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An icon returns. #Coming2America arrives to Prime Video on March 5th

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  • Zamo Mthethwa
    Zamo Mthethwa

    Bringing back my childhood memories

  • Dilbert Durand
    Dilbert Durand

    Bring back Axel Foley ffs.

  • free spirit
    free spirit

    Wesley snipes as a coup leader just cracks me up

  • Hammy Shayaddy
    Hammy Shayaddy

    "I don't need no hand out!" Sees the money and celebrates with his mama. That's typical black people. It's true but it's still funny af.

  • esrael tefera Official iz shagi
    esrael tefera Official iz shagi

    🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹 Ethiopian singer iz esrael

  • Business Stories
    Business Stories

    It looks like a great movie!!

  • Donald Seale
    Donald Seale

    I loved the first movie. Tried watching this one and couldn't make it to the end. Supposed to be a comedy, but never saw a single scene that was worth even a chuckle.

  • Gamer Nerd UK
    Gamer Nerd UK

    So I just watched this. And I have to say I was actually amazed at how many people they got to return for the film. Sadly Madge Sinclair passed away, they never even paid any respect or homage to her at all. Which I found odd... The ending was predictable as everyone guessed. But with a few surprises thrown in. It reminded me a lot of the original film. and We are given an explanation as to how Akeem was given a SON. Don't pay any attention to the haters who are judging it without seeing it. Simply watch it for yourself and you'll enjoy it....

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    Why 30 years later to make a sequel though?

  • Ryan Destrad
    Ryan Destrad

    Coming 2 America (2021) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD ------------۞-------------- ☑ механізм, який ми використовуємо для встановлення Кеннеди, Жонсон нарын тэргүүлэгчид, Вьетнам, Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

  • FunFamTV-UK

    It's not quite in line with the 1st movie, he was looking for his bride in the 1st movie, clearly didn't want to sleep around or anything, fell hopelessly in love with Lisa, now all of a sudden he has a side kid? Or kid he just conceived before meeting her? Also Lisa tells Akeem that he's not the 1st man she's been with, then he acts as though he's shocked when he knew she was with Daryl 1st.

  • Marissa Flores-Ada
    Marissa Flores-Ada

    1:26 Akeem attacks Semmi

  • Semrdin

    I think the movie has a lot of Ethiopian 🇪🇹 influence fonts, traditional outfit etc which is warming to see and it is the best movie

    • Eric Tremblay
      Eric Tremblay

      The wardrobe is the only good thing about this movie.

  • Andre Anderson
    Andre Anderson

    #nerdrotic check this movie out, I would love to hear your opinion.

  • Ace Saxena
    Ace Saxena


  • Eric Tremblay
    Eric Tremblay

    Not sure who edited that movie because I did not made it to the end. But they should never edit another movie. The script does not help but the pace is wrong and the scene out of sync. It really feel like an amateur film with a big budget wardrobe.

  • Ndabarishe Fabrice Byishimo Muhorana
    Ndabarishe Fabrice Byishimo Muhorana

    Who else is here after watching it on Prime video? Big regret for me. 1st one was legendary, full of pureness, loyal, love... but this is something else. They have to redo this movie again to be honest.

    • Ndabarishe Fabrice Byishimo Muhorana
      Ndabarishe Fabrice Byishimo Muhorana

      It messed up man

    • Eric Tremblay
      Eric Tremblay

      I am. We need to tell people to not watch this garbage and keep the good memory of the original.

  • Daphne Brooks
    Daphne Brooks

    I can't believe how Eddie Murphy looks absolutely great! Like time stood still for him black dont crack and JEJ looks fabulous as well i love how they have the same characters 🙏. Thank you Eddie Murphy for bringing this movie to the screen I have always enjoyed and admire your work. May God continue to bless you and your family in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏💗

    • Eric Tremblay
      Eric Tremblay

      Just watch it and lost a lot of respect for Eddie today. I never took him for a sell out, but there is no other explanation for that garbage.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    FYI, this is already on Pirate Bay😂

  • Leon G.M.
    Leon G.M.

    Hey HO :D Not to his mother :P

  • Raymond Cook
    Raymond Cook

    aaw, all those narrow shots and the shaky camera make this look like a bad sitcom :(

    • Eric Tremblay
      Eric Tremblay

      The edit is atrocious and the script absolute garbage.

  • Alex Aspelin
    Alex Aspelin

    Lmao. This movie is funny as hell. Was definitely as good as the first

  • smith housen
    smith housen

    Coming 2 America is a dope remake... Not cheesy at all and all the re-casted characters was balanced out perfect in my opinion.. Also perfectly remade for this generation.

  • lucy k
    lucy k

    my whole family is over the moon about this

  • joe rioux
    joe rioux

    Looks terrible. Shouldn't it be call coming to Africa?

  • Benjamin Fredrick Adeoye
    Benjamin Fredrick Adeoye

    Waiting for the full movie. But please remind me, which of the women in part one did he really slept with that gave him a son?

  • jaggin 75
    jaggin 75

    Definitely worth a watch! I enjoyed the heck out of this especially Wesley Snipes!

  • anthony fernandes
    anthony fernandes

    Yea baby i love eddie murphy this movie was epic i think 1990 came out

  • Brook

    Crazy Rich Niggas

  • kryptic chaos
    kryptic chaos

    Now why isn't this rated R like the first movie? Are you kidding me? A pg13 rating? Makes me not want to watch it, thats what made the first one so funny with all the cussing and nudity they might as well should have had disney involved what a disappointment

  • Dalton Stephens
    Dalton Stephens

    let's admit that everybody's going to be watching this movie

  • Veteranmac 88
    Veteranmac 88

    It’s official out an very disappointing whoever wrote that script needs to be fired possibly shot 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Eric Tremblay
      Eric Tremblay

      I would put the editor on the firing line also.

  • the developer
    the developer

    Hi stranger scrolling through the comments 👋🏻

  • Durka Durka
    Durka Durka

    Good to see older actors in proper form once more

  • Just Cliff
    Just Cliff

    This looks like it's not going to be good, especially with Leslie (over-acting) Jones and Tracy (I play the same character in every movie) Morgan. But I hope I am wrong. Would've like to seen Cuba Gooding Jr. back in the barber's chair.

  • jahinthecut_

    Was very good , just saw it ! I wish they would do one more , please just ONE MORE !


    Just saw movie it's Awesome 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • JayE Gamez
    JayE Gamez

    Looks Good

  • Trusten Baker
    Trusten Baker

    They fudged it up. Should of left it alone. Greatness needs to back up.

  • esoj anacig
    esoj anacig

    The 1st movie was an instant classic! I hope this one too.👍❤

  • King Johnathan
    King Johnathan

    Looks good but I wish Trevor Noah was cast as the son that would have been amazing

    • jaggin 75
      jaggin 75

      There are special surprises!

  • Kadingo Boyz
    Kadingo Boyz

    Watched the movie. So much established and great actors with lots of potential in the movie, yet I'm split in opinion about this movie. Anyway, i think the actresses who played Meeka (Kiki Layne) and Mirembe (Nomzamo Mbatha) did a very good job.

  • Lorenzo Grant
    Lorenzo Grant


  • Karna Surya Putra
    Karna Surya Putra

    Wesley snipes yea BLADE

  • patrick mcglone
    patrick mcglone

    I'm betting that it's Semi( arsenio halls son,) not eddie murphy's!

  • Mimi Miso
    Mimi Miso

    Can’t wait to watch it.

  • Artiseph Inkman
    Artiseph Inkman

    Thought they was never going to make another coming to America. Since it was the greatest movie ever. Can they top the first one or even come close. I thought it so i will wait and see.

  • Bobby

    Destroyed a masterpiece

  • Sean Thornton
    Sean Thornton

    It's a garbage woke disaster of a movie, really disappointed they didn't do the original justice!😔

    • Eric Tremblay
      Eric Tremblay

      I agree. The most obvious cash grab for a sequel I have ever seen.

  • David Zanger
    David Zanger

    this looks terrible

  • Priceman5

    So, let me get this straight. The once honorable and pure hearted Prince Akeem has been turned into a "rolling stone" that apparently banged another woman while trying to hook up with his future queen (if the timeline is correct). Also, there's the "women can't be in power" angle (which you know means she will rule in the end), and the KING being thrown out of his bedroom like a common simp? The feminist agenda is Strong with this trailer. Chalk up another one for the Get Woke, Go Broke category. Nostalgia is the only thing that will keep this afloat.

    • Priceman5

      @casualgerm Just nothing you can comprehend.

    • casualgerm

      wrote a whole bunch of nothing XD

    • clarence hemphill
      clarence hemphill

      I'm sure the bedroom thing is a joke but some places do think women shouldn't be in power I think this is based of old laws of rulers

  • B B
    B B

    Looking forward to seeing this!

  • Deen Elhadj Ibrahim 224
    Deen Elhadj Ibrahim 224

    Yall stay tuned COMING 2 AMERICA 3 Is in 30 YEARS

  • Jessica Burton
    Jessica Burton

    I am so excited! Even James earl Jones! Very cool. Good move prime video

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

    2:00 LMAOOOOOO

  • malcolm whitfield
    malcolm whitfield

    Just watched Coming to America 2. This movie... "SUCKED"! To have so many established black actors from Murphy to Morgan Freeman to James Earl Jones to Wesley Snipes I am utterly surprised it sucked so much. I finished the movie out of respect ...but it was terrible. $128 million what a waist. The first Coming to America production cost was only $28 million as was far superior. Stage sets were cheap and terrible looking, story line predictable, buffoonery exaggerated, terrible for who was in it. The producers and directors did a shotty and shitty job. Boy was I dissatisfied. Please don't bring back ZAMUNDA! Give me Wakanda!

  • Red Lion Forge
    Red Lion Forge

    I’ve missed Eddie Murphy and the first one was awesome so this one should be just as good!

  • choirkitty

    Do these actors ever age???

  • Bill Boyd
    Bill Boyd

    This seems like cultural appropriation to me.. Just kidding.. I don't care..

  • Raheem Rice
    Raheem Rice

    Might watch but why is it all the classics are better than part two’s or remakes tho 🤔

  • Pain Free
    Pain Free

    Ehh, I like the old one, looks like a try hard movie

  • Jason Hunter
    Jason Hunter

    I fucken love all of them!! Thank you for this. We needed it. 3/4/21

  • Mike Reeves
    Mike Reeves

    Won't watch it....not a second of it. Total racist cast!

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S

    “I don’t need no handout” >sees money Did he not know what a handout was?

  • C TL
    C TL

    Am I the only one that has a problem with this watered down rated P.G.-13 P.C. BULLSHIT? "Coming To America" is a real classic. This is DISRESPECTFUL.

  • nick hair
    nick hair

    Fake people????

  • Andrew Abramoske
    Andrew Abramoske

    He defibrillated SNL and saved Christmas! Can't wait. Comic genius!

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    so sad madge sinclair didn't live to see this

  • Enlightened Den Dweller
    Enlightened Den Dweller

    Maybe Far Cry 7 will be Zamunda.


    Can’t wait!!

  • Matt Gregorowicz
    Matt Gregorowicz

    Holy hell John Amos got old

  • Harry Lime
    Harry Lime

    Waiting for the sequel, ‘Going Back to Africa’!

  • Ruben Bon
    Ruben Bon

    That boy good

  • ben jones
    ben jones

    This isn’t necessary after 30 years. I’m bored already. It was good for the time. We don’t need more.

  • Mark Angelou
    Mark Angelou

    I know we are all going to watch this....but there is like zero chance this is anything other than awful, right?

    • Eric Tremblay
      Eric Tremblay

      It could have been good, but yeah it is absolute garbage.

  • sendapez

    Eddie Murphy just needs to come out with another rater R comedy standup special already. Everyone knows how funny he can truly be! Why is he holding back?!

    • kryptic chaos
      kryptic chaos

      This movie should have been rated R just like the first one, what the hell is this pg13 crap?

  • Jeremy Carson
    Jeremy Carson

    Looks dreadful

  • Rise Awake
    Rise Awake

    I’m 13 minutes into the movie and it now makes sense

  • Ashley Zimmerman
    Ashley Zimmerman

    It looks so funny! I am so excited, cant wait to see it!

  • Art Sonnevelt
    Art Sonnevelt

    People over here complaining like the first movie didn't have a predictable plot either.

  • CuCac Nguyen
    CuCac Nguyen

    I have watched the first movie over, over, and over many times. I don't even remember how many times.

  • jermaine588

    Ooohh this gonna be good..look at all the mega stars including the original ones..well done now that's how you do it 👏🙌👌👍

  • Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
    Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Arsenio Hall looks exactly the same lol 😂

    • Twainy 10
      Twainy 10


  • Arm Collector
    Arm Collector

    Would love to see Mr soul glo in here lol... Forgot his name but u know who I talking bout!!

  • Anuradha Kaushish
    Anuradha Kaushish

  • Coves


  • Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi
    Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi

    Booooooo 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Brett Taylor
    Brett Taylor

    Why do i feel like the son is actually Arsenio hall's character son?

  • tejanissimo

    Can't wait

  • darrin gifft
    darrin gifft

    I hope that wasn’t all the funny parts , can’t wait to see it

  • T Money
    T Money

    He didn't sleep with any woman in the first movie, this makes no sense 😒 and looks kind of cheesy.

  • John Amato
    John Amato

    Kevin hart should of played eddies son

    • Alpha e
      Alpha e

      should have*

  • Lando Black
    Lando Black

    12 tonite Im on Amazon 💯‼️🤣

  • Tee Tanner
    Tee Tanner

    Finally Eddie!!!

  • Drifter U2
    Drifter U2

    Eddie needs to get a daytime job Maybe at the gas station.

  • Drifter U2
    Drifter U2

    Really the first one still sucks an now a repeat ? Don't waste your money or time !

  • WaterThEPlAnts

    Im disappointed not interested. Should of left but alone now they have banished another classic😒😒😔

  • Frohae

    It’s tomorrow letsss goooo

  • gamma rays
    gamma rays

    This is one of those movies you just need to leave them alone. Don’t make sequels. I saw the second one already and I will keep the comments to myself. That’s all!

    • Eric Tremblay
      Eric Tremblay

      I did not make it to the end but it felt like it was edited by a F1 driver during a race.

    • kryptic chaos
      kryptic chaos

      It's pg13 to start with

  • robert bertie
    robert bertie

    the Africa American idea of what Africa and it's Kings n Queens is like is a little bit off