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  • LazarBeam

    I did some in AUD and some in USD which is why it was confusing a little bit :) Download Archero for free here: This was a collaborative effort between myself and Archero. Hopefully we did some good :) I'm almost at level 27, comment below with how far you are!

    • Cannon Scroggins
      Cannon Scroggins

      Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I have a new name for you yeet santa

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      Debbie Jude

      You are a good person

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      OCE Magnus

      smoke also blanketed VIC like Sydney

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    Daniel Carly Prejet

    Lazer beam is turning into Mr beast

  • Łukė Č
    Łukė Č

    He really said the fires are “taking out the koalas”

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    Bearr Games

    Let’s just hit the goal right bois

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    Who are the people that dislike

  • hello its me
    hello its me

    na overall lazar is the guy

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    Ayy this is still super magical bcs the likes are 696k

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    li baoqiang

    The lively technician informally water because lift thoracically add into a accidental asphalt. difficult, pretty manager

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    hi lazarbeam your the best

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    Zach Skis Bad

    This is the only game I have ever downloaded from a sponsorship.

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    Nice Move LazarBeam

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    Screw money never donate screw lazerbeam screw him never donate to charity

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    you or a legend lazar

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    who has the audacity to dislike these videos

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    Michael Sparkes

    this made me cry

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    Cubbie gamer

    I can’t tell the difference is he mrbeast or is he lazarlazar or just what’s goin on!?

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    jahnae wilder

    Play laser and I should strive can I get one can I get some money please we’re gonna get a little bit money

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    Vault Checker pigeon lover

    I don’t know why im crying 😭🥰

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    Who says Money Doesn't buy happiness

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    Pepper pig lover aka jace


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    Alexandru Blaga

    0:52 no ad's for me cus i got ad blocker

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  • Roshi_fishy oof
    Roshi_fishy oof

    U should be the one going on Santa’s good list ur a fkn god man how many lives u hv helped

  • Nicholas Dorsey
    Nicholas Dorsey

    this is a Christmas that has reduced me to tears. I would love to be able to give away lots of money like he just did. This shows how LAZARBEAM IS A BLOODY LEGEND!!!

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    You are the greatest

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  • John Tristan Javellana
    John Tristan Javellana

    Lazar:*Gives Away $100,000* Mrbeast:That's Cute

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    Dog water Clan

    Hi it’s dog water

  • Seargent Wolf
    Seargent Wolf

    9:05 he looks like if jacksepticeye was American

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    Harratron YT

    It’s Australian mrbeast 😂

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    Ali Kemal

    Lazar beam is a good man

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    izuku midoria

    Fuck the people who dislike this man is a legend for this

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    Michael Melito

    how do you know that they aren't lying?

  • Cazper & Åkes Vloggar
    Cazper & Åkes Vloggar

    Bro my gf just broke up with me I watched 1 gotdamn video of this guy I forgot about it your the best man I love you content❤️

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    Arin Nazarian

    Most holesome lazar beam video

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    Mason Gowenlock

    people who disliked this video are just monsters

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    Tonya Manny

    I have two hands and I can not play that good


    this video has 695k likes

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    Ayaan Sahibzada

    the guy with one hand is better then me

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    Ahmadturky Ahmadturky

    Use code lazar

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    Haithem Afaneh

    Brody is a simp he took you to all girls

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    Amagine all the people that disliked😕

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      Sebastian Cadden

      they are just hated they do not care what he does they hated

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    Anthony Wagner

    Love you man keep the good work up

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    Aidans Animations


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    I am going to donate 80K to the firefighters

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    x2 bros

    ths for the donate

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    We need more people like lannon

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    Buff Man Gaming

    he be like y do I do this 2:28

  • Ducky

    sometimes i wonder why youtubers like you gets hate, but people that are hating on youtubers like you doesnt have a good life i think mby some of them have it but want to hate just because they want to. Lazerbeam i wont you to help the people that have hated on you maybe they dont have it good at home and are using theres pain and madness on you. please help them❤️ i love you lazerbeam and hope you had a good christmas, love you Lazerbeam❤️ you are a good guy, keep going

  • Andrey kraan
    Andrey kraan

    man i hope that deze kids r now good

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    Azahlia Gonzalez

    If you see me LAZER add a iPad case plzzzzzzzz

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    Maria Deleon

    also no mean to be rude but... u kinda look bald👉🏻👈🏻😋

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    Maria Deleon

    who else is watching this in quarantine

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    Krillin Winnin

    I wish scuffed Santa came this Christmas

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    Sebastian Seaman

    This. Made me cry

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    why would you dislike this

    • Crankyfox123

      like why? if you dislkike this you are a little prick with no soul

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    NI Vlogs

    1:34 is that dr lupo

  • Ryder Norman
    Ryder Norman

    i have been crying for 1 and a half hours in from donating to make a wish my brothers life was saved from you donating i am crying while i am writing this thank you so much

  • Seek_And_Destroy_TTT [-TTT-]
    Seek_And_Destroy_TTT [-TTT-]

    Good job helping these people lannan, am proud of YTers like ya using their ads like this.

  • cuda 74 - gaming videos
    cuda 74 - gaming videos

    Now that’s a bloody legend

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    Mr. Boko

    Lazarbeam be destroying every disease.

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    This is soooooo kind

  • Hiii people 2021
    Hiii people 2021


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    Sabir Yousuf

    Are you sure he is scud Santa or the real Santa 🤥 yeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt Use code lazar 🤥🤥🤥 yeet

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    Sabir Yousuf

    😥😥😥😥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 you are a bloody legend if you donate

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    9:09 put the speed up to 2x it’s so funny HAHAHA

  • Scythe

    What kind of person dislikes this video? This is so heartwarming. Particularly the one-handed Fortnite player, better than I’ll ever be with two

    • Sebastian Cadden
      Sebastian Cadden

      yes it is heart warming the dilikes are haters

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    Simon Riley

    This is why we love lazarbeam

  • Rami Al tawel
    Rami Al tawel

    Lazarbeam is a big hero. If he was a presedent the world wild chenge the world to a very good place. The World need Lazarbeam the scuffed santa!

  • Offroadgaming

    St. Judes is where my brother went for his brain tumor but sadly he did pass and make a wish let him meet his favorite music artist which is Kevin gates and he didn’t meet him in person but threw a screen he got to talk to him thank u for donating to everyone we love u lazerbeam you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonathan lopez
    jonathan lopez

    yeah, those videos are popular, unfortnely, exploiting it to creat a trend rather then showing people what kindnes really means, revurses the effect of good hearted actions in to actions that feels good. Whitch is you druging yourself with Endorphins. This is not good, and it does not forill its purpes. it has a revurse effect. people THINK they are kind but its actually an effect of petting them selfs in to illusion of beliving they are doing the right thing but in reality they are doing the wrong thing.

  • keli mcteague
    keli mcteague

    We love scuff Santa and hate the Austrian fire good job lazar

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    sean Mitchell

    Saint dudes persons vois is si soothing

  • Jorge C
    Jorge C

    Downloaded the game that you said in the beginning

  • wolfgamer504

    I wish those to have a marry Christmas and children who have problems your the best lazerbeam 🥲🥲🥲

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    Ender Gaming

    I used to live in a Astralia cause i was born there

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    Sherrie Jarman

    Scuffed santa went broke🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

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  • Sherrie Jarman
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    Gabe macedo

    I dropped a like for the children with no food and no drinks

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    You spelled Christmas wrong, it’s spelled Krystmust

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    Souleymane Diop

    Mr.Beast And LazerBeam should have a collab. Like if you agree!

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    Dylan Murphy

    I Love what you are doing, I hope you are able to do this again.

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    William Afton

    Reason why I love Australia: animals. A lot dangerous and unique animals

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