FFAR FROM TIKTOK!! IS IT GOOD?? Ft. Nickmercs, Cloakzy & Swagg
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  • Benny and the Cats
    Benny and the Cats

    Love ya tims

  • King David
    King David

    Tim, Nick, Cloak, PK are entertaining and really fun to watch. However.. No matter how hard I try, I literally cannot get with “Swagg.” His voice is annoying, he’s annoying and I don’t like how he’s not a team player like how the other guys are. They’re for the boys. He’s not.

  • Hitch Mercedes
    Hitch Mercedes

    11:15 xD

  • Shitter

    Swagg is gay

  • connor Abel
    connor Abel


  • Spectrum

    VerDANSK is the best not youtube what's going on man listen.

  • chantal ruckle
    chantal ruckle

    1014 where cloakzy said sorry that was rude where is ill beat the fuck out of you lmao

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    My heart loves when Tim says VERDANSK

  • yt-x2oneshows

    Congrats on 3 mil!

  • Tristan Bilton
    Tristan Bilton

    Tim’s “Verdonsk” is amazing

  • Cam Butler
    Cam Butler


  • Josh Sampsel
    Josh Sampsel

    Follow me on twitter if y'all could please itd be much appreciated. @josh_sampsel

  • Ruffles

    Tom take off the grip, put on raider and change the grip to speed grip, thats my build and j just glide around the map

  • Jstn. Cr
    Jstn. Cr

    ‘’Well hello there’’

  • Austin Kirkham
    Austin Kirkham

    how is doozy lvl 962

  • Alex Webb
    Alex Webb

    Try the QBZ-83 ‘Crosscheck’ grey version

  • Jake Walker
    Jake Walker

    you should’ve said, you can’t spell dennis without dumbass

  • Elite clan
    Elite clan


  • The King Kid
    The King Kid

    nick: dies of fall, Aw FaWk MaAaAn I Got SnIpEd MiDaIr MaaaN

  • NothingHereSorry

    oh my god plot twist nick pulls a timthetatman

  • TheeShaniaJ

    16:29 i ain’t never lower my volume down so fast 😂.

  • The - Sloth
    The - Sloth

    Random dude fuck you tim Tim:No

  • Ota-kyun

    13:23 Nick having Vietnam war flashbacks

  • L2T0XIC

    Ayo Tim ur FAT

  • TheDeviousassassin

    i cant watch swag....wow his voice lol

  • Darren Morgan
    Darren Morgan

    The amount of times tim said fuck 😂😂😂😂

  • soledad espinoza
    soledad espinoza


  • Bird Man
    Bird Man

    Can I get a VERDANSK

  • Aaron Clay
    Aaron Clay

    Dose any one play an xboxe

    • Aaron Clay
      Aaron Clay


  • Justin Nelson
    Justin Nelson

    Gameplays without Cloak are so much easier to watch. He’s so annoying

  • nycxtoeazy

    Bye bye Mac-10?

  • justsaiyan 50
    justsaiyan 50

    Activision does put big streamers in bot lobbies. I’m not hating. Don’t bother me. But that is true.

  • JD Smith
    JD Smith

    Dennis is annoying as f... ijs

  • Hartless Lesson
    Hartless Lesson

    Ur almost at 3 mil baby

  • Dylan Ancel
    Dylan Ancel

    Love how Tim went down the least amount and the others went down like 3 to 4 times each

  • Reece Francis
    Reece Francis

    14:58 I sweeeaarr Tim let Dennis get popped there. Tim's game as been so on point these past videos.

  • Taiken 33
    Taiken 33

    I get Tim looks like a hard boiled egg that got dropped on the carpet but why you gotta dislike the video?

  • Carson Wodinowich
    Carson Wodinowich

    You should try the sa87 lmg it good lol

  • Logan Leaf
    Logan Leaf

    Tim use the FFAR with a sniper it’s waaaayyy better

  • Sneakz N' Heat
    Sneakz N' Heat

    The arrogant hyacinth generically fill because distance extragingivally help against a immense wallet. soggy, boundless scraper

  • FxtalLohxn

    1:12 WTF IS HE DOING uhhhhhh :>

  • Ahmed Nasser
    Ahmed Nasser

    Haha tim ur the man your intros always a good laugh 🤣🤣

  • TTV-_- MuRkZ
    TTV-_- MuRkZ

    Tim next do your intro with a southern voice

  • Jole Cooling
    Jole Cooling

    “F@ck you Tim” Tim: No

  • MarcGilroy

    Wish I had team mates like this.

  • Jeremy Kambugu
    Jeremy Kambugu

    Yo I'm only here for the "VVVVEEERRRDDDAAAANNNSSKK"

  • Elvin Paulino
    Elvin Paulino

    i agree. 7 based on the performance

  • BGaff

    Remember your were friends with dr disrespect and then sucked twitch off and left doc in the dust...cause I do

  • carter Foerster
    carter Foerster

    I made a ffar class and it was only level 23 so it didnt have good attacthments and it shredded with bad attachments

  • 944 vs everything
    944 vs everything

    Bro you are getting pretty cheese, I use to like your content, but I get it you gotta conform to the viewers do your thing man glad you’re making that money

  • TuckrrTV

    USE THE JAK12!!!!!!!!!!

  • Truly

    how you about to run the ffar without a sniper

  • Nehemiah Tomanogi
    Nehemiah Tomanogi

    i think my ffar is better

  • Matthew Youmans
    Matthew Youmans

    Wish I had these lobby's often lol , it's a blast when I do

  • Common_noob05


  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams

    The flock always cracks me up 🤣🤣

  • cazylazy person
    cazylazy person

    why is there 797 comments his veiws are low and he has 2 mil subs...like wut?

  • Crucial Gaming
    Crucial Gaming

    Hey Tim since you are a cod partner can see what is going on with my account because i am getting dev errors and it is ceyeball1532

  • Totalygazed

    FUCK Swagg!

  • Mega Lucky Monk
    Mega Lucky Monk

    Dead ass I run crossbow with fear it's a fire comp

  • Ultimate Pro
    Ultimate Pro

    The wrap won't do anything to your FFar switch it with a raider stock

  • Sneakz N' Heat
    Sneakz N' Heat

    The jumpy goose correlatively prevent because toy expectantly fry following a stupendous yarn. delicious, goofy dust

  • Nicholas Sparkes
    Nicholas Sparkes

    Tim is actually getting better and better every video. Keep up the good work

  • shadow snipers
    shadow snipers


  • Lars vann Amstel
    Lars vann Amstel

    Heyy Tim, Got some advice, change the SASR Jungle Grip to the Raider Stock, because the Rear Grips of Cold War are not doing anything Love ur vids and keep up the good work man (:

  • Glass Jar
    Glass Jar

    I really don’t think this is a good set up. Running two weapons that take rifle ammo

  • Ambiotic Synapse
    Ambiotic Synapse

    Been playing cold war zombies.. kinda waiting for that new zombies map on the 4th. Finally got the game to run smoothly. I had to reinstall my gpu drivers to get warzone and both CODBo's 4 and cold war to work right though. Been leveling up weapons, the smg's and assault rifles takes too damned long to level up compared to the shoguns. I really like the smg's though, not feeling the snipers, but need to learn if I'm going warzone.

  • Skynet_exe

    Dude what’s up with all this “TICKTOCK” class this and that. These classes didn’t come from ticktock. They have already been on IRbin for a while. Just slap “ticktock” in a title and get hella views huh...

    • Skynet_exe

      @Svenskbojke way to go off topic... typical

    • Svenskbojke

      Nice grammar

  • AmazonBox 123
    AmazonBox 123


  • Sld42

    Hey IRbin small content created here my 2021 new year resolution is to get at least 1000 subscribers on IRbin I upload gaming videos please come and subscribe and check me out thank you all 🙏🙏🙏

  • Cashfirst TURT
    Cashfirst TURT

    I've never laughed so much at a wz video in my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣 y'all boyz cracked irl fr. I'm glad I just subbed Tim just keep making videos like dis for me, dassit dats all

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    i like how you take responsibility for screw ups, even minor ones. unlike cpt. wide-face-broken-legs LOL

  • james mckinley
    james mckinley

    I'm just putting this out there... me with hundreds of people I kno who are casual gamers are fed up with SBMM in warzone... I mean I personally have a 1.1 kd and its putting me in top tier lobbies... of it keeps up no telling how many people will be leaving the COD franchise or at least warzone

  • josh hoyle
    josh hoyle

    Nick was hilarious like got his words mixed up was like I got sniped. Swagg might of got sniped i mean fell lmao.

  • Giovanni Delarosa
    Giovanni Delarosa

    Is Nickmercs the captain because he was calling out all the shots, my boy Tim should be captain because he's the best one on the team

  • Kevin Olmos
    Kevin Olmos

    I watch Nick Merc videos and then come here after to see the "How are you not dead" lost gun fights. Comedy

  • Trent Mckellip
    Trent Mckellip

    I love your videos

  • Dillon Chavez
    Dillon Chavez

    They do get easy lobbies no cap there at all. Idk why they think they are sooo amazing lmao

  • George Koeltl
    George Koeltl

    You can tell Clock and Swagg do not fuck with each other loll

  • jbeni90

    Yes you’re supposed to have the raider stock on it. Grips don’t make a difference

  • Deion Butler
    Deion Butler

    4:34 That looked funny.

  • jaden Shilongkungfuhoyea
    jaden Shilongkungfuhoyea

    I hate you tim. I HATE YOU! You always tease me with that bald head of yours. Just flashing me... just for once, please oil and moisturize your bald head so we can finally see some SHINE!

  • Mr. Smee
    Mr. Smee

    I've been looking for a good FFAR build and I'm definitely gonna try this.

  • ZackHughes94


  • g0d0fb3ans

    dude ur so funny and every day i wake up and i insta watch ur vids

  • ily tokyo
    ily tokyo

    Tim almost @ 3 mil let’s go

  • Graywolf Cub
    Graywolf Cub

    Been trying to get in a game with Tim for months !

  • SnickleFrits Pickle
    SnickleFrits Pickle

    Whispering is just creepy lol

  • Garrett Griggs
    Garrett Griggs

    When Nick goes under the bridge "You're flying that?" Apparently Tim has never seen any Battlefield 4 helicopter flying 😂

  • Jack Parkes
    Jack Parkes

    Bro, that’s crazy! That’s been my class since the start! HAHAHA

  • It’s Jinja
    It’s Jinja

    The “Verdonsk” was crispy today

  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez

    That’s the stupidest ffar loud out ever, whoever made that is stupid

  • Rachelle Pratt
    Rachelle Pratt

    I know this is probably the biggest stretch ever and I know you have way better and way more important things to do but you never know unless you try so I’m trying 🤷🏻‍♀️ my husband is quite literally your biggest fan in the ENTIRE WORLD lol. His name is Dakota, and I’m not sure if you’ll remember but he recently found out he works with your dad and let you know when he made a donation a few weeks ago! I’m not kidding when I tell you that he nearly cried when you responded/read his donation!! He tells me all the time how you changed his life and brought him out of a dark place. He watches all your videos. So here’s where I shoot my shot you could say lol, I’ve been trying to think of something to do for him becuz he does everything for our family. We just have a baby in May and I’ve had major health complications and he’s been working soo hard to provide for us and he deserves the world. Well, he tells me that you live in Destin, FL... we will be in Iron City, GA the last week of Feb which is only 2 1/2 hours away! I thought to myself, what could make him happier than getting to meet his favorite person? (Besides his son, I hope 😂) I’m sure you don’t do meet ups for obvious reasons but I thought I’d try for him. If you don’t feel comfortable with a meet up I completely understand!! There’s some crazies in this world 😂😂 but I’d love to do something for him if you have time and have any ideas! Thanks Tim!!! Thanks for making my husband so happy! 😊

  • Brandon Torres
    Brandon Torres

    Im not subscribing until Timmy shaves his head

  • David Ayuso
    David Ayuso

    Nick lmao hahahah I got sniped hahah

  • Cole G
    Cole G

    We found tyler1's favorite warzone weapon the ff(15) ar

  • Lochie Ngai
    Lochie Ngai

    First Tim video I've watched and I'm happy i did

  • 4G64SicKShoT

    Tim always gets sniped by gravity

  • D A Warmonky
    D A Warmonky

    Not sure if Tim is starting to act more like NickMercs or NickMercs is starting to act more like Tim🤔

  • joshua manning
    joshua manning

    Tim I feel your pain when your kills get stolen 😟