Dream - Minecraft Hitmen Extra Scenes
This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
Original Video: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/gp2dnKyruJhr238.html
This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

  • Hector Mata
    Hector Mata


  • Dr badger
    Dr badger

    Dream:boat is plane boat is friend :) Sapnap:how boat fly with no wings

  • Jake Poland
    Jake Poland

    Dream hunter vs 4 speed runners

  • amir ebrahimi
    amir ebrahimi

    i've missed dream

  • cool couch potato
    cool couch potato

    1:15 Everyone’s favorite moment

  • Hunter 0429
    Hunter 0429

    1:16 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dash

    dream: if this video does well me: all ur vids do well


    There was so many dirt tower of Dream

  • Versatile MC
    Versatile MC

    1;13 LOOK AT GEORGE 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Alberto Joaquin Acuña
    Alberto Joaquin Acuña

    Dream is big nrain and iwant yo see her face true face dream and for viewers

  • Haneul김.

    Geore: this is so dumb Also george: weeeEeEeEEeee

  • BegoneHeretic

    Dream while hunter: Kill Dream while speedrunner: Kill and Survive Dream while survivalist: *S U R V I V E*

  • Aryan Soniminde
    Aryan Soniminde

    You're a pro man

  • Seven Flowers
    Seven Flowers

    Next time dream does the boat thing, one of the hunters should sit in his boat so that it falls faster than he expects I think it’s a kamikaze mission, but i think it could be an interesting play lol

  • Seven Flowers
    Seven Flowers

    Next time dream does the boat thing, one of the hunters should sit in his boat so that it falls faster than he expects I think it’s a kamikaze mission, but i think it could be an interesting play lol

  • Georgie Washman
    Georgie Washman

    you should do this, but 2 people are getting hunted (Technoblade+Dream?)

  • Sarcophagus

    Dream the last air bender

  • Israel Becerril
    Israel Becerril

    First to beat the end wins $10,000 challenge

  • Miles Fedders
    Miles Fedders


  • Mehdi The Monster
    Mehdi The Monster

    That huge tower is a piece of art

  • Gabriel Abi Saad
    Gabriel Abi Saad

    They NEED to do this again

  • L

    BBH: Slowly floating with the boat. George: *WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

  • Robert Sloan
    Robert Sloan


  • jharna devkota
    jharna devkota

    that means your all video are screpted

  • Palichka 1
    Palichka 1

    Me thinking that I'm good at MC and watching dream Me: ;-;

  • João Lopes
    João Lopes

    Vídeo idea: Speedrun race Basically its a race between dream and sapnap and George Or sap and bbh Or bbb and George whatever and dream alone Has to try beat Minecraft before they could do it Together .

  • TeaRex24

    Zoom to 1:14 and play in 0.5 speed. Enjoy. XD

  • Lachlan 6.2
    Lachlan 6.2

    normal people i fly in a plane dream I fly in wooden boats


    1:15 look at George😂

  • Nightmare


  • Johhny5 ruleZ
    Johhny5 ruleZ

    Manhunt idea mine craft disc hunt on person has a disc and another person tries to take the disc from the other person can they take the disc before they get an ender chest?

  • Ditmar 90p
    Ditmar 90p

    Ngakak anjing sama si George waktu nyoba boat nya tadi ngakak bangsat pas BBH nyoba trus di belakang George jatuh awokaowkwoak LMAO LOL

  • Balloon Man Productions
    Balloon Man Productions

    Deffinatly do the races

  • Jeraldine Como
    Jeraldine Como


  • Gamerfergie

    Manhunt block shuffle

  • SwagginNoob

    bad: "oh my gosh this so easy" george " wAiT iM nOt dOinG iT?" 1:15

  • Lala Omm Prakash / Ipsita Ray
    Lala Omm Prakash / Ipsita Ray

    The ending was preetty genius Can you plz plz make a game series for that mmmm sky fall

  • Ruevy Vlogs
    Ruevy Vlogs

    This was the most attention grabbing video I’ve ever seen

  • Raffin

    Badboyhalo: oh if you hit the boat with an arrow it disappears Dream: >:(

  • Wiktor Kujawinski
    Wiktor Kujawinski

    Why he said so many times „like”

  • Valdas Ram
    Valdas Ram

    Dream any chance 4 hitmens happening?

  • Asha Khare
    Asha Khare

    He can make bucket and get milk and drink it and they cant see him

    • CucuberKyat :3
      CucuberKyat :3

      I’m assuming he’s not allowed to do that. It’s the rules that he has to have the outline :D

  • Vincent Legaspino
    Vincent Legaspino

    1:14 george bruhhhhh

  • Ludwig Zygyfth Forte
    Ludwig Zygyfth Forte

    Dream tries boat trick R.I.P. phone players

  • Icyfarmer YT
    Icyfarmer YT

    Dream's boat fly even titanic sinks

  • Tomas Plunksnis
    Tomas Plunksnis

    At least George, Sapnap and Badboyhalo built the nicest skyscraper. 😅


    Hunters: we got him he has no where to go haha. Dream: holds boat and has a plan.

  • burger

    1:15 *I BELIEVE I CAN FLY*

  • Marites Avilla
    Marites Avilla

    i love your vids

  • juan castro
    juan castro

    1:15 George with da boat:WEEEEEE

  • Thong Lo
    Thong Lo


  • niyaaa

    so this is where the famous clip is

  • Andrew Marquez
    Andrew Marquez

    1:15 i couldn’t stop laughing when George fell

  • Noah hawk
    Noah hawk

    You should do a Minecraft manhunt with skeppy

  • Bob christian Patricio
    Bob christian Patricio

    Wt# is that boat thing that was so cool

  • Poggers

    Flying Cars? Never heard of it, i only know flying boats •∆•

  • Poggers

    1:15 made me laugh when George was trying it but just went bloop down TAHAHHA

  • Jordan Foster
    Jordan Foster

    Definitely should do another hitman!!!!

  • Roryplaysgames !
    Roryplaysgames !

    There is a thing where you use a boat to hit yourself while you fall and you dont take fall damage you need to use it in a mannunt

    • Roryplaysgames !
      Roryplaysgames !

      @TIGOF YT yep and I meant bow not boat

    • Roryplaysgames !
      Roryplaysgames !

      @TIGOF YT do you have a account on minecraft I will add you if you do

    • TIGOF YT
      TIGOF YT

      @Roryplaysgames ! if so i can confuse my friends. I have both mobile and java but they only have mobile

    • TIGOF YT
      TIGOF YT

      @Roryplaysgames ! does it work on pocket?

    • Roryplaysgames !
      Roryplaysgames !

      @TIGOF YT I made a world for it and me and my brother do it all the time now and I am on mobile

  • Cesar Chavez
    Cesar Chavez

    Dreams mind runs faster than a faze members PC

  • Speedyboba

    Minecraft Jenga

  • Hi

    Nobody: Litterally nobody: Dream: I was lucky (says while flying in a boat.)

  • Epic Noodles
    Epic Noodles

    Dream is the Minecraft form of Mary Poppins

  • Masiba Chann
    Masiba Chann

    1:16 literally no body George I believe I can fly

  • Sabel Hapay
    Sabel Hapay

    1:16 hahah lol george

  • Lyrixa

    *bad* - Flying in the boat *george* - Falls to ground-

  • Justin Chiem
    Justin Chiem

    Dream are you gonna do speedrunner vs hitmen again

  • Priscilla Rogan
    Priscilla Rogan

    I love love love Gorge's voice

  • Jaime Carrazco
    Jaime Carrazco

    i love it you should do it more

  • Bob Squadron 01
    Bob Squadron 01

    Here’s an idea. Dream vs 3 Hunters, the winner is the one who kills the Ender Dragon. Sabotage is perfectly acceptable, as is kill sniping. Will Sapnap fight Dream in the End? Or will the hunters try to wall off Dream to confirm the kill?

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott

    I like how dream didn't stay at the top of his tower until the time ran out he actually fought them even at the last minute

  • Anne Champ
    Anne Champ

    « Whatever floats your boat » Dream : And i took that personnaly

  • Water gameing
    Water gameing

    I was also doing my boat strategy I climbed up a dirt tower and then places boat...... While I was doing this My brother clicked and joined my boat and punched me,I fell down and he came well

  • Zaki Siddiqui
    Zaki Siddiqui



    This the only video on which he didnt crafted furnace.

  • LilsyPils

    Bad: I can just gently float down (George plummets to the ground)

    • TIGOF YT
      TIGOF YT

      He jumped out in the wrong way, so he could not reach the boat. Pause at 1:16

  • KylesterGaming

    dream should do a manhunt type where all 5 (dream, badboyhalo, georgenotfound, sapnap, antfrost) race to beat the ender dragon, and the person that wins gets $10,000, sort of like the Hitmen and FFA manhunt combined

  • Inferno

    BOATterfly )

  • MrPenagoS

    1:15 thats a flying george :0

  • Alex os 2 Baby bob
    Alex os 2 Baby bob

    Your the best pirate I ever seen

  • Charo808

    But anyways dream had another boat so even if goarge broke it dream would mlg boat on the ground

  • Shabana Shaikh
    Shabana Shaikh

    Do this again but the hunters are not a team so the person who kills you wins if you survive you win with 4hunters

  • mariel solomon
    mariel solomon

    1:14 i love how george just fell in the side😂😂

  • Moviemaker 100
    Moviemaker 100

    you should make more videos like this (minecraft hitman)

  • Ylondra Gabriel
    Ylondra Gabriel

    Do a Minecraft mansave lol

  • Sawyer _
    Sawyer _

    Sapnap's voice is so cool, idk if im the only one can feel it

  • Searing The Sky Wing
    Searing The Sky Wing

    how do you do that thing where there is a white outline

  • Evmit 100
    Evmit 100

    I mean this calls for a Dream v 3 hitman rematch!

  • Kletcho1

    Idk abt you guys, but I enjoyed this more than manhunt, they should do more of this.

  • trrreet luncasu
    trrreet luncasu

    -Its a bird -No its a plane -Nope it's just dream in a boat again.

  • kkc14s

    Is that a bird? Is that an airplane? No, that is dream disobeying gravity with a boat.

  • Codrawfish

    1:15 bad i can do it George noooo

  • -*Itz Gabby*-
    -*Itz Gabby*-


  • Tai Derran
    Tai Derran

    U souds like mr beast

  • The Savage Beast
    The Savage Beast

    Game Idea: 2v2 race to beat the game, Both teams have compasses and the first to kill the dragon wins, sabotaging is allowed and there should be like a no of lives per player if all lives are lost, the teammate can help in spectator mode. This would be awesome to watch soo you should try it.

  • Mang Dadibee
    Mang Dadibee

    1:59 this is what shinobu looked like when she was flying to zenitsu to give him the antidote after the spider fight

  • mick muller
    mick muller

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm...

  • dofgoma23

    Dream Gorge,sapnap and badboyhalo can try to beat mincraft and you trying stoping them

  • TrevorDoesPlay

    Dream u guys should do Dream and George vs Sapnap and bbh race to beat the ender dragon

  • Itz Dr3w_11
    Itz Dr3w_11

    Everybody gangsta till Dream’s boat starts flying