Bruce Springsteen's Super Bowl Hypocrisy | Tulsi Gabbard Guests | Louder with Crowder
Crowder goes into everything wrong with Springsteen's "unity" commercial. He also looks at Democrats' worst hoaxes. And did you see that Time article exposing elites for "fortifying" the election? With special guest TULSI GABBARD!
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  • StevenCrowder

    Why do you think so many Democratic politicians just make stuff up to seem like victims? For attention or sympathy?

    • Brandon Crawford
      Brandon Crawford

      I would day both, and the votes lop

    • Animation In the ation
      Animation In the ation


    • Viable Existence
      Viable Existence

      Lions hunt the weak.

    • Justin Watkins
      Justin Watkins

      Victims lack a can do attitude, look at survivors awarded the medal of honor as an example on how to live properly.

    • David Romero
      David Romero

      They make it up, because they know they won't be fact ✔'ed.

  • R Yin
    R Yin

    Love Tulsi

  • Zohon Pi
    Zohon Pi

    Springsteen 👎

  • numberyellow

    What is it about democratic politicians telling BS stories about getting shot at? Clinton did it when she ran, Biden's done it a few times.... wtf? stop lying..

  • numberyellow

    "We're not rigging it... we're just 'fixing' it, so that it goes the way we think it should"

  • Matthew Blair
    Matthew Blair


  • T Yo
    T Yo

    I cant believe they stole the election

  • Brandon Crawford
    Brandon Crawford

    Tulsi would be president if she would have been given a chance to compete fully, I wish I would have voted in the democratic primaries cause I felt she had a solid platform but I think the left still views her as a threat as she seems to me to lean more independent than Democrat. Would have loved to see her on the Republicans side and I probably will vote for her in the next election if she runs. No offense to any out there lol

  • Brandon Crawford
    Brandon Crawford

    Holy crap, I have finally heard what I have been saying forever, that the left says the right is fascist yet practices fascism themselves. Holy crap. That made my day

  • Brandon Crawford
    Brandon Crawford

    This is one hilarious episode. Fun fact "Born In the USA" is a derogatory song about Bruce's own country that he wrote and sang. If anyone could support such an unpatriotic man then the US is up shit creek with paddles smaller than a thimble

  • Flying Beaver.
    Flying Beaver.

    Bruce is as anti American as it gets

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown

    everything liberals touch turns to shit

  • Jackson Kirtley
    Jackson Kirtley


  • Matthew Giles
    Matthew Giles


  • Scott Yaskowich
    Scott Yaskowich


  • Michael Dale
    Michael Dale

    so great seeing tulsi on here. the two of you were great together. i really hope to see her on your show again.

  • Mackenzie Valdez
    Mackenzie Valdez

    PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE do a Bruce Springsteen parody music video!!!

  • Micah Mach
    Micah Mach

    Ive given more money to crackheads at the liquor store than jo has given to charity.

  • Ry C
    Ry C

    Bruce Springsteen is a goof

  • Rex DukeR
    Rex DukeR

    Old Brucey boy busted for DUI.

  • Thomas DeLucco
    Thomas DeLucco

    Tulsi Gabbard is hooooooot..... ....too bad she's a Democrat.

  • Johnny Poo
    Johnny Poo

    good to see

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous

    Tulsi UwU

  • Johnny Poo
    Johnny Poo

    another comment

  • Al Slavin
    Al Slavin

    Because they are pathological liars!!

  • Reverend Rico
    Reverend Rico

    Fun fact, Larry Fishburne’s first role was on MASH

  • Teague Jensen
    Teague Jensen

    Bring John Doyle on

  • Andrea DaCosta
    Andrea DaCosta


  • jason gordon
    jason gordon

    Pasting this comment because IRbin sucks.....piss off IRbin.

  • Ian Nowland
    Ian Nowland

    Tulsi is awesome

  • Mighty Moon
    Mighty Moon

    “Victimhood is celebrated more than accomplishments.” This is so, so true.

  • Kandy's Normal-totallynormal
    Kandy's Normal-totallynormal


  • Kurt Aaron
    Kurt Aaron

    New subscriber, love your show. Tulsi is genuine and very likable, though like you, I disagree with most of her political views.

  • Wolfpack

    If Tulsi had been the Democrat presidential candidate I would have been able to accept the election results. Simply because I think she would have been a lagit contender and wouldn't have needed the funny business to pull in votes.

  • Jerod Ramey
    Jerod Ramey

    I love this show, and not gonna stop watching. I just want to leave this here tho, "Nat King Cole was the first African American entertainer with a network television series (1956-57), but, despite the singer's great talent, his variety show had trouble attracting sponsors."

    • Jerod Ramey
      Jerod Ramey

      Not as big as Fishburne, but yeah, I seriously love the show though, praise the Lord!!

  • jpraz03

    Yo y'all are funny AF I can't stand Bruce Springsteen. But he is from where I'm From in JERSEY and he will show up outta nowhere and play at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. He does this all the time at many different bar and grille in the Monmouth county area. He will just show up play a whole concert damn near and hangout. But he is full of himself and he is an arrogant prick.


    Stephen has the most surprisingly flawless Trump of anybody.

  • learning for everyone
    learning for everyone

    Bruce should change his bitusa lyric "Sent me off to a foreign land To go and kill the yellow man" is racist

  • bobby marconi
    bobby marconi

    I’m doing my part

  • Austin Deshner
    Austin Deshner

    Bruce Springsteen never was they great anyway.

  • reaperunbound


  • Ben Grablifebythepussy
    Ben Grablifebythepussy

    more dancing please.

  • John Grace
    John Grace

    Fear of a black planet?? Bruce stole that from Public Enemy.

  • Alex Hutchins
    Alex Hutchins

    I really appreciate any circumstance where a common ground can be reached, I end up in far to many discussions where everyone feels that the ball needs to start in and stay on their side of the court.

  • benjamin white
    benjamin white

    Craziness!!! Do you guys like waffles?

  • K C
    K C


  • Brian Hale
    Brian Hale

    Comment: 😀

  • john capper
    john capper

    Black History Fact: Marie Van Brittan Brown; Brown and her husband, Albert, who was an electric technician, also worked different schedules, meaning she walked home alone, late at night, and was often the only adult in the house with two young kids. She did not feel safe. And she set out to fix that. The security system she devised became the foundation of two-way communication and camera surveillance still used today. Her invention combined peepholes, a camera, monitors and a two-way microphone. It also featured an alarm button that connected to the police precinct, and a button that would unlock the door for visitors. Her design featured three vertical peepholes, drilled in the front door. The top one was for tall people, the middle hole was for people of average height and bottom one was for children. A camera that could slide up and down captured images through the peepholes and transmitted those images to a TV monitor that allowed you to see who was at the door. The monitor was portable, and could be placed in any room in the house. It was the first closed-circuit television system. Brown and her husband submitted U.S. Patent No. 3,482,037 in 1966. Albert Brown did the engineering drawings for the application. It was approved in 1969, and Marie Brown was interviewed by The New York Times for her pioneering work. Using her device, she told the paper, “a woman alone could set off an alarm immediately by pressing a button, or if the system were installed in a doctor’s office, it might prevent holdups by drug addicts." The invention also had an audio feature that allowed the person inside and the visitor at the door to talk to each other. Her system is still used in apartment buildings. She received an award from the National Scientists Committee and her patent was cited by 13 other inventors in their applications to the U.S. Patent Office, some as recently as 2013.

  • Clayton Patterson
    Clayton Patterson

    I love that the only time you don’t say piss off is when you have Tulsi on the show. Classy.

  • Taitem Mask
    Taitem Mask


  • ElmerTEV TheEmerald Villager
    ElmerTEV TheEmerald Villager


  • Summer Reagan
    Summer Reagan

    I forgot Bruce Springsteen existed.

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers


  • Quest Music
    Quest Music

    Did you know that TULSI is VEGAN? She is. And speaking of vegan, I have never known a non-vegan to accept my challenge to get more knowledgeable about the realities of animal food production. If you are not vegan, maybe you will be the first. Google Search -- Milk: Make Your Own Mind Up

  • Ermac Jones
    Ermac Jones

    The only "hate" comes from idiots who want to let men come in and dominate women's sports, robbing them of scholarships and opportunities they deserve, as well as literally physically harming them in some cases, such as MMA. Nobody is stopping anyone from being whoever, or whatever they want to be, but we're not going to just pretend like reality isn't what it is.

  • Nobody's Watching Anyways
    Nobody's Watching Anyways

    Watching the first debates Tulsi was the only candidate that I didn't find unsettling.

  • John Kopmeier
    John Kopmeier

    I think Springsteen was actually born in Drunkdriverville.

  • She Woman
    She Woman

    I love Tulsi. She seems well grounded (for a democrat).

  • Tyler Gibson
    Tyler Gibson

    Victimhood points are like currency for the left.

  • tic tac
    tic tac

    Why would he move to Australia the liberals are in government.

  • JSW199


  • Allan Ulen
    Allan Ulen

    tulsi struck me as a reasonable person who can be talked to and will listen and not dismiss out of hand your opinion.

  • Jeremiah Mead
    Jeremiah Mead


  • Jordy Phillips
    Jordy Phillips

    U got a Purdy mouth tulsi

  • Jeremy lindsey
    Jeremy lindsey

    The only democrat that doesn't make my skin crawl! Love ya Tulsi! Not to be condescending, I hope you do more research on the cost of liberal policies and the degradation of our educational institutions. The only thing standing in the way of you being an amazing candidate! Love ya either way.

  • IggyTthunders

    During Crowder's rant about Bruce Springsteen, I just smiled: because I know he's gone to the matt (and won) against the weaponized autism* that is Chris Titus, who worships Bruce Springsteen and knows him personally. ('Bruce Who?' is one of the funniest bits Chris has ever done; that I have ever heard of, at least.) *Instead of arguing facts about guns and gun control, he did what every leftie stooge does in a debate: he talked about school shootings. These are the same people who also argue, in the same breath, that 'Your guns aren't even dangerous, because the government has drones.' The provisional government has drones, and they want States citizens to be even more toothless per capita.

  • FMHammyJ

    Tulsi Gabbard? thank you......she sold out to Joe Biden in the end......typical politician......and Mr. Crowder.....the mountain man beard aint becoming......that thing needs to be cut back a little......

  • Wataru Ikusabe
    Wataru Ikusabe

    Biden was almost shot by an AR14 that can go full auto, not to be confused with the semi-auto AR15.

  • Keely Anne
    Keely Anne

    LOVED Tulsi!

  • Marco Gomez
    Marco Gomez


  • Kwnni

    Faking a crime is a crime. I had no pass from military service. The idea of me serving in the military itself if a frightening idea?

  • boroberson475099

    Love the show

  • Llama Bahama
    Llama Bahama

    Tulsi's message about what to do about the country didn't have any actionable items. just spouted holding hands across the nation.

  • Llama Bahama
    Llama Bahama

    Steven, I would have liked to see you push on Tulsi on some of her more radical positions and even her bill pushing back against trans where she says it wasn't about trans it was about upholding and bolstering Title IX, I would have like to see push back there as well. I'm happy she's challenging but to blank statement bless Title IX is troubling given what that brings with it. Just my piddly two cents.

  • Diane Williams
    Diane Williams

    They want to look like they are really committed to the cause and their constituents. Willing to be put in harms way. Such BS

  • The Bull Moose
    The Bull Moose

    I wish Tulsi would support 2A rights like she supports 1A rights.

  • Mandy Fielding
    Mandy Fielding

    Love you Tusli!! So beautiful!!

  • Lil Iodine
    Lil Iodine

    Do NOT ever forget this!! There is so much corruption everywhere.

  • Sylvan Evergreen
    Sylvan Evergreen

    Keep being rational, Tulsi! You're the kind of candidate I want to see the democrats running, because then it turns into a win-win election.

  • bobicabayo

    Tulsi, I like you... Stop supporting abortion, and I will love you

  • Welcome to the Nerdom
    Welcome to the Nerdom

    Don't worry about it. It's just stolen valor

  • Eddie Molina
    Eddie Molina

    How can he find the story and th msm can’t find their own asses

  • R L
    R L

    Tulsi getting her own podcast... Interesting.

  • Sean DeSchepper
    Sean DeSchepper


  • Tomi Fodor
    Tomi Fodor

    Am I the only one who thinks Dr. Peter Hotez looks like Doctor Bill Lee from Stargate SG-1?

  • Little Germanicus
    Little Germanicus

    Is it ok to say.....milf😬

  • bobicabayo

    That is a good photo of tulsi!

  • bobicabayo

    Sniper fire! Damn video technology

  • Kenneth Ritts
    Kenneth Ritts

    Democrats are telling us that they are the "Enemies from Within" and the Sheeple are to stupid to see it and think they are talking about Republicans.

  • Taylor Hilburn
    Taylor Hilburn


  • Robert Pattinson
    Robert Pattinson

    Remember Hillary was shot at in Serbia lol

  • Jared Riise
    Jared Riise

    I’m surprised you got tulsi on here! I’ll start watching your show more if you have her on more

  • Sir Raulo
    Sir Raulo

    After thinking about it for a while. . . Let's say that Big Tech finally don't censor speech and don't cancel personalities, then what? Social media will become even more toxic. Bashing and and anger will become rampant. (Then I've realized Cyber Libel was a thing) So then, Social Media must categorize it's audience based on age. Like IRbin did, to address the issue of "safe spaces" that the Left keeps on pushing. And again, why not categorize the sport. Make a separate contest for trans genders just like when female sports were invented.

  • zyx abc
    zyx abc

    fug da guberment

  • Corey A Cottoy
    Corey A Cottoy

    One of my favorite channels on You Tube❤

  • Inaire Falen
    Inaire Falen

    I need that clip of tulsi not showing up on US search

  • Richard E
    Richard E

    springsteen should stick to music but he's been political for years. I no longer listen to his music because of that.

  • pat max
    pat max

    TULSI➡@58:25 Skip The Adril-Narcissistic-Fuelled Rants i Know I Aint The Only One Losing Patients

  • YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety
    YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

    I didn’t realize Tulsi was so gummy. Don’t agree with much of anything at all she proposes, but at least she isn’t a race baiting, perpetual victim. You can at least hold a rational conversation with her. Since Hillary went after her hard I guess that makes Tulsi ok applying the enemy of my enemy is my friend doctrine.

  • Nicole Lawrence
    Nicole Lawrence

    I thinking Tulsi will have a come Jesus moment with her politics in the next two years. She’s stayed moderate enough on some issues and has held more conservative views in the past, that I think she could make the switch and run on the Republican ticket against Biden. I bet she’d win too. And if poor old Joe doesn’t make it to 2024, she’d destroy Harris without breaking a sweat. If she can find that perfect balance between not crazy left and not crazy right, I think we’re looking at our first female president.