Buildings collapse as Israel carries out hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza
Israel carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza into Wednesday morning, while over the same period of time Hamas fired multiple rocket barrages at Tel Aviv and the Southern city of Beer Sheva.

One multi-story residential building, a tower reported to be housing Hamas and other media outlets in Gaza City, was totally destroyed after Israel warned occupants in advance to evacuate, and another structure was heavily damaged in airstrikes.

An Israeli airstrike also hit a car carrying three civilians, including a woman in Gaza City, Palestinian witnesses and health officials said.

At least 53 people have been killed in Hamas-ruled Gaza and six people in Israel since the violence escalated, according to officials.

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  • Johongir Abduvohopov
    Johongir Abduvohopov

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  • modi bhakton ka jija
    modi bhakton ka jija

    har har gange aur lo pange 😀😁😂😃

  • watchguy79

    What is wrong with these people ?

  • Anshuman Tripathy
    Anshuman Tripathy

    It's simple logic. You attack Israel first then obviously it will retaliate . It has complete sovereignty over that part. And it is so good a country that it warned all the civilians to evacuate. I stand with Israel- long live India and Israel relations.

  • Jeff Moore
    Jeff Moore

    Israel, since 1948, has continuously swallowed so many parts of Palestine that only fragments remain. What is the correct response to being wiped out?

  • Official Hope
    Official Hope

    Can these people give them some space for like 10 years at least stop killing people

  • Laurent Domenech
    Laurent Domenech

    israel=nazi israel = terroriste. The real question is which country supported and finance the creation of this terrorist and Zionist entity that is Israel! And which country continues to support this Zionist and racist terrorist regime? It is indeed the USA!

  • Shada Anabatawi
    Shada Anabatawi


  • Tingin Lang
    Tingin Lang

    Don't shoot rockets, for airstrikes will come right back, n there will be colleteral damages, on both sides, Hamas doesn't care to shoot 3000k+ rockets anyway this time,, there's above 2.5+ millions idiots pales living in gaza who elected those morons to be in charge, who u wanna blame? the idiots or the morons? If none of them, u got to be the idiots.

  • Anti Palestichien
    Anti Palestichien

    HAMAS 👉🚽 KO 😂😂👍

  • ال رئيس
    ال رئيس

    I hope no one is in that building 😰😨😭😢

  • ayoub soufi
    ayoub soufi

    damn israel

  • khadeeja fazil
    khadeeja fazil

    if palestine people is not strong but still we will say palestine people is strong they are like our brothers and sisters we respect u. love u from UAE

  • khadeeja fazil
    khadeeja fazil

    subhanallah how work went to waste the buildings maybe took 1 month something like that

  • Michael Azor
    Michael Azor


  • Iffy Osman
    Iffy Osman

    We should kill isreal for what they did to palitine for incent pepple

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    clever value tax tax

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  • Neha Doll
    Neha Doll


  • Yosemite Sam
    Yosemite Sam

    the Israeli air force is so good. they can actually put demolition teams out of business.

    • Yosemite Sam
      Yosemite Sam

      @Lupe Castillo Vietnam? lol how did you wound up in Vietnam?


    WOW those pilots doing air strikes can make big money demolition buildings they can make a building disappear in 7 seconds amazing. They're going to put demolition experts out of business. But for people drinking Kool-Aid it's a air strike.

    • TOM TEE
      TOM TEE

      You're right only the government has the power to demolition a building in day light and the ordacity to blame it on someone else! If this was true by so called bad guys and they didn't want to get caught why wouldn't they do it at night? What the news media says doesn't add up or make sense. News media is a poor liar with no facts!

    • Yosemite Sam
      Yosemite Sam

      you're absolutely correct. the Israeli air force is so precise in demolishing buildings in dense areas it's unreal. I call them the demolition experts.

  • farah nabil
    farah nabil

    hey hey this September 11 ????? no its not ,,its just israel defending self. those towers look like hamas solders

  • wasi is your
    wasi is your

    My big brother is there 😭😭😢

  • Maria Gaganta
    Maria Gaganta

    Army And Heavy The Other Side Got Stones 😭 How Many Decades How Many Death's ? Anybody Know 🤨

  • Jafar Khan
    Jafar Khan

    Must. Destroy. Israel

  • ana milla
    ana milla

    I love Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Online 5.0 Kiếm tiền
    Online 5.0 Kiếm tiền

    Nam mô a di đà phật chiến tranh hãy dừng lại đi người dân la người chịu khổ

  • Justinicus24

    What on earth do you expect

  • Liragon Enigma
    Liragon Enigma

    Karma well-deserved

  • Survival Farming Kh
    Survival Farming Kh

    Participate in grief for loss and damage.

  • Marry Me
    Marry Me

    Maybe if isreal dont have Iron Dome many civillians also killed compared to the Civillians in Gaza.. Gaza have thousand rocket deployed to israel.. israel Used iron dome to protect all civillians while Hamas Used Civillians to protect rockets

  • Henanasnin P. A
    Henanasnin P. A

    Palastine people life is very danger help the peoples

  • L Mohanta's
    L Mohanta's

    Wow nice job by Israel love it

  • Knowledge Official
    Knowledge Official

    Muslims and ISLAM will always prevail and disbelief will always fail

  • Knowledge Official
    Knowledge Official

    Israel is a terrorist country and an enemy of Muslims and ISLAM and World

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Yaa mere maalik tu sab kaa bhala kar !

  • Me Ozir
    Me Ozir

    Ya Allah ,that's so important to find and know where the grave danger statements of Palestine is ,what Dutch speaking Rolling in 1977 statements has made, not build Palestine up, but destroyed Palestine ,and young Benjamin Netanyahu 29 years old has spoken

  • Dennis Reginaldo
    Dennis Reginaldo

    Much better Esrail is Great Military power and advance than Palistine far far distance of advance

  • Ibrahim Sibai
    Ibrahim Sibai

    God delays his revenge on the agressors but never forgets.

    • David Olin Du Vivier
      David Olin Du Vivier

      @bouytt guyt No, I don't believe they were. And that's what's so amazing: Up to this point no air force in the world, not even the highly trained, highly experienced, excellently equipped USAF, has ever conducted airstrikes in such tightly packed urban quarters with such astounding precision. I don't want to sound cynical: Obviously, war is horrific, innocents die, people are injured and made homeless. No sane person wants that. But aerial bombs hitting obviously pre-determined points at the base of these buildings, causing them to collapse in a controlled fashion with little damage to their surroundings - it's just breath-taking how perfectly this was planned and executed. I feel very sorry for any victims. But from a military perspective the professionalism of the IDF leaves me speechless.

    • Tingin Lang
      Tingin Lang

      who's the aggressors? Israeli or Hamas? be clear.

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Those buildings in Palestine were taken down with controlled demolitions. Takes weeks to set-up. How does that happen? Something doesn't make sense...

  • Eliata Lita
    Eliata Lita


  • Ruben Hayk
    Ruben Hayk

    Nothing else makes such scary sounds

  • Mariam Nabassige
    Mariam Nabassige


  • Amat Lestari
    Amat Lestari

    Saya mengutuk israil urtuduk harus kluar dari bumi plistina

  • Netty diana
    Netty diana

    * "EVIDENCE OF ISRAEL AS GOD'S CHOICE NATION" * Genesis 12 : 1-3* 1. Inventor Aircraft: OrviLLe Wright & WiLbur Wright (Of Jewish descent). 2. Inventor of MobiL: Ferdinand Verbiest (Of Jewish descent). 3. The inventor of the motorcycle: Baron KarLs Drais (Of Jewish descent). 4. Electric Inventor & Lamp BoLa: MichaeL Faraday & Thomas ALva Edison (Of Jewish descent) 5. The inventor of the computer: CharLes Babage (Of Jewish descent). 6.The inventor of Android: Andy Rubin (Of Jewish descent). 7. Inventor of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg (Of Jewish descent). 8. Founder of GoogLe: Larry Page & Sergey Bin (Of Jewish descent). 9. Inventor of the Printing Machine Johan Guttenberg (Of Jewish descent). 10.The inventor of the clock: Peter HenLein (Of Jewish descent). 11. The inventor of the radio: GuigLermo Marconi (Of Jewish descent). 12. Inventor of Television: John Logie Baird (Of Jewish descent). 13. Wifi Finder: A girl Hady Lamarr (Of Jewish descent). 14. WhatsApp inventor: Jan Koum (Of Jewish descent). 15. Inventor of Instagram: Kevin Systrom & Mike Kriger (Of Jewish descent). 16. Inventor of Twitter: Jack Doresy (Of Jewish descent). 17. Founder of Microsoft, as well as the Richest Person in the World: BiLL Gates (Of Jewish descent) 18. Inventor of the Weaving Machine: Sir Richard Arkwight (Of Jewish descent) 19. Inventor of the Atomic Bomb: FeLix BLoch (Of Jewish descent). 20. Inventor of Physics Science: Albert Einstein (Of Jewish descent). 21. Inventor of Deadly Disease Drugs: Gertrude BeLLe ELion, PauL EhrLich & Arron Beck (Of Jewish descent). 22. Inventor of Alternating Current (AC): NikoLa TesLa (Of Jewish descent). 23. Inventor of Traffic Light: CharLes EdLer (Of Jewish descent). ✡ And who won the most NobeL in the world are of Jewish descent ... ✡ The inventor of anything in the world is always of Jewish / Israeli descent. Meaning: They have been a blessing to all nations to this day. Their intelligence has changed the world ... ✡ Jews / Israelis are always blessed technologically sophisticated, etc. ... ✡ God's promise to the Israelites (Book of Joshua 21:45) "Of all the good things that the LORD promised the Israelites, nothing was not fulfilled; everything was fulfilled. In 2019 according to the AD calendar there was 5779 according to the Jewish calendar, for 5779 years the existence of Israel. , survived various wars, exile, colonialism, genocide (HoLocaust). The Intifada has until now become a developed country with scientific innovation in various fields. Israel is an example for God's people today about the inclusion, restoration, and fulfillment of the Word of God delivered in the Bible. . ✡ The LORD said to Moses, You shall bless the Israelites, say to them: God bless you and protect you; The LORD shines on you with HIS FACE and gives you grace; The LORD will bring forth HIS FACE to you and give you peace. (Numbers 6: 24-26) ✡ Therefore, we have no reason whatsoever to hate the Israelites ... * GOD BLESS YOU *

  • Pengga Saptenno
    Pengga Saptenno

    Kasi abis

  • Mohd Mubaziroddin
    Mohd Mubaziroddin

    Corona se Lado yaar Allah k aaya h tohfa e azaab

  • Md Mgra
    Md Mgra

    Destruction + reconstruction- (Test weapons + Reload) = Good business +bad 4 civilians

  • Lmao Roflmao
    Lmao Roflmao

    Imagine eating dinner with your family then suddenly falling 20 stories

  • Ural Urazov
    Ural Urazov


  • Pınar Öztan
    Pınar Öztan

    Not fear

  • #13 july
    #13 july

    GOD 🙏 bless Israel...

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    Free falastiiin🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸❤️🖤💬💚🇵🇸from soomalia🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴💙

  • S.A. G
    S.A. G

    Those buildings in Palestine were taken down with controlled demolitions. Takes weeks to set-up. How does that happen? Something doesn't make sense...

  • Mehbubbhai Gogda
    Mehbubbhai Gogda

    Yaa mere maalik tu sab kaa bhala kar !

  • Nadia Abbasi
    Nadia Abbasi

    Those are doing this you feel shame on you....very bad

  • Fire Spirit
    Fire Spirit

    Indian Hindus with Israelis.

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      what can i say ,,,,,,,,,,those who did this also die

  • aLferNo

    Was that building and area around it empty? I just can't stop thinking about the people if there were any 😨

    • Sp3ll633

      It was evacuated before, Israelis called the owners first and give them around 1 hour time to evacuate.

  • Ahamada Balyejusa
    Ahamada Balyejusa

    Israel are just jealous because Palestinians are busy working hard to develop their country whole Israel is busy to make dangerous weapons Israel too much harami😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Гульнур Ганиева
    Гульнур Ганиева

    Всем привет, это высшие силы так делает, молитесь и вы спасетесь, аминь.

  • Nathan Blades
    Nathan Blades

    Kill by the sword die by the sword As you do unto others so shall it be done unto you You reap what you sow The Attackers attack them selves

  • ផយ កញ្ញា
    ផយ កញ្ញា

    Wow Israel are wonderful

  • Pikachu or Picasso
    Pikachu or Picasso

    God of mercy help us. Too many strong people in this world. 🤦🏾‍♀️🇨🇩

  • Hafiz Redwan Ahmed
    Hafiz Redwan Ahmed

    Kick them. Tell them to go bomb their country

  • H7mostafa 2
    H7mostafa 2


  • Barak Gold
    Barak Gold

    IDF power!

  • Tobias Owuo
    Tobias Owuo

    Hama's must stop this rocket attack

  • Asia Ghadija
    Asia Ghadija


  • Moha Adem
    Moha Adem

    what can i say ,,,,,,,,,,those who did this also die

  • Unal Enes
    Unal Enes


  • wajid rashid
    wajid rashid

    Isn't this the same as 911 ???? Why isn't America, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 and Nato nations sending their armys to isreal to fight terrorism ???????

    • Joshua Willis
      Joshua Willis

      That’s not how this works kid

  • m.harunor rashid
    m.harunor rashid


  • Gamingwithsoar

    Israel should be banned and not become a country all ppl for Israel that beated up Palestinians Are bad and should go to hell

  • Denis Kipkorir
    Denis Kipkorir

    Don't make a country to fight three battles at once covid 19,war and economy

  • Denis Kipkorir
    Denis Kipkorir

    America is still paying Japan for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki,,, same case to Israel she will come to realize bitter truth after sometimes

  • Zenun Rexhbeqaj
    Zenun Rexhbeqaj

    Allahu ekber

  • Zuwena Masoud
    Zuwena Masoud

    izrail laanatullah

  • Kadir ece
    Kadir ece


  • Qatar rarre
    Qatar rarre

    God of majesty 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mr JK
    Mr JK

    This look funny to me cozzz they challenge each other so why dont they fight each other in the real battlefield??

  • Theo O
    Theo O

    the real israélites arent in Israel thzts why there's no peace and they only think to conquer with the power they were given by the world. they were givibg so many advantages to the knowledge that the people of Israel are holy and united in love and religion but they arent the real israélites so it really turned out to be a deception for power, its happened in the world many times

  • Inutil Tv2
    Inutil Tv2


  • Лев Жарков
    Лев Жарков

    00:13 - these are not rockets, this is industrial demolition of buildings by directed explosions

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    this is so heart breaking...



  • Asrama Asli
    Asrama Asli

    Very Good

  • Makaveli Tupac
    Makaveli Tupac


  • Teresiah Mueni
    Teresiah Mueni

    I sence war.

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Faek news

  • Bwhwithi Rani Machahary
    Bwhwithi Rani Machahary


  • Qandeel in the Kitchen
    Qandeel in the Kitchen

    Free palestine

  • Clint Yrrah Santos
    Clint Yrrah Santos

    This war should be stop *israel lives matter*

  • Kinda Sullaiman
    Kinda Sullaiman


  • אברהם בן הרוש
    אברהם בן הרוש


  • Sumadi Ardiansyah
    Sumadi Ardiansyah

    Yalloh Masita kaya binatang sama mau mati orang paling jahat dasar kapir

  • ilan litvak
    ilan litvak


  • ilan litvak
    ilan litvak

    clean hit

  • SarFåŕAj ĞÅmIÑG
    SarFåŕAj ĞÅmIÑG

    Ye sb jo muslim ke uper ho rha hai ye sb Qayamat ki nishani hai

  • SarFåŕAj ĞÅmIÑG
    SarFåŕAj ĞÅmIÑG

    Lanat ho palestine par

  • Patrick Lyons
    Patrick Lyons

    Seen a video of supposedly a hamas rocket/missile...but strangly no evidence of said rocket was shown. In other words its probably an iron-dome missile that destroyed some isreali buldings after it failed to launch properly....why do I say this? Because they'd be showing many more of these incidents if Hamas had such weapons available to defend themselves from the zionist aggressors.

  • Ashi Soreng
    Ashi Soreng

    Jesus love you ✝️✝️repent because the kingdom of god is near❤️❤️

    • Halte

      Nah we don't believe man is god. Allah (swt) forever.

    • hannibal barca
      hannibal barca

      kingdom established on the corps of civilians

  • Елдо Радо
    Елдо Радо

    Faek news

  • Bekim Kerak
    Bekim Kerak

    das ist teror