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  • Brandi Hackmann
    Brandi Hackmann

    You were using 5 slots not trying to snitch

  • Lift Clift
    Lift Clift

    He still used all his slots

  • Hadley

    If I was doing this challenge I would try not to get any kills but Fresh trys his hardest to get as many kills as he can

  • GNX clan
    GNX clan


  • Ian Bradshaw
    Ian Bradshaw

    He forgot twice

  • Ian Bradshaw
    Ian Bradshaw

    He forgot he had only four slots

  • Jaxson Pyne
    Jaxson Pyne

    I know right I was checking and now as I was typing he notices

  • error herobrine 404
    error herobrine 404

    fresh puts on visible sound effects on calls it werd me first time? ha

  • Logan Surtees
    Logan Surtees

    Why doesn’t he have a face cam


    1:57 failed the challenge because u used 5 slots

  • Antonette Hamilton
    Antonette Hamilton

    Me when he was at 7th win but wait that's illegal but its also legal

  • Radu xD
    Radu xD

    YES WHAT?!?!!!!!???!!!????

  • captain taksh
    captain taksh

    10:00 click

  • jomak jomak
    jomak jomak

    ok if my maths are correct... in every game there are 99 elims sooooo 1 player gets 0.99 eliminations, if Fresh is taking like 12 elims every game that means 11 people doesn't get their elim... Thanks fresh lol

  • pro92 Khan
    pro92 Khan

    Item slot mate

  • fortnitecleetus

    1:55 has full invintory what was that fresh u make an oopsie?

  • Alex Pear
    Alex Pear

    He forgot about the fact that the other person could kill them

  • Fenix 2567
    Fenix 2567

    2:01 I thought he lost an item slot

  • Arlene Viviani
    Arlene Viviani

    I no DM me

  • Dr Salamander
    Dr Salamander

    Fresh very good and sweats and when he gets shot at chill out

  • assasin boy
    assasin boy

    Make video longer

  • Amit Shmueli
    Amit Shmueli

    What's up guys yes

  • X X
    X X

    Fresh: I can’t have 5 things Fresh again: immediately uses 5 slots

  • freshy 2010
    freshy 2010


  • Galactico

    He uses 5 slots

  • Callum buck
    Callum buck

    Doesn’t it get harder anyway

  • Jana Elhadary
    Jana Elhadary


  • John Casey
    John Casey

    Fresh is just talking about how he has to only use 4 slots for The whole game and right after he uses 5

  • The green Boi
    The green Boi

    Funny u said stay in school when I’m watching cuz I’m sick and can’t go;-;:(

  • Maya Beee
    Maya Beee

    You are so cool

  • drone

    What we normally play with r challenges for fresh. Go take the L dude🙄🙄

  • Texas Pug
    Texas Pug

    2:33 you cheater you used 5 slots

  • Jaclyn Joyce
    Jaclyn Joyce

    He used five slots

  • Lelo Gamer
    Lelo Gamer

    fresh you didnt leave a slot

  • Tracy Beyer
    Tracy Beyer


  • Squeezy Cheese🐶
    Squeezy Cheese🐶

    I dropped out in second grade

  • Josh James
    Josh James

    I’m literally in second grade and I dropped out

  • Jake Combs
    Jake Combs

    You for got you only had 4 slots

  • Younas Asim
    Younas Asim

    4:22 did he just eat a flopper for 20 health???

  • Itz Covas
    Itz Covas

    4:39 he just killed my friend leandro

  • Pirate squad 2
    Pirate squad 2

    What is your lucky number I think mine is 7 and 13

  • Jacob Marx
    Jacob Marx


  • Malwre

    I like how everyone is talking about how Fresh used 5 slots, although Fresh realized, like yo, watch the video

  • Carson Karkow
    Carson Karkow

    You forgot about not using one slot

  • Grace Kirwan
    Grace Kirwan

    fresh: i'm stuck on 4 slots for the rest of the game. also fresh: *pickes up sheild*

  • Blaze Barkley
    Blaze Barkley

    He cares about. His fans

  • Blaze Barkley
    Blaze Barkley

    Fresh ain’t selfish

  • Scartooth 107
    Scartooth 107

    He’s using 5slots

  • Yobany The cool one
    Yobany The cool one

    I love how he said he crack

  • Authentic Defend
    Authentic Defend

    hey fresh can u put all the punishments in the description

  • Gameknight1006

    He forgot about the loss of one item slot

  • Meme Hub
    Meme Hub

    I love how he did 4 slots for one elim

  • Mary Hayes
    Mary Hayes

    Hi fresh🤙

  • Tin Hrstic
    Tin Hrstic

    Did anybody see fresh hit the last guy for 8 thete some old fortnite

  • BrYSoN BaRClAY
    BrYSoN BaRClAY

    I thought he had to stand the whole game

  • The big lime Boiii
    The big lime Boiii

    Fresh says that he loses one slot. Now I see him with five slots

  • Kyle Petree
    Kyle Petree

    Is he a college or a high school dropout

  • Music queen
    Music queen

    What up guy yes' cher's my day up

  • Salvador Ververa
    Salvador Ververa

    The aboriginal postbox evolutionarily plan because hippopotamus identically pretend under a goofy cuban. spectacular, barbarous tornado

  • Liam Gifford
    Liam Gifford

    Fresh is so good at the game Fresh you are so talented 😁

  • Berky Dude
    Berky Dude

    I love how they were calling each other Frank

  • Foxy Playz
    Foxy Playz

    Fresh loses a slot but he keeps having all slots filled lol.

  • Dayyan Reki
    Dayyan Reki

    I thought kondor is scottining but he was sitting lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Dayyan Reki
    Dayyan Reki

    Ate more then ten chocolates in a day eating chocolate and watching lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Abhijay


  • Little Miss Misery
    Little Miss Misery

    wHaTs uP gUyS yEs / another amazing video fresh ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nile Houselog
    Nile Houselog

    I can’t believe that he forgot that he only gets 4 slots

    • Nile Houselog
      Nile Houselog


  • J B lax
    J B lax

    Fresh “He is definitely pickaxeable” Also Fresh “He’s cracked”

    • RM Mod
      RM Mod

      He ment shield

  • Undercover 4863
    Undercover 4863

    2:00. The challenge was to only have 4 inventory slots and they you filled it up lol

  • Jim Scott
    Jim Scott

    Challenge: says you have to use your pick axe for next kill. fresh: Use's shoty until at one health then fineshes him off with pickaxe :D


    He cheated in the 4 slots he had full slots lol

  • Trey Moss
    Trey Moss

    Ok, ok, common mistake, but did he say "this sounds so weird with no audio when he got the win??

  • Redjr 7
    Redjr 7

    Lol 4 slots but he forgot he has 5 slots

  • Ayden Matthews
    Ayden Matthews

    Him:*loses a slot* also him at 2:01 hA Ha I have five slot

  • the brose
    the brose

    I'm two

  • the brose
    the brose

    You had 5 slots fild tow times fresh

  • lololol

    2:00 he uses 5 slots

  • Chance Reguin
    Chance Reguin

    You broke the rules you had the 5 slots

  • Kemp Gour
    Kemp Gour

    Kill 2 : minus one slot 2:07 has a full inventory

  • Caroline Quigley
    Caroline Quigley

    I'm scared for 13

  • Matthew Ellison
    Matthew Ellison

    Once again fresh has committed great pain to himself for our entertainment

  • Jayjay Trippier
    Jayjay Trippier


  • SPKokesh

    Use face cam andfort nite will Get you a icon skin

  • AGE %
    AGE %

    "This sounds so weird with no audio" Fresh - 2021

    • Alex Jonathan
      Alex Jonathan


  • boom bangers
    boom bangers

    Your so good

  • gaming cool style
    gaming cool style

    drop it... u can technically pick it back up.

  • Jason Glathar
    Jason Glathar

    he cant use a slot for the rest of the game in game one. does it and obeys the rules for a few seconds picks minis up and doesn't drop it until his kill later which is drop all his meds and he said he couldn't use that slot the rest of the game WOW!!!!

  • Ebbot Severinson
    Ebbot Severinson

    You using 5 slots 2:48

  • Levi Coles
    Levi Coles

    I love you

  • Jayden Hudson
    Jayden Hudson

    Hello awesome

    • Jayden Hudson
      Jayden Hudson

      You are great and awesome

  • Tallin Allen
    Tallin Allen


  • Liam Sulli
    Liam Sulli

    He forgot to he didn't have that 5 slot

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name

    You forgot you lost one of your item slots!

  • DarkTricy LachlanXbox5118
    DarkTricy LachlanXbox5118

    Fresh sounded like lazarbeam at 6:52

  • Owen Eckstein
    Owen Eckstein

    did anyone notice right before he dropped the meds he had all his slots full not 4

  • The boy Ceej
    The boy Ceej


  • dorsalvstorm

    fresh can you add me and gift me

  • Ashen De silva
    Ashen De silva

    Bruh u had 5 slots

  • Subhan _playz
    Subhan _playz


  • Jamesko1104

    Who also saw fresh shooting throught the wall