Dirty! A wife gives her husband this after he finishes his chores! | Family Feud
Name something a wife gives her husband after he finishes his chores. We get it guys, you're praying for #2 but it's more likely to be #7!
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  • Noah M
    Noah M

    A BJ Steve!!

  • Ragingbull340

    Notice the questions on this show where they ask 100 women are all demeaning to men!

  • aibandidos

    My first guess would be "nothing". Guess people just lie on their answers

  • Don Clark
    Don Clark

    What was 'dirty' about it?

  • E. Rivera
    E. Rivera

    Perhaps I should take my time with the first set of chores

  • SupraJZA80

    I clicked because of Vannesa...also the title. Yeah they got me too!

  • David R.
    David R.

    I like Steve, but thumbs down for the misleading title

  • Snook On the fly
    Snook On the fly

    I’ve learned I have a defective wife lol

  • Kryptos4u

    A day off

  • Kryptos4u


  • Neil

    Sandra & Vanessa,...👀😜👍👌😍💕💕💕

  • 20UEC010 Aron Debbarma
    20UEC010 Aron Debbarma

    *Anything sexual* Steve Harvey everytime : 😧

  • North Sunset
    North Sunset

    I was waiting for a BJ answer :D

  • Jonathan Collins
    Jonathan Collins

    Definition of a click bait title

  • The HAL
    The HAL

    My wife gives me another chore to do 😒

  • JoeySkate813

    Dam jacksons came in for the steal at the end haha

  • Nicholas Jacobs
    Nicholas Jacobs

    There is an was nothing dirty about it ! Except for being lame lol

  • John Boze
    John Boze

    A cookie! But.. If give a husband a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass milk!

  • Brother Augustine
    Brother Augustine

    Beef-A-Roni is an oddly specific answer

  • Trees trees
    Trees trees

    An explanation on how to do it the right way next time

  • Victor Pradha
    Victor Pradha

    Sex after doing the chores. I'm gonna call B.S. More like when you're done with that here's 5 more things you can get started on.

  • Carl Mottola
    Carl Mottola

    Vanessa is clearly not marriage material

  • strkeout

    Complaints about how it wasn't done well enough

  • videonewsletter

    DIRTY? Why did the video title say, "dirty"?

    • Jonathan Collins
      Jonathan Collins

      Literally exactly what I'm saying. Damn click bait title

  • ray johnson
    ray johnson

    Women are so cute when they think they're in charge 🤣

  • Ahmed Alghamdi
    Ahmed Alghamdi

    unfair 😔

  • MrKenstar2

    Why is this show so black?

  • maxdobasquete

    Dig Sandra! Is she available?😏

  • C. S. McLeod
    C. S. McLeod

    Look at the size of that guys head!

  • Darren McFadden
    Darren McFadden

    Clever. Now reverse the question and ask people what a husband gives his wife after she finishes her chores and see how well it's received.

    • SCU Later
      SCU Later

      If people don't receive it well, call out their bullshit and move on and keep rolling. If we can all do that, this cancel culture will cancel on itself.

    • Sep G
      Sep G

      Who cares?

    • Carson Cooper
      Carson Cooper

      @Brandon Kern No It would be canceled within the hour

    • Brandon Kern
      Brandon Kern

      The show would be cancelled by the next morning

  • King Ulrich
    King Ulrich

    That's kinda unfair. The first family were able to guess 6 answers, but the other family only got 1 and they won?

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith

      That's how Family Feud always worked. It's a CHANCE to steal all or nothing

  • Snook On the fly
    Snook On the fly

    .........Another hoop to jump through.

  • Abe Ascencio
    Abe Ascencio

    Vanessa somehow managed to make me blush even though it's only a video.

  • Omar Morales
    Omar Morales

    Damn church people lmao

  • Cgul 805
    Cgul 805

    The forgot to say "dome" if anybody knows what that means lol

  • SWog

    One answer was food... or beef-a-roni? Another was a drink... or Michelob Ultra? Exactly who were they polling?

    • O M
      O M

      @kris. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • kris.


    • Brycen Bissett
      Brycen Bissett

      Lol probably sponsors

  • Nick Badry
    Nick Badry

    Wife's don't giveth they taketh the money haha

  • mrgenericbrand

    Couldn't pay me enough to hang out with the dude in the newsboy hat with the hipster glasses and the cutoff sleeves. Guy looks like a tool I'd be embarrassed to be seen with in public. Have a nice day!

  • cptawesome

    Man I’d have said “nothing”

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    That vanessa tho 👀

  • Xavien X.
    Xavien X.

    Was hoping Vanessa said...Head... Vanessa fucken smoking hott..🔥

  • Jake Glasgow
    Jake Glasgow

    Is Sandra trans ?

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez

    Still waiting for the dirty part...

  • James S
    James S

    What is “rub down”

  • Smoke

    From the title and the thumbnail, i was expecting her to say a b.j. 😁

  • Jerry Kwerve
    Jerry Kwerve

    Vanessa is smoking hot

  • Chuck Goodman
    Chuck Goodman

    A scolding because it wasn’t done up to her standards, should’ve been #1!

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson

    Mmm Vanessa

  • MegaJodog

    If this guy is you, then you married your mom😂

  • Dick Man
    Dick Man

    OMG Vanessa 😍😍😍😍😍

  • imaweerascal

    Why do they all clap before they find out if they were right? And why clap yourself?

  • r rod
    r rod

    That girl in pink is beautiful but not very bright

  • Mike Manny
    Mike Manny

    Stealing all the points with one answer left on the board CLUTCH

  • Maurice Mallari
    Maurice Mallari

    Ohh damn they stole all their points 😭😂

  • scarygary5678

    A blowj-

  • Moneynvrsleeps

    A kiss? #1 , this is why divorce on the rise.

  • randy roti
    randy roti

    Dad is huge!!! Vanessa is super hott

  • Random Anton
    Random Anton

    these girls are all very pretty

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas

    Dang. Sandra and Vanessa are HOT!

  • G H
    G H

    Thought a chore was sex with the wife.

  • Dilithium Crystals
    Dilithium Crystals

    that vanessa is hot

  • msidler84

    That family does all the work and the other just swoops in at the end.

  • The Evil Ascot Company
    The Evil Ascot Company

    Lol, that Christian family looks like a team of superheroes from an Alan Moore comic.

    • Billy C
      Billy C

      I don't knkw who Alan Moore is, but that sounds like it makes sense.

  • Steven Urban
    Steven Urban

    I get absolutely phuckin nothing!!!!!!!.Never I mean never get married.

  • Sprint Spirit
    Sprint Spirit

    Complains about how he did his chores...lol... honey if you read this I love you

  • Dustin Pomeroy
    Dustin Pomeroy

    More chores,let's you take a nap ,these guys are pansies

    • GreatWhite Sufi
      GreatWhite Sufi

      I think the more chores one was a joke

  • shoobadoo123

    Vanessa is baddddd asfffff

  • Johnny Clay
    Johnny Clay

    When your married it's a "Honey do list" not chores.

    • Koppa dice
      Koppa dice

      Yeah good luck with that Johnny

  • The Legend
    The Legend

    So the other team does 90% of the work finding the answers then loses it all 😭

  • Ryu Pasha
    Ryu Pasha

    Family sex feud

  • elvis 1
    elvis 1

    my wife said blo job i agreed!

  • MojoMan Murph
    MojoMan Murph

    How about making a honey do list of chores for your wives

  • Dustin Davis
    Dustin Davis


  • Delena Paw
    Delena Paw

    more chores?😂🤣

  • Erik Peterson
    Erik Peterson

    No nap for the husband....no money either.....no night off A woman told me ...you get what you pay for....

  • redland pony
    redland pony

    it;s to draw ppl in

  • Glock2201

    Really was not dirty at all. Could have been much worse with that question.

  • beemerchef27

    Guys arms are as big as F

  • Euro Guy 85
    Euro Guy 85

    Who the F*** answered with Michelob Ultra? How many idiots are being taken advantage with that piss poor excuse of a beer flavoured water?

  • cam koncurat
    cam koncurat

    vanessa bad

  • Zach Lee
    Zach Lee

    i was gonna say shower ...

  • Charles Slater
    Charles Slater

    I think North Americans are the people who use the word ‘dirty’ as a synonym for ‘sexy’.

    • Phillip McLeod
      Phillip McLeod

      More like a synonym of "naughty" and "shameful." Sexy is attractive while "dirty" doesn't mean that at all.

  • Flotzem

    Who the f, besides steroid boy looking for attention, cuts the arms off of a dress shirt?

  • Ben Santellano
    Ben Santellano


  • Gene Rutherford
    Gene Rutherford


  • Robert What?
    Robert What?

    Why is this titled as "dirty"? There is nothing dirty about it.

    • WWE is my city
      WWE is my city

      Are you from another planet? Who the heck doesn't know that sex is dirty??

  • Oh Bumbaclot
    Oh Bumbaclot


  • jessie james
    jessie james

    The adorable jewel overwhelmingly heat because thing undoubtedly form via a dynamic bumper. teeny, efficient sampan

  • Keith Van Huss
    Keith Van Huss

    Vanessa and Karina can give me love 💘

  • krishna murthy
    krishna murthy

    So the first team gives 6 answers and the second team gets all the points for giving just one answer. How is this fair?

    • krishna murthy
      krishna murthy

      @Jordan Bradford Yes.

    • Jordan Bradford
      Jordan Bradford

      Is this your first time watching Family Feud?

    • Wan

      Lifes not fair

  • Lea Kotlica
    Lea Kotlica

    It's really irritating when someone gives all the right answers and right in the end someone else wins the game💢💢💢

    • El Guapo
      El Guapo

      They deserved the steal-massage was such an obvious answer!

    • Addem

      They should have passed

    • Clash With Thomas
      Clash With Thomas

      yeah the rules are pretty stupid

  • LoKei13

    I was told by my wife that I don't deserve anything for doing what's expected of me, not even a thank you because I'm not a child and adults just do what needs to be done. Needless to say, I stopped doing most of them and pretty much mow and take out the trash.

    • Matilda Robbins
      Matilda Robbins

      @uTubeNoITube ask him! Bye bye.

    • uTubeNoITube

      @Matilda Robbins Yea I'm calling bs. Judging from your aggressive, judgmental opinionated attitude I don't think anyone could stand to be around you longer than a few minutes at a time lol

    • LoKei13

      @Matilda Robbins I spent a year as a stay at home dad and did just about everything around the house, cooking, cleaning, raising the kids, doing laundry, etc., with no thank yous and no affection. When we first got married it two two months for her to accept the mere concept that cooks shouldn't clean dishes, which meant I cooked and cleaned the dishes. After I blewout two discs in my lumbar saving a man's life I got glared at because I physically couldn't do anything around the house because my weight limit was 6lbs and it caused immense pain to do anything, including lay on my back. She has said, repeatedly, that her mom and sister respect their husband's because they make enough money that they can be stay-at-home wives, meaning I am unworthy of respect because I don't make that much. Keep your condescension to yourself since you're obviously a bitter, angry person who is incapable of seeing any fault with yourself or being happy and therefore must make others feel bad. Get some counseling.

    • Matilda Robbins
      Matilda Robbins

      @LoKei13 im sure you dont say thanks when your wife does the dishes. You probably just lay on the sofa watching tv. And you want a thanks because you take the trash out? Lol

    • Matilda Robbins
      Matilda Robbins

      @uTubeNoITube i'm very much happy and in love, thank you for your concern. He does things around the house without asking. We share things 50/50 and everyone is happy. That's because he was raised the right way.

  • loyalty7273

    0:08 table is shaking

  • GburgerCardShow

    i was gonna say more chores

  • Malachai Millington-p
    Malachai Millington-p

    i love this game show

  • Jason Van
    Jason Van

    The ill-fated bag congruently hum because april roughly flow of a wanting journey. alert, lewd tennis


    the show is still going on with Covid 19? Must be. THe podiums are Larger than before and Steve stands further back. Anyone else notice this. Does the family get tested before taping? Who knows!

  • Adam Slater
    Adam Slater

    Clickbait much?

  • Gypsymuffin

    Massage. What a great answer!

  • val Shindler
    val Shindler

    Steve is the worst host ever he is way too sex minded