FINDING DORY WITH ZERO BUDGET! (Finding Dory Disney Movie PARODY By LankyBox!)
FINDING DORY WITH ZERO BUDGET! (Finding Dory Disney Movie PARODY By LankyBox!)
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  • UwU Girl
    UwU Girl

    Justin is so funny😆😆😆😂

  • Dorito / Gacha Girl AUTTP
    Dorito / Gacha Girl AUTTP

    0:30 was bound to happen

  • Bibi Llion
    Bibi Llion

    Don't do that your brother is nice don't do that in the video

  • Valerie Carbajal
    Valerie Carbajal

    My cousin has boxy in Roblox

  • mabel huerta
    mabel huerta

    E que me gusta mucho el sábado Ella la derecha de la foto que me gusta de ti no me deja en el otro u otra de las personas de las personas de las que me R de las personas que no me deja dormir un rato y me gusta mucho la derecha es de la derecha es de tu y el otro es de las dos cosas que me deja dormir

  • mabel huerta
    mabel huerta

    E que nos veamos pronto para de nada de la derecha es de tu y yo somos tres y el otro es el que nos vamos a la foto de perfil de nada y el otro día de la foto de la derecha y el sábado Ella la derecha y el sábado Ella de las dos cosas que te preocupes por eso me gusta que te hagan de las que me deja en la foto de perfil de la derecha de la de la foto de la derecha es de las dos

  • mabel huerta
    mabel huerta

    100 win lanki donuts. Oye no te preocupes por mí y el otro no me acuerdo de la derecha y no me gusta que te preocupes que nos han dicho de las personas de las personas de la de nada y el otro día de las personas y el otro es de las dos de la tarde y no te preocupes de las que me gusta mucho el sábado Ella y el otro no te gusta que te gusta que me gusta mucho el de la

  • Leonard Grobler
    Leonard Grobler


  • Among us Chennel
    Among us Chennel

    Hello lankybox

  • Dream 1234
    Dream 1234


  • Love_Star Gaming
    Love_Star Gaming

    aww! so cute and funny!!

  • lydia zapata
    lydia zapata

    Justin said Adam stomach is squishy

  • Nora Can
    Nora Can


  • thundered sun
    thundered sun


  • •Flutter Sparkles•
    •Flutter Sparkles•

    I love part when she said l like sand sandy squishy

  • unicorn rose
    unicorn rose

    That last part made me laugh so hard🤣😂

  • Ica Ica
    Ica Ica

    Part2 please


    Finding dory baby is weird

  • Zeynep Hira
    Zeynep Hira


  • Chill Human
    Chill Human

    I remember good old days of February 2020 where I would watch this before school and at at 5:30 in the morning, 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Neal Rust
    Neal Rust

    Justin: just keep dancing Adam: STOP IT

  • xoxo girl
    xoxo girl

    I love this video

  • Sobia Mazhar
    Sobia Mazhar

    I miss their zero budgets for mvs, especially kpop ones :(

  • Mary Stewart
    Mary Stewart


  • jenalyn almasol
    jenalyn almasol

    Lankybox boxy foxy Adam

  • Pauline Navarro
    Pauline Navarro

    I like that Justin is playing Nemo

  • Joshua Kelly's
    Joshua Kelly's

    Justice which example Samaritan Asmara the book good under

  • zovik Ladian
    zovik Ladian

    It was funny

  • zovik Ladian
    zovik Ladian


  • WolfyBobaTea

    *Me giving up from trying getting my dream pet* *me relising everyone evruone ingnores me* *Me looks at the video so i should hige up*

  • Crystal Antonette Abriol
    Crystal Antonette Abriol


  • Bobby Pena
    Bobby Pena

    do son of godzilla pppppppplllllllssssss

  • Rhama Patoot
    Rhama Patoot

    I like when justin says just keep dancing just keep dancing and then adams face was like. >_

  • Phil Sangster
    Phil Sangster


  • Phat Flacko
    Phat Flacko

    Adam and Justin lands in The Reef

  • Bernardo Vasquez
    Bernardo Vasquez

    I think the snow is getting worse 🥶👨🏼‍🦼

  • Rhydel Cayasa
    Rhydel Cayasa

    is what justie holding in the just keep swimming scene is the new plushi

  • Julian_Hacker


  • Windows 20
    Windows 20

  • Windows 20
    Windows 20

  • Gwyneth Sophia Bautista
    Gwyneth Sophia Bautista

    Adem:Just keep swimming...swimming swimming- justie:STOP IT!!!!!!! me: O.O

  • Morelia Lucas Vail
    Morelia Lucas Vail

    Justin look cute in the shell part

  • jnaya and rosia
    jnaya and rosia

    Dory is so cute!🥺 And Justin 😭🥺

  • Ionela Bran
    Ionela Bran

    Adamas cringe

  • iisimplylower

    Adem: just keep swimming just keep swimm- Justin: STOP IT!!!!! Justin: I WILL JUST KEEP SWIMMING IF U KEEP NOT SINGING! Okay? Adem: just keep swimming... Justin: *puts paper on his forehead* Justin: JUST KEEP DANCING JUST KEEP DANCING! Adem: o.o

  • Lega Palo
    Lega Palo

    Justin is cute at the beginning

  • Pam Perry
    Pam Perry


  • Deysha Crespin
    Deysha Crespin

    Me to 🤣

  • Wilma Tubongbanua
    Wilma Tubongbanua

    Just keep swimming more like just keep cringing Adem!

  • Junaidah Ahmad
    Junaidah Ahmad

    Its so funny your Video lankybox

  • Junaidah Ahmad
    Junaidah Ahmad

    Why lankybox

  • Jhune Lustad
    Jhune Lustad


  • Raquel Casapao
    Raquel Casapao


  • Girl gamer plays
    Girl gamer plays

    When somthings to hard u should just give up😂😂😭


    good sog

  • Pam Perry
    Pam Perry

    Slow slow pace omg😂😂

  • Pam Perry
    Pam Perry


  • Kenzle_Playz

    Adem is funny even tho he’s vegan:D

  • -A for Anonymous
    -A for Anonymous

    Haha yo ar so funy

  • Mohd Yazid
    Mohd Yazid

    Justin so CUTE

  • Umay Akbas
    Umay Akbas


  • XxRosie_ PotatoplaysxX
    XxRosie_ PotatoplaysxX

    I think adem is vegan thats why he looks like a skeleton in minecraft (im sorry adem)

  • Rob Khraven Dahuya
    Rob Khraven Dahuya


  • FayCut TV
    FayCut TV

    Great now rocky

  • Iv vannyta
    Iv vannyta

    😂😂😂😂Where is funny

  • Iv vannyta
    Iv vannyta


  • Lyrah Jane Barut
    Lyrah Jane Barut

    When Adam sing makes me laugh out loud 😂

  • zahra sibtain
    zahra sibtain

    Its so cute i hope youll get 100000000 sub

  • Emma isabel Morales
    Emma isabel Morales


  • Mikaella Bratinella
    Mikaella Bratinella

    Finding Dory more like finding Nemo

  • Iris Gamil
    Iris Gamil

    Justin litterly looks cute when hes lil dory 💞💞💞💞😶😶

  • Ufuk Ongan
    Ufuk Ongan


  • iluvrobloxandslime

    The box tho I GIVE UP! 😂

  • Paul Nguyen
    Paul Nguyen


  • Ximena Ramos
    Ximena Ramos

    Just keep danceing

  • OrionPlayz RBLX
    OrionPlayz RBLX

    (0:13) Justin: aDaM’s TuMmY iS sQuIsHy, AnD wE pUt ThE yUmMy In ThE tUmMy EHEHEH *gets scared sarcastically*

  • Z A king
    Z A king

    I wach this 10 times a day

  • Hannah Kitten
    Hannah Kitten


  • Miss oofy playz
    Miss oofy playz

    When I see lankybox upload i grab my cookies and soda pop and watch them like there a movie.

  • Jenisha Chapagain
    Jenisha Chapagain

    justin and adem can u both pls make the foxy plushie 1p pls bee-cause my mom and dad does not have much money

  • unichrist the unicat
    unichrist the unicat

    Every time I watching that channel is awesome really cute 😭😭😭❤❤❤ UwU

  • iluvrobloxandslime

    Aww so cute i love dory 🥺

  • Ahmad Fauzan
    Ahmad Fauzan


  • Molly Guacamole
    Molly Guacamole


  • Anniesa Umairah
    Anniesa Umairah

    Justin is cute when he is swimming

  • CHOOK YAN KIU 3C08 祝溵喬
    CHOOK YAN KIU 3C08 祝溵喬

    Justin: this vids not cringey! Me : oh that’s a first time that Justin says something that is not cringe 😂

  • ZimbabweEno

    I Loooooooooooove this video

  • JKreme Lyrics
    JKreme Lyrics

    Do ariana grande one last time zero budget next time please~😁

  • Sabrina Ashley Tejada
    Sabrina Ashley Tejada

    Dory is so cute

  • Karlita Bravo
    Karlita Bravo

    Justin if u read this, all tummies are squishy even yours

  • Jo Ann Amatus
    Jo Ann Amatus


  • Jo Ann Amatus
    Jo Ann Amatus

    When im ther im in teem fishwich

  • Atidhira Adhitama
    Atidhira Adhitama

    Fishwich to the chuken bahahahahahahahahshshahahahaha

  • Samantha Gray
    Samantha Gray

    do break this down from descendant 3

  • Mr crocidi
    Mr crocidi

    To funny

  • Angeli wishiseeyou Viveros
    Angeli wishiseeyou Viveros

    Adam be eating gummys be becomeing. One like the dummys

  • Gregoria Tlachi
    Gregoria Tlachi

    Justin is so funny everytime he dose something funny I laugh so hard 😂🤣😅😂🤣

  • Nalleli Lopez
    Nalleli Lopez

    Ima fish wihse

  • H W
    H W

    Justin is so cute lol

  • Cho Thae
    Cho Thae

    Justin is cute