5 Monkeys, 5 Days, 1 OBS! Will Gas Monkey Garage finish a 1991 Chevy frame up build on their shortest deadline yet! Failure is not an option and sleep is a luxury on this challenge as Richard Rawlings puts his guys to the test.
Will the Monkeys make the deadline or will time get the best of them?
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  • Jorge arturo Mireles ibarra
    Jorge arturo Mireles ibarra

    ok guys it's payday saludos desde victoria tamaulipas mexico

  • 419gates

    They didn't have time to deliver the engine but had the time to paint that box. I hate it when they fake everything.

  • Calvin Scott
    Calvin Scott

    I work at Discount Tire and seeing them using the mounting machine is weird😂

  • Nicolas Bassi
    Nicolas Bassi

    Please,invest few bucks in someone who can subtitle your vids in spanish...thanks!

  • mhawkins1975

    A lot better when done live I think.

  • D Haley
    D Haley

    I wonder how much these guys are paid for working around the clock and getting this truck done

  • Philippe Rouchy
    Philippe Rouchy

    Whole team is great, only Richard goofy attitude is ruining the show.

  • gustavo adolfo arias pineda
    gustavo adolfo arias pineda

    Excelente camioneta yo quiero una pero en color rojo los felicito bravo nuevamente felicitaciones

  • YeetGod GT
    YeetGod GT

    How much did it sell for?

  • evan m
    evan m

    So discovery doesn’t do the show no more and they use phones to record a better show.

  • Frosty

    It's cool seeing them work on the 1991. I have a 1991 Z71 sportside, gun metal, and beautiful. Love that truck. I hope to get her completely rebuilt someday.

  • Starkiller LEGO vehicle tutorials and reviews
    Starkiller LEGO vehicle tutorials and reviews

    I wonder how much beer Richard goes through a year

  • Vfx Panda
    Vfx Panda

    How much did this cost minus the truck?

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy

    This is nice! I should have you guys do my 97 4x4

  • worryphree

    Huh-huh, huh-huh,...he said, "tranny!"

  • Alex Beall
    Alex Beall

    The boss dude is fucking cringe level 100

  • Lalito Stark
    Lalito Stark



    I really miss this show, wish they would bring it back!!!

  • Johnny Williams
    Johnny Williams

    This body style was the best out of all to this day

  • Brian Webster
    Brian Webster

    Done the same with me an buddy complet breakdown rebuild an sand an paint in a week an didnt have all the lifts an tools thay have was red an now its a chrome metal looks like a mirror

  • Kaden Cauthen
    Kaden Cauthen

    Broo o

  • CS Perry
    CS Perry

    Guys sold 4 builds at auction discovery had to buy 3 back because they wouldn't run the 4th guy (old ford pickup) wouldnt sell it back

  • Scott Richardson
    Scott Richardson

    Throw enough $$$ at any project and don't include the Planning and Ordering Parts time, and yeah very possible. Not to take away from these guy's experience and how well they work together. Im just sayin This truck will never be worth the $ they threw at it to get it done this fast.

  • Brian Guerrero
    Brian Guerrero

    what’s rims are those?

  • Billy Wills
    Billy Wills

    Best show on IRbin

  • Steven Bush
    Steven Bush

    Ej Lunsford got ur back got project for charity 9037545111

  • Juan R Flores
    Juan R Flores

    How much would it cost to build my obs with u guys?

  • frank livingston
    frank livingston

    If people knew what a drunken Asshole Rawlings is off camera, no one would watch that program!

  • Ramses Olivares
    Ramses Olivares

    That's very nice

  • W G
    W G

    Richard knows how to do a crazy burnout and the crew did a fantastic job ... the car looks so beautifully beautified

  • Evil East
    Evil East

    La mamalona Cuh

  • Og Max
    Og Max

    Where is they located?

  • Ryan McI
    Ryan McI

    Richard be like “ no bathroom 🚽 breaks , use diapers

  • Ryan McI
    Ryan McI

    Prefer this over Discoverys version!

  • John Chandler
    John Chandler

    Its a 90's Chevy half ton 2 wheel drive. Even with all that work its still a $5,000 truck. Lipstick on a pig is still a pig.

  • HazeUltraGaming

    Slaved these poor men

  • HazeUltraGaming

    Worse boss but he’s chill u get me ?

  • Salvador Zalazar
    Salvador Zalazar

    What kind of mirrors are these

  • Geneisa Marshall-Beard
    Geneisa Marshall-Beard

    Please tell me this was done for a "Bet"......$$$$$

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres

    LS swap

  • Jeremy T 1982
    Jeremy T 1982

    I really liked this episode, except for all the parts with Richard in it

  • William Gratton
    William Gratton

    Richard is a jerk

  • nitro 20
    nitro 20

    Yep! Its official! ur a shit head..... damn it, and i use to like you on tv....damn me...can i have that truck...lolololololol...

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith

    Very cool. Guys are a unit . No disassemble ! . Hope all is good .

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith

      Love the scuzz twittly. ,Winning!

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith

      Trade for a 02 serria ? . 211klm🇨🇦

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith

      How much!$$ . I need . Love the truck.

  • pattiboy channel
    pattiboy channel

    What a great bunch of guys


    Газ газ!)))

  • Eduardo Ramirez
    Eduardo Ramirez

    Hola yo tengo una troca ford f150 2004 la quiero arreglar yo vivo en dallas tx como puedo contactarme con ustedes

  • Vipex Lcky
    Vipex Lcky

    Omg that the sexiest truck ive ever seen wish i had that baby

  • Bella Mabray
    Bella Mabray

    I accidentlly ✌✌ watched the whole thing lol

  • Luis Carbajal
    Luis Carbajal

    Badass truck badass video ❤️💯

  • Greg Hertko
    Greg Hertko

    Five days, five guys, start to finish = the perfect recipe for doing a half-assed project. But at least he can brag that he did it in five days. Who would be dumb enough to buy a vehicle like this? Scratch that...I guess a lot of people, that's why this show exists.

  • Grady Turner
    Grady Turner

    im really sorry Richard i have tried several times.... the current crew is simply amazing and ive been impressed multiple times watching them soooo it aint the crew..... but yer shop environment just sucks without Aaron .... i aplologize as its nothing against anyone involved but i really miss the small shop small builds etc it seemed like watchin whats up at yer buddies shop instead of the whatever it is ya got now .... have a blessed day


    si quema cuhhh

  • E Collazo
    E Collazo

    Awsome Paint Color

  • Blackseed Originals
    Blackseed Originals

    Building a C10 and a couple c1500 on my channel, trucks are hot right now...I saw this one in person, such a nice truck!

  • Umar Minhas
    Umar Minhas



    Theyre making hot rods out of cars from my lifetime now? Im officially behind where i wanted to be in life by now 😭

  • Koi Captain
    Koi Captain

    Negative Comments. ButtHurt. Boomers. Who did make something of their lives. Lol. Or David AssBurger Fans.(which is not free content) Lol i'll rather spend that money on my own entertainment (Build Cars or own them) Richard Already Explained how they built in a short amount of time Choose the Car Buy all the parts Wait for it to arrived Then build the car. Which all project cars should be Decide which Car you really like. Parts for the car 1st. When your happy with your parts. Buy a Decent one then begin the build. Thats why So many have people have unfinish cars or unable to finish projects. Because they bite more then they can chew. Research and time is the real key to any successful build.

  • Paul Perez
    Paul Perez

    All that work just for a damn beer

  • Joshua Coy
    Joshua Coy

    Richard may come across as the kinda guy that seems like he doesnt do shit and rags on his guys all the time, but you have to figure he's running his car business, his restaurants, his tequila gig, etc. so yeah he doesn't do a lot as far as maybe working on cars, because he is about the business aspect behind it. Thats his profession. Most of his crew seems like they respect him and they admitted that he takes care of them, respects them, and rewards them for doing good work and keeping ahead of deadlines (he said that he bought them food quite a bit during this build to which they nodded agreeably). Maybe some of it is all a front for the show and whatnot, but he can't really be that bad of a guy if most of his crew is still around, otherwise they would be leaving left and right and you'd see a bunch of new guys every other week. Yeah he comes across as arrogant and outspoken, but that's just his nature as a businessman. I'm not trying to say the guy is perfect by any means, but he seems to be a much better person than people are giving him credit for.

  • Jason Bowker
    Jason Bowker

    Yeah whole build done in less than a week... that’s why Aaron left lmao 😂

  • edward george
    edward george

    Beautiful truck

  • Cesar Castro
    Cesar Castro

    I just flipped my 94 obs kinda like a seafoam green color last night and this video pops up. Man it hurts more loosing the truck than the ding and dents i got

  • Alex Yanqui
    Alex Yanqui

    Around how much does that truck go for ?

  • Lowrider Culture
    Lowrider Culture

    Dam si quema cuhh🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dave William
    Dave William

    All that horsepower and brakes to stop with . but what kind of transmission?

  • Kyle Hann
    Kyle Hann

    this guy sucks "boss man probs" stfu

  • carmine frankson
    carmine frankson

    I’d like the show if Richard wasn’t a part of it. I just don’t like him. Personal preference. He’s just a guy that likes driving cars, but still not a car guy

    • B Dogg
      B Dogg

      He's got a real douchebag vibe about him

  • samiah mckeag
    samiah mckeag

    Coke bill more then that truck is worth

  • Napoleon Armstrong
    Napoleon Armstrong

    Why is asking for tire and wheel size like asking a man where his favorite fishing hole is located??😏

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson

    Chevy truck are the best! ❤️

  • DakotaAuto Sales
    DakotaAuto Sales

    How many miles are on your truck and does it have a clean title

  • Monica Turner
    Monica Turner

    This is the reason everyone thinks their 90s OBS is worth 10k-15k 😂

  • troy tucker
    troy tucker

    what arrow facing wrong way? 50:47

  • Gabriela Carbajal
    Gabriela Carbajal

    Someone said I wonder what Richard's coke bill is a month i'm inclined to believe.

  • Gabriela Carbajal
    Gabriela Carbajal

    Prefer this over Discoverys version!

  • Gabriela Carbajal
    Gabriela Carbajal

    Nobody: Richard: pulls up in a new car everyday

  • TheReinoPaasonen

    This was awesome to watch, good team spirit without any fake drama. Way to go GMG

  • pinballrockstar

    I have a very simple life and own a small car shop ....thank god for that.

  • Meera Kumar
    Meera Kumar

    Nobody: Richard: pulls up in a new car everyday

  • johnny hensley
    johnny hensley

    you got some great guys that work there!!!

  • Elmer Coffman
    Elmer Coffman

    Totally f in awesome

  • ali sha
    ali sha

    Prefer this over Discoverys version!

  • Da Ruckus
    Da Ruckus

    You a doosh Richard rawlings!!!

  • Tinner Tanner
    Tinner Tanner

    Rust to riches is better

  • Portereggleston29

    Gas monkey rocks

  • Wendy Watson
    Wendy Watson

    na.to/girlsxxxl204sweet වැරැද්දක් මම එය එරෙහිව වූයෙමි මෙන් ඔහු හුදෙක්

    • karc


  • ronnie doorzon
    ronnie doorzon

    Wtf is wrong with all the haters here? Richard wasn't raised with a golden spoon in his mouth and he went to school and became a firefighter and a police officer and later started a printing busines that he sold on to start gas monkeys and turned that into a company that turns over millions a year, so anything he touched was and is a succes, so he deserves some respect alright!

  • Michael Arrington
    Michael Arrington

    OBS ? What’s that mean

  • qa ruan
    qa ruan

    19:05 I hope my boss one day will understand that...

  • 전영수

    We need more of this, a build from start to finish and we saw all of it.

  • 전영수

    We need more of this, a build from start to finish and we saw all of it.

  • black sonic
    black sonic


  • NightMusic1

    Fleetside Chevy lowered and engine swapped on rims...very common

  • Bright Emenike
    Bright Emenike

    You got people building a car and you got one clown missing having four beers...smh


    10:37 lol literally 5am where I am hearing him say that.

  • Ben Wells
    Ben Wells

    the older guy kinda looks like eddie van halen...rip

  • Tariq Ejaz
    Tariq Ejaz

    Very nice bro.

  • Tyler Dineen
    Tyler Dineen

    22 grand in parts, 8 grand in labor. And a 4 thousand dollar chassis. Makes 50 grand. Richard: " I killed it"

  • gman faulkeg
    gman faulkeg

    Where did u get side marker lens for the grille???????