Catch Me If You Can | Frank Abagnale | Talks at Google
For Google's Security and Privacy Month, we are honored to present the real Frank Abagnale, Renowned Cybersecurity And Fraud Prevention Expert, Bestselling Author & Subject of Catch Me If You Can.
His transformation from one of the world’s most notorious con men to an international cybersecurity expert trusted by the FBI has been mythologized in film and literature - but the takeaways he shares are the real deal.
Frank's contributions to the world of security are immeasurable. He has become a hero to hundreds of public and private sector organizations for his indispensable counsel and strategic insight on safeguarding information systems and combating cyber-fraud.
With an eye on the latest techniques developed by high-tech criminals to deceive and defraud, Frank leaves audiences with a deep understanding of today’s evolving security landscape, and more importantly, a vision of how to make the world a safer place.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    he never gets tongue tied

  • Andy Ross
    Andy Ross

    Watch him! He'll copy it and sell of as "goggle".

  • D Man-G
    D Man-G

    A liar will lie until he dies.

  • Darryl James
    Darryl James

    This must be the inspiration for the TV show The pretender

  • Darryl James
    Darryl James

    Wow.Remarkable story. I saw the movie.and now to hear the story from the actual person is just amazing. Turned his life around to the positive. Wow !!!👍

  • fred Nil
    fred Nil

    Watching this on IRbin using a fake name and still logging in with a password. Anyone know what is 5000 miles from Quantico? I want to know what they are remotely speeding up and turning off! .....centrifuges?

  • Socrates Indigo
    Socrates Indigo

    For a second thought it was Madoff giving a speech...

  • State Tech Guru
    State Tech Guru

    I am always concerned about the voice agents like ALEXA, hey google, etc.... the companies themselves are misusing it... and ofcourse a hacker too can do that..

  • Susan Seavitt
    Susan Seavitt

    This is one of the most interesting honest talks I've listened to date. Wonderful, informative, and inspiring. Thank you Frank Abagnail and bless you and your family. You are an asset to the FBI and the american people.

  • Bondage Master Online
    Bondage Master Online

    I saw you yesterday at the Yonge/Bloor subway station in Toronto. I yelled out "Look! Isn't that Ray Bradbury ... Oh wait. I think that's a Jewish lawyer from New York City." Of course you were neither. That was you Frank. I loved that movie "Catch Me If You Can" It was of course a bad joke. No intention to insult. But I have a lot of David Cronenberg extras from his movie Scanners filling the room in my head driving me nutso.

  • W H
    W H

    I just watched the movie again after i watched this, really an awesome character

  • HerbertHoover69


  • Kirk Bowyer
    Kirk Bowyer


  • whitnee hoopes
    whitnee hoopes

    I’m never using a debit card again. That’s genius .

  • Marc Ziegenhain
    Marc Ziegenhain

    I celebrate the guy.

  • e l
    e l

    great movie

  • Asad Rashid
    Asad Rashid

    Incredible piece of information. Genuine man. Serving his country for over 40 years. Did not praise his acts even once. What he told about his wife and children explains his high morals and characters. I did not see any movie on him but he even explained that what is not real in the movie. We could make take away some really good life lessons from this talk. spoke both on the good and dark sides of technology. Everyone should spend an effort to protect their identity. Respect for Frank.

  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

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  • Barb EM
    Barb EM

    Absolutely loved listening to your story. I’m glad you turned your life around.

  • Apple Cheltenhamderby
    Apple Cheltenhamderby

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  • Ryan Townsend
    Ryan Townsend

    Seems fake ..... is this guy known for fraud by any chance?

  • هـوآجـيس

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    Mike duplon

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    Robert Wyatt

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    Booby Hatch

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    Beatrice Simon

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    Alessandro Luciano

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  • Andmaj

    god damn hes smart! and has balls!

  • Josh L
    Josh L

    "Did you ever fly again?" Proceeds to talk about anything except for flying again. Totally flew again.

  • mary eversfield
    mary eversfield


  • James Banker
    James Banker

    Incredibly insightful man. Could use much of his advise.

  • Indraditya Sarkar
    Indraditya Sarkar

    this is the best storyteller I have ever heard

  • Chris Steele
    Chris Steele

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  • George Hanson
    George Hanson

    Curtailing speech in America is cowardly. Why is the FBI so corrupt now?

  • Abdou Abdoul
    Abdou Abdoul

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  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Video uploaded in November 2017. It's April 2021, 3.5 years later. Passwords are still the colossal mess they always were. What happened Frank?

  • Dubble Yew
    Dubble Yew

    So you always had the amazing mind (passed that to your sons), the divorce of your parents just never gave you the opportunity.

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    Mike Barbato

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  • Евграф Борезов
    Евграф Борезов

    What about those passwords dying off in 24 months, Frank?

  • Yellosunshine

    How can someone secure their IPhone devices from privacy invasion?

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    Darrel Johnson

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  • Mooneshwar Chitlal
    Mooneshwar Chitlal

    This speech made me laugh more than any stand up comedy.

  • Renel 77
    Renel 77

    "All children are entitled to a mother and a father"

    • Cherry Low
      Cherry Low

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  • Kanie

    Keep in mind that this guy is a highschool dropout, didn't even get any real degrees, an ex convict and STILL is more successful in life than probably most of us. Think about it :"D

  • Cha Hae-In
    Cha Hae-In

    holy shit best speech i've heard

  • Brent Smith
    Brent Smith

    I always knew I’d get caught, only a fool would think otherwise.. that’s deep

  • pathfinder12

    Way. Better. Than. The movie.

  • Herr Vorragend
    Herr Vorragend

    so that guy did absolutely what he wanted for decades, trolling everybody so hard ... cheated as much as imaginably possible ... and still he is married to his only one wife for 40+ years, allegedly not cheating on her even once ... That kinda proofs that cheating is not equal to cheating in general, and also personal stance of morales can bring forth some seemingly incoherent dependencies. I enjoyed the talk very much, was really interesting to listen to a life story of a man that undoubtly made his extraordinary way in life!

  • Joana Versie
    Joana Versie

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  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly

    Read the book about him. One of the best. So hard to believe but true. He is a genius. Find the book and read it. You will love it.

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    Ryan Samsonov

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  • M R
    M R

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  • Enny Suci
    Enny Suci

    Thank you Frank or what ever your name you ever badge on. You have a tremendous experiences in which you could make them lesson and then passing on publicly

  • Issa Sultan
    Issa Sultan

    how did i just watch this for an entire hour lol

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    Ryan Hannigan

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    Detlev Karl Stötzel

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  • Brandow Funky
    Brandow Funky

    101:41. Is exactly what UNIBOMBER was talking about in his Manifesto. Best and most BASED piece ive ever read. Before you judge, look for yourself. And look at the Comments on the Videos, how many agree with what was written 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Hal Weilbrenner
    Hal Weilbrenner

    Great story my parents divorced when I was 11. Went to court with my dad & lived with him until I was 20, when he retired & moved from Calif. to Missouri. He never once said "I love you", but I turned out OK. Thanks 4 your talk.

  • Parallax Continuum
    Parallax Continuum

    Anyone else pause the video @47:22, to get off your gerbil wheel and liquidate a lingering balance ?

  • Vicki Watson
    Vicki Watson

    Wonderful speaker.

  • Vitamin Head
    Vitamin Head

    All my passwords have been in data breaches, I have over 50 accounts I need to change passwords, it’s physically impossible so I just leave them...very unethical of these companies!

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    Geoff Pace

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  • Karen Larsen
    Karen Larsen

    What an amazing man. Thank you so much for your honesty, kindness, and truth. You have touched me deeply. I have watched the movie made about your life many times, but this one hour had more impact on me than all those hours of watching together. Bless you!

  • Bennett O'Brien
    Bennett O'Brien

    one of the most eloquent men on earth

  • BDay77

    Amazing story, incredible storyteller.

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  • Kris Kripotos
    Kris Kripotos

    I wonder if there's any people from the blm crowd watching this? Hearing how impactful it was to have an intact nuclear family and 2 parents to count on for different reasons as opposed to trying to abolish it because it's become part of the culture and would take effort and change on their part to get back to that point? "I was not brilliant or a genius....i was just a child.... because of i was brilliant or a genius i don't think i would need to break the law to get by...", certainly resignates with how often we hear crime excused with the whole "he did what he had to do to get by" justifications. The fact he takes full responsibility for his crimes and understands its not about trying to get away with them or make excuses for why he wasn't in the wrong when he clearly was, and knows its about how his actions thereafter spoke to his integrity instead of screaming words and promises that never get backed up or fulfilled. That's essentially what being a grown up entails and how to show maturity....holding yourself accountable, taking responsibility, and admitting fault even when it's hard to do.