Cesar Millan Reveals The Biggest Mistake Dog Owners Make
The world's most celebrated dog behaviorist takes questions from our audience.
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  • K B
    K B

    Cesar Milan giving life facts along with dog facts. Respect

  • FactStorm

    Cesar is an awesome guy, so humble!

  • Pamela Prettynose
    Pamela Prettynose

    Really miss your tv show

  • proxin1

    So he broke American law; cut in front of the line with people waiting for years to come to America legally; paid "coyotes" who use his money to human-traffic, child-traffic and bring drugs to America........ Hurray Cesar!

  • oxfords1

    BS on pit bulls. PIt bulls were purposely bred to kill it's in their DNA just like it's in a collie's dna to herd, a terrier to hunt, a retriever to retrieve. we've been attacked 8 times by pit bulls who get loose from their owners. as soon as they see we're walking our dog they charge and attacked. we carry bear spray and a baton and so far we've been lucky and have stopped them

  • Gonzalo Lezo de Córdova
    Gonzalo Lezo de Córdova

    Sure, but you must come to agree that if something went wrong, the jaws from a pitbul are far more dangerous than the jaws from a yorkie

  • crazycatlady0219

    As a vet in training... your vet stereotypes your dog based on breed, they can break that stereotype but there are breed trends and pit bulls are not always the breed we give side eye

  • GongYooHo

    already fucking up by letting the dog on the couch lol

  • XE1GXG

    Muy simpático el amigo. Y vaya que sabe adiestrar tanto perros como gringos. Consejos muy útiles.

  • Jennifer T
    Jennifer T

    Cesar is the best at dog behavior, we are all fortunate to have him and his knowledge. Thank you for all that you do for us animal lovers!

  • carmen martinez
    carmen martinez

    Yep, I’m Mexican, we all know the sound followed by the look and that’s it, no more warning, otherwise would be followed by la chancla, and the aiming is fantastic, even at long range.😂

  • John Dee
    John Dee

    And the biggest mistake is ....

  • Jimmy M
    Jimmy M

    Does anyone know if dogs can be gay?

  • Alex Opedal
    Alex Opedal

    1:30 Michael cant do the noise cuz his front teeth wider apart then field goal posts

  • Lorgar Aurelian
    Lorgar Aurelian

    lol ceasar bro there is just one human race, you got that wrong xD

    • proxin1

      @Lorgar Aurelian You still think like a child. There are obvious significant differences, besides skin color, among races... in manner, outlook, attitude, athletic ability, rhythm, temperament, and IQ. We all know and acknowledge that different dog breeds have different attributes, traits, and temperaments, but we pretend it's not the same with humans. I know it's uncomfortable for you, but as you grow up you will realize that there are inconvenient and uncomfortable truths in life. We should celebrate the differences, not pretend they don't exist.

    • Lorgar Aurelian
      Lorgar Aurelian

      ​@proxin1 DNA studies do not indicate that separate classifiable subspecies (races) exist within modern humans. While different genes for physical traits such as skin and hair color can be identified between individuals, no consistent patterns of genes across the human genome exist to distinguish one race from another. There also is no genetic basis for divisions of human ethnicity.

    • proxin1

      Wrong, there are several... you're just uncomfortable with reality.

  • Jmichael Isbell
    Jmichael Isbell

    And HIS big mistake is supporting Pit Bulls, that kill maybe 50 people per year in this country. But it's all "how you train them" and "bad owners" YET, you cant find ONE citation of a 12 pound poodle killing anyone. But "it's not the breed" we need to worry about.

  • Jay

    Pittie love

  • stilt

    I'm a Cesar fan but he's wrong when he says its not the breed. Every breed has traits.....

  • dabrego66

    Cesar is very knowledgeable on dog behavior and just as much on human behavior towards the dogs. Great guy.

  • Corey Carlson
    Corey Carlson

    I like Cesar but this is a click bait title. It should be César Millan answers 2 questions about dogs....

  • Kathy Newey
    Kathy Newey

    Love you Cesar...

  • Leo Leo
    Leo Leo

    🙏 🙏Please Subcribe my Channel 🐶🐶 irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/YqeeaauS2XykxpU.html 😍😍

  • jdls12

    “I’m too much air” it’s that gap mike, you know why you can’t do it

  • lisa myhre
    lisa myhre

    True what he says it isn't the breed it's how you raise them

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez

    Hello Mr. Millan, super Comment about Puppies behaviour's to a Senior dog. Thank You sooo much😍. I have a lovely SENIOR dog and he doesn't like it when Puppies would jump" on him or come to fast to close to him!!!!! 😅 Greetings to YOU and your Senorita Sophia ❤️such a lovely Doggie she is. 😍😘

  • Mamma Peace
    Mamma Peace

    One year ago I moved in with my boyfriend and his 11 year old Boston terrier. Her name is Maha. Maha poops and pees in the home 3 times a week for the past year. She tried to poop on me when I was pregnant. She pooped on my kids toys. She poops and pees on the couch and the dining room table. We take her outside to the restroom all the time and the dog is never home alone. Maha has growled just a few times when the kids have pet her over the year. When I had my baby and she was a newborn she was wrapped in a blanket sleeping and Maha was on the couch and I told her to go lay down and she walked slowly over to my baby and walked across her before jumping off the couch. Now my baby is 5 months and the other day she was wrapped in a blanket sleeping on the floor. Maha came up to my baby and tried to dig into her and her blanket. I told her to go lay down and she walked away and came back and tried to dig into my baby and her blanket again. Sometimes when Maha sits in between my boyfriend and us he tells her to go lay down she doesn’t listen. She will sit between us anyway or walk away and come right back. My boyfriend said she poops on the table because she’s jealous that the kids get to eat good meals and sit up there and that ‘it’s not fair and he needs to make her homemade snacks’. I told him to not allow Maha in the couch because she won’t stop peeing on it and he yelled at me and said it’s her couch too and it’s my fault she acts like this because ‘my kids and I moved in and took up his dogs space’. His ex girlfriend of 7 years ago told me the dog pooped and peed in the house all the time too. I don’t know what to do. My boyfriend calls his dog ‘good girl’ and ‘baby’ and cuddles her all the time and brings her everywhere we go. We can’t even go to the ocean for a few hours without the dog coming and getting half the attention and laying on my beach blanket, ruining any romantic vibes. I hate this dog and I hate how much we fight over the dog. I hate living like this. My baby is about to start crawling and it grosses me out that she has to crawl in carpet that has been urinated and pooped on so many times.

  • Sonic Cruz
    Sonic Cruz

    Damn he got some white teeth

  • Bandichod Madabandichod
    Bandichod Madabandichod

    What is a cayoti guy?

    • eCouchPotatoe

      Human smuggler. Gets people across the border for money.

  • Brian Patrick
    Brian Patrick

    The Biggest Mistake Dog Owners Make is listening to Cesar Millan

  • love lovely
    love lovely

    Wat breed is that beautiful doggy,

  • Danilo Jones
    Danilo Jones

    Wow niceeeeeeee

  • TheMaloney

    Those teeth though. Jayzuz Christ.

  • Kim Shelton
    Kim Shelton

    Thank you Cesar for explaining that pit bulls are not bad. It’s always the owners!!!

  • Francisco A
    Francisco A

    "I jumped the borded, my dad gave me $100 and I had to give it to the Coyote (the smuggler guy), then I was two months homeless" that's someone who dreams and struggles for better.

  • Darko Bluesummers
    Darko Bluesummers

    I like the saying that humans need to be trained, and disciplined first, because then your dog will follow suit and respect your demeanor.

    • Darko Bluesummers
      Darko Bluesummers

      It's like with people, if you respect and admire someone, your willing to do so much more to please them and work harder for them.

  • Luna bully bull'z
    Luna bully bull'z

    Venez découvrir ma chaîne et abonnez vous c'est gratuit et sa fait du bien 😁 irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ctqGdpyV0YeZ2HM.html

  • It doesnt MATTer
    It doesnt MATTer

    Its disgusting how this guy came in Illegally and so proud of it as he wants to inspire others to do the same. Illegal trespassing is wrong. There should be death traps and military enforcements in the border....not a wall.

    • Jesus is Lord
      Jesus is Lord

      I support Trump, and I support the wall. But altho Caesar came here illegally, he made this country better. Which is what we want immigrants to do. So i support Caesar. Even when someone breaks the law they can still do good, we still must love them as Christ should.

  • Don Kiddick
    Don Kiddick

    If your dog is digging in your yard give it away to search and rescue... ?

  • Noah Sherwood
    Noah Sherwood

    Good to know he snuck into our country without a permission, skipping the line and going past the Q of all the people waiting in coming in through the correct process, one of us never got permission to be here

  • stealthylo7

    Cesar Has always been such a delight to watch. He’s such a mood. Such a vibe. A true example of what most Mexicans come here to this country. We come to provide, we come to reach a goal, we come here to not only get but to give. We come to grow and help others grow as well. God bless him always and forever Bc we need more people like him.

  • TORONTO 416
    TORONTO 416

    Did I miss the biggest mistake cause I never heard him say anything about that!

    • -Kim S.
      -Kim S.

      Train the human. That’s the motor behind the dog’s behavior.

    • -Kim S.
      -Kim S.

      Dogs are dogs People are people. Ignore breed Ignore race Pitt Bull is not bad. BLM ETC.

    • Eric Hand
      Eric Hand


    • mslove

      Exacrly what I was thinking

  • Mel Marshall
    Mel Marshall

    Why on earth do the audience clap for no reason.? Probably told to as it’s a tv show but, for gods sake don’t they realise how stupid and annoying it is. Just like false laughter on many American shows. Just saying. .

  • 4 BRATKA B
    4 BRATKA B


  • Libby Young
    Libby Young

    The biggest mistake a dog owner can make is listening to Cesar Millan

  • MansterBear

    Found Cesar Milan 11 years ago my senior year of college. Graduated, got my first “own” dog, a Rottweiler. Used cesars methods and had a great dog. He just passed away in July at 10.5 years old. Waiting on a new gsd puppy now to start the journey over again. Very grateful for all I’ve learned from Cesar.

  • Angela Mcdonagh
    Angela Mcdonagh

    Don’t like the man he kicked a dog last time I see him on tv

    • Libby Young
      Libby Young

      The biggest mistake a dog owner can make is watching Cesar Millan

  • Dominic Pascal
    Dominic Pascal

    3:09 Jada pays for his English classes. Reaction of the blonde woman: aww, that's such a cute story, you couldn't even speak. Reaction of the other guys: WOOOOW! That's incredible, out of this world!

  • Blue Newt
    Blue Newt

    So using the dog for searching for carcasses will prevent it from digging in the yard. OK....

  • Jason Auw
    Jason Auw

    you have a lot of air cause your tooth gave it away

  • PJ Tribble
    PJ Tribble

    I'm so glad the "Pitbull" was talked about! I've ALWAYS said , "it's not the dog but, the owners"!! It hurts my heart every time one of these beautiful dogs are put down.... still chokes me up inside.... Have a wonderful, safe and blessed weekend! Peace & Blessings!


    Such a talented man

  • Clapn2x

    He jumped the border 😂 I bealive

  • Satoshi ZZ
    Satoshi ZZ

    Awww we dog lovers are the best people on earth! If you dont love dogs you are trash you know why cuz you eat beef pork and chicken, they arent for eating just as dogs!

  • D H
    D H

    He made that ***** his show ...Yass super entertaining

  • JS Mariani
    JS Mariani

    Genetic traits that exhibit different tendencies in dogs are real. Sheep dogs are not happy sitting around by themselves.

  • Randy Clarke
    Randy Clarke

    I respect Cesar so much. He's a dog genius.

  • Jacky Sparow
    Jacky Sparow

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  • Carolyn Glass
    Carolyn Glass

    My niece has a small pitbull-choc.lab mix. She started pooping & peeing every time my niece left the house. Others are in the house so she was not alone. They've tried everything. Crating her, walking her more , putting her out more (she WON'T "go"...she holds it....no matter how long left out.) She destroys the insulation around the door anyway if left out. Tore the scene from the window & barks non-stop! I would have put her down. Dog "shrinks" & military dog boot camp aren't in this single mom/grandma budget. Don't know what to do next 😒

    • Carolyn Glass
      Carolyn Glass

      @CMH ...Thank you. I don't think, however, taking her back to the shelter (and a possible 6th home adoption) would be a good solution . She might get abused because not everyone would put up with this problem. She would just keep getting recycled if returned again to the shelter (?) I truly believe the kindest thing would be to put her down. My niece has chosen to keep this stress & destruction in her life & that is the sad fact. SMH

    • CMH

      Carolyn Glass Our Marylin was a 7 month old rescue. She was very destructive, she destroy 3 gates, 2 wood, one chain link fence and was hit by a car. She survived and recovered but I realized she was a liability and we didn’t need the extra stress from her with our attention on our newborn baby girl. It’s was a bad decision adopting her at that point in our lives and I regret not being educated on what it takes to be a good dog owner. I ended up giving her to a friend that does construction so she’s always out and about and happy now. Maybe your best bet is your niece surrendering the dog back to the shelter?

    • Carolyn Glass
      Carolyn Glass

      @CMH ... Thank you. Appreciate the feedback. This dog was a rescue. She was great 1sr. 2 months then started the problem. She is about 10 mos. old. This is her 5th home! What a headache. I would put her down but my niece won't. SMH

    • CMH

      I don’t have the answers but I had the the same mix of dog and I can relate with the stubbornness. I can only say that I didn’t train my dog from the get go and this all requires time and patience. I had neither and so did my Wife tending to our new Baby. What I learned is a dog can be like a child, if you don’t parent correct and put in the time you won’t get any good results.

  • Josefina Rodriguez
    Josefina Rodriguez

    How can stop my chihuahua for being biting

  • PMthedonutgirl 52
    PMthedonutgirl 52

    Cesar millan is the MAN!

  • Liv arevir
    Liv arevir


  • Lana Adams
    Lana Adams

    Cesar....tone down the teeth, they're blinding me....

  • john cameron
    john cameron

    The Biggest Mistake Dog Owners Make---- well what is it?

  • Srujan Nanii
    Srujan Nanii


  • Sonya Evans
    Sonya Evans

    I’m obsessed with Cesar’s teeth🦷

  • Karin Schuster
    Karin Schuster

    people get so caught up on that sound. you can make any sound to get your dog's attention and refocus.

  • Patricia Moreno Monroy
    Patricia Moreno Monroy

    He makes it seem so simple I need to learn this is the first puppy I raised in the house he’s 8 month’s old

  • K D
    K D

    Not long enough interview.

  • Wibble Wobble
    Wibble Wobble

    The biggest mistake would be to use this idiots methods.

  • Paulina PI
    Paulina PI

    Lovely guy and Smiths are so lovely too!

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams

    I just attempted the "tsst!" I finally got it close and I know this because my pug was sleeping at my feet and shot up and looked up at me.

  • Tens

    Main stream TV is so cringe.

  • Volvox

    His teeth... I cannot get over his teeth! How does he do it? So white :O

  • genie inabottle
    genie inabottle

    does anyone know whats the breed of Sofia?

  • New Thought
    New Thought

    Thank you Jada and Will! And of course, Hail Cesar!

  • marya copeland
    marya copeland

    what kind of breed/mix is Sofia? she's a real beauty

  • Meet Evi Greater swiss mountain dog
    Meet Evi Greater swiss mountain dog

    wrong comparison. People are not "bred" to do something particularly good , dogs are. Pitbulls are bred to kill bulls and that is why they should be banned. Breeding that out of the breed you need centuries and good breeders.

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA

    Skip the wiseguy quips below... the most important mistake owners make is NOT taking obedience classes... even a 6-week one at a PetSmart, etc. They make excuses and bluff and blame. Class helps you see that a dog is conditioned as a lower animal... which nearly no owner even learned (because of NO classes taken).

  • Mayank Shankar
    Mayank Shankar

    cool tips!

  • Dogs- The Humans Best Friend
    Dogs- The Humans Best Friend


  • Frank White
    Frank White

    This man is an inspiration and a genius

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson

    Considering ourselves “owners” of these animals is our first mistake. We’re not owners...we’re guardians.

  • Bandichod Madabandichod
    Bandichod Madabandichod

    Who is the cayoti guy?

  • Foppo Leeuwerke
    Foppo Leeuwerke

    Why are Americans so obsessed with white teeth?They look false defeats what people are trying to do or show.Cesar is right it is the owners who need training a dog is a dog.Not human, it has different senses.

  • Yolanda Moreno
    Yolanda Moreno

    Cesar Millan, you wanted tocome to América? México is not America? I never heard a Mexican say " I want to go to America".

  • Nikaida Shaheed
    Nikaida Shaheed

    Lol at you sound like a fan

  • Christine Maria
    Christine Maria

    Ceasar is freakin cute

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  • joeybagadonuts 73
    joeybagadonuts 73


  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    Cesar is the man! I know a lot of parents with children that could use his advice LOL 😂

  • Sweet Beauty Boudoir
    Sweet Beauty Boudoir


  • pixielated23

    Same with horses. 😘

  • Eduardo Cubillos
    Eduardo Cubillos

    Caesar looks coked out when he came out lol

  • Bon Ton
    Bon Ton

    He told Michael you're lip is hopping lol

  • Sir Lance Goodthrust
    Sir Lance Goodthrust

    Caesar's teeth are ridiculous

  • Monica Fajardo
    Monica Fajardo

    wow I did not know will smith and his wife were his supporters

  • qmax1969

    Back in my childhood parents just needed to give you the "look " and you new exactly to get the fuck out of here


    Illegal immigrant...didnt know that. He could of become famous in Mexico

  • Liz Gitschier
    Liz Gitschier

    My puppy used to dig a lot. A good idea is to bury their poop in the hole and they won't dig there.

  • JerryVMartinez Clan
    JerryVMartinez Clan

    Love him. He feels and takes the dogs best interest. We as humans often behave selfishly and forget they have needs and all they wanna do is help us.