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"The Red" by Chevelle
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So lay down, the threat is real
When his sight goes red again
Seeing red again
Seeing red again
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  • Alexander Prokofiev
    Alexander Prokofiev

    I'm so excited to find this song after 10 yrs

  • Michael Peters
    Michael Peters

    Just can’t get old.......

  • Trevor Lewie
    Trevor Lewie

    The RED ...well it filters through.

  • Michelle Lapidus
    Michelle Lapidus

    I listen every weekend to unwind. ❤ it and can't go without it! 🤗

  • The Heel Synergy
    The Heel Synergy

    I’m here because of the Big Red machine KANE! This is also one of my favorite Chevelle songs

  • inky

    Going to see them live in a month with the off spring!!


    Play this in my funeral or I am not going

  • Joseph Decker
    Joseph Decker


  • Joseph Decker
    Joseph Decker


  • Joseph Decker
    Joseph Decker

    Tickets 🎫

  • Joseph Decker
    Joseph Decker

    Would anybody else like to share

  • Krista Ochoa
    Krista Ochoa

    Fucking awesome song always one of my favs


    Anyone else notice one of the extras in the meeting room is a pirate from pirates of the Caribbean curse of the black pearl

  • Kimberly McDonell
    Kimberly McDonell


  • Nathan Garner
    Nathan Garner

    The fact that this band is still going and has made great music yet has always been underrated, is mind blowing.

  • Vanessa Z
    Vanessa Z

    Aww I remember I went to see them a LONG time ago when they came to SA,TX. I went w my sister. She got super drunk and left me at the venue. Lmao. Good times. Great song.

  • Stephen Beach
    Stephen Beach

    Love this band

  • Julia Rayburn
    Julia Rayburn

    I went to this concert

  • Dave van der Linden
    Dave van der Linden

    Learn to recognize the many different faces of anger. Think before you speak.

  • Sharpboat01

    I humm this every day..

  • Nelson Marcia
    Nelson Marcia

    90s will never return,,,

  • Maya Rodriguez
    Maya Rodriguez


  • Tommy Powrzanas
    Tommy Powrzanas

    Btw fuck michigan! Come to the south east where everyone loves you guys!

  • Chris Kwasniewski
    Chris Kwasniewski

    The way I look at my coworkers lol

  • Liz Deal
    Liz Deal

    Still one of the best EVER!!!

  • Maile Kaluahine
    Maile Kaluahine

    Looove it..

  • Javier Rocha
    Javier Rocha

    I have this song and many songs in this era in a playlist I listen to only ever six months. Everytime it’s brand new to me and I love it even more. Goosebumps come like it’s the first time hearing it.

  • carl cannon
    carl cannon

    I love this song

  • aereedg

    So heavy So red

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith

    Looks like Nate Diaz playing bass :)

  • Ema Kuen
    Ema Kuen


  • chace clark
    chace clark

    April 28th 2021 who is still here

  • Lala Bear
    Lala Bear



    🔥🔥🔥K A N E 🔥🔥🔥 👑

  • killer gaming community
    killer gaming community

    This songs calms me down when I start to lose my mind

  • Joseph B. Decker Jr.
    Joseph B. Decker Jr.

    🎫 tickets 🎫

  • itsyeboi _jovanni4
    itsyeboi _jovanni4

    Thats gotta be kane

  • Samantha Bluebird
    Samantha Bluebird

    S S ...

  • Danny Smathers
    Danny Smathers

    I do kick ass

  • Melvin Lozada
    Melvin Lozada

    Kane WWE Hall of Fame Song”

  • Johnny Sanchez
    Johnny Sanchez

    Who else struggles with alcoholism

  • Johnny Sanchez
    Johnny Sanchez

    I heard this at the gym, took me so back so far I had to replay in 21

  • Shashi chamane
    Shashi chamane

    Sorry for the late...

  • Shashi chamane
    Shashi chamane

    This band are awesome 👌 thanks to them I've dig my life again to relax...

  • Videosuperfuntimes

    A ufc fighter needs this as their walkout

  • Lil Echo
    Lil Echo

    "Eye for an eye".

  • Joseph Decker
    Joseph Decker


  • Joseph Decker
    Joseph Decker

    Would anybody else like to share

  • lee terrell
    lee terrell


  • Blade Smith
    Blade Smith

    best song of all time. not close

  • Zbyszek Chudy
    Zbyszek Chudy


  • Muhammad Hafizi
    Muhammad Hafizi

    They say 'Freak' When you're singled out The red Well, it filters through So lay down The threat is real When his sight Goes red again Seeing red again Seeing red again This change He won't contain Slip away To clear your mind When asked What made it show (What made it show) The truth He can't send to most So lay down The threat is real When his sight Goes red again So lay down The threat is real When his sight Goes red again So lay down The threat is real When his sight Goes red again Seeing red again Seeing red again Seeing red again Seeing red again Seeing red again Seeing red again Seeing red again Seeing red They say 'Freak' When you're singled out The red It filters through

  • (STUDENT)Jasmine Rider
    (STUDENT)Jasmine Rider

    this song is the best.

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood

    They looked like babies back then

  • Karen Dolan
    Karen Dolan

    I think I have this on CD

  • Ennova

    The stock market lately....

  • Reynaldo Rivera
    Reynaldo Rivera

    This reminds me of ptsd group the military would make me go to whole I was in the wtb @ bamc.

  • David Holcomb
    David Holcomb

    I don't watch wrestling. It's fake. This song resonates with me because it reflects the inner rage we all have and at some point, we lose it. Seeing red again!!!!!!

    • Karl der Dicke
      Karl der Dicke

      Wrestling is only scripted. Bumps, etc are real.

  • Sandra Sands
    Sandra Sands

    This has 71M views, and the audio has 17M views.

  • Evett Watts
    Evett Watts

    How the fawk does Chevell only have 300.000 subscribers. Whats wrong with ppl. This song makes me feel something tingly inside. 😌

  • Ohmyfkn GAWD
    Ohmyfkn GAWD

    click dislike if ur gay

  • Young Legend
    Young Legend

    Kane 🔥

  • Koutchise

    One of the few bands from the 2000s that I can consider sincere and on point. Up there with how I view Alter Bridge.

  • Angélica Grajales
    Angélica Grajales

    Such a nice tune so powerful, this song is a jewel, my second fave just one place behind "Send the pain below". 😎💜🎵🎵🎵

  • dvgayle1

    I just stumbled on this. Instant fan.

  • Atanu Sanyal
    Atanu Sanyal

    See red again....thats gonna be KANE

  • Unknown Android
    Unknown Android

    I wish it was 2009 so I can listen to this again for the first time Along with my buddy AnonymousMusic

  • Aymeric Simon
    Aymeric Simon

    I got to know this jewel thanks to the Hall of Fame 2021

  • Lupe R Calderon6593
    Lupe R Calderon6593


  • Solid Rip
    Solid Rip

    2021 and I'm still angry.

  • Jacquelynn WL
    Jacquelynn WL

    Best counselor award evah.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    I'm 43 and still rocking this track. These boys were so underrated. #2021andbeyond

    • metal man
      metal man

      They wasnt underrated. What happened was the douchbag Tool fans discarded them. They only knew one band. TOOL. I like Tool but their hardcore fans are douchbags.

  • random person
    random person

    One day at a time.

  • Aaron Velez
    Aaron Velez


  • Victoria Claypool
    Victoria Claypool

    Been listening to this song since 2012 and it's still one of my favorites 😈

  • Ben Gommer
    Ben Gommer

    This band is fucking awesome

  • Audio Fanatic
    Audio Fanatic

    I love crashing the volume on my JBL speakers with this track.

  • Billy Patterson
    Billy Patterson

    The threat is real stand and prepare to defend

  • Florian Beast
    Florian Beast

    For the BIG RED MACHINE... KAAAANEE HOF 2021 🤘🏼

  • Crow N AMPz
    Crow N AMPz

    Hey 2022 🖕

  • Kenneth Kuykendall
    Kenneth Kuykendall

    This song should be the theme song for 2021.

  • Alicia Perry
    Alicia Perry

    I never knew what this song was about until now. Basically, the man is jealous because he catches his significant other with someone else. I don't follow wrestling but congratulations Kane!

  • Michael Johandre
    Michael Johandre

    Been part of my life cant go without it help ed me through alot of pain and depression

  • crazyeyed me
    crazyeyed me

    The video didn't do the song well.

  • Desiree Audemars
    Desiree Audemars

    The beginning reminds me of Lean Wit Me but this is a classic I love it

  • Chaos Llama
    Chaos Llama

    Am i the only 13 yr old listening to this rn?

  • Debadatta Das
    Debadatta Das


  • Julie Kalbow
    Julie Kalbow

    This songs still badass!!!!!!!!!! 2021 going strong ;)

  • Jonathan Hudgins
    Jonathan Hudgins

    Not a fan of Mayor Glenn Jacobs...but yes, WWE putting this into the Kane HOF video was a brilliant move. Kane was cool and so was this song.

  • Jason Rutledge
    Jason Rutledge

    The song f*fucking rocks..

  • Rich Mon
    Rich Mon

    This video is amazing. The tension and build up is like a pot of water about to boil. I'm watching this in 2021 and if you're at all swayed by the media, then this is an accurate portrayal of the current U.S. political climate.

  • Ryan Schmid
    Ryan Schmid

    Now this song has an association with Kane and has new life

  • Skeet McSpanky’s
    Skeet McSpanky’s

    Listen to this song since 2019. 2020, I was thinking of this song that could fit for Venom: let there be carnage since carnage is a threat and he’s red. 2021 I didn’t expect this song would be in Kane’s hall of fame theme.

    • Skeet McSpanky’s
      Skeet McSpanky’s

      @geoff st-jean The sequel kinda does, cause of carnage y'know?

    • geoff st-jean
      geoff st-jean

      The Venom movie doesnt deserve this song...

  • Jaime Arreola
    Jaime Arreola

    🙏😷 1960 2021 Chevelle rocks

  • SkaMasta097

    Does anyone else miss Joe on bass? I love his bass tone and he really adds to the song with his backing vocals.

  • Dante Díaz
    Dante Díaz

    La verdad que bueno que a Kane le pusieron esta canción

  • Eduardo Abad
    Eduardo Abad

    0:37 que hace el cabezon Ruggeri?

  • Eduardo Abad
    Eduardo Abad

    0:37 que hace el cabezon Ruggeri?

  • Rishkhan Productions
    Rishkhan Productions


  • Awesome Card Breaks
    Awesome Card Breaks

    Top 3 WWE video packages of all time. Might be #1. Perfect song for it.....