Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You
Taken from JRE #1368 w/Edward Snowden: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/lcylY4S31XGBuqk.html

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    Gordon Freeman thumbnail

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    Is this nigga on the run or somethin??

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    It's time for an update Joe. Bring this Man back on the show

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    Mobile phones should be handed out for free 🙄

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    Whatever Edward, you like everyone else, know absolutely nothing about what real life is about...it is not technology, that is for sure...but you force it on the sheep and they will devour it...no choice for many...so sad

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    Okay ,you know where I am. But if you come for me....bring a bunch of those big bags with you

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    WRAP YOUR PHONE IN ALUMINUM FOIL. Alternatively you can fashion a hat out of tin foil.

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    Leaf Trimmer

    This is all literally due to small town cops not going through the process of getting a warrant. *SMH*



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    Next step, just came in....

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    IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity...

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    this guy really knows nothing first he says IEMI twice but give them different examples. The IMSI is sent raely as possibly and a TMSI is randomly generated and sent instead. there is so much more that goes into this the IMSI is converted to E.212 in America before it can be routed on the SS7 once convertedSCCP is used. this guy is saying nothing new the government has be spying on US citizens for ever. The third party doctrine actually began in 67 with KATZ V US and Berger V New York which led to US v Miler in 1976 then Smith V Maryland which was final with US v Graham in 2012

  • Aaron Morgan
    Aaron Morgan

    beautiful linux based phones have off switches for camera, wifi, network,mic. bought i pi and im loving linux and may build a linux desktop

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    Based on the likes and dislikes I'm guessing that 8,000 people work for the government.

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    David Roman

    Very clever man. He should be pardoned. 👍

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    Michael Mier

    Edward Snowden for President!

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    David Shook

    when you're war-driving, not only can you see local wifi's mac address, also the mac addresses of devices (cell phones, tablets, computers, cameras, etc) accessing them wirelessly. Mac addresses are globally unique and not transmitted across the internet ordinarily. Mac addresses can be faked with skill and the right hardware/firmware. Mac addresses, by the way they are assigned to manufacturers, reveal the brand and model of the device more often than not. Cell traffic is different, no mac address, usually only traceable by the cell company and police departments with Stringrays (mobile cell towers). No contract pay as you go cell phones are about the only hope left for privacy and that's eroding slowly.

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    Kevin Cobabe

    Kevin Mitnick talks about a lot of the same stuff. Its why I always laugh about people who freak out when they find out about this. Kind of surprised he didn't go into the actual manufacturers doing the same things the apps do. In the end if you don't want your crap found out, don't get a smartphone or a phone without the ability to remove the battery.

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    I don’t care 😎 They sound like they need a life 🤢 What are they listening in on NEW IDEAS ? I noticed when I have an idea I see it in the stores 👿 They are getting rich off my ideas 👿 That’s why those phone booths are gone DRUG DEALERS 😳 Now they can get them 💀 Like The Capital Rioters posting images of the violence they created on their phones 💀 DUMD ASSES 💀

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    Ghostly Boy

    Snowden is a true hero to me! I wish Trump had pardoned him as well but maybe in 2024!

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    John Smith

    Snowden has no credibility on the issues he speaks about because he’s a Putin lover. His love for disgusting authoritarians is sort of incompatible with his professed interest in transparency.

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    damn thats crazy still gon use my phone

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    Interesting Man.

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    All this shit happened when facebook became the new myspace lol

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    Harikrishna -Harry Pth

    "you cant awaken someone who is pretending to be asleep!" EDWARD SNOWDEN IS A HERO BUT THE WORLD IS STILL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lord Smoke

    Biden gets elected for telling lies, Snowden gets ostracized for telling the truth.


    Snowden: *cracks the code* Obama: he's a hacker Thats why snowden is hiding cause if the gorverment finds him yikes they might do something...

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    Maxime G

    So why didn't the US simply hire him to help fix the privacy issues?

  • DXPL

    Edward is the only one speaking the truth in the USA. But unfortunately, America slept on him. This country is so fucked up

  • Gelidus

    search with ecosia ;)

  • musikpal

    It's not that big of a deal until Hitler #2 is here or until we have a dictator.

  • Charith Jayasanka
    Charith Jayasanka

    You can see what services that your iPhone is talking to if you use a piHole. And if you wanna block the device from communicating with Facebook without your consent, it can also be blocked using the piHole

  • Michael Elliot
    Michael Elliot

    Totally scary.

  • Iris

    When he started talking about the apps "that contact the network even more frequently" we lost the DSL connection with the neighbourhood hub, I thought that was sort of ironic... (It's a re-occuring problem for years here). Unfortunately I didn't really learn anything new from this, I saw people being mindnumbingly stupid when the government here mentioned to use anonymized telecomdata against coronavirus spreading, and I saw such a huge amount of people thinking you'd be safe from tracking by disabling their GPS-option in their phone... This for me, was already seriously problematic, next to people in government who seriously thought you could make that kind of data anonymous and stop being able to actually know people's locations... Over and over I tried to explain to people that even when you remove information that connects to an actual name, you now map movement and see a device returning to a certain point in the grid for instance when someone returns from work. You might not have actual names, but obviously it's easy to connect addresses to anonymous addresses.... Also, watching this from a desktop, running Windows 10, so that is now just as bad as an actual smartphone....

  • Rickey Hall
    Rickey Hall

    "You can't wake someone who's pretending to sleep" That's the problem now. Everyone says worse times are coming soon but nobody seems to be doing a damn thing change it

    • Lord Smoke
      Lord Smoke

      People are sleepwalking into a Totalitarian Fascist State and calling themselves "Woke"

  • Paul Gros
    Paul Gros

    "Call unto me, and I will and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." (Jeremiah 33:3) "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved." Romans 10:13

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    Wow - is this the real Ed Snow-d? legend

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    There’s a Moses to every pharaoh an Arabic proverbs .

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    Raul Vqz

    Open source software is a Solution to what he is talking about, on FOSS you actually know what the hardware is doing and shut it if it not complies with that you want

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    Queen Cersei Lannister

    Meh, I live a boring life, snoop all you want. Is what it is. I'm not going to complain...I live and am blessed to live in America.

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    Gabriel Shapiro

    And people who own smart phones are worried about being tracked if they take the COVID-19 vaccine.

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    Blue Fox

    I can't exactly pinpoint his body language. What he said what interesting.

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    Ben Gordon

    “Gilfoyle: Jared, bolt the doors. Dinesh: What's in the bag? Gilfoyle: Clif bars and a gun.”

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    13:00 sounds cool

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    Now from 2018 you can't plug headphones like Snowden

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    Wauw he explained it so well!!

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    Sulaiman Enzed

    It would be a Disgrace to Snowden and humanity if he was pardoned by low life creature named Trump. As the proverb goes 'A lion's one day is better than a 1000 days of a fox'.

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    José A.

    Seriously?! I guy that whoooow..... know"s a lot... it´s a superstar of the hackers... had to READ about the things that are in his mind???

  • POTTER Gold
    POTTER Gold

    Just think of all the great information he could have educated us on, if only he would have waited 20 years to come forward about all this secrecy. I would love to really know what’s currently going on now , behind the curtains. Anyways, thanks Ed. I enjoyed the movie.

  • Anton

    You can check what your smartphone is doing in wifi by wireshark for example. But i have no idea how to check cellular data..

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    Also. You can tell he loves the sound of his own voice.

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    That was freaky... He said you might be listening or watching this on a train somewhere on your phone. And indeed I am...

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    It's really great on how this genius help me to access my boyfriend phone without him noticing...thank you so much @rob__cyber

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    I'm way too dumb to understand this

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    The Stasi in East Germany would have loved this situation, so that makes America worse than East Germany in its hey day.

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    "You OWN the device. Well, you paid for it." -Snowden

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    Jill Meraz

    Scary! No wonder all you have to do is talk about something, and it literally shows up on your phone...

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    Tell us wat we dn't know

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    Chucky sees

    No shit mtf's

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    They can spy on people, meaning they could actually stop crime or terrorist attack 🤔 do they allow these attacks to happen on purpose...politics

  • Ed Henrry
    Ed Henrry

    I caught onto it when I was homeless with the Razer phone I had a T-Mobile phone that was back in hole 7

  • Ed Henrry
    Ed Henrry

    Interest ing thats what im going throw now people war about to

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    Dr. Barry Cohn

    Snowden is such an ahole. Hope loves mother Rooskyland.

  • Hugh E
    Hugh E

    If you're worried about all this, think self generated encryption within encryption (not so hard to do) and portable faraday cage (also not so hard to do).

  • A J
    A J

    Technology, the weapon that the beast will use to control you...

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    Droga achei que era o Daniel Furlan

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    Mr Mini

    Aww man, the government is going to know I'm a fat lazy bastard who buys too much take-away, and corporations are going to buy that information too

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    Anthony Aristo

    Love the guy but he says Uuuuuuugggghhhhhhhh Uuuuuummmm Uuuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • 『Budget Kirnu』
      『Budget Kirnu』

      Thinks before he speaks and communicates to us that he's thinking

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    Honest Reviews

    Your phone's are tracking you, tells you to look it up online. SMH

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    I love my Samsung B2100

  • Zvonko Barisic
    Zvonko Barisic

    What is America’s democracy just empty words!???

  • Video Review It
    Video Review It

    Love the very last comment in this video. "You can't awaken someone who is pretending to be asleep" It is clear, We need to wake up, Stand Up, Or shut up. Knowing what you will do starts with research and knowledge. It appears our phone network is providing the research to help all us stay safe while sacrificing our freedoms. Knowing the capabilities of this vast network shows that our government already knew who stormed the capitol. (Edward - couldn't they pull the GPS app info from the GPS tracker and pin point each persons exact location during the insurrection?) We live in a free country because we have the best intelligence and people that are willing to stand up for our freedoms. Let's find the happy medium and make America safe and free again. Most people will give up phone freedoms like this if they know it will help keep all of us safe. We live in a remarkable country and the facts are, we need more transparency. We need the freedom to choose, because some of us are ready to stand up while others want to pretend they are asleep.

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    LOve LiFE

    pardon snow #kamala

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    Yeap...my phone knows what days I work and what time I go home. Tells me what road I’m on everything and anything I do! So for fun I decided to talk about buying tutus’s..! I had to find something that man should never wear!! Unless it’s Halloween and your drunk...so for two days I kept talking about tutus...and low and behold...IRbin , and google both start showing me tutus to buy!

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    People are afraid that their data will be sold and they forget that their morals are dying they lost faith they become atheist they believe that they were apes and they forget about death and they think that they just pooped off by accident Wake up people you are created for one purpose worship the one god that created you he has no son or someone whom he must consult your god is not a man

  • PJ Gamer
    PJ Gamer

    Stop posting illuminati and Darwinian shit

  • David Tanslow
    David Tanslow

    Exactly, it's illegal to use terms and clauses that's not been explained so if we say we have not read the smallprint and the other party has not verbally mentioned it, it cannot be enforced.

  • CollenSaga

    Of course that's so called modern slavery if people won't like this government will hnow who and where and what don't like ....

  • David Tanslow
    David Tanslow

    Here is the main problems with using information collected covertly. In both the USA and UK, information gained from eavesdropping is not admissible in a court of law and because everyone knows that they are being bugged, then they can easily retrospectively deny any of the reasonings the prosecutor may have for trying to use it. Most of the Information collected is basically useless once the Informer knows about it. The laws on blackmail still overide all other misdemeanours.

  • David Tanslow
    David Tanslow

    The EMEI is the CPU serial number, it is unique to every computer chip and is imprinted when it's made. All these phones can be traced but because the secret services don't want everyone to know that they are tracked or traceable or act as bugs, they refused to let the police trace them for us when they get stolen or lost. Basically everyone should cover up the camera's but bear in mind, the microphone is always on and they can trace an individual person by the characteristics of your voice. It was the CIA who ordered all phones be equipped with unswitchable GPS circuits. You may think you've switched it off but in reality the 'switch' can be covertly bypassed. It is after all, just a software program.

  • Amanda Duke
    Amanda Duke

    We need more Edward Snowden's. More people that know enough to be able to fight back, or at least more people who will share the information so others can fight back.

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    I am wondering... who contacted who for this brillant interview??

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    living with ghost

    Your a true American patriot.

  • JAX RX
    JAX RX

    This has been going on for a long time and will only get worse from here on out. But what is it that we can actually do? Year after year we're losing so much of the little power we have as US citizens, pretty soon we'll have to stop calling ourselves citizens and start calling each other peasants

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    Go Juice now that's a new energy drink idea somebody get on that 😂

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    He's cute

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    PumPer ProducTion

    lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, This is so funny lol . lol .... USA blame Huawei lol , over WHAT... 5G technology that USA wanted to be ahead on.

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    This is why I leave my cellphone at home, I don't want to be tracked.

  • Sputnik

    he told the truth but gets called traitor and usa wants him dead many guys tell tons of lies they end up in congress or as a president or governors..... yeah.,.. the beauty of usa democracy

  • Blaine

    Fuck the government

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    Drew Marshall

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    B T

    I deliver shit pizza for couple bucks and can’t get in peace, mean while someone making millions jus to watch pizza delivered. You laughing ?

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    1peter kahui