Car Life Hack: How to Keep Brake Dust Off Your Rims
Dupont Teflon Spray:
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  • Godfrey Tsuma Jr
    Godfrey Tsuma Jr

    The soundtrack

  • anthony caldi
    anthony caldi

    Great Video! After it dries and you buff it, is there any benefits to doing multiple coats?

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      I have not experimented with that. I would lookup what dupont says about multiple coats.

  • 1boltmeadow

    Excellent video Nathan - generally how long does an application last before it needs re-applying ?

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      I've seen good results for 3+ months. Depends on your driving, how much you drive and how hard you brake.

  • Justin Winan
    Justin Winan

    I tried this and got a bad white haze coating over the paint,...I'm not sure if it did this bc the paint hadnt fully cured by the time I did it or if the haze is something that just happens like it or not.... Any advice to cut down on this?

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      I got this one one wheel I tried it on, since I had done the video. I just buffed it and the haze went away. I don't know what caused it.

  • Toad Phillips
    Toad Phillips

    This is the stuff on Netflix documentary that poisoned that small town with cancer and birth defects. But I want clean rims sooo..

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      Sometimes the risk is worth the reward 😂😂😂

  • Kenneth Harding
    Kenneth Harding

    Didn't drive the car, we didn't see any results, you proved nothing = idiot.

  • Ned Ned
    Ned Ned


    • Toad Phillips
      Toad Phillips

      Ceramic brakes still have brake dust.

    • Shane Ruthven
      Shane Ruthven

      Nathan mentions “if you have ceramic brake pads”. Well, if you have them you will not have a problem ,like Ned says!

  • PyroguyFTW

    Thanks for this video! I'm gonna try this today, as I just upgraded my brakes to better pads and have white wheels, so I'm not too enthused with the dust buildup. As an aside, I used some of this stuff on a water slide and it worked VERY well.

    • PyroguyFTW

      @STEWGUYS worked alright, but not perfectly. There's still buildup, but at about 20-40% the rate it was at before. Thank you again, I never knew about this stuff and it's magical


      Howd it work for you @pyroguyFTW

  • Michael Wallace
    Michael Wallace

    Ceramic brakes create less dust, not more... but the protection should still work regardless

  • Jimmy D
    Jimmy D

    Who the hell is gonna remove their tires every time they want to do this. You gotta be kidding me !!

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      Two things. It lasts for months. Secondly, if you do this with it on, you may coat your brakes or rotors with Teflon. Good luck with that.

  • Tom Robards
    Tom Robards

    Me either

  • Sonny

    OK, I'm confused, ALL the `Net crap says ceramic pads reduce and cut brake dust-- not according to this young man~

  • Rodney Thompson
    Rodney Thompson

    Nice thank you very much brake dust is like an ex I wanna stay away from it 🙏🏾

  • Ethan Becker
    Ethan Becker

    Great Video! Thanks. Well produced. I liked the comparison of the wheels to see what it looks like treated.

  • Billy Duran
    Billy Duran

    Can the product be applied with the wheels attached to the car?

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      No. If you do that, you will end up putting it on the pads and rotors, which could cause your brakes to fail.

  • Pollo Frito
    Pollo Frito

    What are "regular brakes"? Semi-metallic? I thought ceramic pads produce less dust than semi-metallic.

    • G G
      G G

      Pollo Frito me too

  • Simi Kai
    Simi Kai

    How long does it last and will it be gone by washing the rim?

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      I have not scientifically tested how long it lasts, but it seems to last for quite awhile. Usually I can just rinse the rim with a hose and most if not all the dust that does get on there comes right off.

  • Miguel Horta
    Miguel Horta

    Were can i buy this product

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      Dupont Teflon Spray:

  • Anthony o'garra
    Anthony o'garra

    How does that work on chrome rims

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      I have not tried it. If you give it a shot, be sure to come back here and let us know!

  • DA3

    Try SONAX for anything painted, while you're at it try it on shower doors, fiberglass showers- etc etc. once applied car wash soap, bugs or dust won't stick to any part of your vehicle. been detailing for years and never found anything better.

    • Shane Ruthven
      Shane Ruthven

      Which product from Sonax? Xtreme detailer?

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      +DA 3 Thank you for the suggestion. I will have to look into it!

  • Rayven Wulf
    Rayven Wulf

    DuPont.. Part of the Pro-GMO family with Monsanto.. Chemical laden shit!

  • Glyn Robinson
    Glyn Robinson

    Good video, Nathan. I've never seen that product before.

    • Shane Yousef
      Shane Yousef

      @The Nate Take Will it show a lot of white if my rims are gold? gonna need to try this after i clean them..

    • The Nate Take
      The Nate Take

      +Glyn Robinson Thank you Glyn! This is a product normally used to lubricate parts moving parts that have metal to metal contact. Since I have gotten it, I have used it for so many applications!! Its great stuff.