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#ep46 #danganronpa #deadlysandwich

  • Holder of all knowledge
    Holder of all knowledge

    to correct Dan, they are menorahs. Menorahs hold 7 candles, but hanukkiahs hold 9 candles. You're welcome for the knowledge.

  • will

    that was a DIEtary supplement

  • Barry Leigh-Delaney
    Barry Leigh-Delaney


  • Alan Bragg
    Alan Bragg

    Yessss Dan!!!!!! In England we say by accident! I noticed a lot of Americans say “on accident” all the time. “On purpose” yes, “on accident” nah. “Expecially” drives me insane too

  • Ace Harvey
    Ace Harvey

    Dan isn't the weird one, on accident is an incorrect phrase and by accident is correct. A short way of explaining it is you can't do something on accident bc It's not possible to intend to do something accidentally. On accident is exclusively an America thing though however some languages use phrases that would literally translate to on/by/etc with one word depending on what the phrase means. Think how we can use in/on interchangeably with somethings like "the file is in/on the computer", instead they have one word for both and use other words to describe other forms in/on. This is why occasionally we see translation oddities (not quite correct not quite wrong) like on accident where the translator has used their knowledge of English when translating. - a linguist

  • Purplolart

    Actually, it's "by accident" or "on purpose."

  • Tyler Schwartz
    Tyler Schwartz

    Somebody drew the map with the highlighter on a phone

    • Tyler Schwartz
      Tyler Schwartz

      Arin can’t read: The Game

  • shatzie

    Ah man Dan remembering Trauma Center makes me hope they go back to finish the series one day...

  • AnimeLover930

    -sweats in them being clairvoyant-

  • Kennath By Name
    Kennath By Name

    I say by accident

  • immensemelon

    I’m from New Jersey too, but it is definitely “by accident”

  • DY4Y

    "she is like the ultimate fucking detective or whatever" I mean, obviously. *Arin's Zelda voice* Look at her fucking outfit, she looks detective-y for sure. *Dan's Zelda voice* My dad always said, never trust a trench coat

  • FerretGuild

    I have a question. Toko and Jack/Jill are in the same body but two separate identities. What if only one is guilty of a murder. That would mean that the other is innocent. So would Monokuma split them and kill the guilty one. Look, where does he get the room to kill each person individually? He materializes from the floor... I’d believe it.

  • Matthew Gibbs
    Matthew Gibbs

    UM, ACTUALLY!!!!! There are two different types of menorah, some have 7 branches and some have 9.

  • Anemyc Lake
    Anemyc Lake


  • Dylan Down Under
    Dylan Down Under

    10:10 Every place is different, in New Zealand we say "by accident" but hey each to there own 🙂

  • Faith's Eden
    Faith's Eden

    Arin’s “Australian” accent sounds like Wilbur’s New Zealand accent lol

  • wilderulz

    Also, Its kinda hilarious how much of a little bitch Makoto is

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Oh my fucking god guys. MAKE A FUCKING PLAYLIST!

  • Mac Burton
    Mac Burton

    Arin's accent sounds like jacob anderson's american accent. I think thats who he was thinking of.

  • Adrian Anderson
    Adrian Anderson

    Sometimes Dan and Arin have the intelligence of Kyoko and other times they're as fuckin clueless as Hiro

  • a. jones white
    a. jones white

    as someone who has taken multiple college chemistry classes for a biology degree. a reagent is just something you add to a chemical reaction. anything and everything can be a reagent. fuck off byakuya "they're reagents" they're just chemicals get the fuck outta here

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    Work, Dan! Grew up in Boston and always said and heard "by accident".

  • Overclock Official
    Overclock Official

    The C-9 in the A shelf is a DIE-etary supplements

  • Username

    I too hate how attractive Byakuya is. I want to wipe that smirk off his face... with my face

  • Buffi Cliff
    Buffi Cliff

    I meant to drop this on the first time Toko being schitzo was mentioned, but Dissociative Identity Disorder is a completely different diagnosis than schizophrenia. And switching personalities isn't a contrived convenience like sneezing; it's usually an emotional high/low/sudden emotional change that will trigger a switch. Obviously in such a rare diagnosis it's hard to make any kind of generalization, but I got curious a few years ago and looked into it, and hopefully this sparks someone else's curiosity too!

  • Raymond Harris
    Raymond Harris

    I'm actually enraged they didn't check Sakura's finger for blood.

  • JumpTheShark

    These are all my favorite characters. But Byakuya is my least favorite favorite character.

  • Lily Blake
    Lily Blake

    Byakuya headcanon: He's actually a complete idiot who knows Jack shit about anything. Any time his shares start to do poorly, his parents invest enough to keep him "successful". How do they know when he's doing poorly? Despite considering himself cool, and in control. A master of his emotions. He storms around snapping at staff and making medium-clever snide remarks whenever forced to be civil with anyone not on his parent's payroll. This goes on until his mum breaks and tearfully begs his farther to help their poor distraught darling. Because he's ever so upset, and he tried his absolute best. She just knows he'll be a talented businessman one day so long as he doesn't lose his confidence. It's just another small investment in their son's future... His dad's ability to give a shit is inversely proportionate to the number of standard drinks he's had between lines.

  • ThatOneGingerFromSP

    15:07 I believe that is a South African accent.

  • Patricia Parker
    Patricia Parker

    Arin the accent you were talking about at around the 15:00 mark I believe you are thinking of is a New Zealand accent. It sounds Australian but like... Walmart brand.

  • ZombieBite1991

    Arin's joke accent sounds like someone from RLM doing an exaggerated Wisconsin accent.

  • OwlsSkySailing

    Dan is me starting to regrettably simp for byakuya lmao

  • BoxingFoxOctopus

    "Did you know more people die every year from falling coconuts than shark attacks? Isn't that interesting?" The way my head snapped up to see if that was actual dialogue.

  • luis castellanos
    luis castellanos

    I just noticed I say by accident and I'm from Jersey.... 🤔🤔🤔

  • Wolfheart Foxlover
    Wolfheart Foxlover

    Maybe it was herself...Hold that thought

  • Pomshi

    I havent gotten to the other episodes yet so heres my theory: It was hina. Shes the only other female character who is strong enough to fight sakura, cause shes the ultimate sports player or whatever and they were always hanging out. Cause like, toko hates blood, genocide jack only kills men with scissors and ties them up, hiro is a lil sus but idk, byaka is too but I feel like hes gonna be the final boss, that or kyoko so the game is saving both of them for last. So yeah leaning towards hina Edit: wow I was so wrong😭😭

  • KaiSupa

    "by accident" is the proper use

  • Jack Bugden
    Jack Bugden

    Brit here; on this side of the Atlantic, no one says "on accident", I've only heard "on accident" from Americans but, even among Americans, it seems to be rarer than the, I would say "normal", "by accident" way.

  • D. W.
    D. W.

    Poison is a woman's tool, right?

  • BITW Awesome
    BITW Awesome

    32:08 funny

  • BITW Awesome
    BITW Awesome

    Romance Suzy

  • BITW Awesome
    BITW Awesome

    Romance girl

  • BITW Awesome
    BITW Awesome


  • Caleb Marroquin
    Caleb Marroquin

    I’m so glad that Dan and Arin have fully embraced the Byakuya hate. I mean, it’s hard not to, but I despised this guy so much when I played it, and for a little while Dan and Arin didn’t seem too opposed to him. But yeah. He’s the worst.

  • Deconyus

    Kyoko: Don’t worry Makoto touching dead bodies is not a normal thing and you shouldn’t feel weird about not wanting to do that. it isn’t an easy thing to do I’m just abnormal. Makoto: wow kyoko only you could have learned that clue! Arin: anyone could have done it

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson

    Also remember that those weren't originally A, B, and C. They were Japanese.

  • Anime Kitty
    Anime Kitty

    I hope if anyone is planning to make an animated bit with this video, they add a reference to Emperor's New Groove. (With a llama potion. )

  • L Eman
    L Eman

    The trumpets feel more prominent in the last few episodes, and I am not complaining

  • KopaXTani

    Yeah... They definitely made Makoto sound like a dumbass everywhere in the game but the trials, on purpose.

  • D

    20:10 Arin: "I guess I'll talk to Sakura..Heh" Me: **whimpers**

  • Allan Anderson
    Allan Anderson

    Arin’s accent started off sounding south African

  • Bulk Brogan
    Bulk Brogan

    I feel like Arin doesn't know that Dangonronpa's main target audience is middle and high school hot topic girls who want to feel smarter and more special than all the normies at their schools

    • Go Away
      Go Away

      And their bakaya boyfriends.

  • The Bass is Loaded
    The Bass is Loaded

    When Arin says jokingly that only Sakura could've killed Sakura, and you've already seen the anime... XD T_T o_O (dancing kirby)

  • Coby Romano
    Coby Romano

    This shelf is labeled C... for Cranberries!


    30:45 well yeah they got it

  • Marcus Hellström
    Marcus Hellström

    No one asked, but: Dan, a modern jew is, as he mentions, most familiar with the nine-armed menorah used to celebrate hanukkah. The ancient menorah however had seven arms, and remains a symbol for judaism. If the developers intended it's inclusion as a jewish symbol, I do not know.

  • Grayson

    oh you mean this poison? The poison for Sakura? Sakura's poison?

  • Ori Cardomay
    Ori Cardomay

    I feel like the game really missed an opportunity to make the poison chemical bottles have a specifically monokuma skull and crossbones

  • Whats-My-Fandom

    11:42-11:44 HAHA

  • Michaela Martinelli
    Michaela Martinelli

    In what world is light yagami like byakuya 😂

  • EonWhite

    27:35 Hooo, that gives me the chills. :o

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville

    *"What Were They Doing, The Holky Polky?"* I laughed so hard lol! 😂😂😂

  • EonWhite

    13:04 Chem C-9 will put you on cloud nine.

  • Defective Pikachu
    Defective Pikachu

    that was like a broken new-zeland accent

  • Kelly Rocheleau
    Kelly Rocheleau

    I know Arin has bashed this game before, but it made enough of an impact on him to think about it and create theories within the last four days since they played it

  • Stereotypical Guy
    Stereotypical Guy

    "Heehee, I'll kill ya!" I lost it at that part

  • Patrick Rehl
    Patrick Rehl

    Whats a positive word that begins with C. Dan: Cosher and spells out Cosher Arin: ummm ahah don't you mean Quosher. I know how kosher is spelled

  • Bloodsong13T

    "All the bottles in this section had the letter A and a number. So I'm gonna call that section, 'section A.' Maybe I should write it on the shelf with the pencil Byakuya gave me, so I remember. WAIT! There already IS a letter on the shelf! And it's an A! Coincidence? No! It can't be! It MUST have something to do with this case!" -- Makoto, the "Ultimate Village Idiot"

  • Mullyboats

    You're at a picnic and you find a dead body! Ecks dee

  • Colii

    "Dingdangrinples" Best episode title

  • Corn Bread
    Corn Bread

    I'm here to warn you of great danger. All of you are gonna get rickrolled a Frito lays ad. Head my warning!

  • Azure Dragon
    Azure Dragon

    Dan is the better detective, Arin is better at guessing things. Both are still struggling to understand the game's nuances though. XD

  • MAK3X7

    Danny and Arnold have no idea who the murder is.

  • kiwi fruit
    kiwi fruit

    I find it hilarious that Hiro is a suspect for almost every case in this game, despite all the characters insinuating he's stupid/high

  • joshua kelly
    joshua kelly

    It’ll never cease to amaze matter how many times I play/watch this game. How they all just kinda do what byakuya says

  • Bombin Ramen
    Bombin Ramen

    Dan: How "cute" is that skull Arin seconds later: I can't think of a positive word that begins with "C"

  • Merol

    Arin: none of the things these people are saying have any proof, they’re just jumping to conclusions wtf also Arin: they’re going through so much shit just to prove something so obvious, I mean of course we can assume there were two bottles well we don’t call him Mr. Game Grump for nothing, I guess lol

  • A TurtleInside
    A TurtleInside

    i can't believe they didn't see the obvious answer to this case at all. I figured it was gonna be another as-obvious-as-Sayaka-writing-Leon's-name-in-blood scenario. SERIOUSLY! smh

  • PersonSenior

    I actually thought it said Joko...

  • Kathryn Anderson
    Kathryn Anderson

    5:28 Dan, there's a compilation of every piece of Byakuya's audio "for you simps". In case you need it for unspecified reasons.


    29:13 Did Monokuma just break the Fourth Wall? Gotta love when games flippantly break the Fourth Wall when it serves no greater purpose to the plot. o_O

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    after all this time into the series i still dont understand the point of the "BGM" in the top right corner...originally in the first few episodes i thought it MIGHT be a sound radar to know when people and things are creepin up on you when u go into the hallways after nighttime so you could be more stealthy and survive potential attacks....but its literally served no

  • Mary Cordeiro
    Mary Cordeiro

    hey guys what happens if Genocide Jill killed someone? what would happen to Touko?

  • Amalfi Killa
    Amalfi Killa

    On minute 33:55 I swear Arin says "Ok next time on gay grumps". I want that to be true but maybe I got the waxy ears.

  • Emily Crawford
    Emily Crawford

    Im betting on Kyoko

  • Xx Selena xX
    Xx Selena xX

    Byakuya really is dumb, like steve from blues clues is a far better detective

  • Daniela Valli
    Daniela Valli

    11:04 holy shit, Dan actually sounds like Byakuya there. The “no.” is what really gets me


    Schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder are not the same.

  • Peggy H.
    Peggy H.

    The accent Arin was doing sounds like the one the mom in Hairspray has

  • DioLT

    "It's like australian, but also like, not australian." Oh, New Zealand then!

  • K. A. U.
    K. A. U.

    I think the accent Arin was getting at was either a type of New Zealand or South African

  • Oscar Nava
    Oscar Nava

    Byakuya is a ‘Show Feet’ type of guy can confirm

  • Melissa Green
    Melissa Green

    Man, this is just making me wish they did Byakuya's freetime events! I'd love for Dan to read the "secretary" one.

  • TheSazukiultra23

    As frustrating as it is, I think Kyoko has a point about allowing people to think and reach conclusions on their own. I mean, it seems more helpful for her to just share what she clearly knows, but I think she is aware of the fact that she might miss something, and the dangers of everyone just trusting “experts.” I mean, we know better, but Byakyu carries himself as an expert, and Kyoko comes off kinda stand-offish. Without prompting Makoto into reasoning things out and being confident, everyone would probably just defer to Byakuya as the “expert,” and would have died a long time ago. All this on top of the fact that it’s a video game and Kyoko feeding you all the answers would take out half the game 😂.

  • Nickolaus Bergstrom
    Nickolaus Bergstrom


  • lostlange

    Dan's "no" at 11:08 actually sounded so much like Byakuya I had to listen to it a few times

  • Shonta Mellark
    Shonta Mellark

    I love how they were like "anyone could look at her hands and see ther was no blood on it" then immediately were like : OMG she wrote a dying message with her own b l o o d...... using her finger! Must be the answer

  • Ally Bazikos
    Ally Bazikos


  • Rick Ryan
    Rick Ryan

    some one call an arbulance! abin is havniig a stronk!