Donating $50,000 To Streamers With 0 Viewers
We donated to small Twitch streamers and their reactions are hilarious! This video was a lot of fun to film so make sure you watch the whole thing!
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    LPS Whimsy

    I subscribed! I am literally watching your videos SO much. They are so entertaining. And you inspired me to play Minecraft again😊

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    Aa rOn

    Only stupid people believe that all of his stuff are real.

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    My views are so poop lol

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    My video i had gotten 31 i was so excited

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    Wow that last girl so beautiful

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    Am I the only noon here

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    Momchil Hristov

    MrBeast Gaming can you donate $50.000 to my account i don`t even have a single video uploaded yet!

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    whos the russian girl would like to watch her streams

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    Do this to,me

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    Danielle Williams

    Super cool :))

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    Danielle Williams

    Super video

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    Yo... donate my health insurance :D

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    How can u got all those money buddy tell me the secret

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    mrdior.1 Offical

    I like how he makes money by spending money

  • Jayson kaleske
    Jayson kaleske

    that last persons brazilian

  • Momento

    The way courage gets so hyped and other tiny streamers don't it's so cool

  • TshwinhoR

    Who is the final streamer?

  • l Celi l
    l Celi l

    ginshin impact is not that good

  • Ελλη Εμανουηλιδου
    Ελλη Εμανουηλιδου

    A love you and your frends❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima

    fun fact: you know mrbeast is in your stream when it says that someone donated $10K



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    Hamza Sabir

    Imagine getting pinned by mrbeast

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    Nezuko Chann

    R.I.P for Mr. beast bank account 🪦💸💸

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    Love you man Love from bangladesh 🇧🇩

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    Tried a lot🥺

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    who else has seen this in their recommended way too many times

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    Can you also donate to me MrBeast...please🙏🙏🙏

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    For the algorithm

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    Guni-Guni PH Tagalog Stories

    I hope you get to reach out to countries in Asia too.

  • Denal

    Imagine being the first guy and missing out on 10 thousand dollars

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    Jacob Scott

  • Jacob Scott
    Jacob Scott

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    Brendon Buffaloe

    Bro if I see one more comment about paying medical bills....

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    Lenny Gapoy

    Mr beast is so generous. Can you please help me to.

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    Chocolat_ soba

    Love video

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    Fendy Rivas

    They look really high xD hahah I loved this video

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    Edude Playz

    I HAVE 0 VIEWS ):

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    Oliver Peterson


  • ProdByOverCaos

    “Go to children's hospital, and pay random people's medical bills." Copy to make it happen

    • Govert

      Copy and go to an actually new video because this won’t work

  • jalarith tanis
    jalarith tanis

    And here i am struggling to pay rent every month with my minimun waige salary xDD .This makes me so happy for them! I do feel bad that he is only going for gamers and not artists or crafters .

  • Official nickules
    Official nickules

    I’ve never in my entire life seen a person laugh about loosing 10k

  • David Longstaff
    David Longstaff

    O no

  • Samuel Kanigan
    Samuel Kanigan

    He litterly said chris what is this and a koolaid ad played

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    ur nice people

  • Clark ulrich Alejandria
    Clark ulrich Alejandria

    Mr.beast is cool and piudipie are ausome huys

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    got a Mr beast add on a Mr Beast vid...

  • Clark ulrich Alejandria
    Clark ulrich Alejandria

    Wow mr.beast is cooler than athore yotubee

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    Manudi Attanayake

    Right now I wish I had 0 views.

  • Lj LaValle
    Lj LaValle

    Ok, so your video feed popped up on my youtube page again, and I though I've had enough of Mr Beast surprising people with spontaneous donations, but I watched another video one more time, and yes, it was fun watching it. I guess it will never get played out, but who knows. Great watching your stuff once in a while.

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    0:46 *ANIME*

  • Zaazify

    Can you donate to typical gamer


    bro im always streaming for 0 viewers

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    Pierre Moore

    Mr beast your are inspiring

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    Leann Fields

    Mr beast you are so much I look like I comb kid but you make me happy

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    Chris is wearing the earphones I have. Even the color.

  • Yosef Ahmad
    Yosef Ahmad

    Q: where do you get all that money to spend?!

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    It blueberry

    I wish I can get money too because I need help to get a new house and we’re struggling trying to get a new House and get money so please.

  • Szamurai Nagy
    Szamurai Nagy

    hey guys, i got a great idea for MRBEAST... *Pay a youtuber Not Popular.. 100,000 or 1,000,000 dollars

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    Meta Zemaityte

    I am a real gamer because when I open my eyes in the morning I get my tablet and play roblox my favourite game!

  • Meta Zemaityte
    Meta Zemaityte

    Ok that's a kind video subscribe to Mrbeast he is the best!!!!!!!

  • MAćko O
    MAćko O

    in Poland, for a donation of $ 25, they break eggs on their heads, and in your country for $ 2,000 nothing happens

  • Growling gaming
    Growling gaming

    3:28- 3:34 I couldn’t stop laughing

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    Sofia Colldén

    I play Genshin Impact

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    Christyl Epps

    u know over 9999billion ppl are not subscribed

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    Kids Tv

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    mohammed buzy

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    Very goo d Mr Beast You made his day

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    Rems Dasilva

    Wish this was me

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    bryson joye

    this never happens to me 💀 in any way

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    I hope me too mrbeast .. im a streamer too 🥺

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    Try To Insane

    hacker:take all money mrbeast mrbeast:wht u think? i have 1000+ channel with 100m subscribe ;) hacker: uhhh... STFU edit:not fun

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    Gerrit Oosting

    What’s the last girls twitch?

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    Nathan Kuberski

    Streamlabs is so funny lol

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    Prime 444

    Mr beast donating 50000million and look at earphones

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    Non Copyrighted

    Donating $50,000 plz, hehe

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    Scintillating Life

    India's people love u

  • Scintillating Life
    Scintillating Life

    If u have power than give me Domino's Pizza if u can😏

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    Sparsh Tyagi

    can any one tell me the name of last girl or of her channel

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    congrats mr beast you just saved a man's spine

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    Bruh this guy is giving out money like it's candy. I wish had that money lol

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    Sydney W

    Me wishing I was streaming with no viewers right then...

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      whoosh me


  • Omar Tarawneh
    Omar Tarawneh

    Who is the last girl guys ?:

  • Del

    I know it's wrong for me to be envious but I lost my life's savings last year, my father died, my daughter tried to kill herself and two cousins and two lifelong friends died suddenly and I nearly tried to end it by driving my truck into the ocean. I simply cracked and couldn't handle all of that. When I see people receiving such generous amounts of money I get depressed. I'm in my fifties and there is no way I am ever going to recover from that loss. So if you are having a bad day when you read this, I hope my situation makes you feel better. LOL

  • Alex8 YT
    Alex8 YT

    @Fierik ti freebootano

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    Johnny Daniel

    7:12 who's that streamer?

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    Mary Dona

    May you get 20k subs I will share my best

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    Mary Dona

    If I were that IRbinr ....

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    That third kid rlly said: 😑😐😑

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    Spriha Regmi

    please do a part 2

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    Dude This Is Insane ! First Mr Beast Video Ive Ever Seen