Cesar Millan Helped My Guide Dog Overcome His Fear
MAKE SURE you watch the video I did on Cesar's channel & show him some love! : irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/hNeBkaDcwm2rs2I.html
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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke

    Does your dog like to swim?

    • Beth Sullivan
      Beth Sullivan

      @L Coop That's sad to know! I HOPE you Learned from @Cesarmillan.com That you should NEVER Force an animal to do ANYTHING!!??? 🐕🐕💯🙏✝️❤💯

    • Beth Sullivan
      Beth Sullivan

      Even though this video shows as 1yr ago I'm INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL 🙏 🙌 💖 ❤ to Have watched it 🙏!! My own rescue hasn't been in pool since falling in but NOW he's Going In!! I'm so excited 🤗 I can hardly wait! I HONESTLY haven't even tried to find out what happened to Cesar's show or Family from the Original Shows but I remember Learning SO MUCH! For the past 15yrs I've watched So Many CAININES walking 🚶‍♂️ 😳 😅 their (Owner) it's RIDICULOUS! Crazy Humans!! I rescued a small dog 🐕 5yrs ago. He drove me crazy the first Month! However, then I started having multiple brain 🧠 🙃 injuries & realized that Pup actually Rescued ME because he EASILY CAN detect if I'm having a Seizure, fall, hurt myself, in severe pain, sick, sad 😥....I haven't found ANYTHING that he cannot Detect & Get me Help asap!! Basically, I had learned a LOT from Cesar! Then I started having seizures & forgot a LOT. I'm so HAPPY 😊 to Learn MORE & AGAIN!! And now my son 💙 ❤ Is back Home 🏡 for awhile @ age 25 & he "plays" w/My Service Animal like he's a Rag Doll.. geez. I've been sharing these older shows w/him so he can FINALLY LEARN Too! ***I live in Texas & would LOVE to spend a day or however long @ Cesar's Ranch w/my own animal or even Not w/mine but I REALLY WANT to spend a day on his Ranch so I can soak up as much KNOWLEDGE as possible just to make sure my own Pack at home is CALM, HAPPY 😊 & Submissive and MOST of ALL, Help Other's & the Animals too!!**** ❤💯✝️🙏🇺🇲🐕🐕❤❤🐕🐕🙏🙏🙏

    • Parrot Lover
      Parrot Lover

      My dog loves water He plays with it everyday in the summer, My dog is a Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Wolf mix hybrid, his name is "Mustang"

    • Elaine Bretz
      Elaine Bretz


    • Faith Brewer
      Faith Brewer

      I have black lab and one time she ran away and we found her in a ponds

  • Brenda G.P.
    Brenda G.P.

    Lol, "thank god my dates don't do that."

  • Avery Sax
    Avery Sax

    There has to be something wrong with me...I started crying when he got in on his own. haha

  • Anna Bee
    Anna Bee

    My dog will walk in up to her chest but not further and only for me or my mom.

  • Brent Shirley
    Brent Shirley

    OK. If she is blind, why and how does she look for her dog? She looks around. She says she measures how far her dog puts his paws in water- how?

  • Ana Rodriguez
    Ana Rodriguez

    I cried tears of joy when Gallop got in the water on his own.

  • Micki Stover
    Micki Stover

    I’m not crying you’re crying

  • yakuza01

    Ha, ha, like any good Mexican, he listens to Luis Miguel :D

  • mariel campos
    mariel campos

    This has me in tears 😭😂💕💕 So happy for y’all!

  • Orange Ziggy
    Orange Ziggy

    Cesar is healthy and available, may the best woman win.

  • Kezia Collins
    Kezia Collins

    Molly Burke how are you how’s everything by I have a

  • Anaiya Badi
    Anaiya Badi

    At 5:30 my reaction was that's a big pineapple on the left

  • Hide and Tweak
    Hide and Tweak

    You're probably the most attractive blind girl ever

  • Parrot Lover
    Parrot Lover

    I also have a parrot He is a Yellow Naped Amazon parrot His name is "Mango"

  • Madeline White
    Madeline White

    Cesar jumping up and down with excitement over Gallop finally going in on his own was so damn wholesome

  • kvinettaf09

    Oh my word...when he went to Molly in the pool my eyes teared!! This was so beautiful to watch, man dogs and animals just go straight to the heart. This was so heart warming :') Caesar seems amazingly in tune with animal behaviour, so cool! I'm going to check out his channel!!

  • letie0717

    Beautiful! ❤️

  • Nytimic

    Intro like:👁👄👁

  • MnZnRs -
    MnZnRs -

    Bon chien,SHES FRENCH!

  • Just a Random guy
    Just a Random guy

    "did you see that" we did

  • mason geller
    mason geller

    what language where you speaking

  • TheMaloney

    As soon as I heard the gratuitous use of the word "super", I couldn't stand it and had to leave.

  • T

    "i'm healthy, im available, um, yes" ok me

  • Marla Wettstein
    Marla Wettstein

    Is Masa her sister or is she just her assistant?

  • Gamergirl 116
    Gamergirl 116

    How do u use computers I thought u blind and bc u know wats he's doing

  • Rhiannon Hesling
    Rhiannon Hesling

    Gallop: "Mommy help me..." Molly: "Bon Chein Gallop, Bon Chein!!" Cesar: "Come on Gallop...Molly NEEDS your help!!!" Gallop: "IM COMING MOMMY!!!" Me:😭😭😭idk why but randomly i had a small sensation that i wanted to feel like "what would the experience be if i was blind--" **MY HEART MELTED❤👏😭😭😭**

  • Rhiannon Hesling
    Rhiannon Hesling

    OMG I HAVE AN IDEA!! MAYBE SOMEDAY YOU SHOULD MAKE A SWEATSHIRT WITH YOU **Molly** AND GALLOP ON IT LIKE HUGGING🤔😳😍😊😁😭😭😭And then something with you and Lavender on it ❤ then something with the 3 of you😁 but oh my god-- i really wish someone show this comment to you😭PLS someone-if you know Molly personally- then pls show her this comment❤ if you like the idea?? I guess you can like or comment...idk😁

  • Angelise Marinos
    Angelise Marinos

    Actually cried switching Gallop overcome his fear! So good!🤍 🐝

  • Trouble 79
    Trouble 79

    if molly is a dog handler im a pope and with all this yelling and clapping they are close to make another trauma for that dog

  • Bryland Westenhaver
    Bryland Westenhaver

    This is how many people like Molly Burke ⬇️

  • miff Kapii
    miff Kapii

    Who was blind again?

  • Madi Arabella
    Madi Arabella

    This was waaaay too cute! Cesars hound is adorable!

  • bunnyrabbitshavehats

    The joy of a dog is to be calm safe and know their place. This is so true. People come over and over excite my dogs. I have had to train so many people to be less reactive. If you are being crazy energy my Aussie is going to think he needs to herd you! Now in time he will get calmer, he is an intact 1.5 year old male. He’s a working dog and my best friend. My pitbull and him get along well. Getting another dog was really the best thing that could have happened for him since he just wants that play time with another dog everyday and unfortunately can’t trust others at the dog park all the time. Now they are a pack and mom is #1. I love them both. Once I learned a calm dog is a happy dog. Changed a lot for me.

  • Sierra Bunnell
    Sierra Bunnell

    They have a Weimy too!

  • J. Vonhögen
    J. Vonhögen

    14:51 - Who is filming? This is the most important moment for the dog, but he is completely off screen in the video. Missed opportunity, if you'd ask me.☹

  • HDPribaDevil Ps4
    HDPribaDevil Ps4

    I wish i have someone like you Molly. Your energy and happiness is truly amazing. I love the way u are, such a happy woman so much love around you. And u share same love to the others as well. The moment your dog Gallop got into a water and u all were happy, I started to cry out of joy because seeing u happy makes me happy. Wish u respond to this and get to know each other, and who knows Maybe our paths cross together one day. I would really love that

  • Marvin Koceku
    Marvin Koceku

    So your telling me that I wasted almost 15 minutes hoping to see the dogs first dive in a long time because the camera women aimed somewhere else??? 🤡

  • Rigs

    Dude ur so beautiful

  • Just Old Dave
    Just Old Dave

    She has a lot if sight for being blind. I have several totally blind friends.

  • Steph Knowles
    Steph Knowles

    I wonder how much experience Caesar has with guide / service dogs. I wonder if their training changes the approach with different recovery

  • Vivenzeo

    I screamed louder here than in Avengers:Endgame's epic comeback scene when Gallop went into the water lol why

  • Reese R.
    Reese R.

    The bird is amazing and beautifull❤💚💙

  • Lilith Kenis
    Lilith Kenis

    Cesar forgets most of the time that Molly is blind and makes a lot of gestures she cannot see. Someone should point that out to him. He is so used to "show" things in front of the camera, at times he doesn't even realises that he is making these "gestures" in stead of explaining things. :)

  • Myriah Conlin
    Myriah Conlin

    I love watching a man pee. To each their own.

  • Albert Parisi
    Albert Parisi

    Wonderful video! I was very happy to see that breakthrough for your dog(:

  • no feelz
    no feelz

    Cesar was more happy than owner when doggo got into water on own.

  • Belinda girard
    Belinda girard

    Way to go gallop

  • K S
    K S

    Do you have a problem in your eyes? I wonder whats the point of wearing goggles in a video where one is a host/presenter of the video.

  • Jay Anthony
    Jay Anthony

    How do you know when your dog looks at you?

  • ilesos

    He’s a Buddhist!

  • The Samveedan
    The Samveedan

    This girl is literally like anne marie

  • Gypsy Love
    Gypsy Love

    You have low energy are you ok like his energy is so fun and yours seems like your not comfortable

  • MiLu StaRz
    MiLu StaRz

    Totally teared up when he jumped in on his own!!!

  • Trap Koala
    Trap Koala

    Is that the same Holly that bit him a couple years ago?

  • Mal Vigil
    Mal Vigil

    Cesar dancing with Rio to some spanish music and speaking his notebook story really is a mood

  • JD & JESS
    JD & JESS

    You threw him into a pool. He didn’t “fall” in a pool after 7 years of avoiding one.

    • Jasper Jay De Graeve
      Jasper Jay De Graeve

      I highly doubt she would do something like that on purpose!

  • Just somebody
    Just somebody

    when a blind person asks you: did you see that 😂🙏🏼 this video is so good

  • dj8422 yoolie
    dj8422 yoolie

    Are you really blind? Doesn't look like that you are sometimes...(f.e. "look at the pool, look at me" and other interesting stuff, that you did or say...)

  • Betzaida Reyes
    Betzaida Reyes

    No one gonna acknowledge Cesar dancing to Luis Miguel? 😂

  • Clapn2x

    Who ever is camera girl/boy need some lesson

  • Clapn2x

    And u couldn’t even record him getting in

  • Mishkawolf forever
    Mishkawolf forever

    Cesar is living my dream i love dogs and have worked with a few cases for my friends. one day i hope my dream comes true of being a cert k9 behaviorist ^^

  • Melisse Adams
    Melisse Adams

    I only realized Molly was blind when reading the comments 🙈

  • Carletta Edwards
    Carletta Edwards

    Awww I love this video. Happy happy tears. I am such a girl lol


    Molly Burke you’re a good dog owner and dog mama


    Cause my big dog Joe needs to be trained not to jump on people


    I need somebody that’s as talented with dogs like Cesar Milan

  • Ruusu Ensio
    Ruusu Ensio

    My dog kinda likes swimming, kinda not. She is a rough collie so with all that fur she is often really hot during summer so she feels better after swimming. She’s just kinda shy to get into the water. She dips her paws in and backs up. The times we actually get her to the water she swims a little bit and then turns around to go back. She also swims funnily with her neck super high so all her body parts wouldn’t get wet xd

  • Ruusu Ensio
    Ruusu Ensio

    Molly: bon chien (good dog) Captions: BoRsHaA

  • Ruusu Ensio
    Ruusu Ensio

    It’s normal to see this *does some weird neck thing* Molly being blind wondering what he meant by ”this” 👁👄👁

  • Abby Granger
    Abby Granger

    My cousin is also scared of birds and they were running from pigeons last time I saw them

  • Debbie Owens
    Debbie Owens

    Great video Molly ♥️

  • Lanky Gronk
    Lanky Gronk

    I forgot abt Ceaser I watched his show when I was like six

  • Sam X
    Sam X

    I have a Swiss mountain dog which is a close relative of the Bernese mountain dog


    Another awesome video of Cesar Millan at work. Wish I could meet him with my dog Gracie.

  • Makayla

    When he swam over to her at the far end of the pool it seemed like such an emotional release for him. :’)

  • stillAkillA

    Dog don't know how to lie that's real!!

  • M & E
    M & E

    Omg I was like “I recognize this name” then I realized I read a book about him And I think Benson swimming was the cutest thing ever

  • Terrese Hamilton
    Terrese Hamilton

    I was so pissed at whoever's video this video They stood there with the camera on her an we did get to see the dog jump in

  • Avocado. Shrimp
    Avocado. Shrimp


  • Mundo a Parte
    Mundo a Parte

    i have the feeling you didnt undestand nothing, you just feel so immature, its like you show love for the dog but at the same time you dont absorb any iimportant info, basicaly if you had an more agressive dog , you would not know what to do, how the dog was in a school and was spent 40 k money and he is afraid of water, you people have dogs only because of status only to ego


    Why were they all screaming when the dog finally went in? Does the dog know the difference between enthusiastic and angry screaming? They shouldn’t have made such a fuss.

  • Amy 1
    Amy 1

    Cesar fixing stupid damage rich assholes do forever

  • Yujusta Hater
    Yujusta Hater

    Soo much happiness and cuteness in this video!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • kay thwin
    kay thwin

    OMG! I want to meet him too. Wondering how much he charge? 😐

  • Glass Steagall
    Glass Steagall

    he dit it he dit it!

  • Linny Crocus
    Linny Crocus

    I love how the other dogs were cheering for him too.❤️❤️

  • R.A.Y A.S
    R.A.Y A.S

    Damn she acts like she can see, which she can I mean like light see no hear see

  • Jason Carpenter
    Jason Carpenter

    Hi Molly. I watched your video with Cesar and it's very inspiring to see what you've been able to accomplish. I also have Retinitis Pigmentosa and I've been legally blind since birth as well. My vision has been slowly declining over the years and I've been considering getting a guide dog. I'm sure it's just about time! I subscribed to your channel and I look forward to your future videos :)

  • Ella Hoch
    Ella Hoch

    CESAR?? *CESAR*??!!

  • Maggie Fluffy
    Maggie Fluffy

    My dog loves the pool. We have a pool built into our deck and she loves it. One of her favorites things is to swim. She evens jumps off the edge sometimes instead of using the ladder. (She does about half and half unless some one is like throwing another person.) She jumps in when we leave the cover off.

  • lilmissy 811
    lilmissy 811

    the girl behind the camera explaining it all to Molly is SOOOO pure and sweet

  • C O'Connor
    C O'Connor

    I just cried over a doggie swimming and being so happy. 😥

  • Red panda Lover
    Red panda Lover

    Sometimes I forget molly is blind because she does all the things a normal person does and she acts like there is nothing wrong and I love that about her

  • Anna Kowalska
    Anna Kowalska

    Im just wondering what kind of people are not happy with this video...677 fingers down? I think this people cant accept other technics than cruelty and sadism to ''train'' animals.....Im so sorry for them.

  • Kadie Galewaler
    Kadie Galewaler


  • kosmos molin
    kosmos molin

    Molly: DID YOU SEE THAT. Me: yes, but did you? Love you Molly

  • Gorkem Gulan
    Gorkem Gulan

    Good boy. Swam on his own. Thats what you need : encouragement and space. Humans and buddies alike.

  • Gorkem Gulan
    Gorkem Gulan

    I had taught that Gallup was the walking command 😂😂❤️❤️✌🏼

  • Denis Morissette
    Denis Morissette

    I prefer those very chill dogs.