Extreme Brake Dust Removal... You won't believe this strategy!
So how do you do EXTREME BRAKE DUST REMOVAL?! That question, and so much more is answered in this video! As a detailer brake dust removal is one of the most important parts of the process, and at the same time, it can be extremely frustrating. Heavy brake dust removal can be difficult simply because of the nature of the beast... most customers never actually remove it themselves, so it is our job as detailers to have some awesome brake dust removal tips! In this video I share one of the coolest brake dust removal tricks that I have up my sleeve with one of my favorite products Meguiars Wheel Brightener, and my VX 5000 steamer... yes you heard me correctly! Learn how to do heavy brake dust removal with some meguiars wheel brightener, and any steamer that you have on hand as a pro detailer, and wow your customers with this simple, yet incredibly effective strategy! Extreme brake dust removal just became possible!!!
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To learn more about meguiars wheel brightener, check out this video that I made months ago!!! (Before I had a nice camera.... lol)
Meguiar's Wheel Brightener:
VX 5000 Steamer:
McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner (awesome for beginners on a budget)
McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System (another great steamer for beginners on a budget)
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  • Floyd Thompson
    Floyd Thompson

    Hello, do you have a wheels off detailing video ?

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe

    Ok everyone here is the real deal. 1st iff these wheels have texture and they are not smooth painted wheels. Brake dust gets embedded in the tiny pockets and textured areas through time BECAUSE you have organic or semi metallic brake pads that create a lot of brake dust. If not cleaned often then this happens. Best solution is high quality brakes and ceramic brake pads to minimize to none or very little brake dust build up. Get rid of organic which are the worst brake pads and create the most brake dust and semi metallic brake pads. The other once cleaned as best as possible through hot steam or an awesome product like SIMPLE GREEN and brushes, is to sand and repaint the wheels. A smooth painted surface or chrome are the easiest to clean and maintain. And after washing with SIMPLE GREEN AND SOFT BRUSH, a coat of wax helps to keep the wheel from being a pain to clean. Very little to no effort, and water pressure rinses right off. The wheels in this video will get as clean as it can, and that is it! Better than before but not completely clean unless it gets a surface prep and paint. That's it ! A lot of detailing videos promote the sales of their products and that is ok too. But one product for cleaning and degreasing without damage to painted wheels or chrome is SIMPLE GREEN. Been using it for over 30yrs. Detailing, and restoring Porsches. Can't beat it for the price.

  • Flaming Shrub
    Flaming Shrub

    Dude shut up man jeez my friken ears r bleeding and my head is spinning im gunna go throw up. Dont take as much COCAINE before u do ur shoots its not conducive to a good vid. soory just being honest for ya cus of ur dislike to like ratio thats prolly why. seriously good luck in the future tho, cant say ur not keen as mustard.

  • Flaming Shrub
    Flaming Shrub

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    Daniel Ruvalcaba

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  • Kelly White
    Kelly White

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  • Jack Sep
    Jack Sep

    Use a blue torch. It melts the brake dust and any plastic that may be crusted on.

  • Juan Villalobos
    Juan Villalobos

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    Lab Junkie

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    Sabine Brunache

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    Al M

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  • Andrew Poliakoff
    Andrew Poliakoff

    Great video, thanks for posting! Question for you, I often power wash the brake dust off of my rims and the water runoff and brake dust stain, or begin to stain, the driveway. Is there a particular way of preventing the brake dust from running off?

    • his name was robert paulson
      his name was robert paulson

      You would probably have to rinse off the driveway as you go to keep it from setting into the concrete. Otherwise, see if you can do it parked on the street instead of the driveway!

  • Nikolas Escuza
    Nikolas Escuza

    This video is exactly what I was looking for! Definitely will be trying it!

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    Sippy Cup

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    JD Perez

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    Trucker Josh

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  • The Xarkiss Show
    The Xarkiss Show

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  • Joshua Draper
    Joshua Draper

    Check out an acid wheel cleaner It could have had those wheels looking awesome saves a lot of time when I’m detailing

  • Mark Segree
    Mark Segree

    Hey Wilson. Thanks for putting forward this option. Did you ever come across any other options? I am trying to resist using easy off oven cleaner.

  • john jones
    john jones

    a strategy like this, your just cleaning a fucking wheel

  • dont worry
    dont worry

    And if u dont have a steamer? Stupid video.

  • James Lund
    James Lund

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  • travis

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  • Mike Still
    Mike Still

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  • Ramon Arvizu
    Ramon Arvizu

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  • sardil01

    Spray McGuire's Wheel Brightener and steam away. Why can I do that in less than 2 seconds with 7 words and he took 8 minutes and 95,000 words? Anyway. I appreciate the video and liked the corrosion explanation. Thanks for the video.

  • Phil Miller
    Phil Miller

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    Stephen Pawlik

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      Creative Leo

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    Alex Lopez

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  • Cecil B
    Cecil B

    U know at the dollar stores in texas. Theres a product called AWESOME. It will clean everything

    • Greg Wittmeyer
      Greg Wittmeyer

      All purpose cleaners are not acidic and are lousy at cleaning brake dust. Get a gallon of meguiar's wheel brightener. Dilute 5:1 in a chemically resistant spray bottle like the Zep from Home Depot. It's probably enough to last you a lifetime.



  • R a m
    R a m

    Swiffer wet sheets..... takes brake dust off front tire rims quickly with NO struggle. I was shocked too.... but it works !!!!!!

  • Decal03

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  • Cow muscle
    Cow muscle

    That is what I call mild brake dust one of my alloy wheels was so bad the entire surface was coated black in brake dust except for the face of the wheel. 4:20 i'm not sure about that because mine had stuff like that and scrubbing removed it.

  • Howie Will
    Howie Will

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    • Jakob lm
      Jakob lm

      Try borrowing one or maybe retning one

  • heavymechanic2

    I tried the Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner (sold at Walmart) and scrubbed nasty wheels with a blue scotchbrite pad and had excellent results. Just remove the center caps because the cleaner is not Lacquer Paint friendly and I had to repaint the center caps (there is some type of warning on the label). As a DIY I'm not interested in dropping coin into a steamer only to use it a few times. Also had good results using ZEP Fast 505 to remove wheel crud.

  • Tanzanite TechNature
    Tanzanite TechNature

    You are clearly a smooth talker, and that is a beneficial skill. But, my advice to you is... sometimes less talk is better... Let your work do the talking so you dont have to. People have their shields up for bla bla bla, but are very receptive to quality work, like what you did to the wheels.

  • Sue Massey
    Sue Massey

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  • A Dude
    A Dude

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  • Jasaba senara
    Jasaba senara

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    • Jasaba senara
      Jasaba senara

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    • Ervin Tabafunda
      Ervin Tabafunda

      Jasaba senara.. thank you so much! You have a nice day 👍🏽

    • Jasaba senara
      Jasaba senara

      @Ervin Tabafunda yep. Use it on my wheels all the time.

    • Ervin Tabafunda
      Ervin Tabafunda

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      Brannon Worner

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  • AutOdometer

    Holy Cow these comments are stupid. You can tell you’re are passionate about detailing and that you know what you’re doing and that’s why you’re talking so fast. My question is how do I prolong the time between wheel cleanings? I feel I could clean my wheels once a week probably... can I use a wheel sealant and wax combo or does a ceramic coating give the long lasting clean wheel effect

  • baljeetd

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  • Nuclear Media Entertainment
    Nuclear Media Entertainment

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  • tantaluss68

    I have a 2004 mustang and the last owner ran the breaks into the ground the car ended up with a large amount of what i assume is break dust into the paint any tricks to get it out of the paint?

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts

    Ok meth man use some compound and some sanding. It'll all come off. Use the side of a credit card. The plastic sticks to it

    • Mark Segree
      Mark Segree

      Bullshit, compound works? Currently I'm using scothbrite.

  • Jordan Bastow
    Jordan Bastow

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    • Leston Yearwood
      Leston Yearwood

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  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

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  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

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  • jbg6098

    Try Easy Off oven cleaner and a toothbrush. It will take all of it off and the leave a wheel like this looking as good as it can get. I do a lot of lower end trade in cars with wheels like this and it’s the most efficient way to clean them I have found. Fast and cheap. It’s worked well for me.

    • Blue Moon Galaxy Warrior
      Blue Moon Galaxy Warrior

      says not to use on alluminum on the Easy Off can.

  • Sudo Nym
    Sudo Nym

    Use hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) - mortar cleaner is good - you won't believe how easy it comes off with no effort. Rinse thoroughly after!

    • Moreno12

      Sudo Nym will that work on brake dust that has been embedded into the clear coat of the wheel now? I took it to a detail shop and they said the dust penetrated the clear coat and he only thing that can be done is strip the cc and redo it. 600 bucks! No way

  • Derek Hobbs
    Derek Hobbs

    White Magic eraser sponge and soapy water, it's that simple. Did it myself today.

    • Derek Hobbs
      Derek Hobbs

      @Floridaaa girl Not really, I use them on my face.

  • Chris Tuttle
    Chris Tuttle

    With a wheel in that bad of shape already, steel wool would work very well. Obviously its very dangerous but it will take off that "embedded" corrosion.

    • Richard Roberts
      Richard Roberts

      @Joshua Wilson any micro scratches could then be removed with some cutting compound and a polish.

    • Joshua Wilson
      Joshua Wilson

      0000' grade (if it does scratch it's so small it's almost not noticable)

  • 703BAM

    How often should I clean my wheels? Do I do it by time (ie once a month), or by mileage (ie once every 3,000 miles)?

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    • Wilson Auto Detailing
      Wilson Auto Detailing

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  • tbone21158

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  • jordohd1990

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    • Wilson Auto Detailing
      Wilson Auto Detailing

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    • Wilson Auto Detailing
      Wilson Auto Detailing

      Sorry about that! How do you think I can improve videos in the future?

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  • Erick Ragland
    Erick Ragland

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