Donating To Smaller Streamers
I donated $10,000 to smaller streamers on Twitch
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  • jacksepticeye

    Thanks for all the support. I'm glad that we're able to pay that support forward and make others happy :)

    • Spirit_Rebel

      Jack is such a happy little soul

    • ThaTs LIL RicKy Gaming
      ThaTs LIL RicKy Gaming

      Keep it up seán

    • Colin Hollander
      Colin Hollander

      Hey Jack, If you ever decide to do this again check out my brother on Twitch BigBossBoomy. He's a little known streamer who does it for the love of playing video games and could really use some help. Keep up the good work.

    • Jermaine Bynum Sr.
      Jermaine Bynum Sr.

      Pls do it for my cousin on twitch viii_hawk

    • casha rashin
      casha rashin

      @Raphael Mad n. l

  • Ruth McG
    Ruth McG


  • Jeff Kling
    Jeff Kling

    30:22 this needs to be a meme...

  • Dumb Witch
    Dumb Witch

    I love that you actually sit and appreciate what they’re doing. Most just do this for views

  • Dumb Witch
    Dumb Witch

    The ultimate hype man

  • Svmurvi Blvck Zvck
    Svmurvi Blvck Zvck

    is this the voice of irish the hedgehog

  • Lilia Williams
    Lilia Williams

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  • Pranjit Saikia Gaming
    Pranjit Saikia Gaming


  • jelllybean cupcake
    jelllybean cupcake

    This made my heart so happy 💕

  • Bence Kujáni
    Bence Kujáni

    Jacksepticeye: I feel bad let's donate money to people on twich. Also him: I feel great let's donate some money to people on twich

  • Lil C
    Lil C

    The oval lace occasionally rescue because eyeliner isely wink pace a receptive nic. thinkable, noiseless tin

  • Bażinga

    poor tanget

  • bin

    I like how he gives money to streamers.

  • Fluffymonkeyem

    Normally I don't like videos like these because it feels like the people who do this are just doing it to get good guy credits or pat themself on the back. This feels more like he's doing it to spread joy, and it doesn't feel like he's looking for points.

  • Sage White
    Sage White


  • Ebenezer Sam
    Ebenezer Sam

    The truculent south korea socially camp because blizzard cephalometrically tire plus a learned helmet. giddy, craven kettledrum

  • Speed Of The Moment
    Speed Of The Moment

    No offense to the girl doing the Nordic music because she is always very talented but i am dying laughing at the thought of 17 year old jack vibin to Nordic music in his log cabin 😂

  • SpaceAlienGamez

    Jack, you should do this again sometime. Love to see their reactions

  • RPG Is Life
    RPG Is Life

    Jack surprised the Portuguese girl so much she became English.

  • Tania Lopez
    Tania Lopez

    the streamer that banded the guy is my favrote

  • Luka R.
    Luka R.

    23:06 is the new god of war music

  • OB KanezG
    OB KanezG

    Tangent was hilarious

  • AAA aaa
    AAA aaa

    Jack why do you look like Penny from kindergarten 2?

  • drewski573

    Thank you for you help to us small streamer

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas

    People say money can't buy happiness? What is this video then?

  • JohnixFTW

    called Guhrl a small streamer, get fucked lol (no hate, just funny)

  • Tajae Scott
    Tajae Scott

    That notification of the bomb....get it? The bomb? It exploded.... 🙇🏾‍♀️ Sorry....

  • nokee091 gaming
    nokee091 gaming

    when i streem once can i get 500$ for a vr headset i knw its dumb to ask but i reeeeely want one

  • GG Gamer
    GG Gamer

    this is my dream but I only have like 5 followers lmao so I'm by far not a good enough streamer

  • British Tree
    British Tree

    i swear if anyone says sean is doing it for "attention" i'll hunt you down with a balisong. this lad is the best and thats why ive watched him for over 6 years

  • Random Veezerr
    Random Veezerr

    Nice move there Robin moving the cat arround lol

  • Wyatt Pressley
    Wyatt Pressley

    This is so wholesome I love it

  • enzo tavares
    enzo tavares

    in love with the harp girl

    • Karl's simp
      Karl's simp

      aren't we all 😭✋

  • maddy

    omg why is jack such a good person

  • Xx Løser
    Xx Løser

    He’s such a pure soul I love him

  • RustyHood

    I love the girl in 15:32, in some points she literally answer Jack's questions with telepathy and i think she is adorable (i lost my shit while laughing when she was banning the viewer XD)

  • gamer Brycen
    gamer Brycen

    21:54 absolutely hilarious

  • Lucas Gawor
    Lucas Gawor

    Sean: I don't speak Portuguese 19:30 Sean: I understand that

  • AzuoS

    9:52 and GeT_RiGht just appeared hahahahahahah

  • Tale of the Lost
    Tale of the Lost

    34:34 I was literally just thinking Thank goodness not everyone externally reacts when they get big gifts It’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one who wouldn’t externally react 😌

  • B4L13 636
    B4L13 636

    You eyes are Soooo blue 🤩

  • Jatcat

    My little sister plays harp! She’s been taking lessons for 4 years and she’s really amazing!!!

  • Mayra Solis E
    Mayra Solis E


  • Marys_WolfPack

    The dudes face at 29.58 was just perfect 👌🏻

  • Marys_WolfPack

    You are literally the nicest you tuber ever...

  • Jayden Evans
    Jayden Evans

    dude i love this

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Litterly I come back here every fortnight to rewatch this video

  • Stefan Sipola
    Stefan Sipola

    That's beautiful man, good on you for helping the smaller streamers and those reactions and happiness was priceless :)

  • zeik king
    zeik king

    @jacksepticeye can you do a collab with tangent?

  • Alfisonson

    I'm gonna buy the 3080.... Are you sure about that? ^^

  • Bill White
    Bill White

    "Don't be shitheads, be nice people." It takes courage to be extraordinary

  • geese899

    This is so awesome

  • HugoOn60Fps

    put the money to a better use not just wasting it on people who can afford their own stuff, give it to a charity. No hate, love ur content

    • HugoOn60Fps

      ik its his own money just thought u would know better

  • Jordan Pickett
    Jordan Pickett

    That lad with the sub got partnered 😭😭

  • Roland

    I don't know why YT showed this to me. But I watched to the end and loved it.

  • GearheadGaming

    Dude he did sound like Seth Rogan

  • Xion EzDub
    Xion EzDub

    That was legit Seth Rogan on god lol

  • Fishy

    I really like how he interacts with the streamer even after he has given the money some times I feel people who do this just give the money and go on to a different stream it seems that he really care by staying on the stream

  • hassanteyz

    wholesome :)

  • Lucas Vincent
    Lucas Vincent

    “ I don’t care if you’re Australian Canadian Chinese or whatever the fuck you are don’t come into my chat and be a dumbass” 😂😂😂😂 damn she went off

  • No1 5cot
    No1 5cot

    I love watching your videos jack your videos literally make me feel better with the COVID 19 going about

  • YA

    This is why jack is my fav person ever

  • Spark the cat
    Spark the cat

    Jack, thank you for making others happy. Meow! And give BB a treat from me!! UwU

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    Hey keep Cowboys of Hell in it

  • Charlie Bravo
    Charlie Bravo

    I lowkey thought that, that last streamer was Dua Lipa :)!!!

  • Midnight197

    Damn Jack! You're really something! spreading love and support!

  • tryAGAIN 1987
    tryAGAIN 1987

    Totally didn't dub to the fallguys bloke 'cause he lowkey trash lmao. What a legend. That was the most composed 'sup i've ever seen looooool

  • tallal almasri
    tallal almasri

    thats nice giving back i love people hu help other gamers its like looking bad 2 ur self

  • Pro Pocet
    Pro Pocet

    10:27 i'm Mr Yeast😂

  • Colt Heil
    Colt Heil

    These videos always brighten my day, love seeing you do cool stuff like this, wish I had the money to do it too!

  • That1powergamer

    Us Irish people have suffered greatly at the the hands of others just like everyone else just Check out extra historys video on the great potato famine. But yeah we love giving back to everyone else once and a while because we believe no one should have to suffer or struggle like we did.

  • NicebutDim

    @22:52 Yeah that's what it would translate into English too.


    19:26 she’s brazilian and speaking portuguese too lazy to translate but just saying what language it is

  • MozeltovCocktail _ Gaming
    MozeltovCocktail _ Gaming

    Awesome video. Awesome reactions.

  • Sizzlik
    Sizzlik its stuck in my head.. POOOOG Dont even know what it means..

  • YaBoiiSwipeyyLMAO YT
    YaBoiiSwipeyyLMAO YT


  • jonathan lopez
    jonathan lopez

    yeah, those videos are popular, unfortnely, exploiting it to creat a trend rather then showing people what kindnes really means, revurses the effect of good hearted actions in to actions that feels good. Whitch is you druging yourself with Endorphins. This is not good, and it does not forill its purpes. it has a revurse effect. people THINK they are kind but its actually an effect of petting them selfs in to illusion of beliving they are doing the right thing but in reality they are doing the wrong thing.

  • Dawn Blackheart
    Dawn Blackheart

    Switch 'n' Twitch

  • Char Charrr
    Char Charrr

    If you can play Pantera in front of someone as big as jack, you deserve the dono for sure

  • Amenda Martinez
    Amenda Martinez

    Why do so many people dislike this heartwarming video?

  • Ashley Allen
    Ashley Allen

    This had me crying in happy tears. I love this!

  • FxdeGalaxy // Gaming
    FxdeGalaxy // Gaming

    Jack: *selects a streamer a diff language* *donates 1000* chat: *all of a sudden knows english* lmao

  • william hus
    william hus

    if i was ricch i would donate someone 500k and take back 000,5

  • Peyton F
    Peyton F

    I finally got an heirloom in Apex Legends and did not stop since season 3

  • BlindBrad BradCarriage
    BlindBrad BradCarriage

    I love that he’s not racist and will donate to people who he can’t even understand

  • Rylan Hoekzema-Clary
    Rylan Hoekzema-Clary

    When tangent got attacked by the mummy monster i fucking cried laughing that is so funny

  • llewxam1233

    This is so wholesome

  • j b
    j b

    How is Jack the best person to exist

  • a birb
    a birb

    You made me smile so much with this video

  • shitward

    This seriously brightened my day. Jack is such a good person

  • TreeStick

    This is Mrbeast's long lost brother.

  • Billy-W Burchett
    Billy-W Burchett

    god i need to turn the volume to feckin 20 every time i watch jack thx jack for giving me free deafness

  • David Humphries
    David Humphries

    much love from ireland

  • Drama Llama
    Drama Llama

    Playing games and having fun is the most important part, never forget

  • Skyler Alteri
    Skyler Alteri

    the kid just wanted to play Minecraft not have a fuckin stroke of joy that's why I love jack

  • Skyler Alteri
    Skyler Alteri

    god damn lad i think ya broke him

  • Superloz x
    Superloz x

    Awesome video bro! Imagine id die if this happened to me

  • Dricka Arouche
    Dricka Arouche

    Que estava doente!!!

  • Micah Hendrix
    Micah Hendrix

    that actually made my morning better

  • sandunderdogg 71
    sandunderdogg 71

    Yo anyone else get farcry 4 vibes