Automatic pool stick vs. strangers
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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

  • SmarterEveryDay

    Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

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      Epic Electric

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      Deftones Mike

      @bena stiklers you need help with spelling & punctuation.

    • Deftones Mike
      Deftones Mike

      Destin is also a badass!

    • darielle wheeler
      darielle wheeler

      Hi you won't remember the last shot with in these walls short of I diot. it's not a waste as you never play with the players.

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      H D

      why? So he can make another poinless trash?

  • obra emprinta
    obra emprinta

    i think efren has this diagram installed on his eyes

  • Zedrick Reyes
    Zedrick Reyes

    social distanced game of pool, even though you can already social distance while playing actual pool

  • Zedrick Reyes
    Zedrick Reyes

    heh, now we gotta see this guy go up against Efren " Bata " Reyes

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    Oldstuff Man

    Holy smokes. I can't even.

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    19:43 depends on how you use it i guess...

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    Cadet Xero

    Remember... ITS OKAY TO SLEEP

  • moomer lol.
    moomer lol.

    I have no clue how hard it would be to code but it might be q good idea to add somethinv where it figures out the worst postion for the que ball to be in for the other players turn so it could hit one of your balls inand make it almost impossible for the other player to make their shot

  • BigBox

    and that why we go to college...

  • amouramis

    A challenge as requested... shallow geothermal, with a min production of 100W. I think this can be done with acetic acid,, without any inputs if the cooling element is significant enough, as it boils at a low temp. I mean, people say free energy, but no one pushes geothermal for small scale except for greenhouses. I think it can be comprised majorily of PVC and/or CPVC as acetic acid doesn't interact much. A magnetic clutch could be used to transfer the energy without releasing the gas, which (because the cooling is so bad ass) condenses to be heated again. Can add in a heat exchanger as an option to make system more productive. I suck at math tho, so I couldn't get this to work. Maybe 1 of the engineers that watch this page would be willing to take a shot?

  • Deep Hopper
    Deep Hopper

    He should make a robot that can get a perfect score on just dance.

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    Oh man, the QR code got me. Well played

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    Liam Manning

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    Microcenter is possibly the best sponsor ever

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    Joshvin Matthew Domingo

    This is so awesome

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    Wow, as all others, i enjoyed this video alot. This video should be longer or break it up with several parts over weeks.

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    Jason Gilden

    21 minutes ago I thought I was smart 🤦‍♂️

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    Son of Moises

    I hate you man coz you're a genius! Hate = admired! 😉

  • Josh Wright-Smith
    Josh Wright-Smith

    Does anyone know what software he uses for not taking and sketches?

  • htlaf

    I'm over 99% certain that you, Mark Rober, and Adam Savage could solve every one of the world's problems if you were locked in a room for a week together.

  • 『JOKER』 77
    『JOKER』 77

    He is a mechanic, an electrician, programmer, athlete, a mathematician, physicist and many other things, but most importantly he is a youtuber.

  • dmoney69812

    Love your videos man. Very interesting. Just curious why you couldn't center the camera over the table?

  • Keith Strang
    Keith Strang

    Spend a week painstakingly going through every part of your system, but avoid reading through your code at all costs. +1 for Microcenter. That place is unique as hell.

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    Willie Amparo

    What app is that? 3:48?

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    Manuel Hernandez

    I feel like Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber

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    Binary Buzz

    ITs the Lock Picking Lawyer. I completely randomly stumbled onto this channel.

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    Cristian Dominguez

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    Alfonso Mendoza

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    This video is CONSTANTLY in my recommended even though I watched it on release! AND already at 8.5m views. He must have engineered the YT algorithm.

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    Brock Brown

    This reminds me of long summer nights when I would eat warm cheese in the barn with my grandpa. RIPO grandpa.

  • Phil Thomas
    Phil Thomas

    "I just want to play pool the way it was meant to be played" okay dude sure lol

  • Gringo Gee
    Gringo Gee

    Give the man a Nobel prize 🙌🤴

  • The W
    The W

    Can you engineer and program a device to erase engineer and/or programmer off my career options list? The list is only in my mind.

  • aladdin517

    What is the application you use to draw on the tablet?

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Try using chalk on the end of the cue if you want to increase the grip on the spin shots. It really makes a huge difference and also prevents the end of the cue tip from becoming polished by repeated hits on the cue ball.

  • sam spazz
    sam spazz

    2 questions, both of which will PROBABLY never get answered but here you go. First of all, what about jump shots? He didn't even talk about jump shots the whole video and I watched the video to see how he'd do that one. Nobody else seems to have noticed he didn't do jump shots either! Secondly, he's waaaay overcomplicating this thing. For starters, why's he just making the TIP mobile? The reason he had to go to all that trouble with the tip structure is you don't just move the tip when you're playing pool, you're moving the whole stick up and down. So he didn't need something to just move the tip, but to change the angle of the whole stick. Surely the way to do that is to have a pivot-point-on-wheels in the centre of the stick. That would mean the stick could move around the table by itself on the wheels, shining a lazer beam on the ball. Triangulation would enable the computer to work out where to position the stick for the optimum shot. Because you can move the whole stick and not just the point, you could also calculate spin. I don't think he needed any of that overhead camera or working-out-all-the-shots stuff, not essentially. Just THIS ball, NEXT ball, calculate angle of stick to put spin on cueball to get between them, the pot's a given if you get the angle right. Haven't seen this channel before but I seriously think he overcomplicated this. Wish he had a website (why no Stuff Made Here website??) then I'd leave this for him as a message. But it was a fun try, if greatly overcomplicated by overthinking! Chris.

  • TheGreatestTeamOfAll

    I'm not sure who the better actor is, your wife or the You On Kazoo kid, but someone needs to tell Scorsese...

  • TRaIT0rZ

    now time to teach it trickshots....ML pool cue

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker

    Software engineer here.. curious if you write tests for your code, as maybe that would have caught the problem?


    So this is basically "work harder AND smarter".

  • Justin Swanson
    Justin Swanson

    Your engineering is always very solid, great job. Any way to contact you regarding a unique engineering endeavor?

  • DCTV DubzCo
    DCTV DubzCo

    I want to be able to play pool the way it was meant to be played *continues to make a robotic pool cue*

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    No micro centers near me I wish there were it looks like a cool store!

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    Minas Kalarakis

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    Rutledge Dufort

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    Seamus McFadden

    Shape that tip! Lol Great video.

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    Denis Shiryaev

    Your channel is such an amazing that should be included to default subs which goes with IRbin account, just amazing, thank you for it

  • Ollie Long
    Ollie Long

    Misleading title. Should be called "building robotic pool stick" or some shit.

  • Tris Bray
    Tris Bray

    Bristol University researched and built something similar in 1985-88 ish. Shown on the BBC as a programme called QED - The Snooker Machine. Featured Steve Davis (six time world snooker champion).

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      How cool would it be if in the future robots competed against professionals? Like chess but for physical things such as this.

  • Kevin X
    Kevin X

    This man is like a God. He could build a human.

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      I lost it when your first projection on the table was the "Florida Man" Wiki page subtle but hilarious.

  • The Android Root
    The Android Root

    And there are people trying to figure out how to build a coffee table from Ikea and breaking it and sending back saying the table was broke wasn't designed properly and giving the product and negative feedback amazing

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    Vish Ay

    I wonder what a IRbin original of all the best science and engineering channel's collab could bring is? P.s I definitely think these guys and girls are smart enough that with the right budget and backings they could challenge a Mars or a 2nd moon landing

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    Pierre r

    hey man, awesome stuff. maybe add a link for a one time donation? or sometimes do a live YT stream?

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    can microcentre come to za please

  • WJK

    Awesome, amazing project! How about projecting the "visual assist overlay" using infrared lighting and then pair/build a set of infrared detecting eyeglasses so the wearer of the IR detecting glasses could gain an advantage and "run" the table in secrecy, playing with a traditional cue(?)

  • Pascal Junger
    Pascal Junger

    8:14 your wife's reaction :)

  • Noah Casciano
    Noah Casciano

    I dont understand how people can dislike this, dude’s a genius with killer content. Idk what it is but watching a smart person at work is insanely entertaining for me.

  • harshbir singh
    harshbir singh

    Sheldon when it comes to pool


    Can human enter in Pool championship with this pool Cue : Asking for a friend....🙂 Anyway, laser calibration would have saved a lot of time.

  • OptiX

    13:10 “ I went ahead and built it, but we will skip that cuz its boring “ I don’t even know how to access HDMI 3! 😂😂

  • OptiX

    The thing is that I am confused 99.99999% throughout the video, so i skip most of it so I’m not reminded about how stupid i am

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    This man is pool Tony Stark

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    Where did you get such a small table?

  • mochammad galang rivaldo
    mochammad galang rivaldo

    Wow 🔥

  • Tommy George
    Tommy George

    I lost it when your first projection on the table was the "Florida Man" Wiki page subtle but hilarious.

  • Chris Olenik
    Chris Olenik

    How cool would it be if in the future robots competed against professionals? Like chess but for physical things such as this.


    Oh the button on that plastic cutter thingy looks cool and must be awesome to press

  • Eprill Michelson
    Eprill Michelson

    Why did I end up here? Maybe YT’s algorithm thought that he’s the genius who can help make a robot that can perfectly translate different languages all over the world???! And to make it more fun the robot can also translate what the plants, trees & animals are talking about? LOL

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    Aditya jain

    Stupid people finding alien in UFO's seen

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    Lasse Wobser

    This is absolutely amazing. OMFG.

  • ferret gaming
    ferret gaming

    how about building a robot that holds the cue, and allow 2 online players to remote play without a person being needed.

  • seryal

    this is some phineas and ferb material right there

  • Frank Garcia
    Frank Garcia

    Hi! great video! what's the name of the app you're using to draw?

  • Real Kagami
    Real Kagami


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    Dylan VanGoch

    This is really remarkable. Good job.

  • Тимофей Барташевич
    Тимофей Барташевич

    Maybe table football, that plays automatically will be one of your next projects

  • FlurpsIxoye

    I really liked just using the projector as an aid to playing normally =)

  • Bricio Estrada
    Bricio Estrada

    Does anyone know what app on his iPad he uses to draw those things? Please help

  • fir Sound
    fir Sound

    Is the code for this on GitHub? Or shared publicly anywhere?

  • Matei Antares
    Matei Antares

    So I got and idea for you, a while back I've read an article about some japanese robot which would predict the outcome of rock paper scissors and always win. I think that would be an awesome project for human robot augmentation, but it would be the bestiet if it could be an app.

  • Steve's Shaper Origin
    Steve's Shaper Origin

    Great work!!! Have you considered selling your system for pool table projection and path calculations? This is very similar to ICS which sells for hundreds of dollars. I am a pool player and software eng and would love to be able to project ball position and shot paths (I don't really want/need the auto pool stick though). Being a programmer, I can definitely appreciate the effort it took you on the software. Again, Wow!!!!

  • Nattawat Sakdapisit
    Nattawat Sakdapisit

    Dude you are freaking genius

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    You deserve a better wifu.

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    Just wow

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    Glenn van Driel


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    Derick NTIM

    You are way too smart dude, 😅

  • rocklobsterman

    Hi my name is viv (I am nine years old)-“and I was wondering if you could maybe make a tennis racket the hits every shot or a tennis ball that you can control. me and my family like your videos .

  • rohan yadav
    rohan yadav

    Hey Your stuff is pretty awesome. Just a suggestion , you should release the code on GitHub in order to unleash the power of open source.

  • Rex Transformation
    Rex Transformation

    Do a match of the program against itself. That'll be interesting...

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    Magnus Vanner

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    Mani Vannan

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  • Earl Schandelmeier
    Earl Schandelmeier

    If you took this general program and put it on line, tweaked it a bit, you could have a site where a user could put a bunch of balls on the table, put the cue ball in a spot, and then have the program map each shot of a run out. This could be a phenomenal teaching tool. People could reenact something that happened in a game, did I take the right shot, what did I do wrong kind of scenario. Further, for those with less imagination, someone could take an object ball and the cue ball and ask the computer to give them all the potential ways to make that object ball in a particular pocket. Or really make that object ball in any pocket. Where exactly to hit the cue ball off the rail on a kick shot or bank shot for instance. Of course it won't be perfect because tables play differently but for new players or even for intermediate players watching a computer layout shot patterns would be pretty damn cool and educationally beneficial. And if you ever took the time to add in English and draw run shots.... Damn! I got to get you some money. Lol

  • Eden MacGillivray
    Eden MacGillivray

    I feel like if you borrow elements from the haircut robot and automatic basketball hoop then you could potentially have a pool playing robot attached to the table

  • vaggelis galanis
    vaggelis galanis

    you should collab with the hacksmith