Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Vehicle I've Ever Seen! | Insane 18 hour Detailing Transformation!
This van was the DIRTIEST and NASTIEST vehicle I've ever detailed! The transformation it made was epic and the owner reaction is unreal!
#disasterdetail #carcleaning #cardetailing
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Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek

    Is there anything better than a nasty disaster detail? 🤣 Make sure you check out the Q&A over on the second channel!

    • Jennifer Gilyutin
      Jennifer Gilyutin

      How much do you charge for this kind of detail?

    • Mauritz Jabs
      Mauritz Jabs

      I’d really like to know how the fuck someone is able to drive this without always adding puke to the mix. Furthermore I’m curious how anybody can let it come so far?...

    • Nathalia Marques
      Nathalia Marques


    • Mc Bridge
      Mc Bridge

      You are awesome!! I would have trash that car. Great job.😊🤩

    • Javanna Abens
      Javanna Abens

      @Vloger boy p

  • Kristine Torrice
    Kristine Torrice

    If her car looks this bad what does her house look like? Yikes! 🤢

    • Kristine Torrice
      Kristine Torrice

      I don’t understand how someone can let their vehicle look like that. It’s disgusting. He said the can stunk. That’s so unhealthy for the kids to breathe in. Can you imagine how the kids must’ve smelled after riding in that van? 🤢🤢🤢

  • man

    thought that was a map

  • Enthusiasts Garage
    Enthusiasts Garage

    You people are slobs eh.

  • Gata Apaixonada
    Gata Apaixonada

    Como que a pessoa deixa o carro chegar a esse estado?

  • John Vera
    John Vera


  • Allison Connor
    Allison Connor

    I wonder this customers house looks like.

  • AA-A090

    I literally knew exactly how they were gnna look, wtf

  • Colby Nichols
    Colby Nichols

    Automatic car wash and someone will detail it for you dude

  • Pete Mitchell
    Pete Mitchell

    Very good job! I don't understand how anyone can ride in such dirt. I would be ashamed to put such a dirty car in the interior to clean. Horror, I wouldn't even sit inside. I'm surprised a woman drives this car. She should be ashamed to show her face to the camera. I don't want to see what it looks like at her home. Your work is great, I really like your videos. Greetings from the Czech Republic from Europe. :)

  • SuperDuper Geo
    SuperDuper Geo

    I'll never understand how people can drive that around and let it get thag bad smh

  • Janet Barels
    Janet Barels

    Why. Isn't she mortified and embarrassed?

  • Janet Barels
    Janet Barels

    If the car looks like this, can you imagine the house!!!!

  • Liliana Lourdes
    Liliana Lourdes

    I thought my moms car was discussing! Then I look at this mess I can’t even understand how they were ok living like this, you have kids and I am glad I’m not living like that. -_-

  • Liliana Lourdes
    Liliana Lourdes

    The kids: Mommy can we go to McDonald’s? Mom: there’s McDonald’s in the back, there is no need to go there’s some fries and some nuggets you will be fine.

  • Liliana Lourdes
    Liliana Lourdes

    This is like worth 2 million to clean but I wouldn’t even do it for 3 million!

  • Reemon Soro
    Reemon Soro

    Guy should've gotten a bronze star after this battle.

  • Courtney Hunter
    Courtney Hunter

    Hey we also well my sis got an old truck and to clean the carpets we wetted it with the water hose and then used a shop vac to suck up the soap and water after we used hard brisle brushes is that good

  • Courtney Hunter
    Courtney Hunter

    So how do you get bugs off the front we live in the country and bugs on our car are like super glue on fabric

  • Stepheon Coles
    Stepheon Coles

    Customer: shows up with a family sized sack of McDonalds gets in the car and doesn’t say thanks.

  • K B
    K B

    If you let family of racoons live in that car for a year it wouldn't be this dirty. These people are just plain filthy

  • M. Langer
    M. Langer

    Wow that is impressive I hope you charged over a $1000 to do that job.

  • Retro Piggy
    Retro Piggy

    Do you ever get the same car twice (by the same owner)?

  • Olivia Samuels
    Olivia Samuels

    Now I know where the clarisonic came from.

  • Deshawna Morgan1
    Deshawna Morgan1

    Damn how many kids dey got? Bc aint no way its that much dirt in that car😭

  • rutul vasani
    rutul vasani

    1:20 damn mann is there a bio degradable used condom there ??? 👀

  • Me_Stupid

    Me watching a dude clean a car. What made me do this

  • sal esp
    sal esp

    Customer: “See you again in six months sir”

  • Barry Cooke
    Barry Cooke

    Hi, Do you clean the Engin`s and the bay`s as well?

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson

    Of course it's a minivan 😒

  • sunshine j cortez
    sunshine j cortez

    Absolutely satisfying to watch the magic of clean

  • Erica Alves
    Erica Alves

    Fico impressionada com a capacidade de um ser humano conviver com tanta sujeira em um carro . Você está de parabéns pelo capricho.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🥰

  • Donzaleigh Anderson
    Donzaleigh Anderson

    Like I don't understand how folks don't clean their cars regularly. I wash an clean out my car every or every other weekend. Now take out my seats will be dirty bit NOT this nasty.

  • Tobias Krebs
    Tobias Krebs

    Always amazing how people can neglect their cars. How hard is it to just take out the trash and use a vacuum every once in a while. I just don't get it...

  • Hacked Games
    Hacked Games

    If his car looks like that,but his house?

  • o c e a n e x b l v e
    o c e a n e x b l v e

    This car has more snacks in it than Walmart 😭✨

  • D r I p p
    D r I p p

    Dude who ever allowed that mess to get like that needs to be ashamed of themselves cause they live like pigs even a damn RAT is cleaner than that ugh embarrassing. SLOBS. Their happy? Oh my goodness aSomeone has decency and cleaned your property stupid bit ch

  • Gürdal S Ü M E R
    Gürdal S Ü M E R


  • Cheese Puff
    Cheese Puff

    Bruh. Reminds ne of my brothers car lol

    • Cheese Puff
      Cheese Puff

      Btw they soooo had kids

  • Eddyyzz

    What kind of drill does he use ?

  • Kirk Harris
    Kirk Harris

    Was this $5,000 dollars 💵!

  • david samford
    david samford

    Saskatoon? Is that like the sister town of Looneytoon!

  • OliviagoPadilla

    how is that real- that has to smell horrible

  • Destiny

    I’ve rewatched this video so many times and each time I’m amazed at how trashed the van is.

  • Sam Stropes
    Sam Stropes

    Man I’d be scared to see the inside of their house 😳

  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis

    I strongly advise not to eat while watching this video 🤢. Pretty sure y’all have more common sense than me anyway.

  • Caila Brown
    Caila Brown

    Do you clean the car then give it back to that person 🤣🤣 ( just Asking) ?

  • blue line 556
    blue line 556

    Bless this guys water bill

  • The Cool Club
    The Cool Club

    There's a point where you just buy a new car.

  • Lorinda DeMarce
    Lorinda DeMarce

    Is there ever a time you think. I can't get this clean?

  • Kalmar Wingfeather
    Kalmar Wingfeather

    no 👏 food 👏 in 👏the 👏 car

  • Chris Bridges
    Chris Bridges

    No excuse for allowing your vehicle to get into that condition. It is the second biggest invest you have.

  • Ryan Sylvester
    Ryan Sylvester

    Would you guys eat all those crumbs on the floor for the ps5 ???

  • BJ Smith
    BJ Smith

    I bet whoever owns that van their house looks the same way

  • Maydell Savoie
    Maydell Savoie

    Great Job!!!

  • Steve Budgen
    Steve Budgen

    Omg I’d hate to imagine what their house must look like, Absolutely disgusting. Great transformation, good job 👍

  • florasion

    Ah yes, my yearly dose of birth control

  • MsTifalicious

    Can you imagine what their house looks and smells like

  • Nicky L
    Nicky L

    I’m not from there. Carpet in wheel wells?

  • Nicky L
    Nicky L

    Some people are just disgusting. I would never let my kids make that much mess. Absolutely no need to eat that much crap in a car. God knows what their house looks like.


    Atleast he had a couple snacks to enjoy while working.

  • mathilde demers
    mathilde demers

    Some peeps are truly disgusting. No self respect whatsoever

  • oilfortheworld

    After they looked, I would have thrown all the trash in and said "go, eat it on your pigs." Info:Google translate

  • Prasanna Dhoni
    Prasanna Dhoni

    Coronavirus would have died inside that car

  • Jaanika

    Don't your feet get wet with those shoes?

  • Chris Parry
    Chris Parry

    I’d be so ashamed to let my car get in that state. Pure lazy!

  • Florian L.
    Florian L.

    How tf do you get a car that dirty?

  • justforthetv

    People are disgusting. I'll never understand how someone allows a car to get this dirty especially with food

  • Rissa A.
    Rissa A.

    My kids are not allowed to eat in my car...even myself. Wow. Why bother cleaning it'll get dirty again unless they change their ways.

  • Harry Ramsey
    Harry Ramsey

    Their is 4 people in my house hold and that much duet is Werth about 10 forow vacuums in my house

  • Simon

    How on earth did they even get it that dirty?? And even if I had a car with stains that I can't get removed or sth, before giving it someone to clean I'd at the very least take all that trash and food out and vacuum it at least once. How do they not feel weird or uncomfortable turning in a car THAT disgusting

  • Not Your business
    Not Your business

    A hoarder car. disgusting

  • savannah vick
    savannah vick

    This is definitely a moms car!

  • Märta Jansson
    Märta Jansson

    I don't even u understand how people willingly sit on seats that dirty

  • Dara Sheridan
    Dara Sheridan

    Question- how much would you charge for an average full detail?

  • PiscesXXX

    What is the red and black tool you use to scrape the fine debris out of the carpet while vacuuming?

  • nadine rodriguez
    nadine rodriguez

    this dude loves his job...his work ethic is very high..good job sir...disgusting slobs though

  • Francis

    These are filthy irresponsible people. They gonna trash it again 100%

  • EdgeofDead 95
    EdgeofDead 95

    I am starting to believe you make these cars that dirty. I dont belive anyone could use their cars like this.

  • Trip20

    What an absolute piece of shit you have to be to let your vehicle get like this. Total trash humans

  • Matthew Parris
    Matthew Parris

    This looks purposely done. Then again some people are just that nasty.

  • The One
    The One

    How much will this cost?

  • Malmö dashcam
    Malmö dashcam

    rubber on gaspedal and brakepedal looks brand new , hmmm something is wrong with Detail Geek

  • Angela Bryant
    Angela Bryant

    I know it’s your job… but damn, these people need to have some self respect! Disgusting 🤢 On a lighter note, you did a fantastic job!

  • Adventure Or Not
    Adventure Or Not

    Imagine their house.

  • Cam C
    Cam C

    This man is so fine! And he plays the guitar?! 😩💖

  • manuel mendez
    manuel mendez

    Wow idk how u can look at your clients and not tell them how disgusting they are who let’s a car get like this wtf is wrong with people

  • Nora Kavanagh
    Nora Kavanagh

    I’ve got a 1991 Porsche 968. Can you recommend something for the paint, have some white overlay on trunk due to snow season. Just don’t want to strip the paint- quite scared to touch it! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Yenaishka Corcino
    Yenaishka Corcino


  • Violet Freund
    Violet Freund

    thank you for the customer reaction!! really satisfying to see it get clean! always a fantastic job!!

  • Ritchie M
    Ritchie M

    German car owners would beat their kids to death, if they´d leave the car so filthy. I don´t have children and my car does not even look that nasty. Does americans really don´t care about their cars?

  • Ally

    Take a shot every time he says "french fries"

  • Eman Anjum
    Eman Anjum

    Thedetailgeek: dirtiest van I’ve ever seen Me: I’ve seen worse

  • Babidi Buu
    Babidi Buu

    Mcdonalds does the same to your body

  • Truth Hunter
    Truth Hunter

    When my truck starts to look like this I take it out to a field with a leaf blower all the doors open and just do what I can LOL

  • Sohyeon Yoo
    Sohyeon Yoo

    Why... Why is this happening...?.....

  • E-D-I-T Media Productions
    E-D-I-T Media Productions

    Something wrong with the owner, meaning: give it a year and you can do it again.

  • Jaden Tippeconnie
    Jaden Tippeconnie

    My momma has 5 toddlers. This is exactly what her van looks like lmfao.

  • Bharadwaj R
    Bharadwaj R

    Kia having Infiniti floor mats 😂😂😂

  • timothy tan
    timothy tan

    I'm just imagine if owner's car is already like that, how about owner's House? Hmm... Can't even dare to think about it🤮🤮🤮