First Take | Stephen A. Smith shocked Cam Newton is finished as an NFL QB
First Take | Stephen A. Smith shocked Cam Newton is finished as an NFL QB

  • PM

    Stephen A be like: “ I love Cam like a brother, BUT he is horrible, he can’t throw, he drives his car slow, he snores in his sleep, he doesn’t eat veggies, and watches too much tv”

  • B M
    B M

    Max yelling in the beginning was too much for me... bye

  • Plissken

    When he announced his vegan diet, it was over for him.

  • Black Face
    Black Face

    I gotta agree with Max on Cam

  • Re Pure
    Re Pure

    With no weapons? Brady left for those exact reasons.

    • Plissken

      He left primarily because he wanted to prove he could win without Bill Bellichick.

  • john robichaud
    john robichaud

    Cam Newton is all about Cam Newton, he's bad NEWS

  • Devin Turner
    Devin Turner

    Cam they talking shit and I’m a Dallas fan make them eat there words bro

  • happymdx

    Max, come on it's the cliff,.. you know what I'm talking about,..

  • oldnew newold
    oldnew newold

    Cam CAN’T throw !!!!!! A quarterback that can’t throw is not a quarterback!

  • Abdullah Uthman
    Abdullah Uthman

    Issac Bruce & Tory Holt

  • Lee taptico
    Lee taptico

    Talking about sharp statement, can't play QB anymore? Ouch.

  • John Boy
    John Boy

    It's hard to say. He was clearly not at his best, but the Pats have the most talent bereft offense in the league. One of if not the worst recieving corps in the sport. Running back by committee and an O-line that is wildly overrated and has been bad for 2 seasons now.

  • California Love
    California Love

    Hey Stephen why don’t you just keep talking smack so I can watch videos of you saying sorry the next day you chump

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    I am liking SAS..

  • Animals are Perfect
    Animals are Perfect

    Always race thing

  • day boo304
    day boo304

    Some shit these folk say not kool at all but thats their jobs,to take food out of players mouth....I think cam still can play

  • Thelonious M
    Thelonious M

    Its a race issue......lets just give black people ownership and control of billion dollar corps.

  • Thelonious M
    Thelonious M

    Its about time someone called out Deshaun. He just re-upped in September and now he gets butt hurt when "MAN"agement actually listens to his advice but disregards it. Pull your panties up Deshaun and either play or sit out.



  • MDM

    Diversity? This is why the whites are getting more and more pissed. They are tired of hearing this race shit. It's been over 200 years, get the fuck over it.

  • Jackson 5
    Jackson 5

    He could play TE

  • Walton dennis
    Walton dennis

    I love Molly screw what the guys are talking about blah blah blah more Molly please.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Walton dennis
    Walton dennis

    That’s one of the biggest hater statements I’ve ever heard. Why would he just shoot to kill that mans career. Not feeling that statement at all.

  • chris pippin
    chris pippin

    Max. . shave your stubble.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    I been told yall Cam is washed, and I’m from the Carolinas. Homie got more commercials than touchdowns.

  • robert bradford
    robert bradford

    They sicced the Dogs on Him for six straight years, but don't touch...........

  • Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen

    Maybe not a starter, but a solid back up. So there will be a spot for him some place.


    Would he be better as a tight end? 🧐

  • E J
    E J

    I thought Cam was done but people make some good points in the comments that he’s not. If he somehow gets a starting job for 8 starts and plays like he did last year, then I will confidently think he is done. I’m rooting for him.

  • B234

    Cam needs to lay off vegan food during his recovery.


    Develop stidham....I thought that was the entire plan last last year but Bil went with a name not an actual QB

  • Jerry Wimberly
    Jerry Wimberly

    Drop Pride and become a Back Up QB and stay in the league another 5 to 7 years and continue to get paid good money.

    • mikhail mckinzy
      mikhail mckinzy

      I agree if rg3 can still land a backup gig he certainly can

  • Chris Burke
    Chris Burke

    I bet the Patriots felt like that when Rodney Harrison cost them a Super Bowl........

  • Ye FG
    Ye FG

    Here they go with his MVP shit. What has he done since that season?

  • geo87ca

    Dick is more accomplished than you talking head

  • David McLaughlin
    David McLaughlin

    Stephen A blasting the NFL for not being Diverse enough lmfao Yet like %70 of players are black. Get real

  • Ah

    I’d rather have Cam than Wentz 🤷🏾‍♂️. Cam is bad but at least he looks like he’s trying. Wentz looks like someone ripped his heart out his chest. Not as bad as Cutler but damn near to it

  • Supercreech

    Steven A makes everything racist.BS is gotten old .the Watson situation has zero to do with race so stfu Steven A

  • Keith Glaze
    Keith Glaze

    It’s sad to Black men, bring other Black men bruh, THEY been counting us out! And no you weren’t doing your job. No respect. Sellout!

  • Chris Meitner
    Chris Meitner

    Stephen keep screwing up the NFL with your SJW crap. Just stay the HELL OUT OF THE UFC . I’m done with watching anything you are in

  • Chris Meitner
    Chris Meitner

    There is a way that seems right a fare and then there is the way . There is a line or a pecking order when it comes to leadership . And you seen it work flawlessly in New England. It comes from the top . Not saying to not be fare . Your trying to turn the NFL in to the NBA and what Boxing has become both shit in my boke the players run those leagues.... yes Shut up and play . And when your contract is up thin do your talking !!!

  • Anthony Gibson
    Anthony Gibson

    Now that Cam can't run over folks, he's done. When he has to read defensive and make the quick decisions, it ain't gonna happen.

  • Bully Killa
    Bully Killa

    Dan needs his own show

  • Bully Killa
    Bully Killa

    Cause he's black. That's why !!

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Cam was surrounded by GARBAGE 🗑

  • Shadow Boxing
    Shadow Boxing

    max is a idiot, cam cant play football anymore because of his injuries and people like max want to keep pushing guys out there just to take more and more punishment when he's clearly getting worse by the year

  • Franchise Sapa
    Franchise Sapa

    This whole panel is Garbage. Who watched these non athletes talk about athletes.?

  • Edward Rivera
    Edward Rivera

    Deshaun Watson has nothing to say Stephen A because he’s acting like a baby and he knows it

  • Edward Rivera
    Edward Rivera

    This is why the NFL viewer ship is down allows these spoiled brats to run the league they should shut the hell up and play. They get paid millions of dollars to play a game shut the fuck up and do your job babies

  • Edward Rivera
    Edward Rivera

    Rodney is right he’s trash newton

  • Kevin X
    Kevin X

    See all these mvp analysis and arm chair quarterbacks have alot to say...

  • mrbeaverstate

    Max every day telling every white male he does not agree with to get 'woke'. I understand that he does not use the word but his meaning is clear.

  • Trenton Tyson Jr.
    Trenton Tyson Jr.

    Max’s opening statements hit dead on 🎯; but after that he did as he usually does. Fell completely the hell of the cliff 😂

  • Drew Gaff
    Drew Gaff


  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus

    Y’all better put sum respect on Cams name he was a heisman winner, first round draft pick, has a super bowl appearance, multiple pro bowls and a league mvp and is the all time leader for rushing qb touchdowns yall are just haters respectfully smd

  • David Niggemeyer
    David Niggemeyer

    Dick Vermeil was a great coach and is a good human being. Not one racist bone in his body. "Archaic" has become the new derogative term which means "racist". No player EVER has been granted the authority of picking a coach. I want Deshaun Watson to relocate to a different team because he deserves it. The Texans front office has proven to be the most incompetent decision makers in the NFL right now. Everything else is just speculation and contract technicalities.

  • Alpha Red
    Alpha Red

    Cam, go to a team that runs a system this fits YOU!

  • PaulGreen11

    Cam was a Scapegoat

  • Ethan Hancock
    Ethan Hancock

    I thought Cam actually played pretty well this past year

  • snitch4skrimp? fiveO
    snitch4skrimp? fiveO

    I'm sick of the whole black and white B.S get the fuc* out of here

  • snitch4skrimp? fiveO
    snitch4skrimp? fiveO

    Cam Newton is to much of a showboat ... I use to say when they were winning with 16-0 record that the whole going into the end zone and dancers mad him look bad cause the panthers weren't that good and im a panthers fan and he made himself look like a fool cause he wasn't that good and the panthers weren't either

  • The Fit Guru TV
    The Fit Guru TV

    Give him one more camp.


    Max I’m proud of u man

  • Archimedes Blackhearr
    Archimedes Blackhearr

    I am not shocked at all. However, he inherited a garbage team. That is why the G.O.A.T left.

  • //// AMG
    //// AMG

    Do people forget they traded his top WR lol like that’s crazy

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Steven A and Rodney are banjo players. MESSAGE

  • Shaun Okeefe
    Shaun Okeefe


  • Shaun Okeefe
    Shaun Okeefe

    That just shows you, that Smith doesn't know shit about football. Newton sucks

  • Landon tucker
    Landon tucker

    LOLOL Cam not done. What wrong with y'all haha

  • Dawnette Clarke
    Dawnette Clarke

    They said that about Brady and he win a super bowl so Cam can play still so sad how they dump these players

  • John Matrix
    John Matrix

    Belichicks worst decision is not riding Brady till he died. Edit- Damn I should have know this would have turned into woke A Smith and Jew Kellerman not understanding organizational structures.

  • choice12ozborne

    How about black players make up the majority of the league they might not appreciate it if people are always coming to the rescue. Nobody's going to convince me NFL is racist. If they are racist it's not the whole NFL but a person here and a person. now this is where everyone is supposed to come back at me and say of course they're racist and only reason you're saying they're not is because most starters are black. can only reason most starters are black is because they're better and the owners don't care.... they just want to win... It's modern day slavery off the back of a big black... You think I'm kidding but a lot of people actually believe what I just. These folks all across the NFL are making tons of money regardless of color. Does anybody have any idea how much a person who never plays one NFL game makes? Steven a brother you really don't need to come to our rescue

  • Jerry Cruz
    Jerry Cruz

    The excuse for cam Newton since the Super Bowl is “he’s coming off injury” it seems he’s always coming off injury that’s not a good thing

  • Tom Noble
    Tom Noble

    The players are not leaders of the organization. It's laughable to think a QB leads the team

  • Tom Noble
    Tom Noble

    If you want more blacks in ownership and leadership then have more white players, make it 50/50 what's good for the goose is good for the gander

  • Tom Noble
    Tom Noble

    No player should have any say in the team, they are employees not the owners or coaches. It's like walmart asking a cashier's advice before making an executive decision

  • Tom Noble
    Tom Noble

    Blaming horrible skills on covid? REALLY max? Lay off the drugs

  • Drell Bourne
    Drell Bourne

    Man Dan is so good on this show. 👏

  • Justin Erickson
    Justin Erickson

    Cam was done 4 years ago.

  • Cy Hanna
    Cy Hanna

    Offensive lines make a QB great, They do not protect Black QBs, as they do others. Cam an MVP.

  • Don Pearson
    Don Pearson

    God this episode was horrible

  • Don Pearson
    Don Pearson

    What the hell is Stephen A talking about? If we need to hear more then Watson should tell us. Cause when he signed his contract extension he thanked everyone and promised the fans the world. So the person who needs to talk is the person who is unhappy.

    • Don Pearson
      Don Pearson

      Ok well Stephen A did say he wants Watson to talk that is a good that did bring that up.

  • Prime E
    Prime E

    Then he tries to say someone sounds like they're saying shut up and play football... Right after urging owners to not pick up a player... Nigga shut up and go home

  • Prime E
    Prime E

    That's crazy how they can pretty much create a narrative that'll affect someone's livelihood but expect them to HAVE to talk to the media... This is messed up in so many ways... Stephen A needs to get his clown ass off TV

  • joseph gonzalez
    joseph gonzalez

    Max kellerman you are a joke your opinion means shit go back to your bagels fool

  • joseph gonzalez
    joseph gonzalez

    Come on sas bring out the race card I’ll wait.

  • joseph gonzalez
    joseph gonzalez

    Cam sucks

  • O Dogg
    O Dogg

    I'm pretty sure the can of paint would have done a better job

  • OZZ

    So tired of hearing about how African Americans are not fairly treated in sports. Get the hell out of here 90% of the jobs are given to African American when they are only 13% of America. If anyone should be winning its the other races. If you are going to complain about the percentage of coaches then you should complain that 70 percent of the NBA players should be white. Other wise they are just picking the racism they want. When they start playing more races in sports other then African American this will be a fair argument. I know what there defense is going to be well black people are better however the same can be said for coaching. And an argument for white players can be said also. Larry Bird had better stats then Lebron yet nobody shows him the deserved respect.

  • Cristina Goetz
    Cristina Goetz

    Cam spends more time on his ridiculous outfits then he does on working on his game . He seem to only like the game that comes with being noticed than the actual work of being a great QB.

    • Chris Murchison
      Chris Murchison

      Ok if thats the case look at his career numbers and then come talk to me because if seems to me your a hater karen

  • Tom Peterson
    Tom Peterson

    The Texans have always and at this rate will always be irrelevant and among the worst teams in the league. And it does all go back to owner/manager failures

  • Nic Ball
    Nic Ball

    Why doesn’t cam play as a tight end or a pass rusher or something, I mean god damn, he’s not a great qb, but he is a great athlete and knows the game.

    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin

      That is an insult!

  • Prince's Kitchen
    Prince's Kitchen

    It's because he's vegan

  • Gerrylynn Mako
    Gerrylynn Mako

    Everyone wants him to shut up and just play football

  • Rahloh McDonogh
    Rahloh McDonogh

    Give him the talent they gave the QB in Cleveland.

  • Justin Horowitz
    Justin Horowitz

    You think you can do better than cam Newton 1 yr $1 million ? Lemme know. He’s a good plan B for a team

  • Joseph Wolfe
    Joseph Wolfe

    How bout this, shut the f$%k up a play

  • Joseph Wolfe
    Joseph Wolfe

    More irrelevant race bullshit

  • Matt Edwards
    Matt Edwards

    How does Stephen A turn everything into racism lmfao

    • Matt Edwards
      Matt Edwards

      @Steve Austin wrong century

    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin

      Because everything is.

  • Rodney Jones
    Rodney Jones

    Top players dont wanba play for bs organization because they would be wasting their careers. Texans are garbage organization. The players health and performance is in jeapordy when messing with bad team. He can get hurt or lose e,dorsements, or not be able to get a good contract in future. WTF? WATSON cant be his best when having bs organization/ bs coaches/losing good players. yall dumb