Aurora HAIK

  • Doctor Free fire
    Doctor Free fire


  • Harry preet
    Harry preet


  • Shaan I
    Shaan I

    She is a Viking which makes her all the more Cool

    • Shaan I
      Shaan I

      @Egil Johnsen I heard this song in Vikings but I wasn’t sure of the singer

    • Egil Johnsen
      Egil Johnsen

      Viking Aurora - Look at this:

  • Bunny Lover
    Bunny Lover

    I dont get the meaning of this song but i love it

  • Christiandtt 07
    Christiandtt 07


  • Salman N
    Salman N

    Woww I just knew this song came 6 years ago. Man this feels so fresh.. and ya this instagram craze has gone wild 🔥🔥🔥

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo

    Recien conoci esta canción en instagram y le doy gracias al q puso el post x q me entere de tremenda joyita

  • BringMyGroozaa OP
    BringMyGroozaa OP

    Dont ignore me, when me and you were 11 didnt know basic Math 😆

  • dannnaaa s
    dannnaaa s

    she like a legend that was soo good at making this song a young 11 legend