Building an electric mini cooper on a $5,000 budget
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Today we are continuing our build of the eletric mini cooper on a astoinishingly cheap budget, helped by no other then the ever beautiful Leedna.. who was a great help.. until she had to leave when she couldn't get logged into her instagram
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  • Rich Rebuilds
    Rich Rebuilds

    Next video in the series, here! -

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      Andrew Hill

      That your girl?

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      Mustafa Dada

      Why the hell would you keep such thumbnail

  • Haoran Chen
    Haoran Chen

    Why convert a mini into an EV when there is an EV mini.................

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    A. T.L

    What a dog🤮 and i'm not talking about the car

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    Jamie Mcpherson

    Damnnnnnn she's tidy 😍

  • Axeman

    2:53 Rich trying to keep the build so cheap (reasonably low) that he had to sell his shoe laces in the process!! LOLL edit: Rich rang me up and explained that his dog Biscuit keeps going for his laces that is why he has done that, NOT!!!!

  • Thomas Alexander
    Thomas Alexander

    Great project, and your girl is beautiful :)

  • A P Developments
    A P Developments

    Turn a already shit car into a bigger turd. Minis are crap to start with. Now it’s even worse. lol

  • Camron cooper
    Camron cooper

    Quick question how car post to shift if the love bushing or what ever called it lol don’t come apart because if I’m not mistaking transmission isn’t gonna shift with out the shaft input releasing for a second to change into next gear correct because I know that’s how manualworks that why an automatic has a tor converter correct

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    What a sponsor segue! "minicopper" ;D

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    God I’m a simp for Linda

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    Is he paying her for that

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    Ritvik Game

    Let her help. *Bum chicki bum bum*

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    I scoped that harbor freight weld helmet on top of top shelf

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    She's beautiful and sleek, Oh the girl, I guess she's alright

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    Allan Eddings

    She is the perfect addition to your videos! Great job to you both!

  • Sir Miles
    Sir Miles

    If Elon was really smart he would have offered you a job since he recruits people that think outside the box. You are a technical genius without the schooling!

  • Matt Carrell
    Matt Carrell

    8", 9" Motor longer length is bette discussion shown with example banana .... only on this channel! I love the occasional laughs on this channel.

  • Matt Carrell
    Matt Carrell

    Cruel comment: Internet to Leenda..... "Put that camera away, you aren't that interesting, girl!"

  • karbinunit

    Excellent my man, need more of this, if everyone is going to have electric cars in the future, not many can afford Tesla's or the extra cost of current electric cars...

  • lookoutleo

    that car would cost £200 here but nothing else would be available. maybe could buy a nissan leaf rightoff but other than that there would be nothing

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    Neville Sam


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    jack daniels

    His wife is hot i wonder if she got a sister

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    Grace Hampton

    Well this is gunna hike the price for a few years. Good thing I don’t plan to revolutionize the produce shipping industry for a while 🤙🏽

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    Brey W

    You got her Flintstoning that bitch lol

  • Legobeto Thegrreat
    Legobeto Thegrreat

    All these instructional videos are starting to come with hot chicks wearing some super tight stuff and it kinda does work. I prefer when the girl is doing some of the work and explaining stuff. It just makes it that much better. I don't understand the part that this girl is obviously playing, but the shorts tho.

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    I was like "Heyy that's the Tesla guy" had to subscribe! lol plz like my comment bc my girl is gonna give me shit for subbing to here. ps : Dont get me wrong, I honestly dont care but shes gonna think into it and I already know so let me get me satisfaction to prepare my boat for the ark that's gonna flood my shit eventually bc of the female presence. 🤫🍻

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    Coon Pooch

    Look at those legs 🦵 😍 she could strangle someone with those weapons

  • Benjamin Sebonego
    Benjamin Sebonego

    Leenda is clever, I didn't know any of those things, well except for the motor. Great vids as usual, very educational

  • Jared Siieb
    Jared Siieb

    Great Videos!

  • Michael Bey
    Michael Bey

    Holy crap that was great episode! Was always busting my brain how to connect the electric motor to the gear box so smoothly. I like your show and how you explain everything. On another note.. I don't mind Lena(I believe her name is). Would actually be cool to see her knowledge increase as the episodes pass.. I think it would be great inspiration to anyone who enjoy these kind of content.

  • M Dirie
    M Dirie

    Rich builds is probably the coolest guy to hang around with .!

  • William Lewis
    William Lewis

    Leena is not a problem. nice to see a brother using his skill and entrepreneur spirit in these divisive times.

  • Simon's Stuff
    Simon's Stuff

    why do u need a transmison on a electric car???

  • Alfred L Early jr
    Alfred L Early jr

    very good job, EV are the future.

  • Speedstack21

    More Leenda 👍

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    Wayne 401

    Black ice air freshener 👍 .... keep the great videos bro love watching

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    look at me , look at me ... and i'm gonna take a picture , ... so i can look at me .. later ... is this what you guys fought all those wars over ? so this twat can take a picture of herself , to look at herself later ... what a world

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    Kamuela Hind

    I literally just clicked cause she is super cute....shallow but true lol. Who's with me?

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    Make Money Now

    Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!

  • Faysal 735808
    Faysal 735808

    no matter what u say............. U SHOULD USE BRUSHLESS MOTOR

  • kshitiz navediya
    kshitiz navediya

    I get it Banana is best way to measure Inches

  • Beyond Beleaf
    Beyond Beleaf

    RICH!!!! You have such Awesome builds! Cant wait to see more!

  • Joe Bourne
    Joe Bourne

    21:13 - whats the creature walking down the screen!?

    • mbaxter22

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  • Ghost in plain sight
    Ghost in plain sight

    You are encouraging that girls bad behavior, you deserve everything you will get from her.

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    Cyber Drone

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    Hussay Khan

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  • paul sutton
    paul sutton

    A motor for each wheel would be nice. Then you could replace the clunking gearbox an differential with a teeny little bit of software. I assume.

  • Minh Nguyễn
    Minh Nguyễn

    Really love your project on my country i can not do like that

  • TechboyCR

    The Squarespace thing was sweet! well done!

  • Chad Peets
    Chad Peets

    I have a 2002 R53 150k/mi with 250whp and a 150hp venom nitro. ZERO problems. But I do have Koni and bog valve cylinder head. So I’d have to say this guys is absolutely full of shit. But what do you expect from a Dude the has neon lights on his toolbox 😂

  • seminolekilla

    DC isn’t a state. Heaven help us.

  • Raslison Venoms
    Raslison Venoms

    "Never before has a generation documented themselves doing so little, so often". Statement of the year

  • Michael Olson
    Michael Olson

    Dude, youre amazing. Keep up the great work.

  • jigga jaw
    jigga jaw

    Is your wife fat, and if so, how fat is she?

  • Verliebt

    how the hell are you going to cast molten iron into a rectangular shape then cut, trim, smooth out wood for the handle, with just a hammer? and how is a lathe going to create copper wiring ? or magnets ? for the motor.

  • Nosman123

    no need to siphon. just steal the whole gas tank

  • Justin Springer
    Justin Springer

    just skim through this video you can tell there is nothing of substance. Just look at the ending 20 seconds. click bait more, Rich. get that monetization. "Brevity is the soul of wit"

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    Bobby Deden II

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    Jason Gibson

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    Steve Spence

    "I'm not a bimbo, but I play one on youtube ....."

  • Steve Spence
    Steve Spence

    It's easy to do regen with a dc motor. the magic is in the controller. It's not hard to make a dc controller with a microcontroller and mosfets.

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    Leenda talking about D.C. - Not the state...🤓 People from D.C. - Taxation without representation! 😔

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    Fabrice Quenneville

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    Carl Justine Sanguenza

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    Player Unknown

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    Spencer Coffee

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    Peter Peterson

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    Cre8tive Cre8tion

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    1painter 4hire

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    Foto Guy

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    Hello Rich. I recently converted BMW e39 on electric drive. We have similar components. I have ZILLA Z1K HV , and WARP 11. If you will need help to configure controller , fell free to ask question. You can see my last video of car review. :) Hope you will se this comment :) . I like your channel :) BG, Matija

  • DemoScottGaming Lounge
    DemoScottGaming Lounge

    That’s bc when bmw was doing the motors for them they where absolute ass and they broke all the time.... we have a 2018 we have had no problem what so ever.... and mind you it’s a 2018 Mini Cooper s and I’d say anything after 2018 is good but the years before them where garbage

  • Sergiu Dan
    Sergiu Dan

    @Rich, how about rebuilding an EV1? 😁

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    I had worked in Mini Car Plant in Oxford UK for 3 years and I know how they are made. I would never buy or owned one in my life but old school mini that is cool car

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    Tripple Dragon Perfect-Kick

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  • Joe Shmo
    Joe Shmo

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    Clarence Remy

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  • J G
    J G

    On your cardboard template, you can exact match the bolt holes by tracing the case-then spray paint lightly through the bolt holes. Now remove the cardboard, and your bolt holes will align correctly.

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