'Dog Whisperer' on Getting Over the Fear of Dogs
In this excerpt of dog expert Cesar Millan's interview with Wall Street Journal "Business of Celebrity" show host Lee Hawkins, Millan talks about several steps designed to help him and the millions of other people who possess a fear of dogs.
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  • Skouria

    Pitbulls jaws do not actually lock. Please Please Please stop saying they do lol.

  • William Mcgill
    William Mcgill

    It cracks me up...it seems Cesar is showing there's more wrong with us then the dog. And watch him with the dogs is incredible.

  • Hrithik G
    Hrithik G

    9:51 just a glimpse who Ceasar millan is .!

  • Shauna Woodward
    Shauna Woodward

    Thank you so much for this!

  • Mich John
    Mich John

    Wow great content

  • richard lopez
    richard lopez

    This guy is such a whimp.

  • Dane Flack
    Dane Flack

    This man is god 👌🏽 one of the most patient and great man to work with animals and the one and only best

  • Naim ThaDream Vaughan
    Naim ThaDream Vaughan

    This was hilarious! And awesome at the same time.

  • Gisella V
    Gisella V

    Get it!!! You obtain knowledge, they inherit knowledge. Stop thinking they'll rationalize they don't operate that way.

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones

    Lee, Did you notice the dog yawning right after you stopped petting him and you stood up? That meant he accepted you and wanted to calm you more!! I hope once the cameras were off that you took the time to use Cesar's message about instinct to better understand canines.

  • olivia wonderful
    olivia wonderful

    I really feel him. I was attacked as a child and now I'm afraid of all dogs whether big or small. I have a ways to go but I know I can get there. It takes time. He asked all the right questions and expressed valid concerns.

  • Marilyn Cruz
    Marilyn Cruz

    5am I hear the neighbor getting arrested 🤣😂

  • Brandon Fernandes
    Brandon Fernandes

    Gym Leader Cesar !

  • kjell159

    Cynophobia isn't necessary a phobia in the traditional sense, as it's a rational fear. Nowadays you literally have a decently high amount of chance of being mauled by a dog. Would you call someone being afraid of a bear, ursaphobic? "Oh, just go pet it, it won't hurt you. Grizzly bears in particular, are 'nanny bears'." irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/cbRrlp-3046LraE.html irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/qtSEo63crKRmxqU.html en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prey_drive Trying to train instinct out of a dog, is like trying to cure homosexuality.

  • Vic161983

    Bro you should get a fish

  • Zeitlose Hundetherapie
    Zeitlose Hundetherapie


  • Queensmedicine cabinets
    Queensmedicine cabinets

    It hard folks when the dog dies!!

  • Queensmedicine cabinets
    Queensmedicine cabinets

    This man is the King of all dog trainers!! Magnificent!!

  • Unelected

    Anyone else still watching in 2020

  • Bonananaa

    It is difficult (not impossible!) difficult for fearful people, because they know the point is to be confident, and unafraid....... ....They're not stupid. But focusing on that fact/those facts kinda intensifies their fearful energy itself sometimes; and even more so when people say things like: "Relax! Be confident". It's almost like telling someone "Don't think about penguins!! Don't do it!" ..but at that moment what do they do? -They think about penguins ofc! Self conscious/aware maybe? Don't get me wrong -- Dog Owners have great intentions!! They mean well! But it's in-line with what Cesar & Lee just said in this Vid; you almost need a certified Dog, and Dog owner to "coach" you through the experience. I feel that fearful people learn best through example & demonstration. And most importantly - a calm, trustworthy Canine!!!

  • ajrestivo

    This is training someone how to play with a dog.

  • ajrestivo

    He's kind of lost in translation with how ceaser speaks

  • AnySleep IsGoodSleep
    AnySleep IsGoodSleep

    Being forced to pet someone’s dog = my second bite 😭

  • AnySleep IsGoodSleep
    AnySleep IsGoodSleep

    My fear comes from being bitten or chased as a kid

  • Longshifu Abba DuMaine
    Longshifu Abba DuMaine

    The hope here is that dear brother Lee can become a student of the worldview of brother Cesar. He means well but seems to heavily invested in adverse, burdensome information. yeah, become a student of brother Cesar. please

  • Flowers And More
    Flowers And More

    Amazing ❤️🌹

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    That chair looks unstable

  • Lotus Ganesha
    Lotus Ganesha

    Exactlyyyy well said bcoz am afraid of dogs and cats ppl think i hate them and it drives me crazy now we have a dog anyway 😂 but im still afraid from other dogs cause idk what s their next step ouggff

  • Keylime Pie
    Keylime Pie

    I fear dogs, cats too😔🤦‍♀️

  • Rivka Van Breugel
    Rivka Van Breugel

    This interviewer is so genuine about how he's feeling, it's actually refreshing to see😊

  • Laura Briese
    Laura Briese

    Wow just be the wonderful person we can all see. Don't let your father's fears keep you from owning and rescuing a Dog.

  • Laura Briese
    Laura Briese

    Very nice 👌❤️💚👍

  • 5wisher 5weet
    5wisher 5weet

    The Hawk! Loved by my little boys

  • LeezPgh

    This is so sweet. I love this.

  • CA2SD

    Many of us have issues with the owner(s) and not the dog(s). If I saw Cesar walking with JR, I wouldn’t be nervous at all. But the other day, I saw a pit bull being walked by a girl. Need I say more.

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018

    Still trying to get used to the fact that when I play a video thumb, I don't play a video, I play a commercial.

  • CharlesDeanna RobertBrown
    CharlesDeanna RobertBrown

    Sweetie pie would like to see next Sweetie pie breeders. Would like too see next.

  • Mark O
    Mark O

    It's kind of funny that you can see cesar is confused...he just doesn't get the focus on the dogs jaws 😂

  • Yosafat Kushariandi
    Yosafat Kushariandi

    I'd love to pet Junior too

  • Milan Gurung
    Milan Gurung

    proud of what you're doing sir...really appriciated...wish you a lot of success. biggest fan

  • Rory Starks
    Rory Starks

    I love how the dog watches Cesar so closely.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    gotta admit the interviewer honesty and sharing his experience and also Cesar knowledge and not downplaying the dangers of unstable dogs.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    great questions.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    Really great advices, better than those psychologist that say they treat cyanophobia

  • Jerald Bandalan
    Jerald Bandalan

    I wasn't scared of dog I'm scared of rabies

  • Tiffany

    So happy Lee was able to pet the dog comfortably in the end. 🤭✨

  • S. MY
    S. MY

    Dogs are amazing animals and I can’t believe we have the chance to live with them and get there love.

  • Andres Ramirez
    Andres Ramirez

    15:00 the brief moment the interviewer finally let go of his prejudices against dogs and conquered his fears.

  • 234 subscribers with one video
    234 subscribers with one video

    Junior: Pls just gimme the ball

  • Silver Diamond
    Silver Diamond

    I just want to hug Junior. lol

  • Glenn Wright
    Glenn Wright

    He’s terrified, poor guy haha

  • david messi
    david messi

    Cesar should have a PHD on human behavior and dog behavior

  • Kayla Bee
    Kayla Bee

    I would not even go close to that dog

  • Andolique

    I am afraid of dogs which is why I just ignore/avoid them outside. But the thing is a LOT of dog owners walk their dogs without a leash and a purpose (for the dog, that is). The dog is kind of just walking around them by themselves while they sit. As a consequence, the dog approaches me. Gets in my personal space, I'm talking right by my body to sniff me or whatever, I guess they are curious but that is torture to me because I am afraid! And the owners don't react at all?!?! It just fascinates me....how ignorant and self-centered can you be? Also, just to mention: in those situations, I am too afraid to tell something to the owner because they will often react negativelly to that and start a verbal fight. Really, dog owners, please teach your dogs some basic manners and always check if the person is OK interacting with your dog. It is NOT everyone's duty to like your dog and you should not assume that.

    • Andolique

      @CA2SD Thanks, I can see how frustrating can unresponsible dog owners be for you because they make you all seem careless. I try to challenge myself though because I don't want my fear to get too much influence over my everyday life!

    • CA2SD

      I agree with you as a dog owner. I try to be really responsible because there are so many factors to consider. People have allergies as well. People just don’t like dogs. It’s ok. I hate it too. They cause so many issues when I’m walking my dog at a park that requires leashes. If you’re going to have your dog off a leash, you better keep an eye on them or they should be highly trained. I see this choice as a liability as well. I’m sorry that your experiences have not been the best. But you’re right and I couldn’t agree more.

  • Jean Cater
    Jean Cater

    So sweet.💕

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    This man is a genius! And this dog is so well trained just wow! I am with the reporter so scared of dogs lol. But this is interesting and I in awe of this dog trainer.

  • Deccs

    all this time junior's like "dad can we go now"

  • LaNegra LoTiene
    LaNegra LoTiene

    For those watching “lock jaw” is a myth.

  • Magical Revelations
    Magical Revelations

    This world owes You a debt of Gratitude, Cesar! You have already changed the World for the Better, concerning Animals. Without you, I don’t Believe majority of us would have ever understood The Dog Kingdom. You’re shedding ignorance, and Inspiring The Whole Universe! Sincerely, Thank You!!🥰 May You be Blessed and filled with Peace, Always🙏🏽💕🔆

  • gud bie
    gud bie

    This video calms me

  • Blake Unrein
    Blake Unrein

    Junior is the best dog on earth


    haha yea, my dog always backs up when someone trys to pet her in that slow creepy way. But she is rly happy if someone just casually comes up and gives her a nice rub. I also noticed many ppl that are scared of dogs stare at them, my dog then looks also at them and thinks "Why are you starring at me? You want something from me?" and that makes the ppl even more nervous :P . Ps.: Junior is so sweet, when i watched the video i felt the urge to play with him ^^

  • angie dyer
    angie dyer

    Love this so much!!

  • Alena Jennings
    Alena Jennings

    This is incredible.

  • T S
    T S

    My favourite part was when the interviewer decided that the best thing to do in front of the dog whisperer was to go in full fledged dog-barking mode.

  • Jhonys Matos
    Jhonys Matos

    Pitbull ?

  • Mark Flores
    Mark Flores

    I had to laugh at "Well you threw the ball at his mouth, what did you expect him to do?"

  • Nicholas Lara
    Nicholas Lara

    Wow i loved watching cecar work with him! I love that he was so open to direction and foward movent and acceptance of the dogs energy. thats important when getting to know a dog!

  • They did surgery on a grape
    They did surgery on a grape

    I’m terrified of dogs.

  • Fender Phan
    Fender Phan

    That is awsome !!

  • Srinivas Pilla
    Srinivas Pilla

    Cesar was wonderful human being training humans

  • The Wild One
    The Wild One

    I would say you also need to have dogs in your life, otherwise you may develop some fear over time. We had a German Sheppard when I was a kid, and I was totally fine with it. No fear of dogs nothing. 15 years later as an adult and some news stories later, I've begun to feel uncomfortable around dogs and maybe a little fearful too. I'm planning on adopting a dog soon to get over this and be comfortable around dogs again.

  • bhasane Donald
    bhasane Donald

    I was afraid that the dog's gonna bite

  • Moodie's Music
    Moodie's Music

    Lee was so professional. So calm and willing to learn

  • Claire Curley
    Claire Curley

    Really great interview. The host does such a great job engaging in the conversation unlike the millennial IRbin influencer in the last one I watched😂

  • canned candy corn
    canned candy corn

    I wonder how the interviewer reacts to dogs these days

  • Heeman5

    Hilarious! Dude has to relax 😂🤣

  • Just Lion Around
    Just Lion Around

    Super good interview. So much wisdom. Lee did a great job overcoming his fear.

  • alimaxion

    The interviewer is very good

  • Mona Chan
    Mona Chan

    This man is genius 👏

  • nestea

    This is such a good video!!

  • Kadir Aktürk
    Kadir Aktürk

    Petting a dog on his head is wrong.

  • The one whom Jesus loves
    The one whom Jesus loves

    I find it common that black folks are afraid of dogs, why is that?

  • C T
    C T

    😂😂😂 I love the interviewer’s honesty. It helped me a lot!

  • ThePbag

    Honorary Orange Wiggle

  • Abhishek Bamhi
    Abhishek Bamhi

    Just learnt how to train human children 😂

  • Steel Falcon
    Steel Falcon

    This interviewer is so kind... laughed so hard to his reaction when he threw the ball XD

  • Tazwell Akin
    Tazwell Akin

    Very true a Rottweiler came charging at me and I kneeled down and let him see who I was before I went on my way so he knew I was not a danger to his home or to him

  • Denys Macias
    Denys Macias

    I’m so afraid of dogs but I do not want my child to be afraid of them, so here I am watching this video.

  • stephen holly
    stephen holly

    hope he got a dog

  • Cody Benfield
    Cody Benfield

    I never been scared if meeting new dogs.. ever but I still learned from this.

  • Volvox

    15:06 that is such an important mindset

  • Make sense
    Make sense

    This was for me. 😅

  • Belgielyn Marie Allocod
    Belgielyn Marie Allocod

    I have a fear of dogs barking...like german shepard, im ok with small ones

  • Inspired Genious
    Inspired Genious

    I’d be standing right behind Cesar cause I’d be scared. Lol I’ve got to work on my issues.😂

  • Fool‘s Paradise
    Fool‘s Paradise

    The guy is not afraid of dogs. This is not how someone who is afraid of dogs behave. I think you should have put me in the show. I will show how exactly a cynophobic behaves when he sees a dog.

  • Adam Pulido
    Adam Pulido

    Wish his pitbull DADDY was there. RIP

  • Millenial Picasso
    Millenial Picasso

    this was painful to watch, almost as painful as nepolean dynamite lol

  • Boxcar Ent.
    Boxcar Ent.

    That guy asked like 50 questions

  • Dr. Cynthia Wilcox
    Dr. Cynthia Wilcox

    Takes humility to address your fear of dogs. Good for you!