Food Theory: How To SURVIVE Spicy Food! (Hot Ones Challenge)
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Ever wonder how to beat the heat with your spicy food? Do you want to WIN the Hot Ones challenge? Today I am going to find out what will best squash the heat in your mouth! Will it be milk? Bread? Maybe even Diet Coke? Get your bibs on and get ready to eat some spicy chicken wings Theorists! I hope you're hungry!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Samuel Corsie
    Samuel Corsie

    Steph: *dying inside and outside* MatPat: “It takes a while to bloom, y’know?”

    • Jackson A.
      Jackson A.


    • smug man
      smug man

      Steph:"aàæ I HATE BREATHING" Matpat: "lmao"

    • Solna gaston UwU
      Solna gaston UwU

      Ha ha ha ha

    • Henry games
      Henry games


    • Mayukh_the _beast
      Mayukh_the _beast

      steph:: man this is friking killing me inside and out matpat ::: man this the chill im ll good

  • Yousef Mohammed Ahmad
    Yousef Mohammed Ahmad

    Btw the beat spice antidote is olive oil

  • Jude Tombaugh
    Jude Tombaugh

    she looks like she's dying while matpat is just fine lol

  • GamerKris

    try Pepto-Bismol

  • Ashlee ASH
    Ashlee ASH

    9:40 when science leaves the room

  • Jocelyn Gonzalez
    Jocelyn Gonzalez

    Jesus is coming soon are you ready are you sure your saved? Have you spread the gospel

  • A50ftfall

    To me cold cheese always worked well

  • Matt Hatt
    Matt Hatt

    Yes. Suffer more.

  • ihavebacon

    as an Indonesian who likes and like 80% restaurant have spicy foods banana is the greatest antidote

  • Cole Haugen
    Cole Haugen

    Apparently, chocolate is a huge beater of spice

  • Ghosty Art
    Ghosty Art

    I HAVE A THEORY. I feel like alchohol would work if you got hammered before you ate the wings. Because when you get drunk you start to stop like feelings aka spices. So in theory if you took like 5 shots you wouldn't exactly feel the spices.

  • Sans the skeleton.
    Sans the skeleton.

    I was watching this as i was eating some spicy (Shicken churry, i do hate spicy food but it's rlly good)

  • George Vinu Benny
    George Vinu Benny

    Matpat:"How to make spicy icy" Me:"Just take the s and p out";)

  • tri cao
    tri cao

    You eat cool fresh gum and drink cold water ezzzzzzzz(drink cold milk for F the spice)

  • Gacha God
    Gacha God

    Put bread on the wing with the sauce and it lowers it a lil bit

  • jakeplusyou

    Poor Steph. All that heat.

  • slumlord racing
    slumlord racing

    Its not good food unless you feel like you swallowed hot lava... at least as far as I'm concerned.

  • Sigel110

    Steph is such a champ

  • Shyfox Studio
    Shyfox Studio

    The hottest pepper is the Carolina reaper matpat and you know it

  • el pootis jorgg
    el pootis jorgg

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chiles picantes weon

  • Kerdetz

    Is there an English version of this video

    • LittleProductionz


  • MD and three
    MD and three

    "Getting krunk for science!"

  • Isabella Chang
    Isabella Chang

    dude pepper X is the hottest pepper in the world

  • explosion scientist
    explosion scientist

    In some shots it looked like they got a tan

  • Evan Harline
    Evan Harline

    so basically to perfect it carbonated lemonade?

  • itzy's girlfriend
    itzy's girlfriend

    i found the best solution is to just stay still and let it go through your body. sometimes when its really spicy, i just let the tears fall and then its all over. just whatever you do, don't wipe your tears with your bare hands

  • Raghav Ramesh
    Raghav Ramesh

    u should try cheese


    Just take a McDonald’s sprite to hot ones and ur good to go

  • Alexander Clemente
    Alexander Clemente

    there cheating Steph is using Capstick on her chin

  • Kingsue

    I want a hot wing now

  • SirSpams ALot
    SirSpams ALot

    Mat in another video: "Food Theory: I Quit Diet Coke!" Mat in this video: *Has an entire fridge full of it and drinks it*

  • abir gaming
    abir gaming


  • Infrences

    S T E P H A N I E S A N D W I C H

    • abir gaming
      abir gaming


  • Aly-Noor Game
    Aly-Noor Game

    MatPat: We use vodka Me: here in Soviet Russia we don’t use vodka to reject spice we use it to ENHANCE SPICE

  • clumsy lily
    clumsy lily

    Fan fact you can also use bubble gum I figured this out when I was dare to eat spicy chips and I can't drink water another fact I cannot even eat spicy stuff without crying in the end I can't handle spicy food 😅 so when I eat the spicy chips I just put bubble gum in my mouth cause they never you can't use other stuff I literally did not feel the spicyness after a few minutes

  • Just A Pigeon
    Just A Pigeon

    Food theory: *trying to speak russian* Also food theory: *doesn't work* Me that speaks russian: "your accent is terrible"

  • Tin Can't
    Tin Can't

    I drink sweet tea while I have spicy candy in my mouth. I know it's wierd but it's incredibly refreshing. Probably due to the large amount of sugar and small amount of citrus. I'm also kinda addicted to iced tea so that may have to do with it.......

  • Mike Leslie
    Mike Leslie

    Steph: fighting for her life Matt: "ooo yummy :)"

  • kevin guo
    kevin guo

    I just wanna know how to negate the aftermath on the toilet after eating spicy food.

  • Alexa Moore
    Alexa Moore La pratica quotidiana mostra che l'innalzamento del livello di coscienza civica e una fase qualitativamente nuova nell'attuazione tempestiva del super compito. Il compito dell'organizzazione, in particolare l'innalzamento del livello di coscienza civica, garantisce la rilevanza del sistema di partecipazione di massa.Conclusioni banali ma inconfutabili, cosi come alcune caratteristiche della politica interna, sono presentate in una luce estremamente positiva. Come solo una parte del quadro generale, chiari segni della vittoria dell'istituzionalizzazione illuminano caratteristiche estremamente interessanti dell'intero quadro, ma le conclusioni concrete sono, ovviamente, mescolate a dati non univoci al punto da essere completamente irriconoscibili, il che aumenta il loro status di inutilita.🤩 したがって、新しい組織モデルは、割り当てられたタスクに関連して参加者がとるポジションの緊急の必要性を明らかにします。平凡だが反駁できない結論、および制度化の勝利の明確な兆候は、同様に彼ら自身の装置に任せることができます。

  • Aleceo10

    Of course Diet Coke is on there

  • Tony Hou
    Tony Hou

    Once, my dad decided to put some chilli in my noodles to make it taste better, BUT HE ADDED TOO MUCH AND I HAD DIARRHEA FOR 2 ENTIRE DAYS!!!

  • Alexander Kimmerly
    Alexander Kimmerly


  • Fred Red
    Fred Red

    Tip yeah tryed bread nope

  • Rubber gamer
    Rubber gamer

    BTW i found grapes to be good.

  • Christian Krolevetski
    Christian Krolevetski

    MatPat: "How's your mouth felling?" Stephanie: *Bear noises*

  • Christian Krolevetski
    Christian Krolevetski

    MatPat and Steph drink the sugar water. Me: "And that's kids how you get diabetes."

  • Tia S
    Tia S

    I drink franks red hot hot sauce

  • Ya Boi Celery
    Ya Boi Celery

    If Mat didn’t tell us he was eating something spicy, we never would’ve known.

  • Aditya Shirolkar
    Aditya Shirolkar

    Did you know that mint can soother spice too? It may not seem like it, but the menthol in mint and peppermints activate cold receptors that can suppress spice...

    • so much to cook
      so much to cook

      I heard the same foolish words before

  • Aira Batrisya
    Aira Batrisya

    Try hot water

  • BNT

    LEMON ICE CREAM! Lemon sugarwater and dairy!

  • franz Jaden Santos
    franz Jaden Santos

    What if a sugary milk

  • Lee P
    Lee P

    "I hate breathing" *breathes*

  • Ketan Vemula
    Ketan Vemula

    I've never had trouble with spicy food except the one time I ate a whole bag of nachos


    Poor steph she looks just like me after i accidentally ate something spicy. A sweaty mess

  • bob spot
    bob spot

    He still hasn’t made it on the show has he?

  • AwakendSpace80

    I would have tried ice cream

    • Fenriz Nobile
      Fenriz Nobile

      It think ice cream would be the same as if you added milk and sugar

  • Haddison Polidor
    Haddison Polidor

    Was me or i seen a bottle of vodka.

  • Andres de Francisco Arellano
    Andres de Francisco Arellano


  • Anton Berneis
    Anton Berneis

    so do cockut flakes they compleaty get ridd of all the spice purminatly

  • banana

    The shaq meme.

  • Rmageddon PG3D
    Rmageddon PG3D

    "Acids like lemon juice help numb the flavor" "Sugar water is a great immediate solution" Lemon juice + sugar water = LEMONADE

  • Zachary M. Carlton
    Zachary M. Carlton

    Apple cider vinegar takes the heat out almost instantly

  • Vive Napoléon!
    Vive Napoléon!

    My grandma always told me that chewing on raw steak helps a lot with getting rid of the heat. I should try it sometime to test it out

  • Gaby Mtz
    Gaby Mtz

    Diet coke really is the nectar of the gods :o

  • Maryam The Snek
    Maryam The Snek

    "And go buy yourself some vodca" Me: I'm Muslim thank you very much

  • eymen temur
    eymen temur

    after this vid im sure our guddies are gonna be drinkin huh

  • vatsal jain
    vatsal jain

    the best recipe that would be best to reduce the heat would be key lime pie , as it has milk , acidity from the limes and sugar .i hope they see this comment .

  • isaiah Beyblade
    isaiah Beyblade

    mat pat : science lied to me me: i can fly

  • BeeCauseWhyNot

    Raw tomato has always been my go to for spice now I know it's cause of the acidity!

  • Romeo Hill
    Romeo Hill

    I like how she freaking out but like a ok

  • Joseph7765

    Now I have a way to cool down the spice for Takis

  • Isa Amir
    Isa Amir

    Now I know why Gordon calls someone a Donut, it's just for temporarily dampen his anger 😂

  • allyson loupe
    allyson loupe

    Fun fact why the serve wings at bars . Beer gets rid of the burn and heat from the spicy , so people usually have to get more one drink depending on how hot and how much

  • caltch

    I actually think you build a tolerance to spicy stuff. I eat wings that are high up there in the scolville units. Some stuff that used to seem very spicy to me seem mild now.

  • Liveactionme

    Wow one of those transitions made me think my tablet was literally rolling of my bed

  • Benjamin

    I can say bread does nothing I was dared to eat a dragon tongue pepper and I had a sweet drink helped for a bit but I tried bread nope didn't work I had some milk it was ok but the sweet drink worked best

  • bowser jr asome bros
    bowser jr asome bros


  • Aditya Shirolkar
    Aditya Shirolkar

    Bread as a dampener only works if you wrap the spicy food inside the bread. I'm Indian and have wrapped bread around a lot of spicy dishes that help calm it down.

  • SomeoneElse

    the pepper at 4:43 looked like it was screaming and ive eaten a reaper pepper chip and the end results, well, we had to get a new toilet

  • Donna Leigh
    Donna Leigh

    Try the Amgeddon pepper

  • Chris Lenz
    Chris Lenz

    Whenever people do this why doesn't anyone use vanilla ice cream?

  • Anthony Lulgjuraj
    Anthony Lulgjuraj

    Steph every two seconds sniffle sniffle sniffle sniffle sniffle sniffle sniffle


    Diet Coke lemon juice sugar water so coke and lemon lemonade

  • the golden y
    the golden y

    Suger water:exists Capsesin:adios Awhile later Capsesin:bonjour

  • CreeperCraftPlayz142

    Hold on.... I've learned more from MatPat's channels than school. Now I question the American education system even more

  • JuniGear X
    JuniGear X

    The best solution is build up your resistance to spice

  • Spotswitch

    it is because forsting neutralizes it

  • Snopple Wopple
    Snopple Wopple

    Aye thanks Broski

  • Orbital Jellyfish
    Orbital Jellyfish

    Carrot juice

  • music machine2000
    music machine2000

    F to steph, shed literally dying and crying meanwhile matpat is analysing the situation peacefully

  • Smartkid_YT

    Wouldnt a frosted lemonade work? It combines both a vanilla shake with lemonade adding both the milk, acidity of the lemon, and sugar because it’s part ice cream.

  • Ambiotic Synapse
    Ambiotic Synapse

    Why not just make a sugar saturated lemon juice, then mix it with diet coke (I know what's the point of diet coke with a ton of sugar)?

  • Eric Brisson
    Eric Brisson

    So lemonade kills spicy

  • Gurshaan Dhesi
    Gurshaan Dhesi

    *Hot Ones* never called back.

  • Topo Purrito
    Topo Purrito

    While watching this I was eating Flamin Hot Cheetos and I had the idea of “Hey, I have milk chocolate in my house. It has sugar, and it has milk.” So I tried it and it did help! Milk chocolate can be used as a way to numb low grade hot food. And after going in for a another bite of Cheetos it nulled the pain for a bit.

  • filthy kevin
    filthy kevin

    Bro ice-cream ICE-CREAM

  • Boss Fight Beater
    Boss Fight Beater

    *Steph : [legit dying]* *Mat : Ahhhhh 3.8 million scovile that's nothin'*

  • alexiarosalia

    stephs when drinking the vodka - 😭😖😣😖☹️ matpat - science failed me ⁉️🤯😢