Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours! (Rainbow Food Challenge)
After Chad Wild Clay made "Ways to SNEAK into an ABANDONED MOVIE THEATER for 24 HOURS of Funny Situations with Spy NInjas", Vy Qwaint created "WEIRD CREATURE DELIVERING PACKAGES at 3AM CAUGHT ON CAMERA! UNBELIEVABLE!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME HIDE and SEEK at 3AM - I Challenged SPY NINJAS to the Ultimate Game", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "MY FIRST GAMING VIDEO! Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator But Loser Must Dance Like a Bee with Honey Shoes", Spy Ninjas take on an epic challenge of eating ONE COLOR for 24 HOURS! The Winner gets to brag for another week, while the losers have to paint their faces! Who will survive? Who will last the longest? Can Chad survive on RED food alone? Can Daniel win by eating only BLUE items? Does Vy have it the hardest with PINK?! Is YELLOW the easiest color for Regina? Or does Melvin get crowned the champion of GREEN? Next, the Spy Ninjas play the Cheap vs Expensive food challenge and it gets gross! The Spy Ninjas combine each of their colors to make the most epic gross drink on the planet! After the challenges, the Spy Ninjas receive a very scary present at their doorstep. What's inside was a hidden message. Can they decode it? Is it from that mysterious dog? Comment Below on what games would you like to see Spy Ninjas play next! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Hey Spy Ninjas! What color of food would you want to eat for 24 hours?

    • Vaishali Aswin
      Vaishali Aswin

      Hi ur the best vy

    • Maxwell Maxwell f xc Walters
      Maxwell Maxwell f xc Walters


    • Mindy Schramke
      Mindy Schramke


    • Fritz Oliver Alavata
      Fritz Oliver Alavata

      Almost 10m subscribers 9.9m

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      Vuk Nikolcevic yt gaming


  • Jordan Salmon
    Jordan Salmon

    look at this 5:28

    • Jordan Salmon
      Jordan Salmon

      and 5:38

  • Girl dance love Girl power and boy power
    Girl dance love Girl power and boy power

    They called a lime a lemon and a lemon a lime dude

  • Not Kaylaa
    Not Kaylaa

    When you guys did regain her gross drink looked like vanilla ice cream.

  • Girl dance love Girl power and boy power
    Girl dance love Girl power and boy power

    If I was in the challenge I'll take all the hot things and vy and REGINA we like the same chips

  • Mona Mohamed Ismail
    Mona Mohamed Ismail

    Where is Mayo

  • Vienna Li
    Vienna Li

    I’ll pick pink please AND DA STALKER IS ALLY

    • Vienna Li
      Vienna Li

      Green Green peas,spinach,broccoli,lettuce,green tea,green apples and more

    • Vienna Li
      Vienna Li

      Pink Strawberries,cotton candy,raspberries,cherries and yesh

    • Vienna Li
      Vienna Li

      Hmm blue blue.. Blue berries,blue cotton candy,blue candy and more more

    • Vienna Li
      Vienna Li

      Hmm a tomato,apples,normal pringles and dunno

    • Vienna Li
      Vienna Li

      Ramon and a yellow smothie


    I love your video

  • Joanne stainton
    Joanne stainton

    Reg over reacts

  • Sapphire Minto
    Sapphire Minto

    Chad deserved a second chance bcos Daniel got 2 chances

  • Jacksonian30


  • StxgeBeEyesoin


  • Carolanne Wilson
    Carolanne Wilson

    If they are in America and melvin and Daniel like them melvin could of got an apple monster and Daniel could of got an ultra blue monster

  • XGaming

    "Roses are dead" "Violets are dying" "I'm happy outside" "But inside i'm crying" No one wants to sub to me


    cwc cwc cwc

  • Ansh Babel
    Ansh Babel

    Congratulations for 10 million subscribers vy

  • debajani das
    debajani das

    You know my brother eats lime

  • the blue fox plays
    the blue fox plays

    did anyone notice how she was eating a cupcake but only the frosting is pink the rest is a bage color so does that mean she cheated

  • Laura Bayley
    Laura Bayley

    I love all the spy ninjas except V

    • Laura Bayley
      Laura Bayley


  • Laura Bayley
    Laura Bayley

    V quaint will get fat eating all that junk food

  • Jagmeet kaur Gulati
    Jagmeet kaur Gulati

    I have downloaded spy ninjas network

  • Savannah Salem
    Savannah Salem


  • Adnan Skates - Roblox
    Adnan Skates - Roblox

    l l l l l l;

  • Shareen Yousaf
    Shareen Yousaf

    Are you okay with

  • Shareen Yousaf
    Shareen Yousaf

    P are you okay with that

  • Shareen Yousaf
    Shareen Yousaf

    V are you all me

  • Shareen Yousaf
    Shareen Yousaf

    Are you in cheek

  • Jaylen Hawkins
    Jaylen Hawkins

    Regina was getting tickled

  • Shareen Yousaf
    Shareen Yousaf


  • vallariey Ferguson
    vallariey Ferguson

    Daniel there is actually red water you can actually put food coloring inside a water yeah I tried it once in my whole mouth was red rather than before my mind and only pink or orange sometimes they eat a lot of orange foods and they're like oranges too much about five vitamins get sick cuz of vitamin c but I need Cheeto popcorn that's nice but yeah

  • Isra Momandi
    Isra Momandi

    And btw she was crying when she wanted the fries

  • Isra Momandi
    Isra Momandi

    Poor regina she had to puke after that

  • Love Heart gacha wolf
    Love Heart gacha wolf

    No fair i want a pepper🌶

  • Love Heart gacha wolf
    Love Heart gacha wolf

    I even eat ice and pepper🌶 my mom dont let me but i eat them sill even if she say not too i dont care i love spicy

  • Love Heart gacha wolf
    Love Heart gacha wolf

    A say red i love spicy food

  • lps oliva
    lps oliva

    uhhhhhhh there is a lot of food though u can food die it :|

  • Dorothy Foreman
    Dorothy Foreman

    i am your biggest fan vy is my faverite

  • Christian Fuentes
    Christian Fuentes

    How is Daniel a grandpa

  • Anaya Sheri
    Anaya Sheri

    Vy can give chad all the red cupcakes

  • Camila Almaguer
    Camila Almaguer


  • Eddy Ellis
    Eddy Ellis

    I can even handle hot sauce hot sauce on my cheeseburger before I eat it it was really delicious maybe you could come to my place sometimes and I can call a big hot sauce in your mouth I'm just kidding I wouldn't do that to you

  • Eddy Ellis
    Eddy Ellis

    I choked on grapes and noodles before it was so scary I was in pain

  • itsyourboy cat boi
    itsyourboy cat boi

    5:30 is so funny i replayed it so many times it made me laugh till i can't breath(im fine)

  • Carmela Di Brizzi
    Carmela Di Brizzi

    I dont like cotan-candy

  • Isa Alfaro
    Isa Alfaro

    My friend have a Crush in melven

  • Tony Taylor
    Tony Taylor

    whose wached this 5 milion times and still likes it

  • Kerry Barton
    Kerry Barton

    I will pick the colour pink

  • Claire Vincent Thompson
    Claire Vincent Thompson


  • Max Granberry
    Max Granberry

    We eat this hot chips eats hot lays you can handle that

  • Jotoro Jostar
    Jotoro Jostar

    I thought red was gonna win :(

  • Fair Green
    Fair Green

    I added Daniel gizmo) Regina ginera (Melvin ginera( Chad wild cay (vy ( on roblox

  • Moisekolley moise
    Moisekolley moise

    That’s gross

  • Coolkid Gomez
    Coolkid Gomez


  • Ingrid Maradiaga
    Ingrid Maradiaga


  • Edith Sanchez
    Edith Sanchez

    Hi vy

  • Edith Sanchez
    Edith Sanchez


  • Antishiwa Harwell-Davis
    Antishiwa Harwell-Davis

    Love your vids vy

  • Mikayla Riches
    Mikayla Riches

    I like lime and lemon I can't feel the spice like vy you are all soooooo cool

  • Gabe Robert
    Gabe Robert


  • Pietro Traynor
    Pietro Traynor


  • Rim Hatem
    Rim Hatem

    Melvin she didn’t do you know why because birds are green on the outside but white in the inside so Melvin your illuminated

  • Jennifer Guzman
    Jennifer Guzman

    I. Wo ld. E t. Pink. Food

  • Fernanda Esparza
    Fernanda Esparza

    Yy 2

  • Teagan Carrier
    Teagan Carrier

    Maybe it's it's Daniel's dog

  • abby and ari Hathaway
    abby and ari Hathaway

    i can by your mruch but i have to get it on easter

  • Raeleen Franco Gonzalez
    Raeleen Franco Gonzalez

    Hey im from the future and in February 23, 2021 Daniel is going to reunite with the cloaked

  • Rhys Jackson
    Rhys Jackson

    And pink

  • Rhys Jackson
    Rhys Jackson


  • Inayah Ali
    Inayah Ali


  • Xiomara Jimenez
    Xiomara Jimenez

    OK thanks

  • Xiomara Jimenez
    Xiomara Jimenez

    I love you I'm Mom

  • Raven Souther
    Raven Souther

    Carrots and cotton candy

  • Marissa Jesso
    Marissa Jesso

    maybe chicke nuggies

  • Genesis Martinez Barahona
    Genesis Martinez Barahona

    hi i am a big fan

  • sheetal shelat
    sheetal shelat

    VY GOT 10 M SUBS! Congrats

  • sagchaos

    Yes it has red water you never heard of cambary

  • green ninja from Ninjago
    green ninja from Ninjago

    Meliven should make bages

  • Trevonte Thompson
    Trevonte Thompson

    So yeah Virginia you go ahead and go and you tell me

  • Trevonte Thompson
    Trevonte Thompson

    And then you go other girlfriend it’s not Wi-Fi

  • Trevonte Thompson
    Trevonte Thompson

    Hi I didn’t know I know that Regina likes Daniel

  • Trevonte Thompson
    Trevonte Thompson


  • hang nguyen
    hang nguyen

    Daniel and Chad: Sabotages eachother. Vy: Weak stomach. Regina when humas arrives: Teardrop falls down because its disgustang (lol.)

  • Speedwell Michael
    Speedwell Michael


  • Ann Bolwell
    Ann Bolwell

    whell don chad

  • Ann Bolwell
    Ann Bolwell

    why do yu eat like that Danyiel

  • Ann Bolwell
    Ann Bolwell

    I tride that Danyol befor

  • Clare Roberts
    Clare Roberts

    Pink vy well done everyone

  • Michael Nunez
    Michael Nunez


  • し五十嵐


  • し五十嵐

    Do who is the one who got out faster

  • Ale's Adventures
    Ale's Adventures

    One round and shoes on your mind about how they would get some things are suffering the machine to cure and then go on your face when

  • Cheryl Gunderson
    Cheryl Gunderson

    Daniel you’re mean

  • Chlorin Hudan
    Chlorin Hudan

    When melvin say melborn is remind me of joseph banks

  • Hudhaifa Bin Abdulla
    Hudhaifa Bin Abdulla

    Rigiina sacks I don’t like her even

  • Hudhaifa Bin Abdulla
    Hudhaifa Bin Abdulla

    I like fort night

  • Lim Yen
    Lim Yen

    Like vy!

  • Lim Yen
    Lim Yen

    Pink colour🧠👛👙👚🐽🐷🐙🦩🌺🌸🤽🏻‍♀️🎆🧫🛍📿🎀💖💘💝💞💓💗💕🏄🏻‍♀️🛼🧘🏻‍♀️🍬🍖🥩🧞‍♀️👩🏻‍🎤🫁🫀🧠

  • Arnica Arreola
    Arnica Arreola

    I love sour things

  • Roimata Mahaki
    Roimata Mahaki


  • Klara Campbell
    Klara Campbell

    Hey vy yeah I’d choose yellow cause I can eat popcorn witch is why I say Regina should have got popcorn