Ford Raptor vs. Ram TRX: Does Ram's Supertruck DEVOUR The Competition or Is It Too Little Too Late?
( ) We put a new 2020 Ford Raptor and the all-new 2021 Ram TRX head-to-head in a 0-60 MPH acceleration test. Supercharged V8 versus twin-turbo V6. Here are the results!
Check out whether the Ram TRX can run, crawl and jump like a Baja truck HERE:
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  • J L
    J L

    I've been waiting for this.Thank you TFL

    • Commandment USMC
      Commandment USMC

      The Dodge Ram is the best truck, accept it you ford idiots.

    • Mark Jaramillo
      Mark Jaramillo

      @Firuz Dumlupinar Take away the AFM on the 5.3 and it's a whole different motor you'll get the maximum 355 hp and then some tuned.

    • Travis K
      Travis K

      @Erik Moore ... Power output no, performance yes.

    • big daddy's house
      big daddy's house

      I wonder how many hours you got until it gets to HEMI tick..........

    • Erik Moore
      Erik Moore

      @Travis K If it's achieving the same boost at altitude and sea level it will make no difference in power. Bottom line. Super or turbo

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin

    Raptor is now inferior...

  • Landon Blake
    Landon Blake

    the ram sounded better

  • glamdring0007

    0-60 times ? Come on guys...we want to see a full on "off road test" done at speed over the terrain that these trucks are supposed to be built for. If on road performance is all you care about then these are not your trucks anyway...

  • Mad Monster
    Mad Monster

    This the first time i see Ram dominating raptor, good job from dodge for sure, but Trx is way expensive and modifying raptor to similar feature as the TRX is going to cost additional 15 to 20 grands 😄I still prefer to get a factory setup TRX at least I won’t be risking the warranty.

  • Brian Robbins
    Brian Robbins

    I want both of these! Love fords and rams!

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno

    Dealer markup is 100% bull crap.

  • Keith Freeman
    Keith Freeman

    Raptor who

  • Thunder Heads410
    Thunder Heads410

    They both sound bad. A whipped 318 sounds better with cherry bombs in a rusted out stepside D150. And a whipped 318 sounds better than the 378 Hemi. Fact. I'd rather have a 351 Ford, 360 Dodge and I'll never drive a Chevy, than a one of these new trucks

  • Jea

    raptor wins

  • Dragan Jarmanović
    Dragan Jarmanović

    3.5 l v6 450 hp 510 lb-ft ws 6.2 v8 702 hp 650 lb-ft, a little more power :))) this is like two beating one, please don't be idiots

  • SSChicago73RD

    Took a sec to grab odm

  • Trey Driver
    Trey Driver

    Definitely gonna subscribe to your channel

  • Gw Mcklintock
    Gw Mcklintock

    Talk about being disappointed that the Ram was so much quicker....

  • Billy Ogle
    Billy Ogle

    Your really asking about the exhaust sound...?! TRX

  • Juan Colón
    Juan Colón

    Is a little unfait the comparisson IMO. Let's wait for the new version of the Ford Raptor .

  • Evan Barrett
    Evan Barrett

    Ford needs a serious interior update. Dodge has knocked it out of the park. Fords have always felt plasticy and cheap.

  • jp89il

    Will a company please make a more realistic off road truck!!!! Seriously make me a regular cab f150 4x4 with performance suspension and engine and that’s it.

  • Matthew

    I love me some RAM. But I am excited to see thr Raptor to bring back the V8

  • Rogue


  • Robert Vaughn
    Robert Vaughn

    Nothing like reving a COLD engine... There goes 100k the odometer COULD read one day. TRX #1.

  • Ken Helmers
    Ken Helmers

    An awesome pickup! Costs over 8 years worth of my 'income'. :(

  • Neffer O. Carmona
    Neffer O. Carmona

    About time somebody take the sit

  • Faithful Servant
    Faithful Servant

    That 6cyl Ford sounds like shit!

  • Abdullah Qindil
    Abdullah Qindil

    Do you really need 700hp in a truck? It’s silly tbh and Ford will be fools if they follow suits. 250hp more and it can only tow 100 lbs more? I believe a max of 500hp is enough for pickup trucks and anything more is impractical and only for show offs. The real question is, is the TRX more reliable thank the Raptor? There are more things to compare in trucks other than power and 0-60 times.

  • hines862009

    I'd still say a Gen 1 Raptor 6.2 with Whipple S/C is the best bang for your buck (even add an aftermarket 12" touchscreen if you want).

  • Steven Alexander
    Steven Alexander

    Trx best sound

  • Matias Bosshardt
    Matias Bosshardt


  • Nagendran Selvam
    Nagendran Selvam

    Can we import this car to India

  • Keith Toews
    Keith Toews

    They need to bring out the raptor supersnake lol

  • TED Schmitt
    TED Schmitt

    Why compare exhaust notes??? This isn’t grade school.

  • Wolfguard 1
    Wolfguard 1

    Thats crazy that dealers mark up prices like that, they should be required to legitimize the the fees or pay a huge fine.

  • dave oofer42
    dave oofer42

    Those trucks dont compare you have to do it with a shelby raptor

  • Oscar Posada DeLaCruz
    Oscar Posada DeLaCruz

    Where’s the Shelby Baja raptor

  • Just Out Here Tinkering
    Just Out Here Tinkering

    That TRX sounds tasty....

  • Andrew Croft
    Andrew Croft

    I'd have a Dodge before a pos Chevrolet any day, but sorry guys, the F-150 is, and always will be The King of Trucks.

  • Steve Simonds
    Steve Simonds

    Nothing compares to the WOT of a Hemi especially not some anemic EcoBoost V6.

  • Gregory Stephens
    Gregory Stephens

    Just think of the hellcat red-eyed demon or helephant V8 were swapped into this.

  • Shaun Cole
    Shaun Cole

    Raptor looks better, but the trx sounds and performs better. Thats what i think

  • Steve Frasard
    Steve Frasard

    These trucks are ok but I prefer to be able to afford to eat.

  • Paul Jordan
    Paul Jordan

    Love how they keep saying little more power.

  • Index

    How pathetic does Ford sound. RAM is music in motion.

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson

    If anyone said Ford sounds better y’all need new ears lol

  • Joshua Portrey
    Joshua Portrey

    Trx fs 🥵

  • 1269jrock

    Trx is nice but that price tho $92000 really

  • ibrxhim MMA
    ibrxhim MMA

    Nothing sounds as good as a big ol V8

  • Âjåy Süñīl
    Âjåy Süñīl

    sound winner ram

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Vault Dweller
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Vault Dweller

    TRX Winner

  • T Ritchie
    T Ritchie

    I'm willing to drive either of them, but the TRX would be my preferred choice.

  • blacken700

    In the end still it still has the chrysler build quality, good luck in 4 years

  • Jawandh Maan
    Jawandh Maan

    200 HP more than raptor, helps ram 2 second it soo good.

  • lodvik goolanians
    lodvik goolanians

    Of course trx is the best truck

  • BoBo Trump
    BoBo Trump

    TRX hands down

  • Bill Jamison
    Bill Jamison

    Ford, you ARE in a lot of trouble! You better put on your thinking caps to even come close to the New King TRX! MOPAR or NO car! Hemi Rules AGAIN!!!!

  • Pablo Tassinari
    Pablo Tassinari

    that ram sound fking awsome!!!!! Well done Dodge!!!!

    • Pablo Tassinari
      Pablo Tassinari

      @Krystian S lol

    • Krystian S
      Krystian S

      Well done ram *

  • Pablo Tassinari
    Pablo Tassinari

    3.5 is for ladies! 6.2 is for alpha´s

  • Forrest Johnson
    Forrest Johnson

    Damn the Raptor sounds weak as a kitten, the TRX is the true tiger here

  • nameless5r

    The trx was really quiet at start up in the cab.

  • Josh Krause
    Josh Krause

    Ford needs to do the 7.3 supercharged........

  • GaFFLe

    Sorry Ford but my 05 911 Turbo is meant for a V6 and twin turbo charged; NOT for a burly pickup truck.

  • Zulu Alpha
    Zulu Alpha

    Looks like the new Raptor will have the 3.5L V6 from the Ford GT from the sound of it.

  • Thisisbb1

    ford needs to wake up and do something new. where the hell is toyota? they need a toy in this mix lol

  • Clay Smith
    Clay Smith

    TRX sounds better

  • Jerry Maugans
    Jerry Maugans

    The Raptor sounds like my V6 Camry with Flowmaster exhaust but not quite as good.

  • Guadalupe Hernandez
    Guadalupe Hernandez

    Ram yea

  • Nathan bitz
    Nathan bitz

    People who say the raptor sounds better🤡🤡

  • Brice Von
    Brice Von

    As a ford guy the the TRX is what the Raptor should have been when they took the v8 out of the raptor

  • tntshuffle -
    tntshuffle -

    Ford guy the TRX. But the price range is out of most people's grasp: $90K and up. A raptor is still "somewhat" affordable...

  • 1chitown312


  • David Diaz
    David Diaz

    Ford raptor. Ram T. rex. Get it. T rex eats raptors. Dinosaurs lol

  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez

    11:03 I think we know who won here

  • jorge alberto
    jorge alberto

    TRX win

  • Colton Campbell
    Colton Campbell

    Neither sounds as good as a deleted Civic

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    I think Ram may be ticked off at Ford for making the Bronco and trying to take a piece of the Wrangler’s market share... so, they build a truck to take a piece of the Raptor market share. If you think about it neither of those vehicles had proper competition for years. The consumer wins with the competition, very happy to see the TRX and the Bronco, we are getting more interesting vehicles at least.

  • Saul Franco
    Saul Franco

    This guys is a idiot. How you compare V6 TwinTurbo with that stupid truck. ? You just need to wait when Ford install the mustang GT 500 engine inside the raptor. And that’s coming from sure.

  • Quinton Clark
    Quinton Clark

    TRX ate it alive

  • Veteran Patriot 2A
    Veteran Patriot 2A


  • Ross Provencio
    Ross Provencio

    Most definitely the T Rex has a much better sounding motor

  • JD Absalonson
    JD Absalonson

    why would you like fords when rams exist

  • Super Luigi
    Super Luigi


  • Nick

    The Raptors exhaust sounds like a fart in a tin can

  • Jeff Meyer
    Jeff Meyer

    Absolute blood bath. Trx for sure.

  • Bob Uppercut
    Bob Uppercut

    All you need is TUNDRA TRD PRO with a long travel kit and will out do both those trucks and save you 30k, waste of money trucks period!!!!

  • big row
    big row


  • Juan filiberto Zapata
    Juan filiberto Zapata

    So if FCA, bring the v8 to its halo truck, ford would no even think about puting a v8 it will still be useing v6, thanks FCA to bring the v8 to the competicion now Ford is 😨, so at the end of the day is your choice of what truck you like.

  • John Alessi
    John Alessi

    Locking diffs...???????

  • John Alessi
    John Alessi

    Ummmmm the most important feature...... reliability.... can you say Tundra!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daryl rabara-brokate
    Daryl rabara-brokate

    I may be crazy. But I'd still go with a used one...and put a nice tune scratch that, a first gen 6.2 raptor and put a blower on it...ahhhh soo many choices!

  • Jack Playz
    Jack Playz

    Chevy and ford: squabbling Ram and dodge vehicles like the demon hellcat and TRX: VISIBLE HAPPINESS

  • Gregg Paiva
    Gregg Paiva

    The TRX for sure, but both these trucks cost around the same for a down payment on a house.

  • Marian Filc
    Marian Filc

    trx winner

  • Freedom Freedom
    Freedom Freedom

    6.2 Supercharged Hemi! Why is Ford even in this video?

  • R A
    R A

    TRX.... dropped the mic!!!

  • Kourosh Jamali
    Kourosh Jamali

    TRX 🇺🇸

  • Jorge Zúñiga
    Jorge Zúñiga

    TRX vs ford f-150 Shelby 😎?

  • All-IN Offroad
    All-IN Offroad

    FORD read the comments ! No one i mean no one wants your lame ass v6 motors bring back the v8 power

  • Danielle Grigsby
    Danielle Grigsby

    TRX BABY!!!!!

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L

    The Ram is so much nicer it just breathes quality when compared to the Raptor.

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    Tbh the ram trx is built better with better quality parts like the bumpers cuz the raptor got that plastic bumper 🤣

  • Shawnesty Geike
    Shawnesty Geike