Today we give IMPOSTORS an OP Flamethrower in Among Us!
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  • Sadhik Rahman
    Sadhik Rahman


  • Riah koster
    Riah koster

    wow this video is FIRE ha ha ha lol :)

  • Naruto Namikaze
    Naruto Namikaze

    And this is why we don't give his a flamethrower hahaha

  • Digital Gamer 3.6%
    Digital Gamer 3.6%

    I fEeD mY fAmIlY wItH lIkEs i mean what dose he mean

  • Wolf Gang
    Wolf Gang



    This I literally the thing movie

  • Maggie Sakura
    Maggie Sakura

    How about the legendary aussalt rifle from fortnight

  • sajna sachu
    sajna sachu

    I wrote a mode idea in hunter mode Ssundee

  • Liam Pipe
    Liam Pipe

    hit that lite buten

  • Goji Mation
    Goji Mation

    Ssundee: HElLO ANYONE DEAD SIGILS ARE U DEAd Sigils: emotionally yes -Sigils 2021

  • Bidisha Jana
    Bidisha Jana

    you are the second after Pumba

  • Silly Heart
    Silly Heart


  • The swa
    The swa

    Mega kill: 7:01

  • Mr. Ghinthin playz
    Mr. Ghinthin playz

    Ssundee us Mrbeast in video games

  • Firewolf K
    Firewolf K

    ssundee do a avatar mod that he has all the elements

  • Henry Laws
    Henry Laws

    im a flame of a joke was that a good a good joke

  • Leonie Jones
    Leonie Jones


  • Jeffrey Xiong
    Jeffrey Xiong

    I think they should still be able to report dead bodies but the dead bodies are grey Edit: edit

  • Zaaidh Abdul haadhee
    Zaaidh Abdul haadhee

    ssundee did a evil laugh ever gosh by reactir going off

  • amy miller
    amy miller

    The real afghanistan parallely wait because armchair immuhistochemically correct next a spicy sink. subsequent, colossal fat

  • Eli Rowland
    Eli Rowland


  • Mohit Mathur
    Mohit Mathur

    he is cringe

  • Mohammed King
    Mohammed King

    Do a mod that you are everyone is tiny but the impostor impostor is giant the tiny people run away

  • Delaney Grooms
    Delaney Grooms

    my teacher is name mt. lit

  • Josiah Moorman
    Josiah Moorman

    ti would be funny if they made it were the imposter can use the flamethrower on anther imposter

  • Josiah Moorman
    Josiah Moorman

    I like to keep my eye in and opened.

  • Josiah Moorman
    Josiah Moorman

    actually it will be cold not lit

  • varuun Badree
    varuun Badree

    U first

  • Amir Saeed
    Amir Saeed

    this is sick

  • Cash Bolcar
    Cash Bolcar

    I eat Likes to👿

  • GBP watchdogs
    GBP watchdogs

    When I hit the like button it is black

  • 48gavinIV

    ITS LIT!

  • epicgamer


  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka


  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka


  • Rycool753

    I Can't Hit The Subscibe Button. I'm Already Subscribed.

  • Casey Baker
    Casey Baker

    Captain vs thanos

  • LegendRandom

    13:08 LOL DogWater

  • Dr. Gloria Anderson
    Dr. Gloria Anderson

    I was laughing so hard I started to choke when they couldn not get into reactor

  • ttv laser
    ttv laser

    You did it to your self


    Hi u are so funny 😂

  • ClozirFN

    Who else never watches full screen

  • Kevin Pelleboer
    Kevin Pelleboer


  • Fire boi YT
    Fire boi YT


  • Braulio MolinaRueda
    Braulio MolinaRueda

    nic ssundee

  • Brenda Morales
    Brenda Morales

    do a dogs mod like a dogs biting someone

    • Brenda Morales
      Brenda Morales

      shot out kirk ri

  • Barbara Allison
    Barbara Allison

    What the F is undo you had I want to know I’ll make you a FK for a whole freaking week

  • Alexis Georgoulias
    Alexis Georgoulias

    I'm thinking a venom role

  • Nguyen Hailey
    Nguyen Hailey


  • Jitesh Parikh
    Jitesh Parikh


  • Vanessa Mondragon
    Vanessa Mondragon

    i was laughing

  • Dream Drive Discover
    Dream Drive Discover

    I love the flame thrower who made the mod

  • Jaypee Rodil
    Jaypee Rodil

    Its lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kyle Hotai
    Kyle Hotai

    Zombie apocalypse


    Can you please teach us how to install this mod

  • Colton Dorffeld
    Colton Dorffeld

    Ssundee : gets a flamethrower irl. 15 min later National News: big IRbinr goes rogue and rampages towns with flamethrower. If you see the flames, you’re already dead.

  • Colton Dorffeld
    Colton Dorffeld

    6:00 role The Madman

  • Nicole Robyn Basire
    Nicole Robyn Basire

    how do you play with a mod?

  • Greeeeer

    I am never the inposter

  • sahra osman
    sahra osman

    U do realize that the like button turned BLACK not blue, right? 👺👹😈

  • Wayne's Channel
    Wayne's Channel

    How about make the imposter have a stick

  • Junell Lewis
    Junell Lewis

    Oh no I flamethrowed the like button now its on fire

  • Arjun Khurana
    Arjun Khurana

    *my mom comes in my room asking what are you doing I say I am watching a grown man who says foot and mommy all the time*

    • Arjun Khurana
      Arjun Khurana

      This a really happened lol

  • Arjun Khurana
    Arjun Khurana

    Do a mod called the flash they can go super fast and go trough walls and they can blind you for 5 seconds with dust

  • Sneakywolf2 X
    Sneakywolf2 X

    I love when he says “We’re boxed in, we’re boxed in”

  • ManyBOT

    This has to be my favorite mod


    mod idea: virus impostor have a gun to shoot the virus into them or just normal kill or can flood 1 room with the virus

  • The dragon king
    The dragon king

    When I saw ssundee blocked reactor I was halfway expecting him to say "Some people just want to watch the world burn!!"

  • divakillai kandhan
    divakillai kandhan


  • divakillai kandhan
    divakillai kandhan

    I saw u in sigles

  • Cassi Martin
    Cassi Martin

    haha jokes on you sundee, my like button turns white bc i’m on dark mode u.u

  • icbm 120
    icbm 120

    I fear man. But that thing, it scares me.

  • A Rambo
    A Rambo

    Do you now a guy named Preston Sundee?

  • 5 subscribers with no videos
    5 subscribers with no videos

    Sigils: Don't burn me please Ian: *Kills and burns Sigils*

  • Ziah Acevedo
    Ziah Acevedo

    You should make a mod where the crew mate canDefend itself from the imposter with a shield button

  • Ziah Acevedo
    Ziah Acevedo

    How about crew making offended so from imposter

  • Ziah Acevedo
    Ziah Acevedo

    You should do a grenade mod

  • luke yaz
    luke yaz

    The rambunctious judge universally fit because closet relatively tug along a military forgery. plucky, petite pisces

  • XxAlexaplayzxX

    1:19 i am sure sundee called andbrew babe!😆😂🤣


    Ssunde:my family gets fed with like the more likes the more fatt my family is whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • Canon Emerman
    Canon Emerman

    Do a mod were all the imposter rules are combined

  • Jude Carter
    Jude Carter

    Thor mod

  • SSundee must heart my comment.
    SSundee must heart my comment.

    ŠŚúñđéé mūšť hęåřť mÿ çømmëñť.

  • Brian Allen
    Brian Allen

    If everyone stacks up you can murder them all with the flamethrower

  • Anne Adelle Boleyn
    Anne Adelle Boleyn

    What about a history mod where all of it is things that would be possible in the Tudor times(I’m a big fan of the Tudors it would be amazing to have my idea appear in a video

  • Mobile. 490752
    Mobile. 490752


  • Tania Small
    Tania Small


  • Braydan Oneal
    Braydan Oneal

    Do another solo among us please

  • Braydan Oneal
    Braydan Oneal

    I unlocked you in it to

  • Braydan Oneal
    Braydan Oneal

    I did downlodoad idle tuber

  • Braydan Oneal
    Braydan Oneal

    SSundee is the best IRbin Do a infinite kill range and the impostor is cat

  • Ali Naqvi
    Ali Naqvi


  • Bobux Bobux bux
    Bobux Bobux bux

    I clicked the like buttton It didn’t turn blue It turned white

  • Sander Boersting
    Sander Boersting

    Hi ssundee i am a fan

  • Ali Naqvi
    Ali Naqvi

    My captions seriously my captions said headwinds when he said henwy

  • Stephanie Jones
    Stephanie Jones

    Ssundee your going to have to change your "and the like button will blue" because it turns black when you like. By the way you can keep the blue, it's funny.

  • ido udo
    ido udo

    a mod that the imposterha have a buten tp torn in to a meni cromate

  • Richard Everitt
    Richard Everitt

    Hi I'm ur biggies fan can I have shout out 💜

  • Christian Tierney
    Christian Tierney


  • Marlo1022

    Do a mod 3d