Don't Cry On Your Wedding Day. Matt Bergman - Full Special
Don't cry on your wedding day, because if your wife is like Matt Bergman's wife she will never let you forget it, even if you're just crying about a night terror. In this full Dry Bar Comedy special from Matt Bergman, Matt breaks down everything from crying at his wedding, to calling an old woman sugar bear and is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish.
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  • Cayanna P
    Cayanna P

    The failed handshake tickle hug made me laugh so hard it hurt all over.

  • Ash dluciangurl
    Ash dluciangurl

    I had a dog named Sugar B. It was brown like brown sugar.

  • Alethia Bankhead
    Alethia Bankhead


  • jamie Jamie
    jamie Jamie

    that was too short

  • MEY H
    MEY H

    Hilarious 😂

  • leticia vallejo
    leticia vallejo

    🤣Funny guy!

  • Erin Plourde-Bragg
    Erin Plourde-Bragg

    Do all comedians end up in Utah?

    • mattbergmancomedy

      Ha, if there’s a paycheck we’ll end up anywhere

  • M Nix
    M Nix

    “We are so woke Gwendolyn” 😂😂😂

  • Linda H
    Linda H

    So good!

  • Adam Krueger
    Adam Krueger

    Wow that was a great story too bad the punchline sucked work on it

  • Xander Weibel
    Xander Weibel

    We are so woke wendelynn, honestly I’m weak from this bit

  • Jessica Graves-F
    Jessica Graves-F

    Greetings from Lame... Er... Jamestown, NY!

  • Inna Elshair
    Inna Elshair

    Have we ran out of funny today?

  • Dawn Lapka
    Dawn Lapka

    Age difference between people doesn't matter. What matters is that people don't laugh out loud if we get married, my fiance and I. We're both criers, lol. I think we should let the priest be the robot! 😂🤗🎵💫🌼⚕️🙏✌️😋🌹🌹🌹 That go back to sleep statement is why I am getting married a second time! I don't want to die alone and lonely and I don't want to die in a nursing home. I like the idea of dying of old age with my husband and six or seven or ten kids are there with me after a 30 year marriage! lol! 😂 The bathroom story is why I am thankful for gender neutral and family restrooms! I have been that lady washing my hands while a guy accidentally walked in in! This guy is funny!

  • Sarah Doan
    Sarah Doan

    Yes losing pets is worse than losing most people. Completely. This was funny and light and enjoyable!

  • Mohammed Qabazard
    Mohammed Qabazard


  • Joe f.
    Joe f.

    i seriously couldn't follow the material as i was mesmerized by the little island of hair. maybe i'll try again another day.

    • mattbergmancomedy

      Fingers crossed you can fight through the mesmerization

  • ChiTown Tex'n
    ChiTown Tex'n

    😂😂🤣 I like his style of comedy

  • Hot Chip
    Hot Chip

    This is awesome!

  • Roger Sledz
    Roger Sledz

    Thank you so much for uploading this video. It is helping me to get through the pandemic!

  • Roger Sledz
    Roger Sledz

    Masks PROTECT YOU and people around you!

  • Cloudgod and Clickbate
    Cloudgod and Clickbate

    this guy is the definition of balding theres a certain point where you should be like yeah i would look better without the hair then i do with what little hair i have.

  • Deanna Dreffs
    Deanna Dreffs

    The vacation story😂😂😂 Now we know why they installed GPS into vehicles, there were too many Dads were just rambling down the middle of roads, muttering under their breath about right turns😂

    • mattbergmancomedy

      You would think the GPS would help but I’ve seen that go south for my parents too.

  • Mercedes Galan
    Mercedes Galan


  • The Mama Lounge
    The Mama Lounge

    10:30 though 😂😂😂😆😆😆

  • MarLa Hudgins
    MarLa Hudgins

    I love this guy

  • Sheerkat7

    I have a big female rottweiler named Sugarbear. Suge for short.

    • Sheerkat7

      @Celeste Pagano Thank you. Her companion is Honeybear, also a female.

    • Celeste Pagano
      Celeste Pagano

      That's a GREAT name for a Rottie! 😍

  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff

    Loved the performance! Absolutely nothing dirty at all!

  • Brytt Weech
    Brytt Weech

    Squirted coffee out my nostrils. Well done.

  • borednow

    repost :(

  • Colleen S
    Colleen S

    Great laugh He is really funny and a great story teller

    • mattbergmancomedy

      Thanks! That means a lot!

  • Rose Bloomie
    Rose Bloomie

    He is so funny, I laughed many times which is difficult to make me do!

    • mattbergmancomedy


  • Kenan

    0:33 lol good enough ....just paused it, let me go get some walnuts, brb :)))

  • Kowboy USA
    Kowboy USA

    Funny dude.

  • Comstance Jemkins
    Comstance Jemkins

    He is Hilarious 😂🤣😅😆🤣😅

  • CaribbeanQueen 72
    CaribbeanQueen 72

    😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hes hallarious 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Andrea True
    Andrea True

    I give him a 10!

  • Lydia Brezinova
    Lydia Brezinova

    Super funny😃

  • Alyxandra Arnold
    Alyxandra Arnold

    This guy is great. I really enjoyed this🌟🌟😁

  • blood.of.cuchulainn

    always skip the first 5 seconds of dry bar clips editor should be fired

  • Justice JoyceTV
    Justice JoyceTV

    If he'd shave it all off he'd be fire 🔥. I don't understand why guys hang on when a bald head can rock hard.

    • Jessica Graves-F
      Jessica Graves-F

      @Justice JoyceTV he gets a pass, though. He didn't know how silly it looked and now I vaguely remember a poster on the wall near my math class. It was Stevie Wonder(this was in late 90's) and it said "I'd get behind the wheel of a car myself before I get in a car with a drunk driver". It was DEFINITELY receding, but not yet at the full, bozo the clown "U shape".

    • Justice JoyceTV
      Justice JoyceTV

      @Jessica Graves-F Stevie Wonder was doing that for a while and finally let it go.

    • Jessica Graves-F
      Jessica Graves-F

      You reminded me of this man I met when I was little, bald on top, but grew the U-shaped hair into a ponytail.

  • Tom Archibald
    Tom Archibald


  • Ms. B Karaoke B
    Ms. B Karaoke B

    😁 There were a few😆

  • Only half Crazy
    Only half Crazy

    Love how hes growing out the bangs....

    • Lioness


    • Gladys Njeri
      Gladys Njeri


  • 1 Best Friend 2 u
    1 Best Friend 2 u

    36 and 29 isn't too bad. How about 50 and 74 (the trumps)

    • zbhaz1105

      @D C I believe it's called a reverse mortgage

    • D C
      D C

      Lol does he live rent free in your head?

    • Mitch g
      Mitch g

      Age is just a number ....Love is what matters.

  • Cj McMaster
    Cj McMaster

    Freaking hilarious

  • Concerned Commenter
    Concerned Commenter

    Half of the people in Utah are mormon. Mormons are nice people. Too nice... I think they’re up to something, the Canadians too.

    • Zestran Faubert
      Zestran Faubert

      Canadian here, I can confirm we aren't up to anything. *Awkwardly whistles*

    • NishISAlott

      When I had gone to Toronto, they were SOO NICE!

  • Samir Bachour
    Samir Bachour

    Telling the truth is sometimes so funny.

  • Allan Clark
    Allan Clark

    Guilty. Never fails to remind everyone. 25 years married.

  • Missy Bliss
    Missy Bliss


  • Monky Dollqueen
    Monky Dollqueen

    Anyone can come into your life and say how much they love you. It takes someone really special to stay in your life and show how much they love you.

    • Walter White
      Walter White

      Amen sista

  • Timothy Wallace
    Timothy Wallace

    Dogs are some of the best people you can know.

    • Timothy Wallace
      Timothy Wallace

      @Andayi Mushenye I know... why insult Dogs 🐕 that way. 🤪

    • Got Your6
      Got Your6

      @Andayi Mushenye It depends on the human.

    • Andayi Mushenye
      Andayi Mushenye

      Just nuts to compare a human being to an animal.

    • mattbergmancomedy


    • Joseph Dettloff III
      Joseph Dettloff III

      Yea but you gotta watch out for them horses them are terrible people

  • ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137
    ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137

    Absolutely great lol

  • Kevin McNeill
    Kevin McNeill

    Why are so many teachers now comedians

    • Kara Grant
      Kara Grant

      Lots of potential material. :)

  • Gerald mastercub
    Gerald mastercub

    We both Cried on our Wedding Day during the Wedding! We were so Happy it was finally happening that we couldn't help ourselves! Everyone was so Happy for us they too started tearing! It was amazing and surreal all at the same time! So Beautifully wonderful with everything we didn't expect! Too much emotion to happen all at once! You loose everything in a House fire and 3 months later you are still going along with getting married?? Try Not to cry with all the support from family! You would cry too! It was never mentioned and none of the pictures had tears but Huge smiles of Happiness it actually happened after all the devistation! Cry if it makes you Happy beyond anything that happened in your life! Just let it out!

    • Tuga Dog
      Tuga Dog

      I was a crying marshmallow during our wedding....all from happiness. 33 year later, I am still madly in love with my Rebecca Lynn. Soul mates, three great children and six beautiful Grandchildren. That's what it really means to be rich in life. Money, in my opinion does not buy happiness. You need just enough money to keep a household, food, clothing, and trips with the the whole family....that is memories in motion that no one can take from you. Peace and God bless.

    • Gerald mastercub
      Gerald mastercub

      @Melissa Jones Guess I should have added that we had been together for 32 years already, it was time to make it legal after nearly losing one of us to Cancer treatments and surviving. So plan a Wedding right! Then just 2 months before the wedding we nearly lose each other in a House fire! Bad burns occurred and running out naked with melting roof material on backs and heads running to the garden hose to stop the burning material and then the hose melts just in time after been left soaking but naked at 4am! , Two pets lost, then living in a neighbors house who we didn't even know till the New house was built, no possessions left. Just each other. A small community go fund me by stranger's after News on TV local. We are alive, Happyish with starting over just before Covid! Yep I'm Happy with crying during your own Wedding! Made me feel we belonged together now pushing 64 yrs of age! Trial by fire made us One Entity! Hope No one has to go thru what we did! Tears were very appropriate don't you think?

    • Melissa Jones
      Melissa Jones

      Its actually hurting me to not make some smartass comment about this story you just posted. But my spirit guide is telling me not to, So here we are.... I’m hoping this useless comment satisfies the smartass section of my brain. Because if not.... “no Melissa stop it!” Umm ya, never mind I-......... cool story dude!........ok Bye 👋🏼

  • Terri Drollinger
    Terri Drollinger


  • William Gallaher
    William Gallaher

    Thank you

  • Zargon

    Gwendolyn that friend that can calm Karen down

  • Deborah Adcock
    Deborah Adcock

    He is so funny!!👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  • JwhateverJ

    Dry bar at its driest. 🥱

  • Mindy Lingard
    Mindy Lingard

    This guy is unbelievably unlucky

  • Sara Uniya
    Sara Uniya

    He's super funny. He seems so genuinely sweet. Gonna tickle the palms of people's hands as a power move lol.

    • Jessica Graves-F
      Jessica Graves-F

      Be sure to keep eye contact and don't blink.

    • mattbergmancomedy

      Touching anyone’s hand these days is a power move.

  • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
    Major Old Lady aka, Mom


  • thebovineavenger

    NO. HE WALKED IN TO A BATHROOM IN MINNESOTA. They probably just laughed when he left and talked about the drunk guy at the casino. WELCOME TO MINNESOTA.

    • mattbergmancomedy

      I’m sure there’s security footage out there somewhere

  • kie mc
    kie mc


  • Carla Kool
    Carla Kool

    I loved Matt's well rounded personality. An empathetic, caring, extremely funny guy!! Lucky wife. Great job mom and dad!

  • Johanna Echeverry Lopez
    Johanna Echeverry Lopez

    30% success rate! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Davey Crockett
    Davey Crockett

    Funny guy! good flow

    • Major Old Lady aka, Mom
      Major Old Lady aka, Mom

      It's a RE-POST from a RE-POST a few weeks ago.

  • Susan Mercurio
    Susan Mercurio

    36 isn't THAT much older than 29

    • Kristina Orozco
      Kristina Orozco

      @ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137 🤣🤣🤣 so true

    • ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137
      ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137

      @Sweet Insanity when I was 25 I was engaged to a 36 year old, that's when I learned age isn't directly related to maturity lol.

    • Sweet Insanity
      Sweet Insanity

      Yeah I know, that's only 7 yrs. I had a finance at 21 that was 7 yrs older than me and I had met him at 18. I was always very mature for my age growing up so I preferred slightly older guys. Ironically now I'm dating a guy 6 yrs younger than me (which I thought would NEVER happen, lol). At 38 now, the older guys aren't what they were when I was younger... Anywho...point is, 7 yrs is nothing. I thought he was gonna say she was like 15 yrs younger than him or something!

    • ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137
      ཞıƈƙ ƈ-137

      Im 28 and was dating a 22 year old and some people lost their minds lol.

    • Qillir

      Unless he met her when he was 20)

  • Naga Olmec chaos
    Naga Olmec chaos


  • Wyatt Fox
    Wyatt Fox

    I'm here to

    • live not on evil
      live not on evil

      @EweChewBrrr ... the comment section eagerly awaits the answer.

    • EweChewBrrr

      You're here to what?

  • TatersMommy_Paula