Can Cesar Millan Control This Powerful Saint Bernard?
These dogs are just too powerful and aggressive for their owner! These St. Bernard's have major on-leash aggression, and Cesar steps in before a big St. Bernard rumble breaks out. Can he help solve this issue before they hurt someone? Watch more Cesar 911 for FREE on Dabl Network TV! Visit for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork

  • Anne Banga
    Anne Banga

    Everybody stop coming for her , like y'all could do any better

  • Joshua Mc
    Joshua Mc

    Clearly she watches AoT

  • y d
    y d

    People should learn or go on a course before owning a dog...

  • Antonio Hill
    Antonio Hill

    Beethoven has beef with Cujo

  • Alex Kilzer
    Alex Kilzer

    I don’t know why so many people are against prong collars. They look great and they can help you a lot

  • Yan Lu
    Yan Lu

    What you think in your mind is transmitted to your dog. That's brainwave.

  • iPeter

    Dogs are democrats and republicans


    Great show

  • yaba doggo
    yaba doggo

    Well...thats rare. My family was with the rescue for many years; rescued 4 ourselves. Never seen an aggressive Saint outside of Cujo of course. Usually they're big lazy and lovable, obviously it happens though. Just surprised is all!

  • Anisha GS
    Anisha GS

    its never the dog its always the owner........................the dogs are perfect the owners spoil them

  • Ashesh Tamang
    Ashesh Tamang

    Cesar every-time ; It's owner problem not their dogs.

  • Jarne Vm
    Jarne Vm

    Probably everyone at that event learned something that day. They were listening so attentively!

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte

    she will never be able to control those dogs..dr johnny

  • Małgorzata Duszak
    Małgorzata Duszak

    Agressive saint bernard? (not mentioning how overweight this dog is, how bad it is for it's heart and joints!) A Saint Bernard dog was my mom and dad when they were gone, and being a stupid little child I put my stupid little hands into it's food, toys, mouth and probably, bum. I tried to ride it into battle and when I'd flop, he'd lick me to make sure I was fine. When strange dogs happened to climb over fence to get to neighbour's female dog, he'd try to play with his funny oversized paws and threads of saliva metres long bein catapulted into air every time he jumped. When we visited his breeder sometimes in the nearby village/town, my 5 year old self just dissapared into a crazy mayhem of fur and tongues. It's my happiest memory. Now my neighbour rescued one - she barks..until you pet her or at least stop petting her sister - she just knows you are petting her sister eventhough, due to previous owner's negligence, she's completely blind. She feels it and demands to be given at least the same amount of pets. And tell me the dogs don't have a sense of justice? ;)These pup's only fault is that they don't live that long..other than that, skipping neurological issues, the problem lies at the other end of the lead.

  • Saeed Ranjbari
    Saeed Ranjbari

    Respect Sir I heard about your show long time ago Saw couple videos Didnt focus coz its internet and its show But your is literal, I learned so much from your show So thank you for sharing 🙏🏾

  • Ashley

    That’s crazy!! I always thought being calm and assertive was when he puffed up his chest but it’s not oh man I love this man

  • Meals OnWheels
    Meals OnWheels

    Dogs are in a way like kids. They need to be raised and trained in behavior. Shame so many owners just see em like toys to have.

  • Christina Babcock
    Christina Babcock

    I grew up with 2 Saint Bernard's and they were amazing! Gretchen the female was an amazing dog and Runt what do I say about him, he was 7 ft tall on his hind legs and 250 lbs. He was an great dog but he didn't take any stuff.

  • Кристиан Бек
    Кристиан Бек


  • da kid
    da kid

    She’s either pretty strong or her dogs are really weak for her to be able to hold them back like that

  • Sarah Thomson
    Sarah Thomson

    Same thing with horses... Interesting.

  • chill cloud
    chill cloud

    I got my saint bernard puppy yesterday 🥺🌟❤

  • eijun sawamura
    eijun sawamura

    When you have big brother beside you be gangsta... now im alone, they are so big im to small to fight.

  • Spara Dial
    Spara Dial


  • Hannah Arn
    Hannah Arn

    He doesn’t actually show how to fix the problem here...

  • Kia Maria
    Kia Maria

    3:53 The way he's standing there lmaooo.

  • Lloyd Dixon
    Lloyd Dixon

    This is why I'm no longer a breeder. The last thing I want is to sell my precious babies to someone as incapable as this. I'm sorry 😑😑😔

  • parminder singh
    parminder singh

    Funnybthings is single lady handling 2 untrained heavy breed dogs . What a joke . These people making problem not to ourself even for society as well .

  • Rolando Tokes
    Rolando Tokes

    When I want my dose of cringe I can watch Cesar Millan in a few of the comments you guys are dumb

  • kareem ford
    kareem ford

    Its hilarious how animal lovers love these pets so much they'll fight for animal rights and 95 percent of them can't control their pet. You like and want something so bad but in actuality you're not fit to have it. And the 95 percent is not the people on TV. Its 95 percent of animal lovers Lmao. Give me a damn break. If you can't handle a pet don't get one no matter how much love animals

  • Argos Ron
    Argos Ron

    Everything is staged, I believe nothing of it at all, it's just fake.

    • Braden Gentry
      Braden Gentry

      Yeah they trained these dogs to act like they aren’t trained

  • Ad D
    Ad D

    I hate to se idiots with big dogs. But, most people don't even recognize how weak they are, they're dogs do though... 🤔

  • C G
    C G

    i need to buy those magical leash.

  • AllAhabNoMoby

    Everyone knows and loves Cesar. And no one applies what he's been teaching for decades. It's like no one wants to admit they suck at being dog owners.

  • prettyworld

    90% of the problem was with owners not their shud be Cesar to owner rescue not dog..

  • Randog

    I don’t see any training. Here is a real trainer

  • Kleiner Teufel
    Kleiner Teufel

    Well, Phoebe isn't a pure breed St. Bernard. Some back alley mutt.

  • Spencer Younce
    Spencer Younce

    It all starts with it was all good but then about a year later ....

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  • YOUTUBE Peanut
    YOUTUBE Peanut

    Sooo know one is going to talk about how their names are eren and Levi 😃AOT

  • Nina Jensen
    Nina Jensen

    Good tips for handling adult children living at home: “ snap him out of it!” A quick light flick and a sound. Whilst holding body In the Assertive position

  • Isabelle Conklin
    Isabelle Conklin

    Owning a St. Bernard is definitely no cakewalk, it’s hard making them the dogs people make them out to be. I’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into my dog

  • A. Bakker
    A. Bakker

    She is a dog person. She will get it.

  • sety 6
    sety 6

    Look at this whale. Dosent have control of herself so how can she control the dog?

  • Andrea Mantovani
    Andrea Mantovani

    Both dogs are fat. Not really well taken care of

  • Jeff Wise
    Jeff Wise

    st bernards are huge doggies. but they are also huge lumps of sugar. they are very lovable and loyal doggies.

  • Aleksandar petrovic
    Aleksandar petrovic

    This woman shouldnt walk a dog, its emaresment


    i wishd id had saint bernard

  • Embrace the Blue Line
    Embrace the Blue Line

    Ceassr is literally the shit. Anyone who thinks his methods are cruel are the type of dog owner who lets them do whatever they want and have no control over their dogs or children 😂

  • Destini Taylor
    Destini Taylor

    Well, at least she did the introduction right between those two....I think? I hope?!

  • Control The Narritive
    Control The Narritive

    if u look at all these owners they are all extremely weak people and they don't need dogs

  • Chantal Lamb
    Chantal Lamb

    Levi is feeding off of fibi... address her problem,if your scared honey then Fibi is not in the right home with your family,you will need to step up or let her go with someone who can provide what you cannot ...rescues are allot of work but also the most rewarding experience

  • lion fire
    lion fire

    HOLD UP The owner’s name is Erin And the dog is Levi Also, Erin is close to Eren Coincidence? I think not.

    • Pablo Sanchez
      Pablo Sanchez

      🐕 Levi, despite being insecure, protects at all costs, worthy of an ackerman.

    • VR FrEaK
      VR FrEaK

      So true im scrolling through this looking for comments like this

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez

    Cesar do you work a special breed called Wife? I can seem to show her I’m the pack leader she’s always barking at other women lol 😂

  • River churnet
    River churnet

    St bernards are gentle giants this sort of behaviour is the result of poor socialising

  • ok 237
    ok 237


  • Turner Town69
    Turner Town69

    It’s weird how in wolf packs the alpha walks in the back behind the pack to see everything but with dogs it’s the opposite they need be lead interesting stuff considering the lineage

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang

    You should have bring Chandler not Phoebe , Chandler is the funny one 😁🤭😜

  • Saul Alanis
    Saul Alanis

    I hate how all these vids are short. 😂 I get so into a vid and boom when the best part is coming up the vid ends. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ZGJ Finance
    ZGJ Finance

    Don’t get dogs you can’t control lol

  • ZGJ Finance
    ZGJ Finance

    Can this lady control herself enough to control the dog? Prolly not

  • kay d
    kay d

    my pups name is levi! i've never seen another levi before

  • Aggie Kiss
    Aggie Kiss

    Why do they have half of the show uploaded only?

  • Renoir Christie
    Renoir Christie


  • Zoanisious S
    Zoanisious S

    No doubt Levi is aggressive he directly came from another universe of attack on titans

  • Malayalam comedy
    Malayalam comedy

    Anyone have the link of 2nd part. Its so intereting

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    I admire you César Millán you are unique You are the best.

  • Nathan 94
    Nathan 94

    100 years later Can you control a alien dog

  • Fallon McCall
    Fallon McCall

    cesar vs cujo.

  • garry whitelaw
    garry whitelaw

    She may not have control of them in the beginning, but speaking as the owner of 2 big dogs she held on to them both very well when the tried to attack.

  • Muhammad Zavi
    Muhammad Zavi

    Owner of the dogs: c'mon levi Ceaser:you need to match their strength Me:C'mon levi heee haaaaa(cowboy stuff)😅

  • Leben mit SaarloosWolfhund
    Leben mit SaarloosWolfhund

    The same procedure as allways. Unable dog owner, that makes the whole time punishment, the dog has ecollar and prong collar. Incredible unable stupid woman, allways cruel and ignorant. And then the unable charlatan and his packleader bullshit. Poor dogs, horrible

  • John Does
    John Does

    The dog is not the only thing she cannot control..🍟🍟🍔🍔🌭🌭🧁🧁

  • Raquel Clark
    Raquel Clark

    Omg my dream to got to a place filled with Saint Bernards 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • european_lynx

    she is so not a suit for this dog, she needs a super calm breed otherwise nothing will work. Cesar said some wise words, you need to be a leader. She isn't a leader, at least in this video, maybe she is better now

  • Exodia1986Necross

    for some reason I smell ( Attack on Titan ) 👃🏽

  • Ibrahim Mohamed
    Ibrahim Mohamed


  • Lez Go Chaperon
    Lez Go Chaperon

    A friend of mine just kicks his dogs when they misbehave and they behave well

  • Moises Duarte
    Moises Duarte

    i dont know what dable is but they got a gem by getting cesar

  • cherie goodwin
    cherie goodwin

    Too many people haven't a clue and are too lazy to get off their arses. Dogs are hard work...

  • Hororo Kun
    Hororo Kun

    Wow Eren and levi

  • Ironwise

    Helping dogs by educating humans. Good Job.

  • Smoking Tears
    Smoking Tears

    This dudes cool asf but aint a dog whisperer bro just scares the dog shitless but still cool lol

  • Amy Pendragon
    Amy Pendragon

    BUT she says in the beginning she was just walking with the dogs and talking with people at a saints's event. So she was calm she wasn't anticipating trouble and therefore was NOT holding the leash tight and anxious that time. Its the time after the first attack you start to tighten up. And yes I must be a BAD dog person. I have had several really sweet dogs but now I have an aggressive st. Bernard. I must have changed how I act with my dogs? Must be my fault and not this crazy bull-headed st bernard?! I clicked on this video for insight into the problem. They never showed how Cesar fixes the situation.

  • louis desmet
    louis desmet

    Awww look at the squirrel on the right side at 3:33

  • Arya Fish fish mnbee
    Arya Fish fish mnbee

    Cesar is actually so cool , awesome and amazing


    Her name is Eren and the dog is Levi .... Any attack on Titans fans there

  • moses hei
    moses hei

    The Irony!! ...This Programme Correct more human than those Pets

  • Emergency Personnel
    Emergency Personnel

    Big dog big bertha

  • MrG Replays
    MrG Replays

    I which he could’ve helped me when my old dog put in a shelter

  • knockits Lopez
    knockits Lopez

    Alot of detractors but that's what you get in a world full of haters and they know deep down inside your the best.

  • dlm

    Her mind is the problem, dogs are the manifestation of the power, servant or master is always the choice we are called to make. This is the only way out. Caesar is well named he gets it, he understands the signs & symbols. Education makes us dumber. Knowledge of the signs & symbols means we never miss


    3:31 that girl is so pretty and her smile omg!

  • Luiz Angeloni
    Luiz Angeloni

    I like Cesar's methods and explanations. However, why is it that most of the cases the person is always wrong and the dog's behavior is just the owner's fault and this same person has had dogs their whole life and the dog was normal? I mean.. is it really the owner's fault?

  • Ann Jonson
    Ann Jonson

    Fake the dogs are paid actors

  • Paul Mendez
    Paul Mendez

    When I think about it, he probably helps people by his work as much as he helps dogs. Very commendable sir.

    • MrTachyon3000

      True. He's always stated he trains humans and rehabilitates dogs.

  • cargumdeu

    why would a self-professed nervous person adopt large dogs in the first place?

  • MMS.16

    I feel like Cesar can train a wolf and a lion from the wild

  • Asher Forrester
    Asher Forrester

    If I was the owner I would just say HEY BOY In strong voice like Kratos and I am pretty sure the dog will behave That's a joke btw please laugh I get nervous when people don't laugh at my jokes..... laugh LAUGH (in a strong voice)

  • Erick Macías
    Erick Macías

    A woman should not walk two st bernards on her own. She's obviously overpowered physically and mentally

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