Edward Snowden on Trump, Obama & How He Ended Up in Russia to Avoid U.S. Extradition
We conclude our interview with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who has just published his memoir titled “Permanent Record.” In 2013, after quitting his job at the NSA, Snowden attempted to fly from Hong Kong to Latin America in order to avoid being extradited to the United States. But the U.S. revoked his passport when he stopped through Russia, effectively stranding him there. Snowden has lived as an exile in Moscow ever since. He tells us his story.
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  • James McCool
    James McCool

    Short answer. Obama was a p.o.s. Trump was a. p.o.s. and Biden is a p.o.s. The fact that this guy can't see that Obama is just made me realize he is not as bright as I had hoped.

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    Snowden is a dipshit. He can stay out.

  • James B
    James B

    We The People...We The People...remember who you are.

  • Lil Lew
    Lil Lew

    Donald Trump was 10 x times the president of Obama, Obama was weak and part of the world's problems. 4 years of peace from Trump.

  • michele larson
    michele larson

    Why is he always looking down as if reading a script? Anyone who says good about Obama is questionable IMO.

  • MadMarco

    I love how the comments are full of people liking this guy, until Snowden sais that Obama isn't so shit 😂 Just shows how much of a sheep you guys are :)

  • Bells Pelosi
    Bells Pelosi

    Trump lost billions to do the right thing. Obama became rich doing the wrong thing. FOH.

  • M 0077
    M 0077

    America is fast exposing itself as a failed corporation with sycophaths leadership...

  • James Rooks
    James Rooks

    Our Founders designed a REPUBLIC because they (rightly!) viewed democracy as radical, & I can't BELIEVE 'tards have convinced as many people as they have that America IS a "democracy"!

  • debra Fogarty
    debra Fogarty

    Hmm....BS Snowdon strikes again.

  • daily figueroa
    daily figueroa

    Obama is the most horrable president where he came from he is a lie with his man wife he shameful hide. Why no one tell truth everyone .

  • daily figueroa
    daily figueroa

    We the people stand with you swonden

  • Jose deLeon
    Jose deLeon

    Obama wants to do what according to Snowden? Good Trump didn’t pardon this guy. I almost believed in him but I changed my mind.

  • Deborah Adams
    Deborah Adams

    Trump Loves America. So..I think you are blind to the truth

  • M C
    M C

    What are the DEMONRATS so AFRAID of...🤔🤔🤔

  • Linda McEntaffer
    Linda McEntaffer

    Very smart man; with one exception. I doubt he's ever MET Trump in person, or spoken with anyone who works for Trump. So, his opinion of Trump, who he doesn't know is most likely based on the Propaganda of the MSM. And that is akin to being, (as Marx called it), a Willing Idiot. So, he thinks that Melania could be bought? Very low. Keep in mind, IF one wants to have "The American Dream," there MUST be employment, and Trump pushed back on socialism & put more people to work & off the Gov't Dole than anyone. That alone should make him a National Treasure.

  • Maggie Landow
    Maggie Landow

    The wrong people get punished.

  • Jeannette Hooper
    Jeannette Hooper

    Donald Trump was the best President ever in the world



  • Margie Hankins-Jerde
    Margie Hankins-Jerde

    Stone is stupid. Trump is someone Stone doesn't understand at all because Trump plays no games. He isn't a politician yet has done more for this country than anyone in years. Stones understanding of President Trump shows me how little he is. All for oneself.

  • swhite10539

    Enjoy your commie buddies....but I hope you do leave someday and the CIA or FBI tracks your lilly white a** down!

  • swhite10539

    What I see is a self-important little man that betrayed America! I hope he is arrested, tried, and thrown away in a dark cell for life!

  • Susan Smith
    Susan Smith

    Well you don’t know the truth then, because the person (Obama) is the evil villain! President Trump is a hero to the real people!!!!

  • Linda Fonteye
    Linda Fonteye

    He's pouting because he didn't get pardoned. Trump called your bluff. You arrogant woosie!

  • Linda Fonteye
    Linda Fonteye

    Ok, I never was sure about this guy. Now I know. Self serving schmuck!

  • Jeffery Barrett
    Jeffery Barrett

    Remer this guy stole and sold more info than just giving info on nsa spying.

  • Nicola Sutcliffe
    Nicola Sutcliffe

    He's a crap actor

  • Hunter Fields
    Hunter Fields

    Obama sucks and so does this guy.

  • Blending in with the Monsters.
    Blending in with the Monsters.

    What a moron that idiot is to lie and smear Trump like that. Good, I'm happy he's suffering. You traitor!

  • David Boyer
    David Boyer

    We do not need this guy back. He puts Trump down, and in a second breath says Obummer was so great. We suffered 8 years of that man.

  • Den Owl
    Den Owl

    Democracy now tv network ? A bunch of paid by China and Russia propagandists who pretend to be useful idiots whitewash Snowden- a KGB asset telling people he is an honest American! So Snowden went to Russia and got accepted there without anything to give them while stealing a CIA computer secrets but later destroyed them so Russia won’t get them???? Okay

  • Okie Dokie
    Okie Dokie

    He is a traitor, what happens to traitors? These days, they get a book deal, or documentaries made about their life, most likely get laid by political groupies, but back in the day they got hung. Just say'n!

  • Earl Pruett
    Earl Pruett

    My Hero , a man that loves his country

  • James King
    James King

    Mr. Snowden, I have to interject that you may be wrong about both Trump and Obama....Trump loves America and maintained a tow in line with our laws....Obama never tried to do good, he lied to every American, when you want to know what he really wants just focus opposite of his words and you'll know the truth. Thank you for doing what you're doing. I wished they would drop all the garbage they are accusing you of.

  • Donna Acker
    Donna Acker

    Many Americans view you as a Patriot hero. I'm one of them.

  • kindcounselor

    Who is he?

  • Jeffrey Cameron
    Jeffrey Cameron


  • Howard Powell
    Howard Powell

    So fun im a sheep 🐑 in white wolfs clothing, and u still work for the cia .All u are is a Trojan horse for the United States 🇺🇸 to destroy china and Russia thay r the dumb ones Jesus is King, my prayers for all

  • Bishop

    I really like this guy, however all he did was confirm what many Patriots already knew and many constitutionalists already suspected. What we have today is really just the illusion of freedom. And if you don't agree with that statement go try to buy a firearm right now while Joe Biden is president.

  • Dan Preville
    Dan Preville

    I have no problem saying bad things about Obama he sucked in Chicago sucked in the White House and he's useless and look he sucks right now being the puppeteer of our president we have now him and Hillary Clinton should be banned from all politics for life

  • Ninja Mom
    Ninja Mom

    Wow he was kool till the trump statments

  • B.C splat briancross
    B.C splat briancross

    Fake news garbage

  • B.C splat briancross
    B.C splat briancross

    A actual hero

  • xXDAUSXx

    how is this man still a liberal. obama sucked thru and thru

  • Victoria Mark
    Victoria Mark

    Snowden doesn't understand Obama, and not Trump.

  • daily figueroa
    daily figueroa

    Obama tradior true blind eyes

  • daily figueroa
    daily figueroa

    United we stand for true peoples need.

  • Stephen Bishop
    Stephen Bishop

    I'm glad you are ok

  • Nida Lloyd
    Nida Lloyd

    Classic Leftist. Gives Bad psychoanalysis of Trump and Worships Obama.

  • kyle bolender
    kyle bolender

    Hahah all this happened under Obama and he won’t say a bad thing about him... if he would have went to prison for life under Obama still no negative comments....what a dope.

  • Jender E. Arevalo
    Jender E. Arevalo

    Edward Snowden hates USA by the way he just talked down on our president Donald J. Trump Salvadoreño born in USA for Donald J. Trump always

  • Jender E. Arevalo
    Jender E. Arevalo

    Edward Snowden why didnt you go threw El Salvador 🇸🇻??? Because you don't give two shhh about that country right??

  • Darlene Davis
    Darlene Davis

    You are full of dog poop

  • Akbar Farzin
    Akbar Farzin

    Is funny thing America Government Talking about the others countries Human right ?????and Democracy????

  • Aaron Bennett
    Aaron Bennett

    🤣and Trumps the enemy, glad he's is russia

  • judy massengale
    judy massengale


  • Ginger Catzz
    Ginger Catzz

    Snowdens arrogance is legionary, he thinks he is brilliant but he is a dull bulb!

  • Kathryn Sullivan
    Kathryn Sullivan

    As far as I am concerned this man is a hero, listen to his info on your phones and what they are capable of !!!

  • Knight Templar 2020
    Knight Templar 2020

    ... 🤔 ...

  • Yo Mamma
    Yo Mamma

    You should never call anyone who you could vote for as your leader.

  • Andreas T
    Andreas T

    Again, protecting Obama that jailed and wire tapped journalists and whistleblowers, used government agencies against political opposition and ran one of the most corrupt administrations. No, Obama was neither a good President, nor is he a good person.

  • Michael Bartholomew
    Michael Bartholomew

    Trump has kids moral, caring and hard working. You don't get kids like that being a narcissist. Once a libtard always a libtard. Once cia, always cia. This guy did not divulge anything that Jones and many others weren't screaming from the rooftops years before this psyop actor revealed.

  • Buscando la Verdad
    Buscando la Verdad

    I think Snowden is intelligent but obviously not enough to be aware of all the child sex trafficking, human trafficking, adrenochrome, organ harvesting, the elite getting richer from sending small businesses into bankrupt and they making billions...Could not see the corruption blinded by his anger towards Donald trump.

  • Grace Chapman
    Grace Chapman

    Obama was a POS.

  • Grace Chapman
    Grace Chapman

    He should have been pardoned. Telling the truth is a crime. Ur phone is spying on on u. He was just warning u on what was too come.

  • augenbutter

    'Masada like' suicide is already becoming the choice for many. Because they prefer death over enslavement. Instead, I think rotating general strikes are a good alternative for starters.

  • Thomas Bacon
    Thomas Bacon

    All I see in Snowden is a very young man believing himself to be very wise person. Knowledge is not wisdom knowing how to use knowledge is. To me he fails miserably in that realm doing more harm to himself the harder he tries.

  • Guru of Love
    Guru of Love

    Snowden expresses himself with great eloquence in brevity.

  • Casa del Agua Gerald Webb
    Casa del Agua Gerald Webb

    Cant believe hes on democrapracy now! But hey..he needs as many platforms as possible!

  • C Whit
    C Whit

    Hey ed, Do not concur with your analysis, or opinion of 44-

  • John Auner
    John Auner

    Obama's screw-up. At least the US didn't murder Snowden by drone.

  • Madeline Zapanta
    Madeline Zapanta

    You consider yourself American? You are a traitor to America period.

  • Bob Detken
    Bob Detken

    Snowden thinks he’s smarter than he really is. Libtard

  • Milik Redman
    Milik Redman

    He’s a damn traitor and now a Russian propagandist.

  • Sandy Strait
    Sandy Strait

    John Kerry cancelled Snowdens passport? Why are liberals also trying to prosecute this man. Where are the whistleblower protections that should ensure this travesty doesn't take place? More and more I believe our country is rotten to the core. (Insert Upside down flag.) Not a liberal. Not a conservative. Not a fan of injustice. Not a fan of incorporated interests that victimize people. Someone please stop the insanity.

  • 1notgilty

    “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals!” - Edward Snowden

    • Seegster77

      When you run to another country like Russia to tell Americans what we already knew(especially considering he’s in a country that does worst) you’re a idiot traitor. - Me

  • edward toner
    edward toner

    What bullshite will he come up with next . Snowden number one ARSEHOLE .

  • the informer
    the informer

    Pardon Edward Snowden!

  • Wolfgang Fink
    Wolfgang Fink

    Let's face it, the President never has and never will run the country! They are just puppets.

  • Pam M
    Pam M

    Your Marxist lying channel should be taken down

  • Independent thinker
    Independent thinker

    You know I was on your side until you ran your dipshit mouth. You're that demented Demcrat and I hope you get caught.

  • Robyn Hefferan
    Robyn Hefferan

    very sad that you think this about President Trump - where do you get this from? Perhaps you could take a look at the old things he did for his country, the fact that he took no wage for his long days of work, that he was loved by many millions, that blacks and hispanics and women are much better off etc etc.

  • Eleanor de Freitas
    Eleanor de Freitas

    Snowden might have his opinion of the two Presidents but he has hugely underestimated President Trump and overestimated Obama. Under Obama Isis proliferated . Trump cleaned them up. NOW under Biden terrorism is on the upsurge. Mozambique is being invaded. The southern border of the USA is being invaded. Everyone including Snowden has more to fear from the Democrats than they ever had to from President Trump. Parden me only the drug dealers, human traffickers terrorists had more to fear from President Trump. Jeffrey Epstein would still be plying his trade if Hillary Clinton had got into the white house. After this interview with Snowden I no longer think too highly of his " opinions "

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    Edward Snowden needs to stfu and move on with his life. He sounds incredibly cavalier when he speaks!

  • Becky Tobey
    Becky Tobey

    Well, I was intrigued until his comments about Trump. No longer intrigued.


    Just for him to say that Obama did good as president he deserves to be in jail. 😂 😝

  • Vanessa Kammerer
    Vanessa Kammerer

    Atleast he's safe, thank God

  • Margaret Howard
    Margaret Howard

    Well Snowden you just lost me. Obama is evil.

  • Maria

    WOW, I’m a little blown away at his great dislike for Trump but still held back on Obama. He can’t seriously believe that Obama entered the WH with good intentions, his 8 years proves he caused more damage then good 🤷‍♀️ I as say this as someone that observed this from the outside.

  • Yogini

    We appreciate Democracy Now for letting Edward Snowden speak & share his story!

  • Yogini



    Watching this in 2021 and now know why Trump didn't pardon him. He should have.

  • Jackie Payne
    Jackie Payne


  • Jacque's page
    Jacque's page

    You are wrong mr snowden. Donald Trump has the very deep love of at least 80% of Americans. Obama, not so much. He was and is a traitor. And Obama wire tapped Trump. You are much more foolish that I previously thought. His family loves him also. I don’t think he paid for it

  • mltucker

    I now see Snowed as a traitor, that the hero I thought he was. Thank you Snowden for removing the rose colored glasses I had on. I see him as the traitor he is.

  • Joey Sinkovic
    Joey Sinkovic

    American hero of the century.

  • Peter Grandahl
    Peter Grandahl

    Obama is like all democrats -- promises all kinds of good stuff but never really delivers.

  • Peter Grandahl
    Peter Grandahl

    He's probably better off in Russia than Ecuador. Russia has much better security. If he had gone to Ecuador he would be in a US prison by now.

  • Patti Griep
    Patti Griep

    Snowden is delusional! OBAMA is part of the DEEP STATE/CABAL! Obama had many "HOTDOG" and "PIZZA" parties under DC, DISGUSTING POS. Stay wherever the hell you find yourself!

  • Norbert Müller
    Norbert Müller

    Snowden a puppet from the gangster Putin